Fullest Volumizing Mascara


Fullest Volumizing Mascara

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  • Weightless, buildable volume
  • Packed with conditioning and fortifying ingredients 
  • Features violin-shaped brush to create the appearance of the fullest, fluffiest lashes
Full-on volume. Featherlight Feel.

This clean mascara creates volume without compromises. Ingredients like Arginine, Provitamin B5, and a Weightless Wax Blend provide support and nourishment and promote the appearance of stronger, thicker, and fuller lashes. These power ingredients paired with the violin-shaped brush result in the dream mascara designed to thicken and define lashes to complete any makeup look.

Nestle the brush into the base of lashes and glide upwards, wiggling from side to side. Apply several coats for more volume and dimension.


Use the tip of the brush to separate and define hard-to-reach lashes.


About The Brand

Sasha Plavsic founded ILIA after her mother encouraged her to read the ingredients on the label of her favorite lip balm. She was shocked to discover that many of the ingredients weren’t safe. Sasha set out to recreate her favorite lip balm with clean, skin-centric ingredients, and the idea for ILIA was born. Today, ILIA challenges the conventions of clean beauty to create safe, potent formulas that protect and revive your skin.

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Customer Reviews

  • ILIA does it again!

    Lucky April 06, 2022

    I first discovered ILIA through their other mascara (Limitless, which is amazing too btw), so when they first made this one I had to try it and it’s just perfect for when you’re wanting that extra oomf!

  • High maintence for little return

    Leah March 23, 2022

    First thing I noticed when using this product was how much mascara was on the wand. I love a full brush when it comes to mascara wands. This however, collected way too much mascara leaving the wand messy and hard to manage. Now that the tube is almost empty I have much better control of how much product I get on the brush and lashes. The other thing I noted was that if you don’t wash all the mascara off in the evening you’re left with brittle, caked lashes the next day. Reapplying on top of these sad lashes is a mistake! Best results came from me starting with makeup free lashes and a steady hand when applying.

  • Chunky

    Ann E. November 30, 2021

    As a big fan of Ilia’s Limitless Lash Mascara (and so many other Ilia products) I was excited to try this and really wanted to love it. It seems everyone on Instagram who recieved a free tube absolutely raved about it. But, yikes. It’s just too… much… everything. The whole thing needs to be toned way down. It’s SO thick and chunky, the brush seems giant. Made my lashes so clumpy and heavy and took a really long time to dry. After my first two super chunky tries, I opted to wipe some of it off the brush and that helped a bit? But, after four tries using it, I threw in the towel. Back to the Limitless Lash I go.

  • great product, poor packaging

    Scd November 22, 2021

    I started using a spooly for application and it changed my opinion on the product itself. I think once they get the packing right this will be a way better buy. As is, there is not a product gaurd to catch the extra product from coming out on brush/wand so the application is clumpy and messy. I use the wand to put product on a spooly brush and it goes on so nicely and does what it claims to do.

    Won’t repurchase until they fix the packaging, but overall a wonderful natural mascara!

  • Clumps and smudges

    Erin November 09, 2021

    I enjoy Ilia products normally, but this one was a miss. Found it clumped my eyelashes and by the end of the day, a good deal of it was under my eye. Will still enjoy my other Ilia products, but won’t be purchasing this one again.

  • Still Looking...

    Mari November 08, 2021

    At 61 years I have tried A LOT of mascara-I have never purchased drugstore brands, even when I was youonger. my problem is ever since I’ve switched to clean, ethical makeup, finding the right mascara has been a waste of money! I truly wish someone would make a mascara that doesn’t have a crazy big brush for those of us with short sparse lashes and hooded eyes. We still want to look good, too! I found this mascara to clump on the wand and it flakes even though it is new. I cannot apply to lower lashes because it all ends up on skin. Here I go looking again…

    • From Follain:

      Thank you for your review and feedback. We hear you that finding the right wand with the right formula is key! May we suggest you take a look at the Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara or the Saie Mascara 101 as both of these have a smaller wand and perfect for hooded eyes. Hope this is helpful!

      xo, Follain