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Grapefruit Citrus Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick

Meow Meow Tweet

Grapefruit Citrus Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick

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Size: 1.8 oz

  • Arrowroot powder absorbs wetness
  • Grapefruit oil fights bacteria
  • Coconut oil moisturizes delicate skin
Swipe right for sensitive skin

Our best selling, baking soda-free deodorant gets a brand new applicator to stick it to sweat and odor! Swipe on this soft, creamy formula to prevent odor and wetness without irritating sensitive skin. Effective, easy to apply and now in biodegradable packaging, this deodorant is ideal for delicate underarms.

Swipe on clean underarms to prevent odor and wetness.


Store in a cool, dry place during the warmer months to prevent deodorant from becoming overly soft. (Hint: the refrigerator works wonders!)

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About The Brand

Go ahead, be catty! Irresistibly named skincare brand Meow Meow Tweet offers a wide range of healthy, effective and easy-to-use vegan products. Their small-batch line includes one of our favorite natural deodorants.

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Customer Reviews

  • Great formula & environmentally-friendly packaging

    Angela F. October 03, 2019

    This is one of the first natural deodorants that I’ve tried and I’ve been surprisingly happy with it! I love the citrus scent; a lot of natural deodorants smell too earthy/natural for me. And as an added bonus, the paper packaging is awesome – it has held up for the few weeks that I’ve had it, and I’m glad to know that I won’t be tossing more plastic once it’s gone.

  • Great formula!

    Blair G. June 05, 2019

    I have been so impressed with this deodorant. I do prefer the glass jar, as I feel this can get a little messy and used up more quickly, but I like this for travel. I never have to re-apply during the day, and I have found it to be extremely effective (much more so than other natural deodorants). I needed something stronger when I got pregnant, as my former natural deodorant wasn’t fully effective – this is amazing. I don’t notice hardly any sweat, and no smell at all! I have very sensitive skin and this has not irritated it in the least! So happy I found this!

  • A Staple

    Justine M. April 22, 2019

    I’ve been using this products for almost four years now, and I really enjoy it! I have had hormonal spells where the product was more or less effective, but overall it is a great everyday deodorant. I have found that unfortunately I can’t wear it to yoga, when I sweat profusely from physical activity, the product breaks down and white sweat runs down my arm, which has gotten messy on occasion. If you are looking to try a natural deodorant for the first time, I would highly recommend this product for everyday wear.

  • The best

    Whitney H. December 20, 2018

    I have tried a decent number of natural deodorants and this works the best for me, my life, and my workouts. I never feel unprotected and it doesn’t transfer or stain my clothes like others have. I prefer this stick style, but the pot is a great option for more application control.

  • So small

    Shannon F. October 19, 2018

    This product is so small for the price. I think there are better buys out there.

  • This didn't work

    Meghan October 19, 2018

    I was so excited to try the deodorant! I love the name, the packaging and the scent. However, it is SO hard to apply. It’s too dry. Even if you warm it for a bit under your arm like the directions suggest. When I put it on it just crumbled. There was chaffing and irritation under my arms from the application process. After a few minutes the dry deodorant felt sticky/tacky on my skin. That wasn’t a great feeling either. Sadly, this deodorant wasn’t for me.

  • Disappointed

    Shannon S. October 12, 2018

    I couldn’t push this product out of the container to use it. I was disappointed given it’s one of the few natural deodorants which is baking soda free!

  • Its ok

    Jennifer O. September 05, 2018

    It works well when you can get it out of the tube. I had to peel off the top layer just to get it to melt a little next to my skin. It also pulls on your skin. Incredibly hard to advance more up. Does not smell like grapefruit.

  • Not great.

    Catherine B. May 05, 2018

    I was so hoping that this would be a great deodorant for me but it wasn’t. It did not control odor even when I applied it more than once a day.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Catherine, I’m so sorry this didn’t work out! Please email us at and we can help you find another product better suited to you!

  • Just okay.

    Veronica K. May 02, 2018

    I like the scent, but ultimately it doesn’t stand up to an active lifestyle. Fine for wear if you are at a desk etc all day. Didn’t provide odor or wetness control all day for brisk walking or gardening. Not something I’ll buy again.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Veronica! This is one of our gentler formulas. If you are not irritated by baking soda, I would recommend the Vapour AER Next-Level Deodorant!

  • Love it!

    Rebecca A. April 13, 2018

    My skin is sensitive and I’ve had rashes from other deodorants but this one I had no irritation. I also thought it worked pretty well for a natural deodorant and I like the scent. I’ll definitely be re-ordering as this is my new go-to.

  • So far so good!

    Emily R. March 15, 2018

    Love this brand – first time buying the stick form. So far so good easy to apply and nice alternative to having to reach into the pot. Love especially that it does not turn my white shirt armpits yellow.

  • This deodorant exceeded expectations

    Melissa S. February 07, 2018

    I was so excited when I saw this deodorant came in a biodegradable package that I had to buy it. Not only is this deodorant eco friendly, it also is one of the best ‘clean’ ingredient products I’ve ever used. Since I became more aware of clean beauty a few years ago, I’ve tried a ton of different deodorants. Many left me drenched in sweat and getting rashes. Not this one! I am yet to be drenched in sweat or have irritated armpits. Occasionally, I feel the smell wears off after a few hours but nothing a little reapplying can’t help! The size is also great – easy to pop in my purse or carry on when taking a plane. Definitely a great purchase! If buying deodorant as a gift didn’t come off as offensive – I’d get this for all my family and friends!

  • Good, not good enough

    Erika L. October 09, 2017

    I love Follain and I appreciate what they do. This deodorant stick comes with its good and bad. It is very difficult to find a zero waste deodorant W/O baking soda, which is why I HAD to try this one. I can apply it after shaving my armpits and not have the uncomfortable burning sensation, which is great! On the down side, it does not protect (me) very well from odor. Also, while working out I sweat white which sometimes gets on my black pants/shirt, and it doesn’t look too good.

    Again, I love what this company stands for which is probably why I would buy the deodorant again.. But, maybe I’ll try a couple of others before.

  • Smells Great- Doesn't Last

    Jen F. October 07, 2017

    To be fair, I am very new to clean deodorants. That being said, I’ve been using this for almost a month. The smell when you first put it on is great- but it doesn’t last for very long, two hours at most. If you’re not a sweaty person, or live in the right climate this could work well for you, but it doesn’t for me.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Jen, sorry this isn’t working out for you! This our most gentle formula, so it may need to be reapplied throughout the day. If you are not looking for a gentle formula, the Soapwalla is great alternative!

  • stick to the jar

    Jessica S. August 30, 2017

    Totally appreciate the concept, but I’m sticking with the jar. Pushing the product up through the biodegradable tube is challenging and it does not go onto your skin smoothly. A lot more bang for your buck with the jar as well – the stick is the same price and doesn’t last nearly as long.

  • Finally on a Stick

    Rosy August 16, 2017

    I love all things grapefruit. and was so happy that they finally put their deodorant on a stick. I like the fact that they are trying to make the applicator biodegradable, but it does make it a little hard to push the product up out of the tube and a little messy when putting the cap back on. Still way better than using it out of a jar. I feel like the grapefruit is lightening my skin and my skin feel so much cleaner and smoother than how the toxic deodorants made my skin feel.

  • No stink! Compostable packaging.

    Grace A. August 09, 2017

    Love this deodorant. It smells fresh and has no baking soda so it’s great for sensitive skin. So excited that Meow Meow Tweet made this cult favorite deo as a stick since I don’t like sticking my hands in the pot. The deodorant stick packaging is also entirely compostable.