Eye Cream: Firm + Brighten


Eye Cream: Firm + Brighten

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Size: 0.5 fl. oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Dark Circles, Elasticity, Hydrating, Puffiness, and Sensitive-Safe
  • Hydrating, fast-absorbing eye cream in a cushiony gel formula
  • Visibly smooths, brightens, and firms the delicate skin around the eyes
  • Dermatologist-tested, non-GMO, cruelty-free, gluten-free & vegan
Give eyes a wake-up call

Brighten, smooth and firm the delicate skin around the eyes with Follain Eye Cream. Our 100% non-toxic, silky-smooth, cushiony gel cream is specifically formulated for the thinner, more sensitive skin around the eyes. It glides on effortlessly and absorbs seamlessly, targeting under-eye concerns without feeling heavy, greasy, or cakey. Give eyes a wake-up call!


Did you know?

The thin skin around your eyes is quicker to show signs of fatigue than other areas of the face. When it comes to treating eye area concerns, a product especially formulated for this extra delicate skin is an important part of an effective skincare routine.

Using your ring or middle finger, gently pat 1 to 2 pumps under and around the orbital area, morning and night. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


Feel free to re-apply throughout the day for additional hydration. Because the formula is translucent and quick to absorb, you can even apply it over makeup.

About The Brand

Follain sets the standard and curates the products that are the best for you—and work the best, too. We worry about what’s in our products, so you don’t have to.

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Customer Reviews

  • Was skeptical, but I love it

    Samantha October 12, 2020

    I’ve never been a believer that skincare could do everything it claims because I’ve usually been left disappointed. As I’ve gotten older, my undereye area has gotten a lot darker than I’d like, especially in the last year. I decided to try this eye cream, and at first, after about a month of use, I was left disappointed again because I saw no difference. But now that I’ve been using it for over three months, I actually see a noticeable difference. My undereye darkness has started to diminish and the skin is smoother and just looks healthier. I’m so impressed. The undereye darkness is still there, but it’s significantly improved. I know it will never completely go away, but this makes enough of a difference that I want to keep using it. If I use too much, I do feel a bit of a stinging/tingling sensation, but it goes away quickly and doesn’t bother me (even though my eyes are very sensitive). It doesn’t have any smell which is great, and you don’t need much per application. I use twice daily and it works well under concealer. The only thing I wish were different was the packaging. I love the little white pump, but I wish there was a clear part of the bottle where I could see how much I have left. I don’t live near a Follain so if I run out, I’ll have to wait for shipping. But it’s a very small flaw. Overall, I love this and plan to keep buying, and it’s given me hope that some skincare actually does what it claims.

  • the best

    Becky M. October 09, 2020

    I was gifted by Follain Eye cream as complimentary from Follain i tried it and i was impressed with making my face more brighter.I really liked it very much i apply it in the morning after applying my other face moisturizers . I really recommend to try it

  • Great product

    Jennifer D. October 08, 2020

    This product was gifted by follain. This cream worked wonders on my eyes. My bags are less noticeable and my skin is less puffy all together. A little bit really goes a long way. The results seem to last all day as well. I’m very happy with this product. Only thing I don’t like is the fact you have no way to tell if your going to run out.

  • visible results!

    Rain L. October 08, 2020

    I have a brand new eye cream routine now! It’s soft, it’s efficient, it keeps the area around my eyes nice and moist and smells good. The texture is so milky and absorbant and I’m talking about villain eye cream, it brighten the areas treated and helps keep them nice and firm. Just avoid eye contact and you are good to go.

  • Long lasting, cost effective

    Sam October 08, 2020

    Similar effect to Olehenriksen banana brightening, minus the color correction. Works fast and I’m 6 months in with the same bottle! well worth it

  • average

    Shaz B. October 06, 2020

    I am fond of eye creams because lately I have observed some discoloration around my eyes. I was excited, when I got is as a complimentary gift from Follain. This is my first time using this brand. But it gave me a stinging sensation around the eyes, which resolved in a minute but I don’t know if it is suppose to make you feel like it. It does not have any scent to it. It is cute and tiny. 15ml is enough as eye cream. My husband also used it and had minimal stinging but he had marked improvement in his under eye discoloration. Gifted by Follain

  • Love

    Emma W. August 27, 2020

    i love this eye cream more and more every time i use it. perfect for AM use and gives a plump, glowy, hydrating feel and look for the whole day. only negative is that i can’t see how much is left in the bottle and i’m terrified of running out! 🙂

  • Best eye cream

    Anne K. August 26, 2020

    This product does exactly what it claims to do–firms and brightens. It goes on beautifully, visible results minimizing wrinkles and brightening dark circles. And the price is right! This will be my go-to eye cream from now on.

  • Great product

    Emma H. August 09, 2020

    This eye cream is extremely hydrating. It reduces dark circles and puffiness. It absorbs quickly and makeup layers perfectly over it. I use it in both my morning and night routine and it’s very effective.

  • fabulous

    Kristi L. August 07, 2020

    this eye cream has provided the best result. I am a fan. crows feet minimized and skin texture improvement from sun damage.

  • Great texture, formed skin, but had a reaction. Maybe my fault?

    Claire V. June 14, 2020

    The texture of this eye cream is wonderful, I agree with all of the good reviews. I quickly saw after 1 use that it helped to smooth my fine lines and puffiness (I’ve had bags for months!)

    However 2 hours after application, my face was feeling warm. I assumed it was the alcoholic beverage I was sipping on. I looked in the mirror and realized my left cheek bone was red and a tad bit puffy. I don’t react to product too often, but when I do my first reaction (pun intended) is to see if maybe I applied too much product, or investigate if it’s a bad combo of ingredients. Today I used my vitamin C serum – something I use every other day or so. And it was my first time trying the eye cream, so this is the combo that could be at fault. Sine I had a little too much eye cream product when I pumped the first times, I ended up putting some eye cream all the way down onto my cheek bones to use it up. My cheeks had toner (Ursa Major), vitamin c (not a follain brand) moisturizer (follain), and this new eye cream (follain.) In hindsight, that was dumb when trying a new product. I should have tested it alone.

    Plus, I googled ingredients to NOT mix with vitamin C and retinol is one of those things. I’m only guessing that these “natural substitutes” might also be bad. but I’m not a scientist.

    I’ll try to narrow down if it’s this product alone that doesn’t work well for me, or if it was in combo with the vitamin C. Then I’m happy to update my review. But the eye cream is the only thing I had not used before. I’ve also never used retinol or natural substitutes like what is in this.

    I’ll try to narrow down the issue.. I want to like this cream so badly! The reviews are amazing and this was recommended by a consultant.

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  • Yes, ma'am!

    Jenny May 28, 2020

    I have tried — what feels like — 452 different eye creams. Here is what matters to me 1) I don’t want it to burn or to experience eye irritation 2) it can’t cost a fortune 3) no scent 4) nothing too greasy looking. This eye cream checks all of those “boxes” for me. I have been using for only a short while now but so far, I am sold. I tossed out 5 tubes of random eye cream samples that just didn’t work for my needs. This one is DEF worth trying!

  • Hydrating and Effective!

    Olympia T. May 20, 2020

    My eyes are so thankful for this hydrating and effective cream! With a new baby at home and not much sleep, I’m already noticing my dark circles fading and fine lines less noticeable after just a couple weeks of use!

  • WOW

    Ashleigh May 20, 2020

    I cannot day enough about this eye cream. I’ve tried dozens and given them all the “couple weeks to see a difference” and when you’re using that many of the wrong ones, you spend a long time waiting. I noticed results immediately and am now convinced that when you’re buying the right product, you don’t have to wait for results! I use a half pump in the mornings before my makeup and a full pump at night and my dark circles and fine lines have never looked better. This cream is so luminous, so hydrating, yet so light. I am so happy I found this and so happy Follain made this.

  • Just okay.

    Sofi May 20, 2020

    I’ve been using this for about a month now and don’t find that it does much for my under eyes and actually caused a few mini break outs. Such a bummer because I love the consistency, the packaging and the price, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me. So many rave reviews though, so maybe I’m just allergic to something in it!

  • not for me

    Mary C. May 17, 2020

    I was really excited to try this, but unfortunately I had a bad reaction to it. My under eyes got pinkish purple a few minutes after applying. I tried it again a few days later and the same thing happened. It has a really nice texture and is really moisturizing, it just didn’t agree with my skin.

  • GREAT Eye Cream!

    Rebecca May 13, 2020

    I have been a loyal Follain shopper for years and was the MOST excited when they launched their own product line. I jumped right on the bandwagon and am very impressed with all of the Follain-brand products I’ve tried. This eye cream feels lightweight, but the ingredients pack a punch! I was using a Nuori eye cream and feel like this is comparable, if not showing better results, after finishing my first bottle. I’m in my 30s and my eye area is much more hydrated and my fine lines are diminishing. The price is also very wallet friendly, I have already bought this for my mom (who has very sensitive skin) and have recommended to friends, as well.

  • Great Eye Cream

    Kristina May 11, 2020

    I love this product! It makes my under eye area feel great, absorbes well and makes my eyes feel and look more awake!

  • Very pleased with this product!

    Katelyn April 29, 2020

    I’ve been buying from Follain based on these reviews for the last couple of months, and I have not been disappointed! This eye cream is rich and creamy and feels great on my skin. I’ve been using this product for a couple weeks now, and so far I am loving it!

  • Holy Grail Eye Cream

    Jasmine T. April 28, 2020

    This eye cream blew me away! It is my new favorite. This is great for ultra sensitive eyes. The consistency is so light and creamy and it sinks it well. This layers perfectly with makeup and other skincare products and never pills. My skin drinks this up! It’s such a great price point as well. I will definitely repurchase!

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  • love it!

    Amanda April 16, 2020

    I have very sensitive skin especially around my eyes and have had eczema around my eyes in the past. Even with my very sensitive skin, I have loved this product! I noticed the dark circles under my eyes brighten with just a few uses. I will certainly continue to use this product.

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  • Great Eye Cream

    Katie April 15, 2020

    This is a nice lightweight eye cream that stands up to some of the more expensive ($100+) products I’ve used in the past. I’m in my mid-thirties and don’t have deep lines yet so this is definitely a great anti-aging choice.

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  • Great texture!

    Meghan April 10, 2020

    So far so so good – I’ve only used for a few days but am loving the rich but still light texture and fast absorbing – not greasy at all and no sensitiviity to the product which is a problem I’ve had with other eye creams (natural and not natural). Lookng forward to seeing the results 😉

  • My favorite eye cream!

    Kayla April 07, 2020

    I’ve been using this eye cream for about 2 months now and I’m obsessed! I use it day and night. It’s so light and wonderful. Gives me a refreshed, firm, bright look. Love the little pump too, I can use the exact amount I want and don’t waste any of the product.

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  • Follain Eye Cream loving it

    Carole S. April 06, 2020

    I just started using this cream today!! I love it! my eyes are extremely tender from watering from allergies!!! so the salt from my tears has totally dried out the skin around my eyes….this cream was soothing to the touch and felt great as I applied around my eyes…its wonderful and I expect I will be loving it more each day! I will be using it throughout the day and was wondering if I can also apply to my eye lids….so I hope you can let me know…thanks for another wonderful product from Follain! 😉

  • Eye See You

    Karli D. April 05, 2020

    This was the very first product I wanted to purchase off of this clean beauty website, but waited and tried the Follain French Girl Rosehip Oil first, per another user’s recommendation. After trying both of Follain’s eye products, I would say this has been my absolute favorite. I love the convenient pump that allows me to use just enough without wasting any product, and keeps it clean inside the tiny bottle. The price is a little expensive, but it is worth every penny. I use this only during my morning routine, so that I can make it last. It feels as though it gives my eyes a little extra hydration and “pop!”

  • New favorite!

    Kara April 04, 2020

    I love all the new Follain brand products, especially the eye cream. A little goes a long way and the pump bottle is easy to use. It’s in both my day and night skincare routines. I had been using an expensive ($100+) eye cream and this one is much better! It hydrates, firms and gives me an overall refreshed look.

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  • Love pump packaging & price

    Ang April 03, 2020

    great price point and love the germ free packaging (no jar)

  • Love this! It's light and effective!

    Erin P. April 03, 2020

    Love this eye cream. It’s been tough for me to find an eye cream I actually like, and when the ladies in the store recommended this one to me I jumped at it. The little squirt bottle is well-designed and it comes out easily. The cream is light enough to not be heavy but moisturizing enough to be effective. Definitely recommend!

  • Love!

    Emma S. April 03, 2020

    This is my first time using and eye cream and I absolutely love it. I use it at night after toning and when I wake up I can tell that it is brighter under my eyes. A little bit goes a long way! Love this product.

  • Feels great

    Tara B. April 02, 2020

    I’ve used much more expensive eye creams that don’t feel this nice. It’s a good workhorse, good for day and night, summer or winter.

  • Does What it Says!

    Alexandra April 02, 2020

    I’m very happy with this eye cream!! I have dark undereye circles & have had a hard time finding a product that brightens them. This product works! I use it morning & evening. When I use it in the am I apply it before breakfast so it has a chance to sink in well before I apply concealer.

  • My go-to eye cream!

    Jenna K. April 02, 2020

    I was hesitant about eye creams as they’ve never worked for me in the past, but Follain’s eye cream is magical! From the first time I used it, I noticed a difference in how my eyes looked less tired and puffy. It brightens and firms under my eyes and I love how creamy the texture is.

  • Love this!

    Lily April 02, 2020

    The new Follain eye cream is amazing! It’s hydrating and does all that it promises to do. I love it and it has quickly replaced my previous eye cream, which was more than double the price. Thank you, Follain!

  • light + potent

    Renee M. April 02, 2020

    I’ve loved this eye cream and couldn’t be more pleased for the price. A little goes a long way – I think it’s going to last a while. I’ve had heavier eye creams that I couldn’t wear during the day because eyeliner bled into them but I don’t have that issue with this. I love how glowy it looks, too.

  • Love!

    Annie April 02, 2020

    this is a great eye cream. nice packaging/pump and great price point. It has a cushiony feel as it glides on and wears well under makeup. There are definitely some active ingredients because when I used 2 pumps as recommended, i could feel a slight tingle in my eyes , but I have no issues if I use just 1 pump. That’s plenty anyway and it will last longer. I will definitely repurchase but it has already lasted over a month using it morning and night. You can’t go wrong, if you are thinking about it, just buy it!

  • Feels expensive without breaking the bank

    Sarah S. April 02, 2020

    I love the new Follain line so so much and the eye cream takes the cake. It feels like gold for your eyes. It’s not too thick but not too thin either. It’s like Goldilock finding the right porridge. I use it day and night and a little goes a long way. I use smaller than a pea size for both eyes. It’s the produt I’ve been looking for and my eyes are thanking me!

  • Love it

    Eleanor April 02, 2020

    Great eye cream. Love how it feels when I put on, slightly cooling in my opinion.

  • love it!

    Holly M. April 02, 2020

    Love the texture if this eye cream, light , bot stick and diedn’t cause any irritation. Leaves the area around my eyes perfectly hydrated !

  • moisturizing and light

    Kristen B. April 02, 2020

    this is so great. it’s lightweight and moisturizes nicely. goes really well under makeup.

  • Nourishing, Smoothing, and Hydrating - what's not to love?

    Natalie Y. April 02, 2020

    I am exceptionally particular about my facial products — and brand loyalty, which is to say that when I’ve found a product/company that I like, I will use it explicitly. I rave about it to others and only use that one item for that one specific purpose until another company and/or product manages to somehow wrangle me away. This is not a frequent occurrence. Yet that is precisely what unexpectedly happened with Follain’s eye cream.

    I will admit that when I was prepared to make the transition to clean beauty products, I was skeptical that I would find ANYTHING to hold up to the eye cream I’ve been using for the past 8 years (from a company whose products I’ve been using since I was 12).

    I stopped into the West Village location and was offered a few eye creams to sample before making my decision. I didn’t imagine that I would be as pleased with the Follain eye cream as I am! I didn’t doubt the company, but I’ve just been so content with my current product that I wasn’t confident I’d find a solid replacement.

    Yet, the eye cream is nourishing without being heavy; smoothing without any of the yuck-factor ingredients; and hydrating without being greasy. I do not yet have mature skin, but I am well into the age where, even if only because I wear eye makeup, my eye/skin care is especially important to give attention to. It would be remiss on my part to not highlight the fact that this product, which I sampled along with an eye cream from a company that rhymes with Bata Barper, is also sold at an exceptionally friendly price. This takes a product that is a win and puts it over the top. Truly I couldn’t recommend this with higher praise.

  • A big WOW!

    Jane T. April 02, 2020

    I’m always hesitant to try products that are for all skin types (my age defines me as mature, so I have wrinkles and fine lines to show for it, and my skin is dry). Follain has never let me down with recommendations so I needed to try your own Eye Cream. I don’t think it’s my imagination but after only a few days, morning and night, my eye area looks softer and more hydrated…must be the Bakuchiol blend as I’ve always steered clear of Retinol. Love the results. Love the measured pump too. Thanks!

  • Nice for day-to-day use

    Flannery G. April 02, 2020

    Best part – it comes in a pump with dispenses just the right amount for both eyes in one pump! Nice consistency of product, have been using it day & night and excited to have it added to my routine.

  • Extremely hydrating

    Isabelle April 02, 2020

    This is my first eye cream and I love it! Its the perfect addition to enhance my skincare routine.

  • Love it!

    Becky April 02, 2020

    I love this eye cream. Love that it’s in a pump, and it’s a great value for the price.

  • Great product!

    Danielle April 02, 2020

    As someone who has long struggled with puffy eyes, I was happy to come across this product. While it isnt the end all cure all, it has worked well to diminish the look of puffiness. It is also fairlyhydrating and absorbs quickly into the skin. I would say its a great overall eye cream and would recomend it to all skin types.

  • Gets Rid of Fine Lines

    Diane H. April 02, 2020

    After about a week of using this cream both at night as in the morning, the tiny little lines around my eyes are much less noticeable. This is definitely one of the better eye creams that I have used.

  • Great, lightweight eye cream

    Rebecca F. April 02, 2020

    Overall I really like this eye cream – it’s lightweight and absorbs quickly with no stickiness left behind. My skin tends to get super dry in the dead of winter, so this isn’t quite thick/hydrating enough for me in the winter, but for the other 3 seasons, it will be my go-to eye cream. Thanks again, Follain!

  • Great Eye Cream

    Kp April 02, 2020

    This eye cream replaced a much more expensive product and does the same job! Moisturizing and brightening with a pump that keeps everything clean.

  • I have used the same eye cream for years and wanted to try something new

    Jane P. April 02, 2020

    I love the texture and the feel of this eye cream. The pump bottle is better than a jar.
    So much better to be using healthy products on my skin. I will definitely order more!


    Elizabeth April 02, 2020

    This is my new favorite eye cream! LOVE IT! Instantly brightens, feels great, just love it. Highly recomend.

  • much needed moisture

    Candace April 02, 2020

    I live in the dry enviroment of Colorado and this eye cream gives me the much needed moisture to smooth out wrinkles. Love it!!!

  • Amazing eye cream!

    Natalie April 02, 2020

    this is the first eye cream i have used and i instantly feel hydration and brightness after putting on the eye cream. great product!!

  • LOVE!

    Kate April 02, 2020

    So creamy but not sticky or heavy. Feels so refreshing and noticable difference in puffiness just a few minutes after.


    Lucie April 02, 2020

    I love this eye cream, when you swipe it under your eyes – you can see it soak in immediately. It helps with dark circles and is so moisturizing!!

  • Swollen Eyes

    Lauren March 31, 2020

    I was so excited the try this product because I love the detox mask and moisturizer. I put two pumps on my eyes at night and woke up to incredibly swollen eyes. It was difficult to open my eyes and I had to take Tylenol to reduce the swelling and discomfort. Maybe I used too much?

  • Use it day and night - the best!

    Susan March 24, 2020

    I love how it feels. I love the pump (no sticking your finger into a jar). Using this eye cream exclusively now.

  • wonderful!

    Nell March 18, 2020

    This eye cream is wonderful! It gently firms, hydrates and goes on smoothly. I have sensitive skin and finding products that work well is hard, happy to find a new go to product! Now to try more Follain products!

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  • Amazing !

    Jolene March 12, 2020

    I’ve only been using this product for a couple weeks but felt a difference from the first day I put it on. This eye cream has hydrated my under eye area while brightening my skin. I feel like I am using less concealer since I’ve started using it! I’ve tried many eye creams and know this will be the one I always use from now on!!

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  • I feel brighter already!

    Lindsay C. March 05, 2020

    This eye cream is amazing- doesn’t burn my eyes like others have in the past. It is lightweight and feels like it works on demand. A little goes a long way.

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  • Severly Burns My Eyeballs

    Caroline February 27, 2020

    pretty bummed this eye cream didn’t work out for me! unfortunately after a minute of it being applied my eyeball began to burn and I started to tear up. it became so unbearable I had to go wash it off and I instantly felt better but with a sore eyeball. I’ve used another eye cream from their site and had no issues.

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    • Follain February 27, 2020

      Hi Caroline,

      Sorry to hear that the eye cream was not a good match for you. We sent you a personal email with an alternative product recommendation!

  • Love!

    Amy S. February 14, 2020

    Perfect weight for an eye cream! Instantly brightens and feels so nice putting – great addition to my skincare / self care routine. Moisture lasts all day too. Love!

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  • I use it all over my face!

    Madeline February 12, 2020

    Oh my goodness! Love this eye cream so much. The ingredients are incredible and I’ve actually used it all over my skin as day moisturizer. Gives the skin a glowy hydrated look and the underyes feel so soft and refreshed. Pairs really well with a good under eye massage at night or in the morning if feeling at all puffy.

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  • Amazing!

    Beth C. February 12, 2020

    I love the feel and texture of this product. You can right away see a brighten luminosity to the skin where you apply it. The formula is so hydrating but light-weight that it will quickly absorb into the skin!

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