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Tackle blemishes at the source with our fast-absorbing clarifying spot gel powered by 10% Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of BHA Salicylic Acid.

Size: 0.95 fl oz

Skin Type Combination, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Acne-Clearing, Calming, and Detoxifying
Clean Ingredients
EWG Verified
Synthetic Fragrance Free

Fast-absorbing, alcohol-free, oil-free gel tackles blemishes at the source with 10% Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of BHA Salicylic Acid.  Can be used as a spot treatment or as an all-over, post-cleansing base for extra congested, oily, blemish-prone skin.

Benefits & Power Ingredients

  • Tackles blemishes & controls excess oil: 10% Willow Bark Extract, a natural source of BHA Salicylic Acid, and extracts of Alpine Willowherb, Green Tea, and Lotus Flower penetrate pores to exfoliate, control oil and reduce shine.
  • Calms & soothes: Ginger Water and Tasmanian Pepper Extract help calm blemish-prone skin
  • Protects & balances: Clary Sage Extract further balances the skin while infusing it with protective antioxidants

The Experience

  • Feels like: lightweight, clear gel dissolves into skin without a trace, making it easy to layer additional products on top
  • Smells like: lightly herbaceous, earthy scent derived from botanical extracts like Willow Bark and Ginger
  • Skin looks & feels: more even-toned, with a refined appearance of blemishes when used regularly”

Our commitment: 100% clean, EWG VERIFIED™, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, dermatologist-tested, synthetic fragrance-free, & made in the USA 

About our EWG VERIFIED™ certification: The EWG VERIFIED™ mark means this product meets the Environmental Working Group’s strict criteria for transparency and health: 

  • Avoids EWG’s ingredients of concern (ingredients with health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns)
  • Provides full transparency (meets EWG’s standard for ingredient disclosure on label)
  • Uses good manufacturing practices that further ensure the safety of the products.

Smooth a thin, even layer onto clean skin, focusing on areas where skin tends to get oily.  Reapply throughout the day as needed, up to three times. 

Hint: When applying directly to blemishes, pat gently.

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About Follain

Follain shows what clean is capable of: easy-to-use products with hard-to-ignore results. Founder Tara Foley is a clean beauty pioneer who’s helped thousands of people discover the best clean ingredients for their skin. Now, she’s using her knowledge to create indulgent, effective skincare essentials designed to make everyone experience the power of clean beauty.

“Clean beauty is for everyone. My mission is to share it with as many people as possible.”
– Tara Foley, Founder

Customer Reviews

  • very effective

    Tania June 07, 2022

    I use hydrocolloid patches overnight and then remove the patches and apply this gel. I get great results. very effective. it does not irritate skin

  • works so well!!

    Liz March 27, 2022

    I am addicted to this stuff!! it helps so much with acne. highly recommend

  • obsessed!!

    Madeline. March 27, 2022

    I love this product it works so week!!! I use it all the time.

  • No results and bad smell

    Maggie January 31, 2022

    I used the spot gel for 2 weeks during an acne flare up and nothing changed. Also, it’s sticky and the smell of it is horrible.

    • From Follain:


      Thank you for your review and feedback. So sorry to hear that the Clarifying Spot Gel was not a perfect match for you. A member of our Customer Service team has reached out to you via email to help find a product that is a better match for you.


  • BEST Spot gel on the market

    Laura L. August 14, 2021

    I have battled with acne and pimples for the better part of my 40+ years on this earth, and this is the best spot gel I have EVER tried. Works better better than anything else I have tried – and its clean! BRAVO!

    I personally like that it has no smell and goes on clear – you can’t see it at all. It does sting a bit when you put it on; if my face gets red, I know I have applied too much (which I am prone to doing due to my impatience)

    (P.S., the packaging does need work).

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  • Effective and less drying

    Sara July 25, 2020

    I’ve been using this as needed along with the balancing cleanser, and the breakout on my face has vastly improved. I have dry skin and am pleased that this treatment does not leave it feeling tight and dry.

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    Christina H. July 25, 2021

    I love it !! My skin was so congested and after the first day of using this my inflammation immediately went down. The way I used it, after cleansing, I apply facial oil or a moisturizing toner, then apply the spot treatment and it completely dries down no tackiness. The reason I apply it that way is b/c I don’t think this is a product that you can apply oily moisturizer on top b/c the product will start to pill a little bit. Overall I will still continue to use. I experienced no irritation, no dryness, no rash or dermatitis. I cleanse my face with Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser and use the spot treatment only on active breakouts. Love this product, and I love the clean ingredients/gentle preservatives, @Follain please don’t ever change the formula ! P.S. I had no trouble with the packaging. Just make sure you sit the tube upside down with the top facing up and squeeze a little product out at a time. Not a big deal, as long as the product works.

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    • From Follain:


      Thank you for your sincere and honest feedback about our Clarifying Spot Gel: Oil Control! We love it too and are so pleased to hear how effective it has been for you and that you will continue to utilize in your routine. -Follain

  • It works!

    Angela D. June 02, 2021

    I’m always skeptical with acne products, but I’ve been seeing amazing results with this stuff! I use this as an all-over face serum, concentrating on my problem areas, and my skin looks clear and glowing! It’s especially helped my clogged pores. Several reviewers have commented on the poor packaging so I’ve simply being propping up the tube lid-side up and I haven’t had any issues!

  • Great product. Needs better lid/packaging

    Robyn March 02, 2021

    I really do love this gel. It feels great on my skin and it’s a great addition to my skincare routine as I have acne prone skin and love how it feels so clean. I don’t mind the scent, it is very earthy and I love how you don’t feel it on your skin once it’s dried. After reading the reviews about the poor packaging, I still decided to give it a try but I am on board with everyone else. Follain, please please consider replacing the lid. It’s super hard to open and when it does, it squeezes out and a lot gets wasted. I feel like this is a simple fix and it’s such a great product. A pump or a very tiny poor spout would really help and I’d consider buying again. I just don’t want to waste all that amazing product just because the lid sucks.

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    • From Follain:

      Thank you for your review and great feedback, Robyn! We definitely take this feedback seriously here at Follain and have addressed the packaging with our design team for future design changes. Thank you for being a part of our Follain family!

  • awful packaging

    Sara A. February 17, 2021

    I rarely write reviews, but I’m so frustrated by how much of this product I’ve lost because of the awful packaging. the product itself is great, but unfortunately I will not be reordering because of the container. so much of the product is lost in the cap. I wish this product was in pump form like the Follain eye cream. please change the packaging!!! 🙂

  • Effective but poor packaging

    Jess G. November 20, 2020

    I really like the product and I think it works well, but the tube needs to be changed. It is so frustrating every time you open it and so much comes out. You only need a tiny bit each time and I don’t like how much gets wasted. It’s almost gone after only a few uses. It also smells badly, but that goes away after it dries. I wouldn’t buy again until the packaging is improved. It is too bad because I do think it works well on my very stubborn hormonal acne. I have tried a lot of products and this does not overdry my skin and works quickly.

  • Dispointed

    Sara November 06, 2020

    at first I was excited to try out this product, however when I opened it half the tube spilled out and I was frustrated imediatly I noticed it had a smell like alcohol and I was annoyed I then started to use the treatment it did nothing but give me a rash. very disappointed DON NOT BUY WAIST OF MONEY

  • Miracle Gel!

    Brenna November 04, 2020

    I bought this to combat my recent breakouts from wearing a mask. I normally have dry skin but have started using this daily on my chin and sometimes my entire T zone. It really helps control the oil!

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  • Excited spot gel

    Tiffany N. October 17, 2020

    Gifted by Follain.

    This is the first time I use spot gel to tackle breakouts and control shine. My skin is combination so this gel helped to improve immediate. I used 2 time everyday so I saw the working result (after within a day)
    Also, it works for me when I wear mask all day because of working. It controlled oil level in my face.
    Just reminder, we should wash your face before using spot gel because I felt itching and uncomfortable when I forgot to wash my face.
    However, one thing I dont like for this product, too difficult to open and the design for package is not good. Should improve to design package.

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  • very soothing

    Yoanny C. October 16, 2020

    I received this product complimentary from Follian. I love how it helped reduce redness and clear my face. Its very soothing and gentle, so you can use it night and day. It helps reduce oil and and dead skin, thanks to that my skin definitely feels and looks better!

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  • This is a review about the oil free spot gel!

    Lily October 11, 2020

    The treatment gel was very effective. It really helped clear my skin a lot. The texture of the spot treatment was good and I pretty much like it. It is also an oil free product which goes perfectly with my skin.

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  • Reduce your imperfections

    Noel.tineo. October 09, 2020

    I received it complimentary from Follain. First of all, I have blemishes and my T zone gets oily fast, so this cream has improved my T zone, especially nose and chin, I just put some on those problem areas after cleanser and it absorbs pretty fast and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling after use. I absolutely love the fact that I can use it up to three times a day which is beyond exciting for me, it’s not often the product is so gentle that you can use it multiple times a day. I also use it for my red spots or wherever I see that tone of skin needs to be more even. The biggest perk is natural salicylic acid that hidden in Willow bark extract, which means no irritation! My extra sensitive skin can’t get enough with it. Overall, this cream is super innovative and targets blemishes and some imperfections on my face so well, ingredients are pretty clean and cruelty free which is important for me. I love it!

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  • the best spot treatment I have ever used.

    Adriele October 09, 2020

    Gifted by follain . I was really surprised by this product. I had active acne that was very painful, I used it before going to sleep the other day I didn’t feel anything anymore. so far, it is the best spot treatment I have ever used.

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  • Great, non drying spot gel, that gets rid of all acne!

    Nikki L. October 08, 2020

    I recieved this product complimentary from Follain, for my honest review.
    I was extremely excited to have received this product due to my constant acne issues. I figured at 31 years old, I would be close to done with acne. Thankfully to great products such as this one, my acne has seriously decreased, without completely drying my skin out. Compared to other products, this product didn’t dry my skin out, didnt leave dry patches, and quickly absorbed into my skin when applied on my acne. The formula is extremely thin, and gel like. I use it both in the morning, and night. It surprisingly goes well under foundation. Other products I’ve tried could only be applied at night time before bed. This spot gel has virtually no smell to it, and is full of great ingredients. It’s great, because it controls oil, protects, balances, calms, and soothes, both my acne, and skin around it. The only complaint I would give is that the top to the squeeze tube is hard to open, and quite a bit of product spills out, due to that. I would reccomend putting this spot gel in a different container at home, for easy use. I reccomend to everyone, even those with dry skin. The product is definetly worth the price. This product works better then others, and is easier on the pocket!

  • best little product

    Jennifer October 07, 2020

    I received this gifted by Follian

    This is a neat little product. My skin is horrible and I breakout a lot and am very oily. I’m excited to see how this helps me long term. I applied it last night and my skin feels softer and smoother already.

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  • Reduces Oily Skin!

    Marissa G. October 06, 2020

    I was so excited to receive this clarifying spot gel gifted to me from Follain. The clean ingredients really provide for an honest product that will keep me as a customer for a very long time. I’m not a huge fan of the smell, however, it does the job! I get really oily on the sides of my nose and under my lip on my chin. Just after one use of this, I noticed my skin isn’t nearly as oily and I am a satisfied customer.

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  • very good gel for my pores and blemishes

    Nilab October 06, 2020

    This product was gifted me from Follain in purpose to use it and write my honest review.

    It is first time that I use Follain clarifying spot gel and I found this very unique product.

    The ingredients ginger water, Tasmanian paper, clary saga extracts together works on skin balance and pores oil controlling.

    I used this gel three times a day and I saw a difference in my skin. No shine and blemishes prone skin.

    I love clean beauty and this gel is also clean and there is no chemicals on it.

    I liked its formula and I want to make it as part of my routine.

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  • In love

    Sophie F. September 15, 2020

    This is the only spot gel that has ever actually worked for me. I used to use lavender and tea tree essential oil and that was the only solution that worked more than 50% of the time. THIS, however, is genuis. It has stopped sensitive spots from developing, has sped up the healing on already developed spots, and lessened the redness in so many of my problem areas (corner of lips, nose, and between my brows). The only thing is that it doesn’t smell great, but it worked wonders. Cannot recommend! Oh and also, I just open it so that the cap flips up and I dont loose any of the product that way!

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  • Painful but (kind of) effective

    Emilie S. September 11, 2020

    This product dries out pimples but if I use too much it makes my face turn BRIGHT red and start burning. A tiny bit goes a long way. I often accidentally use too much because as other reviewers said, there is something wrong with the packaging so the liquid comes out too quickly.

  • Very good product, bad packaging

    Claire V. September 05, 2020

    Similar to other reviews, this product is very nice – applies easily, dries quickly and smoothly, doesn’t sting like chemical spot treatments, significantly reduced redness and the size of pimples and makes them less irritated. I don’t mind the smell, I expect it to be effective, not smell good. I can smell it when I open the tube and apply it but it goes away and I just apply my moisturizer and that’s what I smell.

    The packaging is not good, the cap is hard to open and I end up squeezing product out by the time it has opened – enough space that it feels like a waste of money.

    This would do well in a tube like Indee Lee’s I-awaken serum, needs a small tube to squeeze product through, because you only need less than a pea size to cover a few pimples. where as a dime or nickel size often squeezes out everywhere. I store the tube upside down, so the cap is upward, and open while upward, in hopes this would help — but it does not.

    I think I will find something to put this in so I am not wasting product. Follain, you have a great product please fix the packaging.

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  • Smells unpleasant

    Lindsay M. September 02, 2020

    I ended up using this only on my body, not my face, because of the unpleasant smell. I wasn’t hoping for roses, but this smells almost rancid to me. I agree with the other reviewer who said that the packaging is bad. I ended up decanting this into a violet glass pump bottle. sadly, this wasn’t really a win for me.

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  • Completely satisfied

    Carol L. August 28, 2020

    I use this product as a preventative on areas that tend to “break out”. It’s more effectiove than the Rx I had been using.

  • Good product, not good packaging

    Emma W. August 27, 2020

    so far, the product seems to be good. i think it works well to settle redness and blemish irritation. i love that it’s a gel, doesn’t sting, and doesn’t dry me out. lovely that it can be applied all over as essentially a serum and feels gentle. smell is not great. packaging is an issue. the top is so hard to open and squirts product everywhere. the hole is too big and product comes gushing out.

  • Very effective

    Emma H. August 09, 2020

    This gel is very effective in reducing redness. I like to use it during the day for breakouts because it dries clear and it isn’t noticeable while still being very effective.

  • Nice formula, bad packaging

    Delaney August 04, 2020

    I enjoy this product, I like the texture and the scent/non-scent of it. It is really nice. I won’t be repurchasing due to the packaging. The cap is very difficult to open without losing a lof of product.

  • Great Formula, Packaging Needs Work

    Erika August 01, 2020

    The formula for this clarifying spot gel is superb. The smell is inoffensive, the gel dries down nicely, and most importantly, I see efficacious results. My only complaint is that the cap is so difficult to pry open that, more often than not, I end up spilling excess product on the counter. I’m not sure if I received a defective tube, but I am not happy with the amount of product that has been wasted. I think that a more accessible cap, or perhaps redesigned dispenser, would help the user utilize a more precise amount of gel. If this were fixed, the product would absolutely deserve 5/5 stars!!!

  • Effective and less drying

    Sara D. July 26, 2020

    I’ve been using this as needed along with the balancing cleanser, and the breakout on my face has vastly improved. I have dry skin, and am pleased that this treatment does not leave it feeling tight and dry.

  • Maskne no more!

    Eleanor July 24, 2020

    This spot gel SAVED my skin from maskne! I work a job that requires me to be wearing a mask for multiple hours at a time and my skin was suffering. All of the sweat and oil build up was compounded by the mask and was giving me terrible breakouts. I have been using this product for a few days now and have seen a huge difference! Definitely going to get another tube to keep in my work bag.

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  • Love this!

    Alexa G. July 22, 2020

    This gel is awesome. I have used it several times to improve blemishes and it has definitely helped. I usually use it at night and in the mornings before applying tinted moisturizer. The gel becomes translucents when it dries so you can wear it under makeup or reapply throughout the day, which is amazing!

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  • Wedding Day Savior!

    Maddie A. July 09, 2020

    I am lucky enough to work for Follain and got to try this beauty out early. Let me say this saved my skin the night before and day of my wedding! Of course had a little red annoying spot appear the day before and applied this treatment night of and a few times throughout the big day and the redness totally subsided. Thank goodness I didn’t need to reach for the Windex!

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