Tata Harper

Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

Tata Harper

Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil

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Size: 1 oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Acne-Clearing, Anti-Aging, Brightening, and Hydrating
  • Biocompatible nutrients restore balance to chapped, irritated skin
  • Naturally-occurring retinoic acid creates an immediate glow
  • reduces the appearance of wrinkles and breakouts
Radiate health

Also known as the closer, this lightweight hydrating facial oil serum is the last step in your skincare routine meant to seal in all the goodness. No matter how dry, chapped, or irritated your complexion is, its essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants transform skin into its most radiant version. You know what they say: save the best for last.

As the last step to your daily regimen, apply a thin layer around your entire face and neck for glow, hydration, and environmental protection. Spread it by lightly massaging in circular motions.


Apply a heavy amount just before bed as a deep nourishing moisture treatment. Skin will be luminous and balanced when you wake.

Tata Harper

About The Brand

Backed by scientific research and sourced predominantly from her own Vermont farm, Tata Harper’s small-batch products achieve the same skin-renewing results as chemical treatments, sans health-harming ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

  • Not for me...

    Ayah B. June 03, 2019

    I was recommended this oil by a store employee, and honestly I think it was a little too rich for my skin – or maybe my skin just didn’t react well to these ingredients. The employee told me this was safe to use day and night, which I initially did. Within a few days, I developed a few cysts, so I decreased my usage to once a day. Cysts kept popping up, so I decreased to once every other day. Going to give it another week, if cysts continue to emerge I will stop completely. Shame as this was quite a splurge.

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  • Great retinol night oil

    Claire B. March 01, 2019

    Not sure I really ‘needed’ this product, but I do love using it at night in the winter months. The smell is amazingly herbal and delicious, and I love the retinoic benefits as I have been using retinol for over 5 years. I don’t necessarily think this is a good solid ‘retinol’ product for someone, but definitely a good add-on to your nightly routine and super hydrating for the skin!

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  • Wonderful moisturizing oil

    Brett W. December 29, 2018

    I love this product and use it nightly. My wrinkles are definitely less pronounced and my skin looks better and better. Nice subtle fragrance..

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  • Great healing oil!

    Olivia B. August 31, 2018

    I occasionally get dry, rough patches on my chin and I couldn’t find any product that seemed to help before trying this. Overnight my rough patch was gone and my skin was soft again! Magic. Highly recommend for anyone with texture issues and generally dehydrated skin. Love this oil.

  • Refreshingly Lightweight!

    Ellen March 19, 2018

    If you’re looking for a facial oil that leaves your skin feeling soft and ultra hydrated, look no more. This oil will completely transform your skin from dull to dewy. And the smell?! So fresh it’s almost otherworldly.