CAKE Restorative Scalp Tonic


CAKE Restorative Scalp Tonic

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Size: 1.67 fl. oz

Hair Type Color-Treated, Fine, Medium, and Thick
Hair Goals Hydrating, and Smooth And Shine
  • Instantly relieves a dry, itchy scalp
  • Supports healthy hair growth
  • Swiss apple stem cells delay the aging of hair follicles
Sweet salvation

If you’ve ever had a dry, itchy scalp, you know just how painful it can be. While you might be tempted to reach for those chemical-laden drugstore remedies, this leave-in treatment is so much healthier—and it shows. It smoothes, soothes and protects for a balanced scalp and younger-looking hair (yes, it’s a thing).

Using the dropper, apply a few small drops directly to a wet scalp (clean or dirty). Massage and leave in.


Add to the calming benefits by keeping these drops in the fridge. They’ll instantly cool and soothe your scalp upon application.

About The Brand

Founder and hair stylist, Garrett Markenson dreamed up REVERIE while looking for a hair care line that would transform his clients’ hair without exposing them to toxins. Sourcing organic, Fair Trade, and EcoCert botanicals from small family farms across the globe, he was able to create a hair care line that is not only safe, but also performs at salon-level.

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Customer Reviews

  • This is like magic for your scalp

    Suran Y. October 21, 2019

    I’ve had hair loss for 5+ years. Not only that, I’ve suffered from a dry, itchy scalp and the Reverie CAKE has been a lifesaver for the last 10 months that I’ve used it. It’s pricey, but worth it when you have a calm, soothed scalp. Cherry on top – it’s sped up my hair growth in the last six months. I’ve been able to grow my hair out faster than ever!! Love this product so much!!

  • THE BEST!!!

    Althea B. October 07, 2019

    I suffer from hormonal and food related dandruff…sometimes my scalp is clear and sometimes it’s like a blizzard hit. This stuff has saved my life. The smell is great, it soaks right into my scalp and leaves no residue what so ever. Yes it’s expensive but because a little goes a long way, it’s totally worth it.


    Marissa C. July 26, 2019

    I love this treatment! My hair has been thinning at the edge of my forehead and I have always struggled with dandruff. I reached out to Follain a few months ago and asked for help! They recommended the CAKE scalp tonic and OMG it works! I have only been using it for a week, and I already see little hairs coming in where I’ve lost hair, and I’m completely dandruff free. No other product has given me these types of results. I’m so so happy with it, and will definitely be repurchasing. I use it 2-3x a week after I wash my hair at night, and I use 2 full pipette drops on my wet scalp and massage it in with a silicone scalp brush.