La Bella Figura

Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum

La Bella Figura

Découverte Under Eye Repair Serum

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Size: 0.33 oz

Skin Type Dry, and Normal
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Dark Circles, Elasticity, and Hydrating
  • Antioxidants and raw coffee depuff and smooth
  • Steel roller application cools and firms
  • Gives undereyes a well-rested look
Defines “beauty rest”

This eye serum combines radical antioxidants with the cooling, lifting benefits of a steel rollerball applicator. Botanicals (think: raw green coffee beans, espresso for the skin) penetrate undereye skin to restore youthful brightness, depuff, smooth fine lines, lighten circles, and make eyes look alert and awake. They’ll think you slept for hours (even if you didn’t).

Use overnight or after cleansing in the morning. Lightly roll the ball over undereye skin and pat the serum in with ring fingers. Allow it to absorb before applying makeup.


Keep this on your desk and apply it whenever you need an instant pick-me-up throughout the day.

La Bella Figura

About The Brand

Calling themselves “the brand that passion built,” La Bella Figura creates globally inspired products from the most effective ingredients its makers can unearth. Their powerful, concentrated blends are transformative, targeting and solving specific skin concerns.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best eye treatment I've used

    Rr September 08, 2020

    I really didn’t want to love this, as the cost is quite high. I tried out the French Girl more affordable option. I couldn’t wait to finish it so I could re-order this one. It’s super moisturizing and the applicator itself is great (feels so good while applying). I do usually wait a few minutes before putting on makeup under my eyes or rub it in a litte in the morning. You won’t regret getting this!

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  • It works but...

    Meredith June 24, 2019

    I think it works but it takes a bit for my skin to absorb it. I have to wait 15-20 mins before I can put on my make-up or else my make up will crease. Maybe I’m using too much?

  • Amazing!

    Brenda R. April 25, 2019

    This is one of the few products I have used that I saw immediate results. After the first use, my skin under my eyes was so soft and all the little lines were gone. After 3 applications my dark circles were 75% improved. My dark circles are so dark they look like bruises. Now they are mere shadows. After 1 week they are all but gone. If you’ve tried EVERYTHING to treat your under eye concerns and nothing has worked- get this. I never thought my eyes could look this good.

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  • Handy + Nifty

    Franco November 26, 2018

    This little puppy is so handy when traveling. As a man, I love its anti-aging elements. My eyes feel refreshed and taut.

  • Nice for travel but....

    Lauren B. February 13, 2018

    Didn’t see noticeable difference and don’t think it’s worth the price.

  • Expensive, but worth it

    Leah M. January 12, 2018

    I was introduced to this product two years ago and resisted because of the price. I wish I had purchased it sooner. I’m a working mom of two which for me, translates to no sleep. Couple that with genetics, and well, my dark circles are just really, really sad – until I started using this product. My dark circles are reduced. A little goes a long way. Definitely recommend. It’s worth it.

  • Disappointing

    Sasha November 16, 2017

    I had such high hopes for this product from all the other amazing reviews! I find it does nothing for my dark circles, or any puffiness I have. Additionally, even if I only use a tiny bit, I feel like it doesn’t absorb into my skin and leaves me with shiny/greasy under eyes all day.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Sasha, try patting in the product lightly with your ring finger to allow the product to fully absorb!

  • secret weapon

    Jacqueline A. October 04, 2017

    i have an 11 month old who still has the sleep patterns of a newborn. which is to say, i am perpetually exhausted. but i don’t look it!! i should have dark circles down to my chin and i have nothing! no puffiness, no circles, no nothing. a fellow new mom, who looked well rested despite also having a terrible sleeper, told me about this stuff and i marched directly into follain and bought it. and i am SO glad i did. it actually really works.

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  • Miracle Worker

    Colleen H. September 28, 2017

    If you’re okay with the price point, this little number does wonders for the under eye zone helping with puffiness AND dark circles, which I’ve had a hard time finding personally! I’ve always struggled with dark circles, and found my results quite visible after using it for about a week. A little really goes a long way, so you’ll get your money’s worth!

  • No more puffy eyes

    Cameron July 29, 2017

    This works almost instantly to reduce undereye bags and discoloration. If swelling in the eye area makes you look tired – this is THE product that will fix it. I love this undereye treatment like no other.

  • A skincare essential

    Shelby November 02, 2016

    This is the best eye serum/eye product I have EVER owned, and I’ve owned a lot. I saw an improvement in the purple/pink tint under my eyes within a week, and noticed my eyes appeared fresh and well-rested. I’ve even gone out of the house without under-eye concealer, gasp! And I wear glasses, so I’m quite conscious of how my eyes look.

    It’s absolutely worth every penny. And it smells delicious!

    PS: Since it’s an oil-type serum, always store it upright. And I agree, it’s not ideal for travel, since it’s a rollerball, but I recently travelled [by plane] and kept it in my purse in a small side pocket and it worked out fine.


    Andrea July 09, 2016

    Had very dark circles under eyes. After using less than 4 months I don’t even need to wear cover up. Darkness is completely gone! Love this product!

  • Caffeine Miracle!

    Katie June 10, 2016

    First of all this bottle lasts for ages and you only need to use such a little bit under your eyes to make a difference. The caffeine in the oil firms up my skin and takes care of any dryness. Plus it is my favorite smelling product. Worth the price!

  • Not sure it's worth the money

    Janeen January 13, 2016

    I used a bottle of the eye repair serum and it didn’t seem to do any better for my eye issues vs. the one love organics eye balm, however I don’t have a big issue with bags. Also, it doesn’t travel well on planes. Most of the contents of the bottle ended up in my makeup bag.

  • Serum like no other

    Tucker April 09, 2015

    Don’t want to end up like my mom who had to have surgery for droopy eyes. On bedside table. Use every few nights. Easy apply. Heavenly smell. Incredible affect on eyes.

  • worth it!

    Adriana March 22, 2015

    I have terrible insomnia and regularly wake up with puffy, dark circles, but this product really saved me. It smells lovely and one bottle lasts 7+ months. It’s easy, quick, and clean to apply. I love it!

  • Buy it!!

    Diane February 21, 2015

    Just buy it..
    I have not woken up with bags or any kind of swelling since I started using this over a year ago. I have used multiple creams at the same time to try to combat dryness, swelling and whatever else comes with aging. Now, I just use this morning and night and I have not looked at anything else to replace it.. Love it.