Mount Lai

The Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

Mount Lai

The Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

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Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Calming, Elasticity, and Puffiness
  • Helps support healthy blood circulation
  • Reduces the appearance of puffiness
  • Helps skin appear smoother and firmer
Take your treatment up a notch

Gua sha has been practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Choose from a jade or rose quartz gua sha tool to introduce this ancient ritual into your everyday routine. Once you get the technique down, you’ll be on your way to the appearance of lifted, firmer skin.

Start with a clean face and prep skin with a facial oil or serum.

  • Keep the tool flat against the face and begin with the forehead. Scrape in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline.
  • Move to the cheeks and scrape in an outwards motion starting from the crease of the nose until the ear.
  • Move to the jawline and use the end of the gua sha tool with the two curves. Start from the chin and scrape until the ear. Gently massage the gua sha tool into the ear to release tension.
  • For the under-eye area, very gently scrape the gua sha from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the temple. Because the area is so sensitive, it is important to only apply light pressure.

Due to natural variations in stone, every gua sha is unique in pattern and color.

Mount Lai

About The Brand

Mount Lai was created to make facial tools accessible to all and to encourage others to make space for a daily self-care ritual for both healthy skin & peaceful mind.

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Customer Reviews

  • The Rose Quartz calms me and brightens my skin!

    Emilie April 08, 2021

    I love using this tool. Simply holding the rose quartz calms my nervous system, and then working with the gua sha on my face relieves all stress and brightens my skin. I love it!

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  • Great results!

    Jenny January 23, 2021

    I’ve had mine for about 4 months and even with somewhat inconsistent use, I’ve seen results. The texture of my forehead is undeniably smoother, and when I use it after putting on sunscreen, I don’t get that greasy look. It is also such a great way to wake me up in the morning and motivates me to do my skincare right when I get up. I would highly recommend this product.

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  • Love This!

    Mercedes December 03, 2020

    Took the Follain Gua Sha class and this came with. It is great quality and the perfect tool for a new nighttime routine!

  • Refreshing!

    Bethaney August 17, 2020

    Easy to use and oh so cooling and refreshing on the skin!

  • Pleasantly surprised

    Maya July 09, 2020

    I was unfimiliar with the Chinese tradition of Gua sha when I initially saw this product, but after doing some research I purchased one and have been presently suprised. it’s a great addition to my night time routine and helps relax my facial muscles as I make a lot of facial expression throughout the day. Totally worthy the price !

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  • My new night time ritual

    Alie K. April 13, 2020

    This tool is the definition of a skin care routine. It’s simple, beautiful and delivers results. Plus, you can use it to give yourself a massages on your neck and temples. I’m so pleased I finally introduced one of these into my routine.

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  • totally worth it!

    Theresa April 08, 2020

    this little tool has revolutioned my skincare routine! It helps flush inflammation and sculpts like you wouldn’t believe!

  • Def worth the $

    Fallon R. September 17, 2019

    This is such a beautiful piece on my bathroom vanity! I sometimes put it in the fridge as well before use. Beautiful quality!

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  • fun way to treat yo' self

    Courtney R. September 12, 2019

    this is a really fun tool that always leaves me looking more alive after i use it. it really has helped with circulation, i think my skin heals faster since using this. i usually do my routine, and end with a facial oil, then use this guy. it is really relaxing, i would definitely recommend it!

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  • Amazing

    Jestira August 28, 2019

    This has helped me so much with jaw pain from TMJ and my wisdom teeth. Bonus that I have seen an improvement in my complexion. Looks more even and glowing. It’s easy to use and comfortable to hold. The quality and shape is superb for gua sha.

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  • Love it!!

    Rachel H. July 12, 2019

    I recently was very sick with meningitis and used this product on not only my face but back of neck… I bruised pretty heavily but that’s because it brought up all the stagnate blood & toxins from where I had meningitis the worst. Huge believer in Gua Shas and this product after my experience.

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  • Easy Breezy!

    Marina S. July 12, 2019

    Love this stone! I use it and the roller after washing my face and putting my serums on. It’s super easy for travel too. I have noticed brighter and more plumped skin. I’m 47 and can use all the bright and plump I can get. This definitely makes a difference. It’s so easy to use and, I’m embarrassed to say this, but it MAKES me wash my face at night.

  • So cute!

    Linda April 26, 2019

    I’ve never used a gua sha before, but I decided to buy one with my rose quartz roller. I pair it with some serum or facial oil, and it feels amazing! Great buy 🙂


    Mallory April 18, 2019

    I purchased the Gua Sha tool along with the roller. I’m so obsessed with this lifting tool because it feels SOO good on my skin! My skin definitely feels tighter after several uses. I might purchase this again as a gift!