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Blemish Lotion

Indie Lee

Blemish Lotion

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Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Acne-Clearing, Calming, and Detoxifying
  • Talc-free formula
  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Calms blemished skin
Peace Out, stubborn spots

Dry up blemishes for good with this editors’ favorite acne fighter. Fortified with clay and camphor, it detoxifies skin and reduces the redness and inflammation behind blemishes.

Allow product to settle to the bottle base (don’t shake). Dip a cotton swab into the sediment and dab right on blemishes; allow to sit for a couple of hours before removing with warm water.


Highly effective as an overnight spot treatment.

About The Brand

Sourcing the world’s finest ingredients, Indie Lee & Co. intrinsically blends nature and science create the most efficacious products without sacrificing safety. Indie Lee & Co is grounded in nature, supported through science, and inspired by life.

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Customer Reviews

  • Effective without irritating

    Chelsey November 12, 2020

    I was wary of trying this product after having used a similar version from Mario Badescu, which left me dry and peeling. But it was highly recommended so I figured I would give it a shot. So glad that I did!

    It’s extremely effective in reducing the size and redness of breakouts, but does not leave behind dryness or irritation. I apply at night as the last step of my routine, over top of moisturizer and facial oil. By the morning, breakouts aren’t completely gone but the swelling is substantially reduced. They clear up completely after 2-3 days of overnight use.

    Highly recommend!

  • YES!

    Jill B. August 26, 2020

    For my combination, semi-acne prone skin this is perfect! Absolutely love it and it stops my blemishes immediately. It does have a harsh alcohol scent BUT once it’s on your skin and dries it’s all good. I sleep with it on and really helps smooth everything out by morning.

  • Did the trick!

    Alex June 05, 2020

    I had a terrible breakout of hormonal acne on my chin. This blemish lotion did the trick. It does a good job of calming blemishes and reducing redness.

  • A product that actually works!

    Susan March 24, 2020

    Tried this after hearing about it from Grace Atwood ( and it’s overnight magic in a bottle.

  • best spot treatment EVER

    Kim C. January 07, 2020

    so obsessed with this product, use it almost every night to stop pimples the moment they start to come to the surface, highly recommend!!!

  • Great for small zits

    Meghan T. December 11, 2019

    As someone who battles the occasional breakout due to hormones or poor diet (hello holiday season) this spot. treatment has been a lifesaver. It does a great job of both preventing potential breakouts and helping calm down angry blemishes that push through!

  • Works well

    Catherine October 20, 2019

    it works! I have very stubborn small pimples and they have cleared up or gotten much smaller and less noticeable the past week since I’ve gotten this product.

  • Best spot treatment!

    Alison October 04, 2019

    I tried this at the suggestion of my sister-in-law. She calls it a miracle worker, and she is not wrong! I applied to some stubborn acne spots and left the treatment on overnight. The redness and size of my spots were nearly gone in the morning! This is my new “go to” when adult acne appears!

  • Great for stubborn cystic acne

    Rachel H. July 12, 2019

    I’ve been getting horrible cystic acne and this treatment helps bring everything to the surface so much quicker!

  • Amazing spot treatment!

    Amy C. April 30, 2019

    Clears up acne overnight! I use this as a spot treatment on any pimples and wear it all night long. It works wonders. Clears up everything!

  • The first skincare review I’ve ever written- WORTH IT

    Amanda April 26, 2019

    This product is by far the best spot treatment I’ve ever used. This product + a q-tip = much less stressful mornings in the mirror!! Magic is the only way to describe it. I’m on my third bottle and it’s the one thing I really buy a week before it’s gone because I don’t want to go a day without it. Every single time I’ve used it, it’s worked by morning.

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  • Love

    Jessica P. March 19, 2019

    This stuff is definitely magic. I have combination skin that is very sensitive so I am always weary of trying something new. I tired this product and waited to see if I would have a bad reaction and nothing I went to sleep and the pimple I had was nearly gone.

  • In love!

    Anna January 23, 2019

    This stuff is pure magic!! Seriously, it rid of my pimple overnight…. literally one night!!! Also, this is going to last a looong time so it’s such an afford price and worth every single cent!

  • Kind of Smelly but Effective

    Elyssa F. January 02, 2019

    I was initially turned off by the tester in the store because the product had settled so strangely, but after purchasing a new bottle I realize that that’s just the nature of the formula. The heavy pink sediment settles to the bottom and the clear liquid sits on top. To apply, you dip a cotton swab through the clear liquid down into the sediment, and dab that onto your blemishes. I chose this as a more cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to hydrocolloid bandages, which I would use nightly to absorb the fluid of any weeping zits (sorry for the TMI). This is a good alternative to that, and I find that, most of the time, any open blemishes have substantially improved by morning. On the downside, this product smells very sulfurous and that smell stays with you even after you’ve washed your face and changed clothes. It’s probably not something anyone else will notice unless they’re up in your face, but my husband is not fond of it and complains that the smell permeates the sheets (which it does). The pink won’t stain anything, but it will likely dry and rub off on your pillow while you sleep. This is a good alternative for A) people who don’t want to spend money/waste plastic on hydrocolloid bandages and B) people on prescribed topicals (like Aczone dapsone gel) that can’t be used in conjunction with regular spot treatments because the combination can cause discoloration. And C) people who sleep alone, or whose partners don’t mind the sulfur smell. It’s not a convenient travel product (should be stored upright) but it’s good to have on hand for overnight pimple emergencies.

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  • My go to for blemishes

    Jessica F. November 24, 2018

    I LOVE this product! I put this on my blemishes before bed and they are smaller when I wake up. I new yet effective step in my all natural skincare regimen.

  • Great blemish control!

    Katie S. November 08, 2018

    This product is a great overnight blemish control treatment. Put this on your blemishes, or soon-to-be blemishes before you go to bed, and you’ll definitely notice a difference the next morning. I was worried about having skin irritations from the product (or dry skin), but haven’t experienced any of that! This is a great product that I’d recommend if you have odd pimples every now and then.

  • Great blemish control!

    Katie S. November 08, 2018

    This product is a great overnight blemish control treatment. Put this on your blemishes, or soon-to-be blemishes before you go to bed, and you’ll definitely notice a difference the next morning. I was worried about having skin irritations from the product (or dry skin), but haven’t experienced any of that! This is a great product that I’d recommend if you have odd pimples every now and then.

  • Works!

    Amanda B. October 30, 2018

    This does the trick. Minimizes redness and inflammation and spots are smaller by morning! It is visible, but the pink dots are worth it.

  • Does the Trick

    Elizabeth October 30, 2018

    I am very happy I tried this. I have been dealing with angry acne that has popped up since switching to cleaner skincare, and this significantly minimizes red spots and keeps acne from getting out of control. Spots are much smaller when I wake up! The only con is looking like I have calamine lotion on my face each night.

  • Does exactly what it says!

    Lauren W. September 03, 2018

    I am blessed with hormonal acne around my chin nearly every month and this blemish lotion has been a game changer. Just a dot overnight on a threatening cyst and it’s either non existent or significantly deflated by morning. Love this stuff!

  • Works great!

    Sarah D. May 03, 2018

    I had some post partum skin issues and used this for a few days. Immediately I noticed a difference and it cleared away the red spots and blemishes- definitely recommend!!

  • Best for overnight spot treatment.

    Bridget M. April 17, 2018

    I am glad to have stumbled upon this blemish lotion. Works really well overnight to reduce inflammation and treat blemishes. Agree with other reviewers- it’s definitely visible so you have to keep that in mind. But I prefer overnight treatments anyway, so I’m super happy with it!

  • Great product like magic!!

    Jackie Z. April 10, 2018

    I couldn’t believe how good this works. I put it on at night and all my blemishes and pimples disappeared by morning. Amazing. And it doesn’t sting when you put it on

  • Great stuff

    Christina March 17, 2018

    I use this on blemishes overnight and it works very well I wake up to noticeably reduced irritation, the only thing I don’t love about it is the smell which isn’t very strong so it’s tolerable


    Payton February 09, 2018

    I have very sensitive skin and I have used this for just two nights on extremely stubborn hairline cystic acne. In conclusion, it is wonderful! This is the only thing that has reduced the inflammation, redness, and size basically overnight without harming my skin. I have tried so many things that leave me waking up with itchy, red, burnt, and splotchy skin. This will be my solution from now on! Way to go Indie Lee!

  • Amazing for getting rid of blemishes

    Am January 19, 2018

    I have a terrible habit of picking at my skin. This is the best spot treatment I’ve found in either green or conventional beauty. I and moisturize at night then I dab this on anywhere that I might be getting a spot and it always looks better in the morning. A night or two of this will solve it.

  • A favourite for busting blemishes!

    Sammie K. September 28, 2017

    I have two of these cus I don’t want to run out and not have a backup! It’s so good for those pesky spots and blemishes that won’t go away. I love using this overnight for more power!

  • Blemish sucker

    Hannah F. September 28, 2017

    The moment you apply this you will feel it absorb all the ickyness in your blemishes. I love sleeping with this on as a spot treatment on my nose and chin blackheads to wake up with them minimized and 75% less inflamed. I’ve been going through this fast. It’s a staple and I’m so glad I found it!

  • Works well but not very convenient

    Jesse W. September 28, 2017

    I’ve used other brands (Farmeasthetics Tincture) and don’t love that this one leaves visible pink spots​ on your face. It limits your​ ability to use it to night-time only. That being said, it’s extremely effective! I use it one time on a soon-to-be zit and its gone by morning!

  • Takes awhile to get the job done

    Katie G. September 28, 2017

    I have been using prescription acne medication for years so I was very intrigued to try a natural remedy. This blemish lotion works, however it takes much longer to get rid of blemishes. I ended up going back to my prescription medication since it clears up blemishes in 2 days rather than 4.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Katie, try using the blemish lotion overnight. The extra hours will give it a little push to reduce any blemishes!

  • A product that proves natural can be effective

    Am August 20, 2017

    This is a great spot treatment for pimples. You won’t want to use under makeup as it’s chalky and visible but as a before bed spot treatment it is excellent. Completely diminishes my small blemishes over night and calms down my big ones within a couple of days. Keeps me from touching and picking.

  • works great for my teenager daughter's acne

    Joel H. July 30, 2017

    After trying a bunch of different products, we finally found one that works. My daughter uses every night and her skin is much clearer.

  • Works very well, but not the best for dry skin

    Brooke M. July 25, 2017

    This definitely helps my acne, but as someone with dry skin, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this unless you’re down to deal with dryness around the area you applied it to. Don’t get me wrong – I still use this! It’s one of the most powerful acne-fighters I’ve come across since my switch to clean beauty. For me, it’s worth the dryness. If I have something I need to look good for, I switch to Osmia’s spot treatment, which is much gentler. I find that they actually work quite well together.

  • Looks Silly but Works Great

    Kate June 21, 2016

    I also agree with the comments about the scent of the product, but the smell only lasts for a few seconds in my experience. If you wipe it off after using with a warm cloth, all of the residue goes away and you are just left with less angry skin than before! It does look a bit funny, but I prefer to look silly in the comfort of my own home than to feel self-conscious about having blemishes!

  • No more picking at pimples

    Marissa June 10, 2016

    I put it on my skin anytime I see even a little blemish or a clogged pore to stop myself from picking at my skin. And it has helped so much! It reminds me of those products that people buy to help them stop biting their fingernails, because this has seriously stopped my bad habit of touching my face (which makes skin so much worse, it is a vicious cycle). It also does help to “calm down” really intense pimples, and is just a good thing to have around in case a pimple pops up!

  • Good product that works

    Jessica L. May 18, 2015

    First- I do agree with the comments below- the product does smell a little alcohol-y and it does show up as light pink on the skin. With that being said to put this product into what I think is its correct context: This is a spot treater- which you can find 100 of at the store that all contain harmful ingredients. I have never used a SAFE one that works as well as this one by Indie Lee- and I have tried several. It is designed to absorb into the skin and dry out the bacteria causing the blemishes. If you use it all over your face it will cause dryness. This hasn’t been a problem for me since I moisturize anyway. I think of how many women historically put toothpaste on their faces blemishes before bed to dry out their pimples. This is exactly how I use this product- after I wash off my make up for the night, if I need to I put dots of this product on my blemishes and sleep with it on, then wash it off in the morning. I find this works really well! I also think there is great value in this product because that little bottle will last a long time!

  • Seems to work

    Alex April 09, 2015

    I do think this stuff zaps blemishes pretty well. i think it’s fun to use too – very different. However, not something you want to be seen wearing as it makes you look spotted. I just put it on blemishes before going to bed. It is drying however, and I have dry skin, so I try to only use it as needed. Pricey but will last a while.

  • not impressed

    Jaimie February 23, 2015

    I had heard rave reviews about this product, but after purchasing it and trying it out I wasn’t that impressed. It didn’t really do much for me. I don’t usually mind the smell of products, but this one really bothered me. :/ It was too strong and I feel like the smell lingered the next day. Not the best experience.