Kari Gran

Essential SPF 30

Kari Gran

Essential SPF 30

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Size: 1 fl. oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Hydrating
  • Plum oil is highly moisturizing, lightweight and good for dry skin
  • Avocado and jojoba oils deeply moisturize
  • Protects against both UVA and UVB rays
Sun worshipper

We often think of sunscreen as summer specific, but we should actually be wearing it all day, every day, no matter the season. This physical, broad-spectrum facial formula protects against both UVA rays that age skin and UVB rays that burn skin, making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine. But it also nourishes and deeply moisturizes skin to help combat damage from previous sun exposure. As if you needed more reason to wear SPF.

Shake well and apply at least one pump to face. Apply additional pumps to neck and chest.


Mix 1 to 2 pumps of SPF with your foundation in the palm of your hand, and then apply to face for complete broad spectrum protection without switching up your foundation.

Kari Gran

About The Brand

Kari Gran offers a simple, elegant, subtly scented line of products—what the Seattle brand calls the little black dress of eco-skincare. Completing the chic vibe, their hand-poured formulations arrive in sleek glass bottles that protect the delicate oils inside.

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Customer Reviews

  • I really wanted to love this

    Sarah K. June 14, 2021

    I really wanted to love this product! It feels amazing on my combo skin, but it ended up clogging my pores and giving me awful breakouts.

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  • Love this

    Julia Y. May 26, 2020

    I have oily skin, and this actually works really great for me. It goes on a bit oily but absorbs quickly. I prefer oils to creams and moisturizers – you just have to get the right ones that work for you. This works great! So glad it was recommended to me by Follain.

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  • Lightweight, moisturizing, and smooth

    Abi D. May 11, 2020

    I’ve had so many issues with facial SPF!! I found that so many either had a strong smell to cover up the zinc, or clogged my pores. I was able to try this through the pouch sampler that you had in stores this winter, and I thought I’d never consider buying it because of the price…well it is well worth it. It improves my skin texture immediately and feels and smells so wonderful.

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  • SPF the Day Away

    Karli D. April 06, 2020

    I love this lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen which I apply to my face daily. It also acts as a type of moisturizer, so I feel that my skin is truly protected. I originally purchased the smallest size, just to try this product out, as I have always been rather selective regarding facial suncreens. This is a must-buy!

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  • Nice

    Bonnie S. February 02, 2020

    Really like this moisturizer. The only reason I give it a 4 is that I wish the SPF were higher and I do feel like I need to re-apply mid day. It’s a good daily moisturizer in that it’s lightweight and more like a serum. Goes on a bit white on your face but absorbs well.

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  • Great for deeper complexion!!

    Amanda B. October 31, 2019

    I totally hear everyone elses concerns about the smell of the product, or that it is a bit greasy, BUT I would argue that 1) the smell is not nearly as bad as some people are saying; 2) it is not as heavy either, it’s more hydrating than anything but not overly oily or heavy; 3) it is the only natural sunscreen I have used that does not leave my skin with a white film!! I have a deeper complexion and it actually blends into my skin without leaving me a shade or two lighter. I’ve loved this sunscreen and use it daily.

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  • light and not too drying

    Jessica October 28, 2019

    this is a nice option for SPF. it’s not too heavy, which means it layers well over moisturizer and face oil, and does well under my concealer. like any SPF, it does dry my skin a bit but no where near as much as the other products I’ve used. I will definitely purchase again.

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  • Moisturizing but...

    Miranda A. October 08, 2019

    This sunscreen is great for moisturizing. This is not for anyone that struggles with oily skin. It feels almost like a oil-based serum. I like how it rubs into the skin too.

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  • Super Moisturizing

    Payton C. September 08, 2019

    Provides extreme moisture. Downsides are that it smells a little funky and is slightly oily.


    Oona P. September 07, 2019

    I’m not one to wear sunscreen on my face regularly – not good about it, but I love this stuff. Very moisturizing and works well. Lightweight on your skin if you use it like you’re supposed to. It smells like a combo of essential oils so not a bad thing to me but I guess some people don’t like that?

  • Amazing

    Megan B. September 07, 2019

    Keeps My skin hydrated while Giving spf protection without drying or leaving a white cast on my face. I can’t do fragrance or essential Oils on my face- so yes this product smells Like oil but disappears fast. My RMS makeup Layers perfectly on top and actually is better with this spf under it.

  • Greasy

    Caitrin C. August 26, 2019

    This makes your skin oily – i wouldn’t recommend unless you have very dry skin or want an extremely dewy look. I can’t wear this unless my hair is totally pulled back because it is so greasy that my hair sticks to my face. In fact I haven’t been using it at all…

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    • From Follain:

      Hi there! We are so sorry to hear that the Kari Gran Three Sixty Five was not a perfect match for you. Our team will be reaching out to you shortly so that we can help find you a product that you will love! Best, Team Follain

  • no no no

    Ashley P. August 15, 2019

    Probably the worst smelling thing I’ve ever (almost) put on my face… I can’t exactly identify the smell, but it smells really plastic-y and not natural at all. It was really oily when I rubbed it in my hands, and didn’t actually get to apply it to my face because I could not get over that smell.

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    • From Follain:

      Hi there! We are so sorry to hear that the Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF was not a perfect match for you. Our team will be reaching out to you shortly so that we can help find you a product that you will love! Best, Team Follain

  • Ok but won’t buy again

    Kayla M. July 20, 2019

    It has a weird smell but dissipates quickly. Oily but doesn’t seem to leave my face feeling greasy. I’m thankful I only bought the travel size because I don’t enjoy putting it on. I won’t be buying it again.

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  • Fine for everyday, casual use.

    Clara H. July 19, 2019

    I bought this product a few weeks ago, and I have to say that it doesn’t blow my mind, but it does the job as a daily sunscreen. It is streakier than expected, but sinks in fast and leaves a smooth texture on my skin. However, I went to the beach and was in the sun the whole day, and this product didn’t hold up like other facial sunscreens I had tried. I might repurchase again because of the good price, but using something else for beach days.

  • New staple

    Molly July 16, 2019

    I really like it! I am trying to correct some hyper pigmentation so I need the spf. I really like the consistency and how a little goes a long way. It smells yummy too 😛

  • Good sunscreen

    Sarah H. July 10, 2019

    Easy travel size bottle, I keep this in my purse and use it for emergencies. It applies very thick and the smell is strong at first, but after about ten minutes it feels nice and the smell is hardly noticeable. Good portable sunscreen for emergencies.

  • Oily!

    Natalie D. July 05, 2019

    Feels very oily on the skin and takes a while to soak in. Other than that, good smell and after about an hour, skin feels great.

  • Holy Grail SPF

    Emily B. July 01, 2019

    I’m the person that gets sunburned within 10 minutes of being outside. This is the first clean SPF that I actually enjoy using. It definitely separates, but as long as you shake it up before using it isn’t a problem. I spend about 5 minutes rubbing it in, which is great for my dry skin and really helps the product to sink in. It works well for me with or without makeup over it. Can’t recommend this product enough — has totally changed my relationship with SPF.

  • Love this silky smooth spf!

    Kathryn B. June 07, 2019

    Love how velvety this feels when I apply each morning. has a nice mild scent and the white tint rubs into the skin quickly.

  • Nice smell but separates

    Julia P. May 28, 2019

    I received this as a sample with my order. The smell is nice and it absorbed quickly but it did separate. I’d recommend giving it a shake prior to pumping. Will continue to use!

  • Pretty good

    Valerie F. April 24, 2019

    It is smooth and works well. Does take a bit to sink in. I LOVE the simplicity of the ingredients however there is a slightly less than pleasing smell to it (must be one of the oils?), can’t quite put my finger on it. I will continue to use it however may look into ordering a different sunscreen next time.

  • Major Greasy!

    Erin J. April 18, 2019

    I received it from follain as a promotion only used it 2 times. 1st time was with my normal regimen and under make up. My makeup was sliding off my fave in 2 hrs and i could not wait to wash it. 2nd time was with my regimen but 1 pump mixed with my foundation. It was better using the second method but again super greasy in a couple hours. No go for me

  • A lightweight sunscreen, finally!

    Shannon A. April 11, 2019

    Love this sunscreen that isn’t heavy and mixes well with my other skin-care.

  • Greasy and not for me

    Riley April 11, 2019

    I got a sample size with another purchase and was excited to see Follain featuring more SPF daily face lotions. However, this is not the right product for me. It left my skin feeling very greasy and oily. The base of this lotion is facial oil and it felt slimy all day until I washed it off. I had to shake it vigorously to combined the ingredients and it still felt like oily. I did end up breaking out quite a bit after using this. Perhaps it is this transitional time of year, but this is not great for my combo skin. Need an SPF that is a little less greasy.

  • Perfect daily moisturizer

    Jenna K. October 07, 2018

    I was looking to try a new moisturizer that had SPF and was pleasantly surprised at how effective this was. It takes a few seconds to rub it all in but once you do, it leaves your skin plump and protected. I love it as a base for my makeup and cant go back to any other moisturizer!

  • Awesome coverage, can take a while to sink in

    Meredith M. August 23, 2018

    This is a great SPF – nice formula, feels nice going on, very moisturizing. It does go on a little white but that can be remedied by taking time to rub it in. It can take a while to settle in to your skin, which means you can’t immediately put makeup on after applying; I’ve worked around that by putting it on right out of the shower before I dry my hair. The extra 10-15 minutes is all it needs.

  • Heavy

    Elizabeth W. June 12, 2018

    I use sunscreen on my face daily, so I was excited to try this new SPF. Unfortunately this isn’t my favorite. The product is heavy on my skin and the white zinc is very visible. I can feel the product on my face all day and the zinc settles in fine lines and pores. I wear makeup over this and it makes my foundation slip right off. It does smell great and it is very moisturizing, just not the best for me.

  • Smells amazing, goes on smooth

    Katherine M. May 08, 2018

    This sunscreen smells amazing (a slight almond scent, maybe?) and goes on like the most delicious face oil imaginable. It does leave a white residue that can be rubbed in, but even so is sometimes visible. It is a small price to pay for a wonderful sunscreen that otherwise feels and smells amazing.

  • Your New Summer Staple

    Ellen April 27, 2018

    Love this stuff! So affordable and perfect for travel. I like to mix 2 drops into my favorite moisturizer and mix together in the palm of my hand before applying, otherwise it can have a bit of a white cast. Also love how it includes red raspberry seed for a little extra sun protection 🙂

  • Wow - an SPF I actually want to use everyday

    Brooke April 26, 2018

    This product is amazing. It’s super light (feels like a serum), and didn’t leave my face white from the non-nano zinc oxide. I also love that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. A great alternative if you love the Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream but are looking for a less expensive option.