Indie Lee

Squalane Facial Oil

Indie Lee

Squalane Facial Oil

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Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Acne-Clearing, Anti-Aging, Brightening, Hydrating, and Sensitive-Safe
  • Single-origin hydrating serum
  • Nourishes skin and ​improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Non-toxic, vegan, and safe for sensitive skin
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Plump it up with this pure, intensive moisturizing oil. Readily absorbed, 100% Olive-derived Squalane leaves the complexion soft, nourished and best of all, never greasy. Your skin’s texture and tone will thank you.

Apply to freshly cleansed skin, morning and evening.


Mix with your favorite foundation for a dewy glow.

Indie Lee

About The Brand

Sourcing the world’s finest ingredients, Indie Lee & Co. intrinsically blends nature and science create the most efficacious products without sacrificing safety. Indie Lee & Co is grounded in nature, supported through science, and inspired by life.

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Customer Reviews

  • just so amazing

    Hannah S. May 29, 2022

    I’ve been using this product for about three years now and still love it so much! I like to put my tinted spf on right after so it goes on dewy and smooth! it truly moisturizes without clogging! just love it!

  • A routine staple

    Alex February 20, 2022

    I was nervous to try an oil moisturizer but have been using this squalane oil for 2 years now. It’s light and absorbent, and in my opinion has not caused any additional breakouts. And though it feels lighter than moisturizers I used to us (like CeraVe, Aveno..) I’m impressed with how it stands up to the coldest winter days, though I do occassionaly supplement with slightly thicker moisturizer around dry tricky areas like my nose. It also works nicely as a base for gua shua if you’re into that 🙂

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  • No change in my skin

    Aline October 28, 2021

    short : it’s been 2 months and I’ve not seen a changed but the oil has started to smell.

    I live in Alaska, very cold, very dry climate. I’ve been using the indie Lee toner and the skin food lotion from this site for almost a year and absolutely love them. I did want to add a bit more because my face still gets dry by the end of the day, and I now have a to wear a mask all day (was mostly working from home before) which has given me dry patches. i was super excited about this oil, but after a month, i wasn’t seeing any changes. after 2 still nothing.
    it is a nice little jar and it does get right into your skin! but after 2 months, it is starting to smell rancid and hasn’t helped the dryness at all. I am super Ed, because the reviews are so good and I love Indie Lee products

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  • Great lightweight & hydrating face oil

    Kourtni February 24, 2021

    Feels great! Sinks in so fast and feels like nothing. I love it. Also I love the glass bottle it comes in. Just looks and feels nice.

  • Wonderful facial oil!

    Cri February 08, 2021

    This product is great to the day or night. I use it before bed every night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!

  • This product saved my skin!

    Kaela March 05, 2021

    Since hitting my 30s, I have had all kinds of odd skin conditions pop up that I didn’t have earlier on in life. Recently, my face had a bad reaction to a cleanser (not from Indie Lee). My entire face was covered in a dry, scaly breakout. I started using the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil twice per day and it cleared up the breakout in a few days. I have combination skin that usually tends to be oily. This product controls my oil while also moisturizing my face. I added it to my morning routine under a foundation or tinted moisturizer and it gives me a nice, dewy glow. Will definitely continue to use!

  • I do by this product regularly

    Tamara August 19, 2021

    I use this facial oil morning and night after cleansing for moisture. So light, non clogging, nourishing for my face and neck. Seems to be a great balance of moisture but not greasy. Price is more doable for me too. Thanks for clean product.

  • My favorite facial oil

    Leigh February 11, 2021

    This is my favorite facial oil! I use it every day and usually twice a day.

  • Yes I would use again, to keep my mature skin smooth feeling

    Maria August 03, 2021

    Use every other day as I also use a cream moisturizer

  • The Best I've Found

    Jeanette February 05, 2021

    I’ve tried many face oils , La Mer, Vintners Daughter, and quite a few more , and Indie Lee is what works for me. I use the squalane oil in the day, and at night , the overnight facial oil I love these products. Thank you Indie Lee ❤️

  • I love this product

    Jen August 19, 2021

    I’m a repeat buyer of this facial oil. I love how luxuriant it feels on my skin and still be plant based. I also appreciate that there’s only a slight scent. Feels super clean.

  • So great

    Diane February 28, 2021

    Really love this. I have had dry skin my entire life and this is the first oil/moisturizer that has worked without clogging pores!

  • Squaline Oil

    Tracy February 15, 2021

    Works well for me.

  • if you only have one Indie Lee product - this is the one

    Dana July 13, 2021

    The standard issue Indie Lee product – everyone should have this. Very nice.

  • Changed my face forever.

    Gen May 03, 2021

    I began using Indie Lee Squalene on my face at 40. I am now 42. The whole point of this review is that I still basically look like I’m 40, minus some white hair. As someone whose skin decided to act like a toddler immediately after the birth of my second kid, I spent years struggling to find anything to help the daily irritation around my nose and on my cheeks. *INSERT INDIE LEE HERE* After trying this product once, I noticed a vast improvement within 12 hours. The fact that it’s non-comedogenic was huge, but the fact that it has anti-inflammatory properties was the game changer.

  • I am obsessed with this facial oil.

    G April 01, 2021

    I use it daily in the morning and also at night before bed.

  • I will definitely buy again

    Sharrie September 23, 2021

    I use at bed time. It is really moisturizing and leaves my sling looking radiant the next morning.

  • Super product!

    Angie March 25, 2021

    I will buy this product again for sure. I use it every morning after I wash my face with the Indie Lee cleanser 🙂

  • Winter Savior

    Athens January 13, 2021

    My skin was basically falling apart once the harsh Chicago winter rolled in. Dry, flaky, itchy, nothing was working to moisturize my face. Enter this squalene oil – it has brought my skin back to life, I’ll never go a winters day without it again.

  • Sad I didn't discover this sooner

    Beth February 08, 2021

    A friend told me about Squalane oil – Indie Lee’s version specifically – and I took a chance buying it back in November. I have very oily skin (that also likes to get itchy/dry-but-oily in the winter) and just two drops after cleansing is the perfect complement to my nighttime routine. Skin feels healthier and less itchy/dry without feeling greasy after it absorbs. This winter, I’ve even used a drop every now and then on mornings when I’m extra dry. A little goes a VERY LONG way so the value is there for me. I plan to reorder when I run out!

  • Wow!!

    J C. May 01, 2021

    This product is so hydrating and nourishing. Makes your skin feel amazing. Use it everyday.

  • A staple in my line up

    Kylie E. May 10, 2021

    This is the MVP of skin care. This little guy, with one ingredient, packs a major punch. It is such a drink for your skin, 4-5 drops covers my face, neck, and back of hands. For only 34$ you simply can’t afford not to have it!!

  • Lightweight & quick to absorb!

    Flannery August 17, 2021

    My favorite everyday morning oil I use every day, and have for years. Lightweight and absorbs easily.

  • Great oil

    Brenda February 23, 2021

    Wonderful product. Great for my dry winter skin but it doesn’t feel overly heavy or greasy.

  • Great!

    Taylor April 07, 2021

    Love this facial oil, only need a small amount! Tried the travel size first but I will be buying the larger size when I am out.

  • Love this stuff!!

    Lauren F. February 07, 2021

    I’ve been using this oil for over a year now and purchased it several times from Follain. I love this brand and I love this oil. I use it every night before putting moisturizer on. It’s so hydrating!!

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  • A must purchase with a glycolic acid

    Cami December 07, 2020

    I use this every night with my night serum and it is just perfect!! Lasts forever (even the small size) and really hydrates. great price!!

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  • Best facial oil I have used!

    Chelsey November 12, 2020

    This is by far the best facial oil that I have tried. Have been using for about a month now, and it has dramatically improved my dryness without inducing breakouts or congestion. It goes on feeling oily but absorbs quickly, and doesn’t feel heavy under makeup. I pair with Vintner’s Daughter Essence, Ursa Major Vitamin C Serum, Follain Moisturizer and ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint.

  • Big Fan

    Cait September 11, 2020

    I have oily skin and I thought I would give an oil moisturizer a try to get rid of the layer that often forms on my skin from other types of gel/cream ones. been using it for a week or so and seems to be working great! definitely gives me the hydration I need. I use it nightly and then use a matifying moisture in the morning to cancel out the oily effects. love the combo!

  • Amazing!

    Meg September 09, 2020

    This oil is great. I have dry skin and rosacea and this makes my skin feel luxurious. It’s very hydrating and a little goes a long way. My skin absorbs it quickly but leaves it feeling dewy and not overly greasy. I’ve been using it at night and i don’t need a moisturizer over it – maybe in the winter I will if needed. I love it!

  • Love this stuff

    Val September 02, 2020

    I started using this oil in January and it has been a fantastic, simple addition to my skincare routine. At first I was using it on its own as a moisturizer, but then I moved to Colorado, a much drier climate than Boston, and I use it both morning and night before any additional moisturizer. It calms my skin and keeps my breakouts (mostly) at bay. I stopped using it for a month and definitely noticed a difference so I went right back and haven’t been without it since.

  • Huge Fan!

    Renee August 12, 2020

    I’ve been trying to curate a hormonal acne skincare plan these last few months and I believe I have finally settled into the right set of products. I have truly enjoyed the squalene facial oil and feel like it has make a remarkable difference. I have been using it at night only because I tend to look a little bit oily during the day, but when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so smooth and refreshed. I am excited about Indie Lee and all of their products! So far so good.

  • Good stuff!

    Jackie June 16, 2020

    I was a little hesitant at first because I’ve never used an oil-based moisturizer before but I definitely recommend it! It does occasionally leave my skin feeling slightly oily at times so a little bit goes a long way! I tend to use it more at night so my skin can soak in the goodness but also works for a day time look, just keep in mind that less is more with this stuff!

  • The best!

    Midori June 09, 2020

    I too was skeptical about using an oil as a moisturizer with my acne prone skin, but I swear my skin has been so clear ever since using this! I also have combination skin and I’m hooked-this is a truly wonderful product!!

  • Surprisingly Good!

    Erin B. May 04, 2020

    I was skeptical about using an oil as a moisturizer. I have pretty bad hormonal breakouts, and previous moisturizers always made them worse. This oil works great. It evens out my combination skin. I don’t feel dry or oily anymore. Also, you need so little. I don’t even use the dropper, I use the oil that sticks to the sides of the dropper when I pull it out. It feels oily at first, but after a few minutes, it dries and my skin feels soft and fresh.
    I use this with the Brightening Cleanser and CoQ-10 toner.

  • Use it With Everything

    Emma April 28, 2020

    I’ve been previously scared of using oil on my face, as my skin is dry but acne-prone. This oil is so light and non-greasy, but equally effective in hydrating. I love mixing 3-4 drops with my night cream, or using it as a buffer for my gua sha tool. The oil adds an extra punch of hydration when I need it for my sensitive skin, and also helps my other products last longer by mixing it with them!

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  • Great Versatile Oil

    Meredith April 02, 2020

    I bought the travel size a few months ago and just bought the full size! I had a major reaction to a perscribed topical gel for acne and have been afraid to put anything on my skin. A women helped me out in the Beacon Hill store and said this would help right after steaming my face. She was 100% right – it’s helped so many things about my skin; discoloration, texture and overall clearness. So happy I bought the full size!!

  • Magic.

    Elizabeth March 20, 2020

    This oil is magic. During the winter my skin dries out so much that it cracks and no matter what type of moisturiser I put on it would burn. Then I used this oil and it didn’t hurt. I can use 3 drops twice a day and my skin looks and feels hydrated. I do 4 drops if it is particuarly dry but otherwise this saved my skin.
    I was worried about it being an oil but I am so glad I tried it and found that it ws exactly what I needed. I recommend it to everyone.

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  • Miracle Facial Oil

    Lori F. February 10, 2020

    This oil does wonders for dry winter skin. A small amount goes a long way! I love this product and I will never use anything else!!

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  • Great stuff!

    Alexis January 31, 2020

    I’ve been switching to clean beauty products this year and i LOVE this oil. Its also the first facial oil I’ve ever used. My skin tends to be dry and especially so in the winter. I put a couple drops of this on my face in the morning and my skin looks fresh and glowy all day.

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  • So hydrating!

    Leslie T. January 28, 2020

    I have sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, but this facial oil is so hydrating and causes no issues! It is really lightweight and makes my skin glow. I use it morning and night after the Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner and have noticed a difference in my skin.

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  • Luxurious Oil

    Samantha B. January 21, 2020

    After washing and toning, I put this oil on and it helps me relax and release the work day. Its the first oil I’ve tried, and the only one I’ve continued to use as I love it! It is lightweight and a little goes a really long way. Highly recommend for dry skin!

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  • perfect for my skin

    Sarah J. January 18, 2020

    My skin in on the dyier side and this oil is so light and hydrating! Gives it that glow and little goes a LONG way. This will be my facial oil of choice now.

  • Great for parched winter skin!

    Abigail R. January 07, 2020

    I bought this because I started swimming again this past summer and was tired of how dry my skin felt after I got out of the pool. I started using this and my skin feels very lush and soft all day! It also works great to keep your skin hydrated in the winter if you live in a cold area. I apply first thing out of the shower in the mornings. However, I did notice that it felt a little heavy and took longer to dry when I was visiting family in Florida, so it might not be for you if you live in a hot, humid area.

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  • Holy Cats!

    Perri C. January 07, 2020

    I have been using the brightening cleanser, the COQ-10 toner, and the Squalane Oil for four days and I can hardly believe what differences they have already made. I am prone to pimples and oiliness, but I live in a very dry climate so I need something that moisturizes without leading to breakouts. These products are doing exactly that! The redness in my cheeks is evening, my skin is glowing, my face just feels great.

    Also, I only use about two drops of the oil to moisturize. The 1oz bottle will last me a long time!!

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  • rebalanced and glowing!

    Madison B. December 30, 2019

    i had very unpredictable skin, ranging from very oily to extremely dry, and painful acne, but since using this facial oil my skin has found a happy spot! my skin is now balanced and i have no more large painful acne bumps, and the texture has improved as well. ive never been more happy with a product!

  • Not for Me

    Ashley December 21, 2019

    This was given to me as a sample. I have dry, sensitive skin. I didn’t mind the consistency. I would put it on after I washed my face and before my moisturizer. It didn’t do anything for me. I tried it for a week, in the morning and at night. I didn’t notice anything. I’m glad I sampled it because it didn’t make one bit of difference for me. In fact, I think it made me break out more.

  • Love this stuff!

    Brittany C. December 20, 2019

    This was my first time trying squalane oil. I have somewhat sensitive skin that is very dry in the winter. I use this primarily at night along with rose hip oil and sometimes a cream. I have been recommending to all my friends!

  • Great all day moisturizer

    Lanie December 18, 2019

    This is a great oil, I thought at first that I wouldn’t like using an oil on my face but I love it! Keeps my face from drying out in winter, and doesn’t break me out. And it lasts forever! I’m on my second bottle!

  • Super hydrating

    Erika December 17, 2019

    I love this product! It is very hydrating, you really only need a small amount and it goes a long way! It’s great for overnight hydration and also looks nice underneath makeup. Highly recommend! Especially nice product for the price point.

  • Great Product!

    Katarina J. December 15, 2019

    I typically have combination skin, super oily in some spots and super dry and flakey in others. This has been great for both. I first purchased in the smaller size and have since purchased the larger size 3 more times, but it lasts forever, a few drops is all I need for my entire face! I ran out for a bit earlier this year and reverted back to my previous face cream from the drugstore and my face broke out like crazy and my troublesome areas increased. Ever since I switched back to the oil, my face has calmed. I’m never using anything else.

  • It really works

    Jennifer December 15, 2019

    I heard about these natural products on a podcast and was immediately convinced to try some out, although I was very skeptical they would work. At first I didn’t care for this oil at all and was relieved the company is so generous with their return policy. To be fair, I had never used anything but a lotion or cream on my face so thought I should try the oil a few more days before requesting my money back. I’m so happy I did! Within weeks I felt and saw a difference in my face. I am almost at the end of my first bottle and I am very surprised at the positive results. I have very dry skin and prefer to still use a moisturizer on top of the oil, but I will definitely continue using this oil.

  • Surprising!

    Veronica S. December 01, 2019

    My skin is super sensitive and nearly nothing moisturizes me all day. I tried this product and was shocked at how my skin DID NOT react and how I didn’t need to reapply the product throughout the day. My skin is so soft and I feel like I’m glowing. I’m so thankful to have found something and not need to step away from my desk to moisturize multiple times each day.

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  • love it!

    Abby C. November 30, 2019

    This really worked wonders on my combination and acne prone skin!

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  • So great

    Sydney November 16, 2019

    I was nervous about using an oil as a moisturizer, but it works really well even with sensitive skin.

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  • loyal customer

    Anna October 26, 2019

    obsessed with this squlane oil! I am constantly getting compliments on my skin, and truly can’t. live with out with oil! not too greasy and always soothes my dry skin in the winter and gives a beautiful dewy look!

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  • Best Facial Oil

    Brooke B. October 18, 2019

    I love this product. I put it on every night and it brights and clears my skin so well. A must have!

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  • Will never go without this again!

    Laura C. October 03, 2019

    This is one of the best products I’ve ever used on my face. I have rosacea and sensitive skin and this oil gives me life. I use it in conjunction with the Pai Rosehip oil. But really the squalane is the star of the show. My skin feels silky smooth and is literally glowing after I use this. I can’t live without it!

  • Makes combo skin glow!

    Lydia S. September 24, 2019

    Parts of my skin are flakey and others overproduce oil. This seems to be retraining my skin to produce normal amounts, plus the product is velvety and fun to use!

  • Best Face Oil!

    Payton C. September 08, 2019

    I will never go back to cream face lotion! My skin has never been so perfectly hydrated! Doesn’t make my skin oily, but balances out my combination skin and hydrates my dry spots!

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  • Love this

    Christine M. August 29, 2019

    I swapped this into my nightly routine for a night cream. My skin is absolutely glowing and the best looking it’s ever been since I made the switch.

  • amazing for red and dry skin

    Fiona W. August 11, 2019

    I have very red and dry skin. This oil reduces my redness while making my skin smooth and moisturized. A little goes a long way!

  • Best Squalane

    Caroline F. August 07, 2019

    Ive tried a few other brands and this is my all time fave. It was recommended to me by the helpful staff at Follain and I am on my 3rd tube. A little goes a long way so you get good use of this bottle. If I use too much it can get heavy, so less is better here!

  • Love this!

    Sean August 02, 2019

    I have tried a lot of facial oils and this is in my top picks! It is not sticky at all! The texture is really nice and leaves skin with a nice dewy look and feel. Not heavy at all. My skin is combination and the weight of the oil is really good. Would recommend!

  • Saved my skin!

    Alexandra July 30, 2019

    Love this and will repurchase.

  • Love

    Allison D. July 28, 2019

    I absolutely love this facial oil. I used to have a lot of trouble with hormonal acne. A few years ago, I completely switched all my products to all natural and never thought putting an oil on my face would help with breakouts. This oil has helped me so much and has healed my acne scars. Definitely worth it if you deal with acne prone skin. Now I always keep my face moisturized with this oil.

  • Great for winter and summer

    Kylie C. July 27, 2019

    Try the sample see how it works with your [combination] skin. I LOVE it. It’s light and it doesn’t add-to any shine I may have (depending on the weather). If anything, I feel like my skin has less of that oil-shine; my skin looks and feels better.

  • My face loves this!

    Kayla M. July 20, 2019

    I really enjoy putting this on at night. Not something I would use in the morning though. Super hydrating and very calming.

  • The best face oil

    Martha July 13, 2019

    This stuff is my jam. I use it every day and it really moisturizes without clogging pores. I can use it year round, so this has to be my 3rd or 4th bottle – it’s become a must have!

  • wish I had bought it in the winter

    Leslie G. July 03, 2019

    SUPER moisturizing. Had to stop using it because it made my skin too oily. It does absorb eventually, it just meant waiting too long to put my head on the pillow at night.

  • Product is not bad - Just not a good match.

    Bella June 28, 2019

    Despite not working for me personally, I’d still maintain that is a good product. Feels really nice on the skin, etc. I was annoyed when My skin in my 30s has started being very reactive to… everything. Stress, anger, diet

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  • Squalane oil convert

    Krista M. June 27, 2019

    I used to think I would only use rosehip oil for the rest of my life until I got this oil in a Follain set and LOVED it. I just reordered it. I feel like it actually absorbs into my skin instead of just sitting on top.

  • The Perfect Oil

    Kelly F. June 16, 2019

    Indie Lee’s Squalane Oil has been in my line up of skin care products for well over a year now. It always provides the best moisture, no matter how dry or oily I am. I usually apply it at night after cleansing and notice a big difference in the morning. My skin is so soft!

  • Great during the winter

    Kelly G. May 22, 2019

    I liked this oil for my face – underneath my eyes – at night, after cleansing my face. It did not cause me any problems with my skin.

  • Amazing

    Brittanee May 20, 2019

    I love this oil. It is super hydrating and absorbs well into the skin. Gives my skin a nice glow too.

  • Hydrating, evening, makes you glow

    Alexa May 15, 2019

    This product is incredible. It makes your skin hydrated better than any moisturizer and is not oily at all. I was absolutely skeptical that it would not by greasy but you just need to find the right amount of drops for you. Tried many “glowing serums” and this is the only one which made a noticeable difference!!!!

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  • Amazing!

    Vanessa M. May 05, 2019

    This is an amazing product! It does everything it promises. Buy with trust 🙂

  • Great anti-aging skincare oul

    Cynthia K. April 26, 2019

    I love this!! I have dry, mature skin. This really hydrated and plumped up my skin

  • Really like!!

    Valerie F. April 24, 2019

    Skin may be a little oily just after application but it absorbs in nicely and leaves my skin feeling smooth & buttery. Can’t get much better than ONE ingredient either!

  • Indie lee first love

    Devin V. April 21, 2019

    My favorite squalane and I’m obsessed with indie lee’s packaging. I feel so much better about using products in glass packaging. The price point is great, and my skin always looks smooth and refreshed afterwards. I pair this with the rosehip cleanser and COQ10 spray for a quick night routine, and my face loves it. Great for clearing up breakouts or sensitivities. Not too oily feeling and absorbs well.

  • So far so good

    Mary H. April 19, 2019

    This is my first clean facial oil. I am liking it so far though it doesn’t do much for redness and tone issues. I plan to give this a little more time since I LOVE the Indie Lee cleanser and toner that I’ve also started using.

  • Saving grace for perioral dermatitis!

    Laura April 06, 2019

    I’ve struggled with perioral dermatitis for two years now and this is the first product I have found that makes it better and not worse. In just a few days, I’ve noticed my bumps and redness virtually disappear! Very excited to see the long-term benefits of this product. I’d give it six stars if I could!

  • Easy, clean face oil

    Courtney L. April 05, 2019

    Love squalene and this is a great one!

  • Fungal Acne Savior

    Isabella D. April 04, 2019

    If you deal with Malassezia yeast and get tiny red bumps on your face THIS WILL NOT BREAK YOU OUT. My dehydrated skin from treating fungal acne loves it and it makes my cheeks so smooth. TRY IT NOW.

  • Sensitive & Acne-Prone: Need a Miracle

    April March 28, 2019

    I’ve been using clean and sustainable products exclusively for a couple of years but recently my skin has been in a flare-up of cystic acne, rosacea, and eczema. None of my usual skin care has helped. I’m trying to avoid dermatology meds (which I have used in the past) due to associated risks. So, I’ve been in search of a new clean beauty routine. This is where follain comes in! The skin survey suggested a routine for my sensitive, acne-prone skin which happens to also be dry this time of year. I’ve been using the squalane oil in combo with Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser and CoQ Toner for only a few days. I already feel like the texture of my skin is better. It takes a while for the oil to soak into my skin but it feels soothing without being too oily once it does. I’m using it morning and night. I’ve used it under my mineral sunscreen and makeup with great results. I can’t wait to see the improvement in my skin after weeks of use! My only complaint so far is the smell. The smell is the only reason I’m rating this less than a five. It’s really awful, IMO. The mineral smell is reminiscent of a gasoline or kerosene smell. The contrast of the smell compared to the delicious strawberry aroma of the cleanser is huge! I don’t know how long I will be able to tolerate it. It will be worth it if my skin vastly improves. I plan to re-evaluate in a few weeks.

  • perfection

    Jenna D. March 22, 2019

    This is my favorite product of all time. I use it in the AM and PM with my jade roller. My skin drinks this up.

  • Kinda greasy

    Ashley March 08, 2019

    Was excited to try this product but a bit let down, while it didn’t cause any breakout issues and definitely hydrates, I always feel like there’s 3 layers of grease on my face and hands after I use it. I’d still give it 4/5 stars though because other than the greasy feeling, it’s a great product. I basically only use this before bed now so my face wont be greasy looking when I’m out in public

  • So glad I bought this!

    Katherine W. March 05, 2019

    This product really does what it says! I have only been using it a few weeks, and I can already see a difference. I am nearing 40 with tons of sun damage. I have not been happy with the texture of my skin the last few years, but I think this is beginning to help smooth the look of my skin (I also ordered the essentials kit and that may be contributing too). I was worried that it would make my skin look too dewy, but I was pleased to find that it soaks in after a bit and definitely is only a subtle dewy look. I am also very happy that it doesn’t make me break out! I will definitely be reordering!

  • Fantastic product

    Allison February 25, 2019

    Got this oil on recommendation from a store associate in Boston. It has had immediate positive affects on my dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. My skin really loves this oil and I am so happy I gave it a try!

  • Not oily!!!

    Miriam S. February 21, 2019

    I have concerns about using oils on my face due to being oily. This product is fantastic!!! No over oiliness. My skin doesn’t look like an oil slick and I am impressed.

  • Amazing!

    Laurel M. February 19, 2019

    I have very sensitive skin and this is the only oil that doesn’t make me break out, including oils designed for sensitive skin brands. It melts into the skin, is super hydrating, and a great price for the product

  • Best oil I've ever used on my skin!

    Kasey February 19, 2019

    I bought both this oil and Indie Lee’s brightening cleanser to try and I’m so glad I did! I can tell a big difference in my skin tone and texture. It’s a very effective moisturizer, especially for my sensitive skin, which can be very reactive. Highly recommend this product!

  • So glad I gave this oil a chance!

    Ashlyn H. February 18, 2019

    I’ve always had issues with small breakouts over the years and my skin has always seemed to be clogged with huge pores regardless of if I had pimples or not. I needed something to brighten up my skin and potentially clear my pores. I was really hesitant to use an oil because, like most other reviewers, I had equated oil to clogged pores. I figured my pores couldn’t get anymore clogged, so I wanted to give this oil a try. I started using this oil and the CoQ-10 Toner at the same time (about 5 weeks ago), and I can’t recommend them enough! My skin has never looked brighter or more even-toned. It has even drastically reduced my breakouts (almost to none) and the size of the pores on my chin. I’m still holding out hope that it will help with the pores/blackheads on my nose, but it has already done so much for my overall complexion! If you’re on the fence about trying an oil, I say go for it. Their smaller bottle option is at a fantastic price point to give it a chance!

  • Light but hydrating

    Natalia January 29, 2019

    This oil is super light but hydrating. My dry patches have disappeared since using this product. I will be repurchasing this product for sure and obviously recommend it!

  • Love love love

    Gabriella D. January 28, 2019

    This facial oil is SO hydrating! I’ve used moisturizers in the past that were either way too oily or dried out my skin but this product is perfect. My face finally feels moisturized. I use it twice a day after washing my face and using the Rose Hibiscus face mist.

  • Great for first timer

    Allison P. January 27, 2019

    If you’re new to oils and are looking to start dabbling in them, I would highly recommend you start here. I was hesitant to start using oil because I related it to clogged pours and acne. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This oil is very hydrating and absorbs super fast( one of my favorite qualities)! I have been using it morning and night as my only moisturizer for a couple years now and I couldn’t be happier. You can’t beat the price either!

  • Best oil for dry skin.

    Sarah S. January 25, 2019

    Don`t let the strange name fool you! I had never tried a face oil before this and now I`m hooked! Morning, noon, and night, this face oil is perfect for dry skin without leaving an annoying oil layer after. The oil dries perfectly yet still hydrates. I`ve already recommended it to my sister for her dry skin.

  • This is the best oil/serum I’ve ever used!!

    Anna January 23, 2019

    I couldn’t recommend this more. I have my friends and family all using this product now because of how amazing it is! Really hydrating, feels amazing, helps with acne*, it’s sensitive, etc…. I’m on my third bottle and I’ll definitely be buying it again.

  • Freakin amazing

    Jessica G. January 18, 2019

    I was really hesitant to try an oil. My skin has always had cystic acne issues and would react strangely to “moisturizing” products. In a span of 4 days using this squalane oil I noticed a visible difference in my skin. It was like magic. Now I use this every night after cleansing with Osea. I’m so happy to feel so confident in my skin now.

  • Great! No smell, soaks in fast

    Brenna H. January 15, 2019

    I really like this oil and will be repurchasing the full size. It has no smell and soaks in well. I wouldn’t say I saw a miracle from it but I think it probably helps hydrate my skin and hopefully regulate my oil production.

  • Pleasantly Surprised!

    Jasmine S. January 14, 2019

    I was a little worried about trying this because I had never used a facial oil before and I worried about it just being to overwhelming for my sensitive skin. I was pleasantly surprised with it though! It provides the perfect amount of moisture and i’m comfortable applying makeup over it without my skin feeling weighted down like some moisturizers do. Highly recommend!

  • Dry Skin Saver- Winter Brightening

    Mallory N. January 14, 2019

    An oil that will undoubtedly enhance your natural highlight and brighten your skin during the winter. I use it throughout the year, swap it for a tinted and SPF moisturizer in the morning during the humid months!

  • Great minimalist oil

    Melissa January 14, 2019

    This is such a nice oil. So simple but so far seems effective. Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh. I Have bad experiences with oils breaking me out so I am treading cautiously. I do hope I continue to see improvements. My skin has gone through a bad period of breaking out and clogged pores. It’s been beyond frustrating and I’m trying to steer clear of harmful products and only use safe and natural products. I suspect my acne was Initially hormone driven but now that I’ve got that balanced I’ve been told it’s gut driven which I’m currently working on. I’m hoping this product will be one to help heal and not exasperate my skin. The small size is a great price point to try if it doesn’t work and it’s still a LOT of product since you only need a little.

  • The best!

    Daisy P. January 12, 2019

    I absolutely love this oil! It is so hydrating and makes my skin feel so silky! It doesn’t make me feel greasy or sticky, it absorbs right in and is perfect for anytime of year! Will continue to buy!

  • Oily T-zone & Dry Skin Chin

    Regina S. January 05, 2019

    I have recently had more oily skin in my T zone but dryness around my chin. I started using this and have been blown away at how clear it keeps my skin! My mom used to always tell me to use olive oil (which is what this product is derived from) on my skin but I never did because it would feel slimy. Now I see why though! This oil is perfect for break outs. I don’t use any kind of acne specific medicine on my skin because I take VERY good care of my skin I usually only break out because I am eating more sugar. However, I do get a few bumps on my skin from wearing make up all the time. This has helped reduce that tremendously! I bought the smaller version first to try it, then when I ran out I realized I couldn’t live without it!

  • Soothing and lovely facial oil

    Barbara H. January 04, 2019

    Oooooh, I just have fallen in LOVE with Follain!! YES! This facial oil is so nice and soothing, especially when my skin is a little more dry in cooler weather. I can use it on its own, and I’ve also layered it over the glycolic serum while I was getting used to that product on my face. This sinks into my skin quickly for use overnight. I’m now a devoted fan!

  • Best Facial Oil Ever!!

    Jae January 02, 2019

    I typically only use oils instead of lotions to moisturize my skin because I feel like they’re lighter. However, as hard as I looked around, I couldn’t really find an oil that really sank well into my skin without leaving that greasy feel or look until I found this oil! It feels great, isn’t greasy AT ALL & just sinks into your skin, leaving a nice glow! Two or three drops is enough to moisturize my whole face. I finally think I found a staple product 🙂

  • Skin Saver

    Cari M. December 31, 2018

    This face oil has saved my skin from harsh winter days in RI. I’m almost out!

  • Perfect for the winter

    Jessica M. December 20, 2018

    I was looking for a facial oil that worked yet was also affordable. This is it! I have combination skin and have never used facial oil before, so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I was actually afraid it would make my skin too oily. However, this has been the perfect addition to my normal routine. I actually prefer this over normal lotion moisturizer. Purchased the small bottle to test it out, but will definitely be buying the full size soon!

  • Oily Skin + Oil Moisturizer = WHAT!

    Schuylar H. December 20, 2018

    I have oily skin and I never would have tried an oil-based moisturizer if it weren’t for these two things: Follain’s skin test hadn’t recommended it; and if it didn’t come in trial size (a good price)! My skin loves this stuff! A just put a little drop on both cheeks and rub it in, all over my face and neck. A little goes a long way, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here! The oily spots on my skin are not more oily now. This product, used after the IndieLee brightening cleanser (or any cleanser) and the CoQ10 has made my size texture feel so much smoother, and soothed. Winter wind is harsh. I’m not sure about this product in summer time, when I spend a lot more time outside, but I’m going to give it a whirl.

  • Love!

    Phoebe B. December 18, 2018

    This oil is great- I use it every day after my sunscreen. I just pat a little on my face and neck and it sinks in well.

  • light weight, but very affective moisturizer

    Sara J. December 12, 2018

    This is a great oil, that I use at night. I wake up with my skin being moisturized and with a really nice matte or dewy finish. I also use an acne medicine lotion that dry out my face, so I used to have flaky dry oily skin that I couldn’t get rid of. I started using this all over my face at night and have noticed a difference. It moisturizes, but also it lightweight so it doesn’t clog any pores. Using this at night instead of a lotion has seemed to help my skin a lot.

  • I would love this item if only....

    Shelly D. December 11, 2018

    I would love this item if only it didn’t create an insanely itchy rash on my face and throat. The oil is light and feels great but clearly does not agree with me. Follain’s customer service basically sucks so far….still waiting to hear back from them after two emails and a text message.

  • Best product EVER for sensitive skin & rosacea

    Krista W. December 08, 2018

    Thanks to Follain’s generous return policy I used my return credit for the squalane and CoQ10 toner and the combination of the two is perhaps the best thing that ever happened to my skin. My skin is highly reactive (I mean REALLY reactive – even products like Cetaphil and La Roche Posay and other brands for sensitive skin make me react). I also have rosacea and am recovering from digestive disorder that makes my skin a mess. Most products for sensitive skin sit on top of my skin and clog pores, but the Squalane oil has balanced my skin makes it feel hydrated, and my redness and flakiness has improved 80% in two weeks. To top it off, my pores are shrinking and my makeup looks smooth over this product. I don’t even need a moisturizer or serum. The CoQ10 toner is a perfect addition, as it balances my pH after cleansing. If you have tried a million other products and have been disappointed, please TRY THIS! It is truly different from anything else on the market. Also, I have used the .34 oz size for two weeks twice a day on face, two drops on body after a shower, and in my hair, and I’ve only used a quarter of the travel size. I even stopped using hair conditioner since this doubles as a conditioner and styling product. LOVE! Will continue to buy from Follain because I’ve been pleased with their customer service and return policy.

  • Absolutely amazing!

    Jenna B. December 04, 2018

    This is the best product for moisturizing ever!!! Highly recommend!

  • Not for my face

    Stephanie C. December 01, 2018

    I have temperamental skin and have been trying to get into the facial oil cleansing, but my skin reacts BADLY! I love the feel, smell was a little weird though. I kept the sample to use on my hands, leaves skin soft. Would totally recommend to someone whose skin can handle oils like this.

  • Happy sensitive skin!

    Margaret K. November 28, 2018

    With skin that’s sensitive to just about everything, I was hesitant to try a face oil. This one was recommended to me by someone in store and I am never going back to my old face lotion again! It’s silky, absorbs instantly, and revitalized my skin even in the winter months. With this, most days I feel like I don’t even really need makeup!

  • Great face oil

    Kayley M. November 27, 2018

    This oil is great at hydrating my skin without leaving it super oily. I would buy this again!

  • Makes my combination skin glow

    Francesca K. November 18, 2018

    I was hesitant to use an oil as a moisturizer for my combination skin, but I pat this on in the morning underneath my powder foundation and at night before bed, and it makes my skin look glowy without making me look oily or greasy. It’s also been keeping my drier areas soft and moisturized. So happy with this!

  • Awesome facial oil

    Judie S. November 13, 2018

    I was skeptical to use this from the starter pack i purchased, i thought i have oily skin and tend to breakout easily and I’m gonna put oil on my face, I have never used oil before. Well I tried it and now my skin feels so soft and no dry patches (from heat on for winter) i use 3 drops at night and 2 in morning (a little hours a long way) i did get a ‘glowy’ look from it so I’m gonna try a different lotion for morning and just use this for night time. My face is softer. This stuff is AWESOME! I wish i would of found FOLLAIN years ago.

  • I believe in facial oils now!

    Anna M. November 09, 2018

    I have combination skin, and only recently & miraculously solved my breakouts with Ursa Major Essential 4-in-1 Face Tonic (seriously it changed my skin completely). Cleanser, tonic, and sunscreen were all I needed during the summer, but once the heaters kicked on in the city I started to dry out. I used the Follain quiz and it recommended this! I was skeptical and worried that it would make me too oily…but it’s so wonderful. I woke up the first morning after using it and my skin was wayyy softer. It’s 4 stars because it does leave you a tiny bit overly-glowy if you’re about to start your day (a little goes a looong way, I only use one or two drops, 3 max), but it’s so balancing and nice. Plus, the package is gorgeous 🙂

  • So moisturizing

    Alaina K. November 09, 2018

    I have tried a lot of other oils to moisturize and get my skin under control. This oil has such a silky feel to it and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily in the morning. You only need a little and it goes a long way.

  • Wonderful

    Meghan M. November 04, 2018

    I have been using the oil for about 2 weeks now. I absolutely love the product. Feels great, non greasy, and exactly what I was looking.

  • Fantastic for rosacea

    Alison S. October 31, 2018

    Wonderful, healing oil, great for those who experience rosacea!

  • Obsessed!

    Taylor B. October 28, 2018

    Can’t say much else besides how much I love this!

  • Obsessed!

    Taylor B. October 28, 2018

    Can’t say much else besides how much I love this!

  • So far, love it

    Catalina F. October 23, 2018

    Ive only used for about 2 weeks but I love this product so much already! I feel like i wake up with plump, even, calm skin and it seems to help with my oily skin (counter intuitive, i know). But id say it works and i love it already!

  • Best Oil I’ve Tried!

    Tamara L. October 23, 2018

    If your looking for a face oil that will even out your skin tone, prevent acne and improve the over all elasticity of your skin then Indie Lee’s Squalene Oil is it! I’ve tried many face oils and they are all much too hydrating or leave my skin breaking out. This is the only face oil I have ever been able to use with my combination skin that won’t cause me to breakout. Also the best priced face oil on the non-toxic beauty market.period.

  • not such a fan

    Kim O. October 15, 2018

    This product is ok, I love the rest of the line but this oil does not smell good. As it is the last product I put on my face at night, the smell is a real distraction. I am debating returning and trying another brand.

  • Skin saver!

    Sarah D. September 27, 2018

    This is a fantastic face oil! I live at high altitude, and my skin has a tendency to get really dry. I use this at night and my skin has become less dry overall.

  • A great addition to my skincare routine!

    Isabella W. September 27, 2018

    I love this product! I use it at night, and when I wake up my skin is even and balanced. Since I’ve started using this face oil I never wake up oily, and any breakouts I have seem to calm down overnight. I also feel glowy and moisturized throughout the day- highly recommend for combination skin!

  • Great lightweight oil!

    Rachel M. September 04, 2018

    Really nourishing oil for my dry patches but light enough to balance out my oily patches! Oil truly fights oil–and this single origin option is great for my sensitive, acne prone skin.

  • first time oil user!

    Grace K. August 31, 2018

    this was recommended to me in store as an oil to try with my oily skin! so far, I’m using it at night and I wake up feeling hydrated and my skin is really smooth!

  • This oily skin girl loves facial oil now

    Jennifer J. August 30, 2018

    I was skeptical about putting oil on already oily and acne prone skin, but this is amazing and I feel like it’s healing my skin. It goes on easily and feels so luxurious. I have been finding that my skin is clearing and it’s not too much oil at all. I am definitely a convert to oil over creams now.

  • If oils freak you out, try this.

    Annie W. August 24, 2018

    This extremely lightweight moisturizer was the perfect transition from a cream to an oil. It doesn’t clog my pores at all and it absorbs so fast. Extremely nourishing, it is exactly what my twenty-one year-old skin needs.

  • Didn’t love

    Stephanie G. July 25, 2018

    I didn’t notice much from this oil. Would not purchase again.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Stephanie- this oil works amazing with sensitive skin types and even acne prone skin to boost regeneration! Please feel free to email us at and we can suggest another oil specific to your skincare needs!

  • Favorite face oil

    Phoebe B. July 23, 2018

    Typically I use a combination of oils in the evening- argan oil, maracuja oil, and now this Indie Lee Squalane oil. The Squalane oil is my favorite- it is odorless and has lots of healing properties. I’ve only been using it for about a week, but so far have really enjoyed it. My skin seems to glow after using this oil and I’m certainly going to continue to keep it in my routine!

  • Perfect Seasonal Transition Serum

    Mallory N. July 15, 2018

    This is the perfect transitional facial serum. I use a heavy duty moisturizer in the winter and find that I need the most moisture at night during the summer. This does the trick. Will leave you extremely glowy, so I recommend only using at night, or out of the humidity!

  • I like this but it's oilier than I'd like

    Rachel M. June 26, 2018

    This came as a recommendation from my clean consult. I have been using this as a moisturizer vs. an oil. It’s light but still oilier than I’d like. Maybe my skin doesn’t absorb it correctly? It claims to have a non-sticky feel but it definitely takes time to become less tacky. Will continue to use but I think I’ll opt for a different moisturizer moving forward. I think this may be better suited for dry/combination vs. combination.

  • Unpleasant smell

    Michelle F. June 14, 2018

    I love the way squalane oil makes my skin feel, but this particular oil smelled too much for me to wear. It has a sort of gasoline quality that just doesn’t dissipate quickly. Some people might not find the smell overpowering, and I’ve read reviews that suggest I may have just received an old product. I had to return this.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Michelle, happy to hear we helped you with the return! The Squalane Oil shouldn’t have much of a smell to it!

  • Jen D. May 23, 2018
  • WOW!

    Devon M. May 16, 2018

    This Oil lasts all day. I go through a long day of work and my skin still looks dewey and glowing.

  • Perfect!

    Danielle D. May 11, 2018

    This facial oil is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into my skin. Leaves my face feeling very balanced, soft, and moisturized. Can’t imagine not having this in my skin routine in the morning and evening.

  • Perfect for combination skin

    Makenzie W. May 10, 2018

    This product is an excellent source of hydration for combination and sensitive skin. Although it’s a little expensive for what it is, in comparison to other products that deliver the same results, it’s a steal. Also, the bottle looks so good on my shelf 🙂

  • Desert island product!

    Erin S. April 19, 2018

    I use this oil every night following the Indie Lee toner on my face and neck. Every time I use this squalane oil, I wonder why everyone isn’t talking about it all the time! LOL. I love it that much. I’ve tested many different oils in the last few years, but this is by far my favorite. Simple and effective. I think this could be the perfect “starter” oil for people wanting to try an oil in place of moisturizer.

  • Great oil at a great price

    Andrea S. April 18, 2018

    I use this at night instead of a cream and I love the way my skin feels in the morning. It’s super hydrating, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

  • Great for dry winter skin

    Sarah S. April 18, 2018

    For me, winter always come with flaky, extreme-dry skin. I have tried many products in the past to combat my dry skin but none have worked like IL’s squalane oil. I was researching squalane oil and when I saw IL made one I knew I had to give it a try. It works wonders on to give the skin the drink of moisture it needs during the dry season. I use a heavy hand at night and put a small drop in my face moisturizer in the morning. It absorbs quickly and works well under face makeup.

  • Just what I've been looking for!

    Kendal M. March 20, 2018

    Initially I was worried about using an oil, but this did not leave my face oily. Provided much needed moisture! Perfect for winter months.

  • Amazing!

    Ali G. March 19, 2018

    I have super super sensitive skin. I love this brand because the products are gentle and started using the brightening cleanser and toner a few months back. I recently had a bad reaction from a lotion that I was trying out and bought the Squalane to see if it would be a good alternative. After one night of using this the dry/rash patches near my eyes were completely cleared and back to normal!

    Recommend for people who are looking for something hydrating!

  • One of my best buys!

    Samantha B. March 11, 2018

    I invest in lots of clean makeup, and this has got to be one of my favorite purchases ever! I tried it because of a sample I got with a Follain order and decided to splurge on the bottle. As someone else mentioned, great product for the price. The bottle is pretty sizeable and you only need 2-3 drops per use so I anticipate the bottle will last a while. It’s incredibly hydrating without being overly so. I noticed someone else wrote that it left their skin shiny, but I feel like it absorbs quickly and quite well into my combination skin. I put it on day and night after washing and toning my face. Highly recommend this!

  • Very Moisturizing!

    Amy M. February 22, 2018

    Great layer before face cream

  • Not enough for my combination skin

    Julia M. February 20, 2018

    I bought this during a very oily phase and it really wasn’t enough moisture for my skin. Even stings my (super sensitive!) eye area when I put it on. I keep it around for oily days but I prefer a marula oil for dry days.

  • The right amount of hydration

    Delfina S. February 06, 2018

    This oil keeps me balanced. My skin is sensitive and I used to be oily by the end of the day. Now my skin looks healthy and hydrated but does not have the shininess it used to have have using a cream moisturizer.

  • Perfect Oil

    Judith C. January 30, 2018

    Your not going to find a better face oil for this price! I love a good face oil and am always trying different products, but I typically always come back to this one. It’s perfectly smooth and soaks into my skin without making me feel overly oily. I would highly recommend this.

  • Perfect Daily Moisturizer

    Courtney H. January 29, 2018

    I started using this a while ago and it’s perfect for everyday. I wasn’t someone who ever needed a moisturizer in the morning besides my tinted moisturizer, but as I’ve gotten older my skin has gotten drier. This does the trick without making my face greasy throughout the day.

  • Great product and price!

    Isabel H. January 19, 2018

    I’ve always used gel moisturizers to avoid the heavy feeling of cream ones. I got this oil as my first facial oil, and I’ve been loving it! It absorbs nicely and leaves me with a slight glow that catches the light but isn’t shiny.

    I use this as the final step after a toner and a serum. I’ve used this a couple times just by itself after cleansing and it leaves my skin a bit dry on it’s own (note that it is winter right now).

    Overall I am very happy with the product and would reccomend, especially at the great price point!

  • Like but don't love

    Laura B. September 29, 2017

    I do really like this oil however, I feel shiny when I put this on. I also don’t feel like it is super hydrating. I love Indie Lee products though and I also really like that it’s one only ingredient. It’s good for the summer but I’ll be switching to something a little heavier for winter.

  • Good oil for the price!

    Maggie S. September 28, 2017

    I ordered this because of the price point and the expensive oils I had been using were still not helping my skin enough to be worth the cost. This oil is great — it doesn’t sink in and moisturize as well as say La Figura Fig Seed oil — but it does moisturize well.

  • Took some getting used to

    Sarah L. September 28, 2017

    I’m new to serums/oils so this took a little getting used to. I use it every night as a moisturizer and under my eyes and now I love it. I’ve also used it to help remove stubborn mascara and it was so gentle. Love it – definitely a oils/serum convert now!

  • Great all around oil

    Caitlin M. September 28, 2017

    I use this oil every morning under my makeup as a moisturizer. It’s light, moisturizing and virtually scentless. It was my first Follain purchase and made switching to oil easy and effective.

  • Great light weight moisturizer

    Katie G. September 28, 2017

    I love using this oil in lieu of a heavier moisturizer. It is great to use right before bed and wake up with hydrated skin that hasn’t been bogged down with lotions. Great buy!

  • amazing facial oil!

    Judy August 29, 2017

    My skin is super sensitive and acne-prone. This oil doesn’t make me breakout and it’s what I use to moisturize my face in the summer when it’s super hot and humid out. I just can’t travel with it because the oil will leak out of the bottle sadly. That’s the only con of this product.

  • The BEST squalane oil, possibly one of the best skin oils period.

    Farah August 23, 2017

    Follain strikes again! I’ve tried a ton of face oils, and stumbled across this one at Follain. I have eczema, skin allergies, can get breakouts around the T zone, overall temperamental skin.
    This stuff is just plain wonderful. It calms my dry skin, does not make me break out, doesn’t make me feel like a grease ball, blends beautifully with my makeup, and I swear overall my skin just feels better when I use it. I can even use it under my eyes.
    For a while I foolishly tried other vegetarian (watch out, some are made from shark liver oil) squalane oils from some expensive brands, some organic brands, and they did not deliver the same result. One of them even made me break out!
    Back to Indie Lee it is! Why did I ever stray?
    Also, FWIW, the expiration date says 6 months for this product, and it usually lasts me 4, and that’s using twice a day. The price is incredibly reasonable in my opinion.

  • Great product, great price, great results

    Am August 18, 2017

    I had never heard about squalane but read an article on beautyeditor and decided to give it a try. This is a super moisturizer for anyone struggling with combination, spotty skin, sensitives skin. Its an oil that sinks right in without creating acne issues leaving your skin very even. Hydrating while still being lightweight. Try it on your lips before bed or under eye as well, its very gentle.

  • The BEST moisturizer I've ever used!

    Kira K. July 25, 2017

    I have extremely sensitive skin due to having been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, a condition that produces dry, flaky, irritated skin around the mouth to the point that I’m embarrassed to be in public. I’ve taken medication and used creams only available by prescription, but this oil has been the most effective, hands down, when I have a flare-up. All you need is a few drops, and your skin will be hydrated without being greasy. I highly recommend this oil for daily use, and it’s very affordable! It is a true life saver!

  • Fantastic overnight moisturizer!

    Karen July 08, 2017

    I love every one of the Indie Lee products that I’ve tried and this might be my favorite. I wanted to switch from my heavier night creams to something lighter but still moisturizing, calming and restorative for the summer and this is perfect! Is it amazingly light and sinks right into my skin. In the morning my skin is soft and refreshed with no greasiness. Indie Lee products are very affordable for the quality and this will last a long time as I only need a couple of drops at a time.

  • Incredible results and value

    Laura June 07, 2016

    I had struggled to find a facial oil that did not contain any type of nut or sesame seed oils, since my son is highly allergic. This olive-derived product was a godsend. It seriously hydrates my face and I believe it has also smoothed the previously bumpy texture of my forehead. I like that on dryer days, I can just apply more. It literally sinks right into my skin once applied. I follow up with a moisturizer, which works well for my combination skin. Also, I have been using the same bottle for several months and I am only halfway through it. You literally need just a drop or two per application. Awesome value.

  • Lovely and smooth!

    Jennifer April 09, 2015

    **non-greasy finish!

  • Lovely and smooth!

    Jennifer April 09, 2015

    Great product! You only need a few drops and it leaves a smooth non-great finish. Took a little getting used to since I’m used to using a cream moisturizing but I’m glad I made the switch!

  • happy with this

    Jaimie February 23, 2015

    I was hesitant about putting oil on my face, but I’m glad I decided to try. I started off with Jamela Argan oil and liked it, but now I use this one regularly. The price is a little less than the Jamela and it works wonderfully. A little goes a long way. My face feels super soft and moisturized throughout the day.