Our Approval Process

To be Follain approved, a product has to be safe, effective and luxurious to experience. We’re uncompromising — some might say relentless — in our quest to find the best products, and we think you should be, too. Here’s our five-step approval process.


Seek Out the Best

We look for the cutting edge of clean beauty, whether it’s a new brand, innovative product, or interesting ingredient.

We’ve built a tightly curated selection, so for us to consider adding something to it, there has to be a need. When we feel there’s a product missing from our space—one that could be a game-changing match in someone’s routine—we gather dozens of candidates, including new launches from established brands, little-known products from emerging makers, and everything in between.


Safety Review

Before moving forward, we analyze every ingredient. If any appear on our Restricted List, we pass.

Our ever-evolving Restricted List, the most comprehensive in the industry, is the result of years of research. If we ever question an ingredient, we consult the experts: dermatologists, green chemists, and members of our advisory board. When it comes to your skin, we’ll always put safety first.


Performance Review

We enlist a panel of real women to test products for 4-6 weeks before Tara comes in for her own review.

At this stage, a product needs to prove it’s the total package. First and foremost, it has to work. But it also has to smell good, have a nice texture, come in sensible packaging, and get us excited about using it. We’re committed to bringing you the best of the best, and in the end, only about 10% of the products we test make it onto our shelves.


Make It Personal

Once we love a product, we get to know the story behind it, building and strengthening our relationships with brands in the process.

When we deem a product safe and effective, we go straight to its source to get a better understanding of their process and values. We only work with people who are as passionate about clean beauty as we are. For many founder-led brands, Follain is their first retail partner. We support each other as we grow together.


Share & Educate

After training our team, we launch a product and regularly check in on how it’s being received by our community.

We educate our entire team and community—not just store educators—on ingredients, benefits, and usage tips. Then it’s ready to be a potential match for you! But the process doesn’t stop there: We’re continuously optimizing our assortment, so if a product doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll consider pulling it from our shelves—and starting back at step 1.