Josh Rosebrook

Complete Moisture Cleanse

Josh Rosebrook

Complete Moisture Cleanse

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Size: 6 oz

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Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Calming, and Hydrating
  • Gently cleanses and calms
  • Removes dirt and bacteria without stripping
  • Rebalances oil
Find your balance

This popular pH balanced skin cleanser cleans and calms dry, sensitive skin without stripping its outer moisture mantle. With a light lather, aloe vera gel, African black soap and argan oil remove dirt and bacteria, rebalance oil and restore skin’s ideal balance.

Massage on damp face in circles, and leave on to penetrate skin. Use warm water to rinse, then pat dry.


The ideal healthy-skin entry point to cure toxic drugstore product dependence.

Josh Rosebrook

About The Brand

Josh Rosebrook products use organic, wild-crafted plants and herbs to calm, heal and regenerate skin, scalp and hair. Every product is packed with a unique combination of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to safely bring skin and hair back into balance.

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Customer Reviews

  • Cheaped Out!

    Kara L. April 11, 2022

    This used to be a fabulous cleanser that came in a nice glass jar with a small pump that gave you just the right amount. Now it’s in plastic, it’s a looser cream that spills out of the bottle and is wasted. This is the second product that has seriously disappointed me that used to be a favorite. Hey Josh go back to quality products!

  • Didn't cleanse skin

    Katherine May 17, 2020

    I searched and searched for a natural product line to begin a new skin regimin. I was so happy when I came across this ! I started doing double cleanse at night. Tonight I went to apply hyaluronic acid after the shower and my concealer was still all over my face. It feels great when washing and smells natural. I just need a cleanser that will remove makeup and this did not at all.

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  • I liked it!

    Sejal May 04, 2020

    It is a good cleanser and it is a bit of chore to use. I realized after using the product for a while that I was not using it properly. Since it is such a light, milky texture, I had to mix it with an enzyme powder cleanser booster (like MBR or Tatcha). Then, I would remove it using a face towel with warm water. Its not a cleanser I would use in a rush in the shower but if you’re looking to treat yourself, I would reccommend! The size was good – it lasted a long time.

  • I love this!

    Lucie March 19, 2019

    So, so happy with this cleanser. I’ve had trouble finding something that actually removes makeup but isn’t drying. This does the trick *as long as you put on dry and remove with a damp cotton pad or cloth* instead of adding water to the product or your face before using. Really felt a difference in my skin after the first use, which is crazy. I’ve had stubborn flakiness on my cheeks that went away with the first use (but I also used the accelerator and enzyme mask, so who knows what helped with that).

  • This didn't work for me

    Danni I. March 07, 2019

    Doesn’t really clean my skin; won’t remove the Josh Rosebrook sunscreen I bought. Plus it’s a bit of a chore to use. Not worth it.

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  • Great product - annoying dispenser

    Zachary December 17, 2018

    Love this cleanser. It cleans w/o stripping, smells amazing and a little goes a long way. Its kept me breakout free. That being said – to get a little out takes like 15 pumps on the jar which feels off to me. Its my first bottle and will buy again but hoping they update the pump!

  • Would recommend

    Sejal J. November 12, 2018

    I was looking for a new cleanser due to the change of season. I wanted something which made my face feel clean but also did not dry me out. My skin type is usually normal but was feeling a bit more dry since winter is upon us. This cleanser was exactly what I was looking for. It cleans well, is nourishing, and feels super light. I would recommend this to anyone.

  • Wonderful cleanser—smells heavenly!

    Laura M. October 07, 2018

    This is a great gentle cleanser for daily use. I used it in combination with the Josh Rosebrook Nurrient Day Cream and noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s appearance and feel—much less dry, even during a harsh New England winter. As with some of the line’s other products, the packaging can be problematic (pump stops working before the product is used up and the glass bottle is prone to slipping and shattering).

  • Love This!

    Maureen N. May 16, 2018

    Just a great cleanser that feels amazing – it feels very soothing as well as being super effective!

  • Helps winter dryness

    Katie I. February 21, 2018

    Great face wash that cleanses well and doesn’t leave a tight, dry feeling. Glad I found it and definitely going to get the full size bottle next time.

  • Wonderful!

    Danielle H. February 12, 2018

    I have been using this product in my morning routine and I thoroughly enjoy it. My skin is on the drier side and I have found the cleanser’s light, milky texture feels refreshing and nourishing in the morning. I have not used it to take off makeup. I use a different product for that. My intention in purchasing Josh Rosebrook’s Complete Moisture Cleanse was to find a light, nourishing cleansing product that would be gentle on my skin in the morning.

  • Great product!

    Autumn B. February 05, 2018

    I use this as my cleanser every night before bed. After just one week of use my face has almost completely cleared up. Love it!

  • Not my favorite cleanser

    Alex C. January 24, 2018

    I have tried more than 1/2 of the cleansers sold by Follain and this is by far my least favorite. I will not purchase it again. I don’t really like the smell or the consistency of the cleanser. I also don’t like how my skin does not feel particularly clean after using this cleanser. This winter I have gotten into double cleansing, first using an oil cleanser such as the Pendulum Potion or Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil, followed by a specific cleanser or scrub (I like Indee Lee Brightening Cleanser for my everyday cleanser or an Osea Cleanser or I will use the Clean Dirt mixed with Honey Mud or the Regenerating Cleanser. This product was not for me but I could see how someone with dry skin or very sensitive skin would really like this product. For my purposes, Follain sells so many other fabulous products that I would prefer to purchase.

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    • From Follain:

      Hi Alex, we agree, this cleanser is suited best for those with normal to dry skin. Happy to hear you have a great routine going that works for your skin type!

  • So luxurious!

    Kat D. January 03, 2018

    I love this cleanser! It’s gentle and effective and leaves my skin feeling really silky!

  • Meredith F. November 30, 2017
  • Finally! An all weather cleanser!

    Dorothy S. October 10, 2017

    I LOVE this cleanser…I tend to have dry skin but find that it’s perfect for all weather

  • Face never feels clean!

    Rachel L. October 03, 2017

    This product is very soft and liquidy, it feels almost like an oil. My face never felt clean after using it, it just felt like I was rubbing a post-cleanse serum on, without many results. If you are looking for something that doesnt foam at all, this would probably be for you. I’m not a fan of oil cleansers so unfortunately this consistency (and smell) was not for me.

    • From Follain:

      Yes, this is a very hydrating, non-foaming cleanser! The Earth Tu Face Face Wash is a great option for a foaming cleanser that still adds in hydration.

  • Gentle on Sensitive Skin

    Nadia S. September 30, 2017

    Full disclosure: I only used Cetaphil before this cleanser. My skin has been super sensitive since I can remember, and products often make me break out. It has been a couple of months since I started using this product and my skin looks cleaner and softer than it has in a loooooonnng time. No breakouts, either. It’s a good feeling.

  • Moisturizing Cleanser

    Anna September 29, 2017

    I have been using this cleanser for close to two years now. The texture is so luxurious and the scent is amazing! It is gentle enough for my sensitive dry skin and leaves it noticeably plumper after use (not stripped and tight like other cleansers I’ve used in the past). One star off for not fully removing makeup with use- I typically prep my skin for this by using something else to deep clean first.

  • Very Good

    Taryn H. September 29, 2017

    This is a very good cleanser. It is gentle and effective. It smells natural and is very smooth.

  • gentle cleanser with a milky feel

    Isabel B. September 28, 2017

    This is a great gentle cleanser that wipes that away all the dirt, makeup, and grime from the day. If I am wearing makeup I typically do a double wash with this cleanser because it sometimes isn’t enough to remove my makeup with one wash. This doesn’t leave my skin feeling over dry. It does make my skin feel very clean and I’ve noticed a difference and have had hardly any acne or breakouts since using this product.

  • This is THE best gentle cleanser

    Beth B. September 28, 2017

    This is the best gentle, yet effective cleanser I’ve ever used. Often, I feel like gentle cleansers don’t get the skin as clean as I’d like and I feel like I have to use an extra bit of product to get the skin feeling clean. Complete Moisture Cleanse cleans the skin thoroughly without stripping the natural oils that keep the skin balanced. It’s a creme cleanser, so don’t expect the foam, although you really don’t miss it, this cleanser feels more like a spa treatment first, cleanser second but still leaves the skin totally clean and make-up free!

  • Cleansing and Gentle- A Noticeable Difference

    Maureen N. June 29, 2016

    I have become a huge Josh Rosebrook fan – I use the cleanser, the hydrating accelerator, and the nutrient day cream. Since I have started using these products I have noticed a big difference in my skin. But not only have I noticed, other people have commented on my skin as well. I don’t think I can ever go back to using anything else. Well worth the investment.

  • gentle and nourishing

    Katie June 21, 2016

    I love all Josh Rosebrook products and this one definitely did not disappoint! This is a gentle face wash that has a slight lather and leaves my skin feeling fresh and healthy. I love following up with his Hydrating Accelerator.

  • gentle & moisturizing

    Nina January 05, 2016

    I find this face wash to be super gentle & moisturizing. I started using this 3-4 weeks ago along with the Josh Rosebrook accelerator & daily moisturizer and my skin feels and looks healthier. This will be my first NY winter I’ve survived without having an issue keeping my skin from feeling & looking dry/flaky!

    I don’t find this product effective for removing makeup – I remove my makeup first, then use 1-2 pumps. Don’t expect a healthy lather – this was a change for me. Despite this, I still feel super clean/refreshed after using.

  • Very nourishing

    Klo36 July 17, 2015

    I adore this cleanser. My skin is very dry and I find this product to be hydrating and nourishing for my skin. I really, really enjoy using it each morning and evening, mainly because the smell is incredible and calming. I use the Jose Rosebrook line of products — this cleanser, the hydrating accelerator, and the day cream and they work beautifully together. But this cleanser is my favorite part of the routine. I use a cleansing oil to remove my makeup first, and I only need 1-2 tiny pumps of this product to cleanse my skin. So it should last a long time. It definitely effectively removes your make up if you need it to, but you have to use a lot more of the product to do so. It’s a little bit pricey, so I prefer to take most of my makeup off first. My skin improved greatly after switching to Jose Rosebrook products and can’t recommend them enough!

  • Gentle and Effective

    Sarah June 06, 2015

    I switched to this moisturizing cleanser after finishing a face wash that was basically the equivalent of Cetaphil. I needed something that would remove my make-up, clean my skin, and leave my skin ready for treatment and moisturizer. I was used to cleansers that left my skin tight and dry, thinking that blasting my face with harsh chemicals would somehow stop the breakouts. WRONG! This cleanser is so hydrating and effective…it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I use about five pumps while my face is still dry to let the oils break down the make up on my eyes, and then add warm water slowly until my face is clean. It’s really an amazing product for sensitive and acne prone skin. It’s contributed significantly to clearing up my skin and keeping it that way. Worth every penny.

  • Very gentle and moisturizing

    Kathleen February 21, 2015

    Bought the smaller size to try it out and loved this cleanser. The ingredients are amazing, has a lovely smell. Had a more detergent-y cleanser for the summer, but this is also deeply moisturizing and was great for winter. Because of all the oils it does a great job of dissolving make-up and grime without being sudsy or drying. Very calming and moisturizing for the skin.

  • Love this"

    Debbie Z. February 20, 2015

    This product is perfect for my skin. It does a deep cleaning with results that make my skin very soft and smooth. Plus it smells SO good!