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RMS Coconut Oil Wipes

RMS Beauty

RMS Coconut Oil Wipes

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Size: 20 Wipes

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
  • Easily melts even hard-to-budge eye makeup
  • Just the right amount of cleansing oil
  • Cleanses without stripping
Wipe it clean

Just the right amount of coconut oil powers these efficient yet gentle makeup removal wipes. An everyday essential you’ll reach for again and again, the formulation leaves skin completely clear, moisturized and softened in one clean sweep.

Starting with eye area, gently sweep unfolded towelette across face to remove every trace of makeup and dirt. In colder weather, hold unopened packet in palms of hands for 10-20 seconds to liquefy first.


Cut wipes into small squares and store in a reusable jar for easy eey makeup remover pads.

RMS Beauty

About The Brand

Created by a makeup artist, RMS Beauty offers nourishing makeup and skincare that lets beautiful skin shine through. Made with raw and living ingredients, the interchangeable, multipurpose products bring skin to life with vibrant, pure mineral color.

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Customer Reviews

  • Simply Amazing

    Katherine W. December 02, 2018

    I use these on my face after a workout, or in the morning, or when traveling. They clean and moisturize perfectly and leave my skin glowing. I recommend adding a little bit of water when attempting to remove heavy makeup. Love!

  • Erin S. October 18, 2018
  • Wish they didn’t leave residue on your heads

    Cassie H. September 12, 2018

    They’re basically just coconut oil on sheets. Kinda messy but effectively removes makeup I guess?

  • Made me Break Out

    Anne July 10, 2018

    My experience with these was negative. I didn’t find them to be able to remove any of my makeup, especially eye makeup and the coconut oil made my acne prone skin break out.

  • good for travel when you want to treat yourself

    Larisa B. June 08, 2018

    This is a real treat yourself experience. I use these when I’m traveling to a colder place where my tiny bottle of coconut oil would probably be too solid and a pain to work with. These aren’t really worth the money but for business travel when I’m super lazy and very made up, keeping these by the bedside table is a nice sure fire way to make sure the make up comes off before I pass out. They look like condoms. It’s kind of weird.

  • Good not great

    Stacey L. May 16, 2018

    I found the towels to be a little rough

  • Too dry

    Barbara F. January 30, 2018

    Not a fan. The wipes were too dry even after warming them in my hand or wetting it . I won’t use them or recommend them.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Barbara, you’re right! It is recommended to warm the wipes in between your hands for a couple of seconds to liquify the oil. The feeling may not be the same as a ‘traditional’ wipe but these are great at melting away makeup!

  • So fresh and so clean.

    Virginia T. October 02, 2017

    After a long day, I love how my skin feels after using this wipe. Takes all my makeup right off without leaving my skin feeling dry. A MUST HAVE for any gym bag.

  • Good, not great

    Kate October 02, 2017

    They smell amazing and definitely get the make up off, but leave a coconut oil residue on your skin and sometimes dry up. I just add a little water to them and they work fine, but I really only use these if I have heavy make up to really get it off and follow with face wash. My skin is oily though so don’t need the moisture.

  • convenient

    Jacqueline A. October 01, 2017

    they remove makeup very well but the cloth is a little rough. eye makeup is usually the most stubborn to remove and these are a little scratchy when you have to really rub the eye area. but overall convenient and effective.

  • The only face wipes I can/will use

    Lindsay N. September 29, 2017

    I have super sensitive skin, and so even other “clean” face wipes irritate my skin. That said, I also travel a lot, enjoy camping, and sometimes get a tiny bit lazy before I go to bed and don’t want to do the whole face wash routine. These are great because they are a cleanser and moisturizer all in one. They do leave you a bit shiny though, so I typically use them at the start of a flight and then of course before I go to bed as well. Great light coconut scent, too!

  • Just okay

    Sara N. September 28, 2017

    I didn’t find these wipes to be anything special, and they weren’t able to remove my waterproof mascara as well as I hoped. I would rather bring a travel size of a cleanser that actually removes my makeup when traveling.

  • Removes makeup

    Grace A. August 09, 2017

    These wipes really remove your makeup and eye makeup in one swipe! They are great to throw in your bag when you are traveling. They are not drying and are the perfect step to remove makeup before you go through your skincare routine.