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Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream

Meow Meow Tweet

Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream

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Size: 2.4 oz

  • Controls both moisture and odor
  • Conditions the skin
  • Fresh grapefruit or sweet lavender scents
Sensitive skin security

This clay- and baking soda-free deodorant cream is ideal for sensitive underarm skin irritated by other natural formulas. It uses other, highly effective ingredients–like arrowroot powder and plant butters–to keep you smooth and dry all day. Essential oils provide the two fresh scents.

Massage a pea sized amount to each underarm after cleansing. Working out? Apply a little extra first.


Did you know: It’s not sweat that causes odor–it’s bacteria. This formula works by gently ridding skin of that stink-causing bacteria.

Meow Meow Tweet

About The Brand

Go ahead, be catty! Irresistibly named skincare brand Meow Meow Tweet offers a wide range of healthy, effective and easy-to-use vegan products. Their small-batch line includes one of our favorite natural deodorants.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best Natural Deodorant I've Found

    Annie October 23, 2019

    I tried it and wasn’t sold but didn’t hate it. Then I ran out and went back to another natural deodorant because I hadn’t had time to run to the store. I smelt AWFUL. All the time I was wondering how many other people could smell me. I guess it took trying something else to realize how great it really did work. I’ve since bought a new jar and I’m happily no longer wondering how many people can smell me 🙂 Works great! Would love to try the grapefruit but lavendar smells great and isn’t overwhelming!

  • Just ok

    Kristen S. October 04, 2019

    I found this in my seemingly unending quest to find a good natural deodorant. It worked well for a few weeks in the late spring, but once summer heated up, it was almost useless. I’ve kept it and will use it in the cooler months because I do like the texture and scent better than some of the other deodorants I’ve tried.

  • Great for sensitive skin!

    Holly S. July 15, 2019

    My daughter and I both have major sensitivity to baking soda based deodorants. We used agent nateur sensitive formula for over a year and started getting major issues so we had to switch. I decided to try this and it is fantastic so far. ZERO smell, even after a sweaty gym sesh. Very impressed with this product and super happy paying half the price of what I was! I highly recommend this deodorant!

  • Great for sensitive skin

    Maria July 11, 2019

    I developed a rash after years of using other clean deodorants containing baking soda, so I purchased this to calm my skin down and it worked. It’s not the strongest, so I use my Corpus Naturals deodorant daily, but on days I feel extra sensitive this one’s my go-to.

  • Good natural option

    Tara W. July 09, 2019

    I wanted to try something that could be applied without a stick. I like it but don’t think it is extremely long lasting throughout the day. I would consider buying again.

  • Good but not for me

    Ashley A. June 27, 2019

    I was so excited to try this deodorant and absolutely loved the smell of it! It was super easy to apply and didn’t have a weird wet feeling that some have had. Unfortunately it did not work with my skin and I had an allergic reaction:( still on the hunt for a good natural deodorant but the staff at Follain has been SO helpful.

  • Works well, smells nice

    Carol V. May 25, 2019

    I like the grapefruit scent even more than the lavender (which I also like). This is non-irritating unlike some baking soda products I’ve tried. It lasts all day for me and even part of the next day if I forget to reapply.

  • Very Pleased!

    J B. March 30, 2019

    Doesn’t add caking residual stains on clothing, smells great, and it lasts all day without reapplication, the only one I have found so far that does all the things! I got my husband hooked as well.

  • Long lasting oder fighting

    Kara M. January 23, 2019

    This stuff is great! I have used several different natural deodorants. Some made my armpits rash up (possibly due to baking soda) and all of them let b o come through terribly sometimes before the end of the day. THIS deodorant lasted through two days which included workouts, and chasing after my two little ones and various other tasks/duties. Still no b.o.

  • Messy but works

    Roxi January 04, 2019

    This is the only baking soda free deodorant that has worked for me. I do have to reapply 2-3x a day but would rather that than have toxic ingredients in my pits! The application is messy, getting underneath my fingernails and leaving a weird texture on my hands that I must rinse off, sometimes getting on my shirt in the process. I recently switched to the stick and love it.

  • My favorite

    Audra V. December 07, 2018

    This is the first natural deodorant that has worked for me. Others made me smell worse. This has lasted me over 5 months.

  • Great baking soda free deodorant!

    Kerri W. November 21, 2018

    As a long time soapwalla user, it was sadly time make a switch. Loving meow meow tweet, citrus. It does the trick without needing to reapply. Highly recommend.

  • I finally found it!

    Mara S. November 15, 2018

    I was looking far and wide for a natural deodorant that didn’t give me a rash. Sadly I reacted to every single one with baking soda. I was delighted to find meow meow tweet! It’s effective, easy, and baking soda free! Once you get used to the application, you’re hooked! I highly recommend!

  • Great product

    Susan K. October 29, 2018

    Deodorants come in all different shapes and sizes. This one is fabulous. Smooch refreshing works My search is over

  • Search ended

    Susan K. October 29, 2018

    I have searched long and hard for the perfect deodorant and I have now! Smooth going on, never clumps, simply the best

  • Smells good.

    Lisa C. October 11, 2018

    And it’s a high-quality product. But you have to reapply quite often, and I find myself laundering shirts that I’ve only worn for a couple hours (that before I might have hung up again, ha). But I’m allergic to baking soda, so it is one of my only options! I would buy it again, but I guess I got spoiled earlier in life with those crazy toxic deodorants that I used to wear.

  • Smooth and clean

    Ivette G. October 03, 2018

    This is the smoothest and cleanest deodorant I’ve ever used. I’ve been using Dove for years because it controls my stinkyness. For my job, I’m outside working in a vegetable field in the mornings and then go straight to a classroom in the afternoon. I can get pretty stinky, but this deodorant actually works and eliminates all smell. I’m very happy that I took the risk and bought it.

  • Nice

    Jennifer O. September 05, 2018

    It works well. Goes on smoothly.

  • Great for sensitive skin but not the best for working out

    Rachel M. September 04, 2018

    My baking soda sensitive skin loves this deodorant and the grapefruit scent is lovely! I have transitioned well from needing to reapply every couple of hours to only a couple of times a day—the natural deodorang journey is real! Though it is a great everyday deodorant, I find it does not hold up well during work outs leaving me stinky and with white residue on my clothes. I’m looking forward to trying out the other baking soda free options.

  • Great deodorant for sensitive skin

    Tiffany B. August 28, 2018

    When I discovered that I had a sensitivity to deodorants with baking soda, I switched to Meow Meow Tweet and it immediately soothed my underarms while providing odor protection. I like putting it on before I go to bed to help with breakthrough sweating during the night. It’s like a face cream for my underarms!

  • Love!!

    Stephanie K. August 07, 2018

    Great product and lasts all day!

  • Great for Sensitive Skin

    Jill August 07, 2018

    This was one of the first natural deodorants from Follain that I tried. It is a very nice product but I found it didn’t hold me on hot and humid days. I prefer it in winter and have found AER to be a better product for summer. I tried the push up applicator and it was terrible in terms of function so I went back to the jar. This will continue to have a place in my routine for the cooler weather as it smells great and is very gentle on the skin.

  • Put your hands in the air.

    Ann P. April 27, 2018

    I can’t stop telling people about this deodorant. I am a fitness instructor, I have a sweaty job, and this stuff WORKS. I almost stopped in the middle of a dance class earlier this week because each time I put my arms over my head I couldn’t believe how good I smelled and I wanted to tell my participants. (I controlled myself.) I’ll echo the other reviews and say that it’s great for sensitive skin. I wanted to love Soapwalla but it gave me a rash. This was the second natural deodorant I tried and my search is over. No rash. Works beautifully. Smells fresh. Put your hands in the air.

  • Perfect for sensitive skin

    Julia A. April 18, 2018

    I used to use the Soapwalla deodorant, but the baking soda burned my skin. Thankfully I found this one – it doesn’t burn, and it smells wonderful. I got the lavender scent. It also feels like it’s healing and protecting my pits, not just preventing smells. I also like this container for applying deodorant on-the-go. The bigger sticks are awkward to carry around, but this jar fits in my bag nicely.

  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin

    Elana O. April 03, 2018

    I had wanted to switch to an all natural deodorant for a long time. Every time I tried, my skin broke into a painful and itchy rash. After doing a lot of research and hearing a lot of good things about Meow Meow Tweet, I decided to give the sensitive skin formula a try. Wow! Finally, I found a natural deodorant that works. The Lavender smells amazing too.

  • Grapefruit Goodness

    Christy O. April 03, 2018

    My husband and I both enjoy Meow Meow Tweet’s Grapefruit scented deodorant for everyday use. It works wonders, even through workouts. We prefer this baking-soda free formula for the chillier months, and we switch to another brand with baking soda (but essentially the same ingredient list) in the warmer months. Highly recommend!

  • Great product.

    Lisa C. March 21, 2018

    So far, this is working well for me. I’ve had it for a few weeks, and I haven’t done anything where I sweat extremely, but it seems to work throughout the day and for 30 minutes on the elliptical, etc. It’s just what I needed, since I seem to be allergic to baking soda-based deodorants. I’d say it’s worth a try!

  • Smells and works great

    Ellen P. March 14, 2018

    Effective deodorant, plus no rash!

  • No yellow shirts!

    Emily R. January 26, 2018

    really like this – doesn’t turn my white shirts yellow 🙂

  • Great deodorant for sensitive skin!

    Roberta R. January 22, 2018

    I tried another deodorant and it broke out my skin. This one is great! It goes on smooth and I never notice any marks on my clothes. I use the lavender scent. No need to reapply all day (unless you work out).

  • Doesn't leave a rash!

    Sarah J. January 05, 2018

    I’ve been on the hunt for a natural deodorant that doesn’t leave me with an underarm rash, and had no luck until coming across this product. Smells great and doesn’t irritate my skin! Removing one star just because I often need to reapply later in the afternoon or before exercising… so, it’s not the most effective natural deodorant I’ve tried. But it’s effective enough and much more comfortable than the baking soda-laden type! Would definitely recommend for people who’ve had reactions to other natural deodorants.

  • My first natural deodorant

    Elizabeth R. October 19, 2017

    This was my first foray into natural deodorant, and have since repurchased 2x! I haven’t even felt the need to try other brands because this one is so great. I think I am going to get the push up style of the same grapefruit formula when I restock next. Highly recommend!

  • Actually works!

    Kathryn B. September 29, 2017

    I’ve tried a number of natural deodorants over the years and while some of them might smell nice initially, they have never really worked for me in the long run. I teach fitness classes and by the end of the hour long class its like I’m not wearing deodorant at all. This Meow Meow Tweet product is the first that actually keeps smells at bay for long periods of time. So much better than other products I’ve tried!

  • Great natural alternative!

    Samantha K. September 28, 2017

    I love this stuff as a natural alternative and this is my favorite smell offered.

  • Very hydrating

    Jennifer F. September 28, 2017

    My underarms become red and itchy after shaving. I’ve tried everything, but this deodorant cream changed all that! My underarms are smooth, moisturized, and my red bumps disappeared. I took off a star because it’s not for heavy activity where you’ll be sweating a lot. I wear regular deodorant at the gym, but this deodorant cream is perfect for everyday.

  • The only one

    Nd August 22, 2017

    I loved my first natural deodorant (Soapwalla), but my skin rebelled after about a month. I had almost given up and gone back to the aluminum dark side having tried a number of other brands with the same result (including Lavanila and Ursa Major) until I found this one. It works (after a week or so of transition – glad I hung in there with it), though I often reapply at least once during the day in summer and increased activity. I have tried both grapefruit and lavender and prefer the lavender scent with my body chemistry.

  • It Works, and I Sweat

    Robin July 29, 2017

    For the past 5 years, I have been using Soapwalla’s Cream Deodorant, however, recently the baking soda wasn’t agreeing with my body. I made the switch to this baking soda free option (in grapefruit) and it’s been great! For the first few days, I might have been a little smelly, but I feel like my body has adjusted and now it works like a charm.

  • Awesome deodorant

    Zoie March 23, 2017

    I’m so glad that I found these natural and organic deodorants in a jar, I love the scents and lavender is my favorite. Much better that throwing away plastic packaging from mainstream deodorants. I don’t find the application to be difficult at all. They work really well for me. Glad I can order them from Follain.

  • Works great, smells nice

    Rebecca October 07, 2016

    This was my second try with a natural deodorant and I am very pleased. The product smells nice (I went with the lavender) and made it through some pretty hot Texas September days. I still felt fresh at the end of a long day.
    I was going between this and another deodorant but was concerned about the other option irritating my fairly sensitive skin. I have had no irritation issues.
    I am very happy with the product and will purchase again when I run out.

  • Alright

    Lisa April 15, 2016

    This deodorant definitely works! It allows you to sweat but keeps you smelling fresh all day, without irritation.
    My one issue is the scent. It’s a very heavy lemon-y scent; the first time my brother smelled it on me, he told me it smells like I use actual house-hold cleaning products to wash myself. I really love the formula, but would love to see a different scent in the future. Something jasmine would be nice, in my opinion.

  • The best!

    Sarah January 29, 2016

    I LOVE this deodorant! I have used several different aluminum-free deodorants in the past, and I always seem to have some issue (doesn’t provide effective de-odoring over the course of the day, or gave me some kind of skin reaction). But, after using this product, I will never use anything else! I discovered that baking soda was the cause of my skin reactions, which went away immediately after starting this product. I also love that it goes on like skin cream (use my fingers, out of the jar), because something about it feels a little cleaner and more beautiful than a stick. I highly recommend it for anyone who is a little sensitive, a little picky, or just likes a clean scent that lasts all day (no need to reapply ever!).

  • Love love love!

    Elizabeth R. November 20, 2015

    I’ve never used a natural deodorant before but now I totally understand the hype for them! This makes my underarms so much happier than traditional deodorant with aluminum. No more dry, and irritate skin, yay! Also the scent is so nice and subtle, and, as a cat person, I love the name of the brand and the packaging. Too cute! 🙂

  • great for guys and gals

    Denise July 10, 2015

    i have used natural deodorants before and they have worked fairly well, but I have skin that is very prone to itching and worried that this one for sensitive skin wouldn’t work well….it works great and no itching! My husband asked me what it was and wanted to try it. I told him it may not work on hairy underarms as well (sorry, TMI) as on women, but again, it worked great. Now he has taken it and I will have to order another!

  • gets me through active days!

    Honeeebeeehipeee March 06, 2015

    Stellar product. I have THE most sensitive underarms, and I still cannot shave them every day, but this allows me to at least shave them every other day without consequence! Keeps my skin tidy, soft, stink-free, even after two a days at my yoga studio! Will re-purchase and will definitely share with friends and family =)

  • Finally!

    Amanda February 26, 2015

    After trying numerous deodorants, I’ve finally found one that works for me. I have super sensitive skin and I was getting a reaction from the clay in other natural brands I tried. This one from Meow Meow Tweet smells great, applies easily, and works all day long. So glad I found this product!

  • The ONLY deodorant for my sensitive skin

    Samantha February 23, 2015

    After a long search for a natural deodorant that works and doesn’t make my arm pits break out in a rash, I have finally found the right product for me! Just a pea-sized amount keeps me fresh all day long. I highly recommend.

  • Love it!

    Renee February 21, 2015

    I had been on the hunt for a natural deodorant for a long time. I tried many brands that all fell short until I received a sample of Meow Meow Tweet from Follain. The product keeps me feeling fresh, even after sweaty workouts. I would definitely recommend trying it out!

  • It works!

    Em February 20, 2015

    I’ve become wary of antiperspirants and was on the hunt for a natural solution. This is a great product! I love that I know most of the ingredients and that it smells great. Best of all, it works! I’ve checked the scent at the end of the day, and I’m still dry, still smelling citrusy. My main reason for picking this product instead of the Soapwalla one was primarily for the scent.

    I definitely agree that digging it out of the glass jar is hard. BUT, those makeup plastic palette knives work great (usually at beauty supply stores).

  • Love the scent & product, hard to apply

    Flannery February 20, 2015

    Title about says it – I really do like this product, and have used other ‘hand applied’ deodorants, so I’m not bothered by that aspect. Unfortunately I find it really hard to spread this deodorant around. If the maker could manufacture a more spreadable/malleable product, it would be great.