May Lindstrom

Facial Treatment Brush

May Lindstrom

Facial Treatment Brush

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  • Crafted from vegan-friendly materials
  • Ideal for blending home treatments
  • Pairs perfectly with The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt
Elevate your home treatments

Sourced with intention from natural and recycled materials, this brush was made to blend The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt to perfectly rich, luscious texture.

Use to mix and apply The Problem Solver, The Clean Dirt and other treatment masks you want to brush on.


To wash safely, rinse with water streaming downward on the brush, then let it dry thoroughly.

Full Ingredient List

100% Taklon Nylon, Recyclable Aluminum Ferrule, Wood Handle
May Lindstrom

About The Brand

With her artisanal concoctions, May Lindstrom takes self-care rituals to luxurious new levels. The collection is handcrafted using only the finest exotic, sustainably sourced ingredients proven to transform skin health.

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Customer Reviews

  • Something I never thought I'd buy but now can't live without!

    Tiffany B. August 28, 2018

    There’s something luxurious about putting on a mask with a brush. You get cleaner strokes and a more even application of the product. This brush rinses clean and makes applying masks even more of a ritual and beautiful experience.

  • Feels great

    Abigail L. October 16, 2017

    I really enjoy this mask brush. It feels therapeutic to paint on a mask rather than use your hands. This brush is soft but very durable/well made.

  • Love It - Would Be a Great Gift

    Kathryn June 21, 2016

    I got this brush to use with my May Lindstrom mask and found it so soothing. It makes the mask feel like even more like a real facial and takes the hassle out of mixing the powder formula. I also got the bowl at the same time and love them together. Would be a nice gift set, too!

  • At Home Spa

    Rachel June 20, 2016

    This brush changed my experience with the Problem Solver mask. When I first tried the Problem Solver, it was messy, got stuck in the spoon I used for stirring, and got my hands all covered in mask. Not exactly relaxing. Now that I’ve started using this brush, mixing the mask is a breeze and it feels so luxurious to paint it on your face. It also helps the mask spread more evenly, so I think it even makes the performance of the product better. I love the way this enhanced my mask and highly recommend it!

  • Don't waste your money - the paint peels and the wood handle chips!

    Lara April 01, 2016

    I purchased this brush to make applying May Lindstrom masks less messy and more precise. While the brush works fine (it’s sometimes hard to clean the grit from the mask out of the bristles), the black handle cracked and peeled after only a few uses. After the layer of black peeled away, the wood chipped making it really uncomfortable to use! I emailed Follain to exchange it for another brush (hoping my was defective), but never heard back. Don’t waste your money!