The Achiever Deodorant


The Achiever Deodorant

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Size: 2.82 oz

  • Energizing, refreshing scent
  • Sweat-activated formula
  • Time release effect provides lasting protection
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Odor-stopping? Check. Long-lasting protection against sweat? Check. Non-irritating formula? Check. Doesn’t stain your clothes? Check. This overachieving deodorant is made with a sweat-activated formula with a time release effect for lasting protection against odor and wetness. Its refreshing blend of wild mint and juniper essential oils mixed with notes of salt water evoke crisp sea breezes. Natural active ingredients, including a small, non-irritating dose of baking soda, absorb instantly and condition skin at the same time. And, it easily glides on like a stick antiperspirant, but without all the nasty chemicals.

Squeeze enough for 3 small dollops to appear. Swipe on just like a stick deodorant


A little goes a long way. Squeeze the tube very slowly, just until three small dollops appear, so you don’t risk wasting product.

Customer Reviews

  • Made me smell worse

    Sofia December 01, 2019

    The achieve ocean mint scent smells great on its own but by the end of the day, this deodorant made me smell worse than if I hadn’t been wearing any at all. The smell sunk into my clothes and after sending some to the dry cleaner, the smell is still there. I have switched to using Native and I no longer smell. I highly suggest Native over Type:A.