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Quench dry skin’s thirst.  This decadently whipped, creamy mask brings extra dry and dehydrated skin back to life.  Use it in 20 minutes or overnight for a deeper hydration treatment.

Size: 2.1 fl oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, and Normal
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Hydrating, and Sensitive-Safe
Clean Ingredients
EWG Verified
Synthetic Fragrance Free

Decadently whipped, creamy mask brings extra dry skin back to life by infusing it with antioxidants, omegas and radiance boosters. Can be used in 20 minutes for a quick hit of hydration or overnight for a deeper restorative treatment (pillow-safe formula dries clear!)

Benefits & Power Ingredients

  • Replenishes & locks in moisture: Powerful humectants, including two types of Sodium Hyaluronate and Phospholipids, help attract and lock in moisture for supple-looking skin
  • Softens, smooths & nourishes: Ultra-moisturizing, omega-rich blend of Mango Seed Butter, Rosehip Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Squalane and Bakuchiol (a plant-derived, non-irritating natural alternative to Retinol) help support skin’s elasticity for smooth-looking skin.
  • Protects & rejuvenates: White Peony Extract and a floral oil blend of Evening Primrose and Damask Rose infuse skin with protective antioxidants and leave a luminous glow

The Experience

  • Feels like: a fluffy, buttery cream that envelops skin in a comforting, protective layer of hydration
  • Smells like: subtly light, fresh floral scent derived from Bulgarian Rosewater
  • Skin looks & feels: Soft, supple, smooth and deeply hydrated

Our commitment: 100% clean, EWG VERIFIED™, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, dermatologist-tested, synthetic fragrance-free, & made in the USA 

About our EWG VERIFIED™ certification: The EWG VERIFIED™ mark means this product meets the Environmental Working Group’s strict criteria for transparency and health: 

  • Avoids EWG’s ingredients of concern (ingredients with health, ecotoxicity and/or contamination concerns)
  • Provides full transparency (meets EWG’s standard for ingredient disclosure on label)
  • Uses good manufacturing practices that further ensure the safety of the products

Smooth an even layer onto clean skin. Let absorb for at least 20 minutes before rinsing off, or wear overnight and rinse off in the morning.  Why overnight? It’s when skin goes into peak regeneration mode, making it more receptive to deep hydration treatments.  Pillow-safe formula dries clear.

Hint: When using overnight, the mask can be applied instead of your moisturizer, on top of other treatments and serums that are part of your evening skincare routine.

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About Follain

Follain shows what clean is capable of: easy-to-use products with hard-to-ignore results. Founder Tara Foley is a clean beauty pioneer who’s helped thousands of people discover the best clean ingredients for their skin. Now, she’s using her knowledge to create indulgent, effective skincare essentials designed to make everyone experience the power of clean beauty.

“Clean beauty is for everyone. My mission is to share it with as many people as possible.”
– Tara Foley, Founder

Customer Reviews

  • makes my skin super soft

    Ashley S. May 31, 2022

    I love this mask! It makes my skin soft and hydrated. the smell is subtle and really nice. love the whipped texture

  • burns...

    Lariena February 19, 2022

    I was recommended this product during a follain product chat. I have sensitive dry skin. i use true botanicals and ursa major but it was recommended I try this instead. i like the consistency and very simple subtle smell and was really hopeful it would work for me but burns terribly when I put it on. if I have a face oil underneath it’s not as bad but I’m traveling and didn’t bring my face oil so I’ve been using this as my sole moisturizer and my face is burned raw and incredibly broken out. very sad. I must be allergic to something in the product which is a shame because I was specifically looking to buy ursa golden hour which my dry sensitive face soaks right up happily, but was convinced to try something new. might be great for some…just not for my wacky 41yr old skin.

    • From Follain:


      Thank you for your recent review and feedback for our Ultra Hydrating Mask. Sorry to hear that you had this reaction to this sensitive-safe product and that it was not a perfect match for you. Our Customer Service team has reached out to you via email to help with finding a product that is a better match for you.

      xo, Follain

  • love it!!

    Joanna M. September 02, 2021

    I use this mask overnight as I have dry skin and I wake up with soft hydrated skin.
    it goes on very light and doesn’t clog my pores

    • From Follain:

      So glad that you are a fan of the Ultra Hydrating Mask, Joanna! We love that you are using it as an overnight mask for maximum hydration. Tip: During the Summer months, this product does double duty as an amazing after-sun care hydrator.

      XO, Follain

  • Supple skin treatment!

    Julie W. May 05, 2021

    This “Ultra Hydrating Mask” is both refreshing and moisturizing. My skin just loves the feel of this formula and has a radiant glow with each application.

  • Game changer

    Marian April 22, 2021

    I have really dry skin that can be difficult to hydrate. After my go-to cream had a formula change, I was looking for something else. I stumbled on this brand by accident. I am hooked on this cream, impressed with how hydrated my skin felt in the morning. After using half the container, the results are still great. I gotta keep this handy.😉😏

  • extra layer of hydration!

    Kristin N. April 06, 2021

    Love the texture & consistency of this mask. I’ve been using it over my face oil and leaving on overnight for an extra boost of hydration.

  • burned my skin

    Isabella April 04, 2021

    I Applied this product for about 40 minutes and it left my skin burning! it’s almost to the point of a chemical burn as there is a huge red rash around my nose and the areas I applied the mask. I have also been using the moisturizer from this company, has not been good to my skin. It has felt more dry, flaky, and dull. I would not recommend.

    • From Follain:

      Isabella, So sorry to hear that you had this reaction to the Ultra Hydrating Mask and that the Follain Moisturizer was not a perfect match for you. We would be happy to help find some other products that will be a better match for your skincare needs and will reach out to you via email to help. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Love this mask!!

    Rebecca March 25, 2021

    Highly recommend this moisturizing mask. It is so gentle and leaves my skin incredibly soft. My skin tends to be dry but also prone to breakouts and it has addressed the dryness without causing any breakouts. Great product!

  • makes my skin dewy and hydrated!

    Lauren March 07, 2021

    I use this mask almost every day as a moisturizer. It has done wonders for my skin especially in the colder months. So grateful for this!

    • From Follain:

      We are so happy that you love the Ultra Hydrating Mask as much as we do, Lauren! We also love sleeping in the mask at night to wake up to refreshed and divine skin! Thank you for being a part of our Follain family!

  • My new favorite mask!

    Vanessa C. November 28, 2020

    I love this mask! It hydrates my skin and feels silky smooth going on. I almost always use this as the overnight mask and I wake up with beautiful skin. This has been exceptionally helpful as the weather gets colder and my skin gets dryer. Follain has a really great line and I love that they list all the ingredients and make it easy to chose safe and effective products. Thank you Follain!

  • so moisturizing

    Lisa November 28, 2020

    My skin is usually dry during the winters (I lived in the Northeast/New England area for most of my life), and using this as an overnight mask once a week made a huge difference. I used to use FAB, but the moisturizer was really thick and left my face feeling a but oily. This doesn’t do that at all! I’m so glad I switched over to clean beauty this year.

  • Moisturizing without congesting!

    Chelsey November 12, 2020

    Love to use this 1-2 times per week as an overnight mask, particularly during the New England winters! I wake up with my skin feeling smooth and plump, but not congested. Will definitely buy again.

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  • shipping issue

    Preeti October 10, 2020

    I was supposed toreceive this wonderful product but due to shipping issue i never received it but i have heard positive feedback

  • Extremely hydrating, day and night, cream mask!

    Nikki L. October 08, 2020

    This Ultra Hydrating Mask was gifted to me complimentary, for my honest review!
    I was so happy to of recieved this hydrating day/overnight cream mask!! I have severely dry skin, and within a few days I noticed my skin to be more hydrated, and glowy! The moisturizer is decently thick, but does not leave a greasy feel leftover at all. It melts into your skin within minutes, and gives you a hydrated, glowy look! I apply this product both in the am, pm, and underneath foundation. It makes a great base, for any makeup you wear. It also keeps your skin from looking dry, or patchy. I have truly found an amazing brand. Not only does this moisturizer work like it should, but it has a fabulous list of ingriedients. It’s made with phospholipids, and two types of Sodium Hyaluronate which help retain moisture. It also contains Mango Seed Butter, and White Peony Extract which helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, supports skin firmness, and radiance. Another amazing trait they offer is a full list of bad toxin filled chemicals, that they promise not to use in their products. It’s an amazing, honest company with amazing products! I would absolutely reccomend this to everyone, as it works beautfiully at hydrating skin, while being extremely affordable!

  • Hydrating Overnight Mask

    Laurie M. October 07, 2020

    This creamy mask smooths over the skin nicely, it’s not greasy or too slippery. I used as an overnight mask and could instantly feel hydration. In the morning, my skin looked more radiant and definitely soft and smooth. I was gifted by Folian in exchange for review.

  • a mask that leaves you feeling fresh

    Mazal October 07, 2020

    I absolutely love this mask! It makes my face feel so new and fresh. It’s has a light perfume scent which is very nice. The mask it’s self is very light weight and instantly hydrating on your skin. After having it on for 10 mins my face feels clean and fresh. This product was gifted by follain.

  • Soft

    Aesa October 06, 2020

    I received this product as gifted by Follain, I used it overnight and after washing it off my face in the morning I felt refreshed, My face felt smoother. I liked the consistency of the product.

  • okay product

    Carly October 05, 2020

    This product was complimentary from follain. I liked the fact that it’s relatively clean however it still has a scent which I wasn’t the biggest fan of. It definitely leaves your skin hydrated and clean.

  • Worst experience.

    G September 03, 2020

    I recently bought this product to try it for the first time. I was excited to try it and when I received the product, it arrived with the cap scratched, no “safety seal” and the product seemed used. I sent multiple emails to Follain and my problem was not resolved. They don’t answer emails and the stores are closed. I want my miney back, this product is not $8, is $34 wasted. So disappointed with this company.

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  • Intense Scent

    Jill B. August 26, 2020

    The scent is so strong, if you are prone to scent triggered headaches, do not purchase. It made my skin semi-hydrated BUT I really can’t appreciate the product due to the scent.

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  • Absolutely Perfect

    Paisley June 27, 2020

    This is THE hydration mask to use. I tried a comparable product not too long ago that had the same objectives and was being glorified all over the web, but it gave me an allergic reaction on my cheeks – exactly where I needed the hydration help! I decided to give this type of mask another go when I saw Follain created a clean version – and I am hooked! I am using it once per week during the warmer months but I bet it could become part of my daily routine in the Fall and Winter. No allergic reactions, and my skin feels like butter. Thank you, Tara!!

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  • blogger

    Joanna June 21, 2020

    absolutely loved this mask! left my face feeling clean, fresh and hydrated!

  • Favorite Mask

    Nfp May 20, 2020

    I absolutely love this mask! I use it multiple times a week and it is so gentle (yet effective) on my sensitive skin that I can even sleep in it for an incredible boost of hydration. The best!

  • Amazing, instant hydration

    Jasmine T. April 28, 2020

    This mask has quickly become my favorite hydrating mask. It soothes my skin instantly and leaves behind an even, hydrated complexion. This is great for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. My skin loves this mask! I store mine in my beauty fridge for an extra refreshing application. I will definitely repurchase!

  • great for sensitive skin

    Nell M. April 16, 2020

    This product is awesome! I have sensitive dry skin and was a bit nervous to leave this on overnight! so glad I did I woke up with softer, hydrated skin!

  • Pores disappeared!

    Moira April 07, 2020

    This product is like a drink of water for your skin. I love wearing this overnight at least once a week as I don’t want to wash this off or upset my happy pores! I purchased this through Anthropologie though wanted to share my love for it here, too!

  • Saved my skin this winter!

    Jana April 05, 2020

    My skin has been really struggling this winter due to the intense cold in Wisconsin and this mask was just what I needed! It really packs a punch and makes my skin feel so supple and hydrated!

  • All I can say is WOW!

    Lauren April 03, 2020

    Oh my goodness! This mask is amazing!!!! After watching some of the live videos on Instagram and seeing this product be recommended over and over again, I knew I had to try it. I have tried this both as a mask where I wash it off after a period of time and as a leave-on-overnight mask. I personally LOVE using it as a leave-on-overnight mask and it’s amazing because it leaves my skin so soft in the morning. My skin literally drinks this stuff up. Try it out and you won’t regret it!


    Hannah April 03, 2020

    This mask has saved my skin. I recently used a product that I had an allergic reaction to. A Follain consultant recommended this mask to help heal it and after only one use, my skin is better than it was before I even had the reaction! It is super gentle. I like to use it after the Follain Detox mask, especially during winter/dry times. I have also used this as a moisturizer if my skin is really dry.

  • Great Moisturizing mask

    Sophie F. April 02, 2020

    I really love this mask! Not only are the ingredients great, but it doesn’t make my combination skin any more oily! I’ve been leaving it on overnight and love how my skin feels in the morning. Great price too!

  • Loveeee this mask!

    Audrey April 02, 2020

    My skin has been suuuper dry this winter so I bought this mask literally as soon as follain announced it and it’s been working wonders! Feels and smells so nice, I really enjoy using it.

  • Love this mask!

    Olivia April 02, 2020

    I have very sensitive skin and this mask has been a life saver. I love that it has no artificial fragrances (so no redness for my skin). I also love that you can leave it on over night!! I wake up with glowing skin. I usually use it after a brightening mask and the combo is perfect. love this product and the price point!!

  • amazing mask

    Katie H. April 02, 2020

    This mask is AMAZING! It left my skin feeling so soft and hydrated! I would recommend this to everyone I know, esp if you live in drier climates!!

  • Super Hydrating!

    Rebecca F. April 02, 2020

    I generally have “normal” skin type; hower in the winter, it tends to get super dry (I drink a gallon of water every day and still have this issue). Since Follain launched this new hydrating mask, I’ve been using it after my moisturizer every night (sometimes in the morning if my skin is looking dry/flakey) and it’s been a lifesaver! The consistency is great, very faint smell (I don’t like really smelly skincare regardless of scent), and it absorbs very quickly, quickly enough that I can throw on make up in the AM when needed. Another great Follain product!

  • Hydrating!

    Sara April 02, 2020

    I typically have problem free skin but am pregnant with my second and this time around my skin has been terrible, so horribly dry, very red through the cheeks and nose and acne-like marks that pop up one day and disappear the next and then reappear in new spots. I’ve tried several different products and the ladies at Follain recommended using this a few times a week along with some other wonderful products. It smells like a bit like honey and feels like a very thick moisturizer. I put it on a clean face at night and wear it overnight washing it off in the morning. I swear it has helped with my dryness.

  • super moisturizing!

    Madeline April 02, 2020

    I often wear this as an overnight mask and it is super gentle and moisturizing. It has saved my skin as I recover from chemo – highly recommend!

  • Smooth & hydrating

    Angelina April 02, 2020

    I purchased this mask a few months ago as I have super dry skin, especially in winter. What I loved about this was that you can leave it on overnight if you want! One thing I hate about masking is having to rinse it all off and sometimes it gets in your hair/on your clothes. Not this mask! I’m beginning to use it once per week and leave it on overnight (after it dries), then rinse off in the shower in the morning. The scent is light, it goes on super smooth, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

  • love this mask!

    Nancy March 29, 2020

    just got this mask and immediately fell in love. it’s ultra luxurious and hydrating and left my skin glowing. I wore it overnight my first time using it and loved how great I felt in the morning. highly recommend and the price is fantastic for what you’re getting!

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  • A new favorite!

    Eliza March 23, 2020

    For my sometimes dry/sometimes rosacea/sometimes dull skin this mask is a wonder! Soothing, moisturizing and rich and my skin feels terrific afterwards. And — the price is fantastic too!

  • This is a great Hydrating Mask!

    Rosemary M. March 18, 2020

    I have very dry (scaly, flaky, etc) skin and this mask feels wonderful. As soon as you apply, that tight feeling disappears. I love wearing it overnight and after 10 days, I can feel the results. Thank you Follain!

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  • So good!

    Lucy T. February 18, 2020

    This mask does what it says – it restores and softens skin. I’ve been using a thin layer overnight every night for over a week now, and my skin has fewer dry patches, is much softer, and is overall much more manageable. I live in the mountains in Colorado where the air is so dry, so I’m super excited to have found something that works well.

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  • skin saver

    Lucy February 16, 2020

    I’ve been putting a thin layer on every night and using as an overnight mask for about a week now, and my skin is softer, less dry, and overall more manageable. I live in the mountains in Colorado where the air is really dry, and this mask has definitely saved my skin! Thank you Follain for making quality products at a more reasonable price point.

  • Love this mask

    Beth C. February 12, 2020

    I’ve used this mask a few nights in a row as a deep overnight treatment and when I woke up after the second night my skin felt decades younger! All soft and plump 🙂

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