Dream Bath Elixir


Dream Bath Elixir

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Size: 3.65 fl oz

  • Aromatherapy creates instant calm
  • Essential oils soften skin
  • Promotes restful sleep
The definition of me time

Next time you’re craving a little R&R, draw a bath, dispense a few drops of this Follain exclusive ultra-relaxing elixir and sink in. Lavender and Clary sage essential oils provide calming aromatherapeutic effects for a more restful night of sleep.

Place two capfuls of this Follain exclusive bath elixir into a tub of hot water before bed to relax and calm the senses for better sleep.


Double the aromatherapy benefits by following with Farmaesthetics Dreaming Oil.

Full Ingredient List

Witch Hazel Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Vera Gel, *Lavender Essential Oil, Clary Sage, Blue Yarrow Essential Oil, Tea-cocoyl glutamate, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Geranium Essential Oil
* Organic

About The Brand

Founded by the daughter of a seven-generation Texas farm family, Farmaesthetics sources their ingredients from family farms. Their 100 percent natural herbal formulations use time-honored recipes for skin health.

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Customer Reviews

  • smells heavenly!

    Caroline D. January 15, 2020

    purchased this for my sister and she loves it! the perfect relaxation ritual. it smells amazing.

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  • Such an amazing scent!

    Janelle June 14, 2019

    LOVE the Dream Bath Elixir! Really makes your bath feel so dreamy and relaxing!

    2 persons found this helpful. Mark as helpful
  • Lives up to its name

    Phoebe C. February 06, 2019

    I agree with other reviewers who said bathing with Dream Bath approximates a spa experience — it’s indeed that good. I found the fragrance to be pleasing and healing, and the bath overall very restful. Most of all, it helped me to sleep. No small statement as I’ve been really struggling with insomnia lately. For that reason alone, I’ll stick with it.

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  • So great

    Erin M. January 09, 2019

    This stuff makes your bath that much better; I actually got this free with an order but will definitely be ordering more once my bottle runs out!

  • The scent was not for me. At all

    Kate K. January 06, 2019

    I never even tried this, I couldn’t get past the scent, which to me was terrible. I received it as a gift with purchase so I gave it to a friend who reports that she liked it.

  • Luxurious

    Carley S. October 01, 2018

    This came free with my purchase, but I love the smell of it. It makes for a very calming bath experience.

  • Not worth the price

    Kate October 01, 2018

    I enjoy this, but it’s not amazing. The smell reminds me of something you’d use if you had a cold – it’s relaxing but not my favorite (and I love aromatherapy). No noticeable effect on my skin, but I wasn’t expecting any.

  • Would be perfect but...

    Alexa M. July 10, 2018

    I’m on my second bottle because I adore the blue chamomile in this so much! It smells divine and works miracles on the body and spirit. However, both bottles turned cloudy before I could finish them – within a few months of purchase. Par for the course with natural products? I’m not sure. But it was heaven while it lasted.

  • Dream Bath Elixar

    Pam M. June 15, 2018

    Super product that transforms an epsom salt bath into a spa-like experience,

  • Just do it

    Makenzie W. May 10, 2018

    The smell is unreal. Instantly relaxing and worth every penny

  • Wonderful bath elixir

    Stacia N. March 03, 2018

    great addition to every bath!

  • Meghan K. February 16, 2018
  • Heaven in a bath

    Sharon L. February 05, 2018

    A tiny drop does an amazing job in a large bathtub. The fragrance is sooooooooo relaxing.


    Courtney H. January 29, 2018

    I received this for Christmas and OH MY GOD, my skin felt incredible after bathing in this! I was so impressed. I love the smell and adore this for winter.

  • luxurious and relaxing

    Marnie S. January 25, 2018

    This had become a must have for my bath. I love the smell and find it calming and soothing before bedtime. The packaging is pleasing aesthetically and adds to the minimalist feel I appreciate in my bathroom.