Mascara 101


Mascara 101

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  • Buildable multitasking mascara
  • Formulated to condition and strengthen lashes
  • Cruelty-free and made from 100% natural or naturally derived ingredients
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Meet the latest clean mascara worth celebrating. From its rich black pigment to the thoughtfully designed 2-in-1 wand, Mascara 101 covers the basics and then some. The buildable, cruelty-free formula is designed to condition lashes, leaving you with flexible volume that won’t develop a crispy finish (in other words, no flaking). As a bonus, the hydra-mineral complex helps to strengthen lashes with its mineral-richness and high potassium levels.

Holding the wand horizontally, place at the base of upper lashes and wiggle upward to coat from root to tip. Then use the small bristles at the tip of the wand to coat lower lashes and hard-to-reach corners.


Apply one coat for a natural look, two coats for greater volume, and up to three coats for full drama.


About The Brand

Saie (pronounced “say”) is a clean makeup brand made for—and by—avid beauty fans. Founded by beauty and fashion industry veteran Laney Crowell, Saie was sparked by a simple realization: that women shouldn’t have to choose between the clean makeup they should buy, and the cool makeup they want to buy. Today, Saie develops high-performance products backed by industry expertise using only ethically sourced, non-toxic ingredients. Simply put, they’re bringing the best of both worlds to your makeup bag.

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Customer Reviews

  • The BEST

    Brianne January 14, 2022

    This is the best mascara I’ve ever used. People say it’s like Dior Show but super clean – it’s true! Goes on easily – go lightly and layer – and it gives such good volume and length. A lot of products irritate my eyes and make them water nonstop (even clean ones) and this is the only mascara I don’t have problems with. I’m on my fifth tube and will be back! I also love what the company stands for, which makes me feel good about my purchase.

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  • Irritation and burning

    Emily September 28, 2021

    Beautiful packaging and went on smoothly. Unfortunately caused my eyes to stream. I tried once more (to be sure that the mascara was really the culprit) and had an even worse reaction – tears, itching and burning. I have never had this problem with other mascaras, including Ilia (which I highly recommend!)

  • just ok

    Diana K. August 18, 2021

    not terrible, but not great either. wouldn’t repurchase

  • Obsessed with this mascara

    Sofia March 02, 2021

    I am incredibly picky about mascaras, but have been trying to switch to clean makeup. This mascara is incredible. It’s jet black, and very liquidy which makes for very easy application, It leaves your lashes super dark, lifted, and separated. I have an eyelash comb and barely have to use it with this mascara. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The only warning I would say is that it is not waterproof, and while I don’t have any issues with the mascara smudging through a regular day, it doess run when in contact with water. But so worth it to me!

  • best I've found

    Sarah February 07, 2021

    For me, this is better than the Ilia, which kind of hurt during application and never gave me the volume I wanted. I will definitely repurchase this one from Saie.

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  • the best natural mascara

    Leah January 21, 2021

    I’m so pleased with this mascara. I have tried many natural mascaras and my biggest issue with them is they either flake smudge or add little to no length /volume or all the above. this one truly stands out above the rest: it smells lovely, is silky yet buildable, doesn’t clump, smudge or flake and gives wonderful length and volume! I’m in love.

  • for what it is, great

    Abi M. December 18, 2020

    I’m sure there are mascaras out there with more this, more that, longer wear etc, but I honestly haven’t tried that many mascaras and what I want from the product is for it to be clean and to make my lashes look pretty but natural.
    this mascara does that. nice color, goes on easy, washes off nicely, keeps my lashes separated not clumpy.
    I will say it maybe smudges off a bit onto my under eyes, but I am also a person who forgets I’m wearing mascara and rubs my eye before remembering to be careful. still the smudging isn’t dramatic, but it is there. I’ve found that to be the case with any non waterproof mascaras I’ve tried though.
    I like the brush and this one does seem to really glide onto the lashes.
    liking it and would buy again.

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  • Great

    Kelin November 27, 2020

    – This mascara adds a TON of volume and length!
    – Does not irritate my sensitive eyes!

    – The applicator comes out with a ton of mascara on the end – I have to wipe it off before applying otherwise it gets everywhere. Makes me feel like I’m wasting a lot of the product.
    – The staying power isn’t the best. If my eyes are watery from the cold, or if I’m sweaty from dancing some of it ends up under my eyes.

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  • Non-irritating, natural

    Kim May 17, 2020

    I have been trying to find a mascara that didn’t irritate my eyes or shed bits into my eyes, and gave me a natural (non-clumpy) look. If you’re trying to do the same, this product is for you. Highly suggest.

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  • silky smooth mascara

    Hannah M. May 08, 2020

    I always try to find a mascara that glides on without clumping and this one is great! I also have very sensitive eyes and this product didn’t irritate them at all.

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  • LOVE!

    Lily May 06, 2020

    I just tried this mascara and love it! I agree with one of the reviewers below that it’s akin to extensions. It’s my new go-to!

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  • Holy grail mascara

    Jasmine T. April 28, 2020

    This is the best mascara! If you
    are looking for natural lash extensions in a tube, look no further. This gives the perfect amount of length and leaves my lashes looking so lovely, fluttery, and soft. I love how clean the ingredients are too! I will definitely repurchase!

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  • New Favorite

    Karli April 02, 2020

    I am very picky when it comes to mascara, that being said, this is the best I have ever used! It is not too heavy, so your lashes can hold a nice lift throughout the day. I haven’t had any issues with clumps thanks to the brush.

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  • Love this product.

    Lauren March 30, 2020

    Great mascara. It does not make your lashes feel hard or tough. It feels nourishing and I love the brush; it is definitely great for lengthening!

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  • Loooooove it

    Meghan March 25, 2020

    This is the best mascara I have ever used. It goes on so nicely, but my lashes still feel light and soft. Washing it off is super easy- I don’t have mascara running down my face during the process. 10/10 recommend

  • Excellent Clean Mascara

    Kate B. March 17, 2020

    Wow, a mascara that doesn’t flake, smudge, or dry out my eyes. I never knew clean makeup could be so awesome! This is honestly going to replace my sub-par clean mascara AND my waterproof by Tarte.

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