Babo Botanicals

Daily Sheer Facial Sunscreen SPF 40 – Fragrance Free

Babo Botanicals

Daily Sheer Facial Sunscreen SPF 40 – Fragrance Free

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Size: 1.7 oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Hydrating, and Sensitive-Safe
  • Rose hip oil improves the appearance of sun damage
  • Non-nano zinc oxide safely shields skin from UVA and UVB rays
  • Shea butter hydrates and offers a low level of UV protection (SPF 6)
Face the sun with confidence

Sun protection is important for every part of your body, but even more so when it comes to your face. That’s where this ultra-sheer broad spectrum facial sunscreen comes in. It’s formulated with organic aloe vera, avocado and jojoba oil to soothe and moisturize while delivering top-notch protection against UVA and UVB rays. Take that, sunburn.

Apply liberally to face and neck at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply at least every two hours or more if you’re swimming or sweating.


Don’t forget to apply SPF to your ears and eyebrows—two spots that are commonly missed.

About The Brand

Founded on the principle that what’s good for our inside will also nourish our outside, this clean bath and body company only uses the highest-quality, gentlest, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for the whole family.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great! But Remove the Gluten please!

    Kate June 29, 2021

    great product for middle age (45), acne prone skin. have used it for a while then my derm said, did you know this has gluten in it?! thankfully not enough or over a large enough area to affect me but why even have it in the product! would be 5 starts if Babo would remove gluten.

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  • not the best I've used, way overpriced

    Alexis June 25, 2020

    Bought this quickly when reordering my fav Indie Lee toner. I wish I had taken notice of the size! $20 for a tiny bottle is ridiculous. This left a worse whitecaste on my medium tone skin than the last sunscreen I tried. No irritation at least. Definitely won’t be repurchasing. I recommend Badger Organic sunscreens for a better price point in comparison to the size of the bottle you get. They’re also all organic, sheer zinc, non comodogenic etc.

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  • very good but leaves me a little pale

    Annabelle June 19, 2020

    the formula leaves me with a nice glowy look and my skin adequetely protected from UV rays, but it does leave a bit of a white cast over me.

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  • Great for what I need

    Rebecca S. May 14, 2020

    I haven’t been using this as a daily SPF. I use it more as a “put it on if I’m going out into the sun for a while” SPF. It doesn’t have a harsh smell and goes on smoothly. It also doesn’t leave my skin looking oily but feels very hydrating. It does give me tiny little white spots on my facial hairs but they go away after a few minutes and really isn’t noticable. I also feel that my face it well protected. So far, it’s been great!

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  • excellent !

    Sheila T. February 08, 2020

    love this sunblock, goes on smoothly and smells great !

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  • Sheer-ish

    Mira February 04, 2020

    I don’t love or hate this product. I purchased in my search for a daily sunscreen for both my husband and I, and have found that this product doesn’t work well for hairier skin. It leaves white residue around the hairs which remains visible for hours despite all our best efforts to rub it in/off – though maybe this is unavoidable for mineral sunscreens? For less hairy skin, it does eventually rub in to achieve a sheer-ish, weightless feeling.

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  • Great everyday SPF moisturizer

    Sarah January 27, 2020

    I’ve really enjoyed this product; it is sheer and does not feel oily or leave me looking shiny like other sunscreens. It is also hydrating which is great (especially in the winter). I have no complaints about this product and am getting ready to buy my second bottle!

  • Great moisterizer and sunscreen

    Paige P. October 29, 2019

    Past experiences with mineral sunscreens have left my skin with a residue and feeling very dry. This is totally different! It blended in quickly and feels light. It is really moisturizing too. It does have a slight sunscreen scent, but that fades through the day.

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  • Does the job

    Alex June 05, 2019

    Sunscreen is a necessary evil as far as I’m concerned, so it’s hard for me to get too excited about it. But I like that this is 40spf and it seems to work well. It goes on a bit whitish but that does go away. I would buy this again. For body I’ve been loving the Suntegrity brand.

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  • Lovely Daily Wear Sunscreen!

    Lauren O. June 03, 2019

    I love how lightweight and absorptive this sunscreen is! I wear it daily, sometimes under powder, and it doesn’t have a gross sunscreen smell or greasy feeling once applied. Happy to have it as part of my arsenal!

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  • Sheer & No Breakouts

    Megan B. June 03, 2019

    Small amount goes a long way. While the item is fragrance free, it does have its own sunscreen sent. It’s not the best but it fades after initial application. Does not trigger my migraines.

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  • Reliable protection that layers well under makeup!

    Laura A. May 15, 2019

    I have been using this product for over a month now and have been thoroughly impressed. It protects my light complexion and layers so well under my makeup. It blends right into my skin, doesn’t have an overwhelming scent, is light weight, and a little goes a very long way!

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  • Has aluminum

    Jasmin R. May 04, 2019

    Babo botanicals has aluminum hydroxide in it, yet Follain claims none of their products have “aluminum compounds”. Hmm 🤔

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  • Great Daily Sunscreen

    Michelle S. May 03, 2019

    A great daily sunscreen, a little goes a long way with this product. Not greasy at all, sinks into the skin wonderfully and I feel like my skin got softer. Went to a theme park with it and it protected me very well.

  • Good experience!

    Emma R. April 26, 2019

    I have enjoyed using this sunscreen! It blends in easy and doesn’t leave my face oily or sticky!

  • Light & great protection

    Taylor B. March 25, 2019

    This is such a great daily sunscreen for my face. With oily skin that’s prone to outbreaks, this sunscreen has protected my skin without being too greasy.

  • Great sunscreen

    Brenna H. January 15, 2019

    Great natural sunscreen. Doesn’t stink and doesn’t break me out, etc. Will be repurchasing when finished.

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  • Not stinky! Wahoo!

    Brenna H. December 14, 2018

    Love this. Goes on nicely and isn’t stinky.

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  • Great!

    Kayla S. December 10, 2018

    Love this sunscreen for use under makeup. It absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t leave any residue.

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  • Wanted to love, but it doesn't work for me

    Mary October 05, 2018

    I have fair skin, and loved the consistency of this product. However, I used this liberally on my face on three separate occasions, and each time got pretty sunburned! Such a bummer. I was careful to reapply each time, and still saw quite a bit of redness after a day in the sun. Not for me :/

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  • great ingredients

    Sarah M. July 30, 2018

    I love the ingredients of this sunscreen. It does take some effort to rub into skin and does leave a slight white cast, but it does fade eventually if you rub the cream in very thoroughly. I also found it to be not moisturizing enough for me, and I have normal to dry skin, so this might be perfect for more oily skin types.

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