Ere Perez

Arnica Concealer

Ere Perez

Arnica Concealer

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Skin Type Combination, Normal, and Oily
  • Arnica boasts healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Candelilla wax helps keep the skin moisturised
  • Cocoa butter lends a velvety texture
Under cover

Concealer is probably the hardest working makeup product in our arsenal. It covers blemishes, banishes dark circles, and makes us forget about hyperpigmentation. But this one goes a step further to actually heal said blemishes and calm inflamed skin. You’ll almost wish you had more complexion imperfections just so you could watch it work its magic (almost).

Apply in smooth lines under the eyes and on visible blemishes or dark spots. Blend lightly around the edges for a seamless look.


Find your true shade match by testing a bit of product on your collarbone. The skin on your décolleté is usually a truer depiction of your natural skin color as it doesn’t see the same environmental stressors that your face does.

About The Brand

With highly effective, plant-based formulas and natural pigments, Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics does makeup the right way. Full of quality ingredients and nutrients, these products are really skincare in disguise.

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Customer Reviews

  • Nope.

    Elisa V. March 01, 2020

    I first ordered this one shade too dark, Follain replaced (excellent customer service), and now that I have given it a fair try I find this concealer drying, irritating (causes little red bumps under my eyes), and clumping after only 20 minutes of wear.

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  • Light shades, but formula is drying

    Bella K. March 02, 2019

    I really wanted to like this foundation, but sadly I’m not impressed and am still on the hunt for a clean foundation. Surprisingly, the latte shade worked well for my fair neutral tone complexion. It’s hard for me to color match. It has a satin finish which was great, but shortly after application I could see the foundation attach to all my dry areas and it looked terrible. It was just not hydrating or smooth enough for my skin.

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  • Good but not great

    Cindi K. December 28, 2018

    It is quite smooth going on, but moves around a good bit throughout the day. It’s somewhat moisturizing, but not quite what I need. I do love that it contains arnica, because that can assist serious dark circles, which I have – so I’m viewing it as a treatment as well as a concealer, which I do like.

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  • Pretty decent

    Mikaela F. November 12, 2018

    It has average coverage and is slightly on the dry side, but overall it’s nice. You don’t have to use a ton, so I feel like it will last a long time

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  • No go

    Nick November 09, 2018

    Got this as a gift, unfortunately did not match and did not work out for the recipient. Awaiting an email to send back for store credit, so the giftee can pick out something they want.

  • Finally a high coverage clean conclear for sensitive skin

    Sophia P. October 14, 2018

    I was a tarte shape tape person before my transition to clean beauty and I’ve tried many conlears and most are very transparent and watery or don’t work with my sensitive skin. I’m prone to breakouts and this stuff doesn’t aggrevate existing breakouts nor does it cause new ones. It can be a little drying especially under the eyes so I would recommend using a rich under eye cream as that’s what I do and it works beautifully. It lasts all day and has wonderful soft matte finish. It reminds me a lot of my soft matte Nars concealer that comes in the little pot. I would very much recommend this product

  • Awesome concealer

    Emily M. September 15, 2018

    I am obsessed with concealer. It’s my favorite makeup and I have a ton from all brands and price points. This is a great one. Very blendable. Lovely color matching. I kind of want to put it all over my face… concealer everything!!!

  • Didn't work for me!

    Lauren K. August 13, 2018

    This concealer really didn’t agree with me. I found it drying and after a few uses I started getting red patches around my eyes, almost like eczema. I’m guessing it was from this product but luckily, Follain allowed me to return for a store credit. Didn’t want to risk continuing use so am trying out RMS concealer which goes on much smoother and nicer for my delicate eye area.

  • Great for covering up bruises

    Emily S. July 10, 2018

    I didn’t like this product as an under eye concealer because it’s not hydrating enough for me and the “Chai” color is ok. It leaves a velvety soft finish, but I like creamier concealers. I almost returned it. But I recently developed two large bruises and a friend recommended buying arnica gel from the pharmacy for treatment. I then remembered that this product is made with arnica! The “Chai” color didn’t blend incredibly well with my skin tone but I’d say it did a great job covering up the insanely dark bruises and helped reduce the discoloration. I bruise easily so I will look into using arnica products for treatment in the future.

  • great concealer

    Catherine H. May 23, 2018

    Always have a hard time finding a concealer that does not cake up. And I also have a hard time finding one to match my skin tone as my skin tone is olive/golden skin. Love this concealer. also the arnica is calming to my under eye puffiness and dark circles.

  • Decent coverage

    Rachel B. May 06, 2018

    I bought this spot concealer to replace another that I own. Overall, I am happy with it. At first, it did not apply smoothly, but after a few uses, it does now. I give this 4 stars and not 5 because the coverage could be a little better. Sometimes this concealer does not cover blemishes/pimples 100%, but you can still see some redness.