RMS Beauty

Coconut Cream

RMS Beauty

Coconut Cream

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Size: 2.5 oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Sensitive-Safe
  • Facial cleanser, moisturizer, multitasker
  • RMS coconut oil is harvested fresh
  • Effective for all skin types, even acne-prone
Nature’s perfect multitasker

Young Thai coconuts are cold-pressed using a proprietary RMS centrifuge technique to create the antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial powers of this pure coconut oil product–our favorite skin multitasker. Possibly the best makeup remover ever, it’s equally amazing as a skin moisturizer, nourishing and soothing skin, hair and lashes with ease.

Work a minimal amount into skin and remove with a damp, soft cloth to take makeup away. Apply as a moisturizer wherever skin needs hydration and extra pampering.


Work into ends of hair before bed as a moisturizing treatment for dried-out tresses.

RMS Beauty

About The Brand

Created by a makeup artist, RMS Beauty offers nourishing makeup and skincare that lets beautiful skin shine through. Made with raw and living ingredients, the interchangeable, multipurpose products bring skin to life with vibrant, pure mineral color.

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Customer Reviews

  • Wish I read the ingredients

    Carolyn J. May 31, 2019

    I really like this product, it has many uses; I really like it as a nighttime moisturizer. My gripe with it is that it’s essentially overpriced coconut oil. I can buy a 30 oz jar of vegan virgin organic coconut oil from a popular internet retailer (name rhymes with bamazon) for $12 and essentially it’s the same product. Yes, RMS coconut cream liquifies the same as store-bought coconut oil. So as much as I like this, I feel pretty ripped off paying $18 for 2.5oz.

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  • my favorite moisturizer

    Jill G. October 30, 2018

    I love how this cream smells (coconutty, but not cloying like many sunscreens)! It needs a minute to sink in, but is so light and moisturizing – not greasy.

  • the best make up remover!

    Mollie M. September 26, 2018

    not only does it remove eye make up thoroughly, moisturizing too, but feels so soothing.

  • Not all coconut oil is created equal...

    Morgan September 04, 2018

    This coconut oil is not your average coconut oil! Smells so pure, the quality is unparalleled. Removes everything, from the most stubborn eye makeup to SPF. Coconut oil in the past has been a bit of an issue with for me with breakouts. I haven’t had this issue with RMS. Great for a super simple routine, can be a multi-tasking product. Cleanser, moisturizer in one.

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  • My new eye makeup remover

    Claire P. April 19, 2018

    I love this for removing eye makeup. I only wear a little bit of mascara, so it works perfectly for me!

  • Feels and smells amazing

    Veronica C. February 27, 2018

    I like this cream: cleans well and the smell is unbeatable. It also seems like a little goes a long way, so another plus!

  • Smells so good!

    Trish Z. August 15, 2017

    First of all, this is simply the best smelling coconut oil I have ever smelled. I imagine that I am on a tropical vacation somewhere when I take my makeup off! It does just that, removes makeup without stripping any moisture from my face, makes washing my face easy as it allows for the cleanser to do its job. The tub will likely last more than a year and in the summer months, keep it in the fridge for a cool treat.