Firming Eye Cream


Firming Eye Cream

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Size: 0.70 oz

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Calming, and Hydrating
  • Formerly known as Eye & Lip Firming Cream
  • High-performance hydrating eye cream
  • Works to improve the appearance of fine lines
Firm and tone your skin

This high-performance hydrating eye cream is packed with Gigartina Algae and the plant-derived amino acid DPHP to help create the appearance of plump and firm skin. Not to mention it locks in essential moisture and delivers age-defying benefits where they’re needed most.

Gently pat cream around the orbital bone. Avoid eyelid area. Use morning and night.


About The Brand

OSEA Skincare was inspired off the coast of Malibu uniting the elements—Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere—to deliver safe, effective wellness solutions for all. A potent blend of seaweed combined with active botanicals and essential oils deliver nutrients to the skin. OSEA is clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in California.

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Customer Reviews

  • Debra A. February 02, 2018

    I love this eye and lip cream. It absorbs fast, is non irritating and feels great. I use it morning before make-up and at night before going to bed.

  • Christina June 15, 2018

    I use this over the eye serum and it’s a great pair. Less puffy, more moisturized and eye make up stays put. Can’t ask for more!

  • Manesha S. June 19, 2018

    Love the eyes and lips product by Osea.
    With its easy application, I had no hesitation incorporating this into my morning routine. Highly recommended and I would purchase again (like with everything else!).

  • Christen June 18, 2018

    I received a sample of this product with one of my recent purchases and I absolutely love it. I will definitely be purchasing the bottle when I run out of the samples. It leaves my under eyes and lips feeling fresh and moisturized. I’ve been applying it at night before bed as part of my nighttime skincare routine.

  • Krissy June 16, 2018

    I feel I need more moisture for my delicate eye area. I do use it when I am feeling like my eyes don’t need extra love, but most days they need more. If you have oily skin this is probably great for you, but since I have dry skin & puffy under eyes in the AM, I need something a little more.

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  • Kathryn K. June 16, 2018

    I got this moisturizer after starting to see some bags forming under my relatively young eyes. The reviews were mixed but I decided to give it a try. It worked ok but didn’t make a massive difference overall. It did work slightly better on the lines around my mouth, but still not life changing. I feel like it might make a bigger difference if used regularly for a few weeks.

  • Ev June 15, 2018

    I love this. Maybe it’s impressive beacsue its all was so unassuming – but this is one of my favorite – light – well rounded – don’t want to be without it kinda products. I use it around my mouth and eyes – and then wherever else it gets mixed into – and it makes me feel like I’m ready to go –

  • Natalie June 15, 2018

    When I first purchased this product, I wasn’t sure about it. Was it really worth that much money? The answer, I can now assure you, is yes. I have an overly expressive face – it often gets me into trouble – so I know I’ll start having wrinkles at a much earlier age than many others. Especially around my eyes. But even worse than that, if I don’t get a good night’s sleep, you can 100% see it in my eyes – they’re puffy and red. Using Eyes and Lips every night with my Advanced Protection Cream leaves my face soft and smooth when I wake up, with less chance of puffy eyes. I can only hope it’ll work the same magic and push my wrinkles back a few years. Either way, I definitely recommend it!

  • Linda L. June 12, 2018

    I feel that I am seeing a difference in my skin and it’s been just about 4 weeks. I will continue to use these and more! Love them all!

  • Karen June 05, 2018

    This cream is excellent, I have tried a lot of lip and eye creams and none have left my skin as hydrated as this product, thank you so much for making this product!

  • Ashley M. May 08, 2018

    I have only been using this for about a week. The skin under my eyes has a lot more moisture and my lips feel soft. I usually give products a month before I review them; hence the 4 stars. If it stays on this trajectory, it will have 5 stars.

  • Noon May 07, 2018

    I was debating between this eye cream and serum, and decided to purchase this one based on reviews. I have not seen any significant improvement under my eyes after using it for a month, but this cream is a good base for eye concealer. One thing I don’t like is that I’ve noticed the cream sometimes dries up into a thick clump and I have to dispense it more to get the creamy texture again. Good thing a little goes a long way.

  • Amy D. April 10, 2018

    This makes very dry skin feel hydrated and it makes it look better. Love it!

  • Lara W. February 20, 2018

    Love this and have been a fan for years. I keep in it my bag for eye and lip love all day long. Love the scent of all OSEA products and this one does not disappoint.

  • Carol R. February 19, 2018

    This cream is so smooth and enriching! Knowing how natural it is makes me feel like I am doing my skin a huge favor . At my age I need to take better care of myself and this is a good first step.

  • Keleigh A. June 22, 2018

    Eyes & Lips are an absolute must have! Within the first week I noticed a decrease in the fine line around my eyes and Lips. I also have not had any irritation to my sensitive skin. I highly recommend this product!

  • 50/50

    Jackie December 21, 2018

    I really like the feeling of it on my lips, but it’s not as effective on the eye area as the eye serum (love that product). I tried using it as an all over moisturizer (because I wasn’t making use of it for my eye area) and it made my skin a little bumpy.

  • Deeper Smiles

    Monica K. December 21, 2018

    Eyes & Lips is just the right amount of support for these vulnerable areas. I love dabbing it on in the morning and evening.

  • Eyes and lip cream

    Timothea S. December 21, 2018

    I love Osea Eye and Lip cream and have used it since I discovered it six years ago. I was looking for an under eye product that was gentle with clean ingredients and effective. I found what I was looking for. Thanks Osea!

  • Seems to work well

    Janée A. December 18, 2018

    I think this product works better than some other eye creams that I have used, and I like that a little goes a long way. I do notice a difference when I don’t use it.

  • Love this eye cream!

    Patrick D. November 20, 2018

    This eye cream rescued my under eyes after they had been neglected with no eye cream for a month. It’s amazing on the lips too, and I love the hygenic packaging! Plus, $60/oz is amazing for an eye cream, especially one with this caliber of ingredients. I can’t recommend it enough!

  • Moisture!

    Sharon K. November 09, 2018

    Very moisturizing for lips and eyes with great packaging

  • Great products

    Idania O. October 18, 2018

    Was a bit weary of ordering these products since I had been using Lancôme products a long time. Glad I did. I have very dry skin after the use of accutane. I need very hydrating products, these fit the bill. I wear this lip and eye cream over the eye oil and it works great. My eye area is feels very hydrated.

  • Two for one

    Angela C. August 07, 2018

    This is a great two for one. I have the dryest lips even yr round. chapsticks and other products don’t cut it. Eyes and lips keeps my lips hydrated and smooth. Use a face rocker over your lips with this product and it’s a great natural plumper. The eye cream is very hydrating and a great basic perfect for massage around eye. For travel I pump this into a smaller container for flights. Two for one. There is always a clump on the first pump, only negative.

  • Love the Eyes and Lips

    Victoria V. August 04, 2018

    I love this products. I have been using for less then a month and already notice a difference in my fine lines. I will be ordering again and I am also going to order the Eye Serum.

  • Liana H. July 05, 2018

    My eyes love this. I do not use it on my lips often as I have something separate, but this definitely helps to keep my skin moisturized and hydrated around my eyes. Very creamy and a little goes a long way. Definitely will be repurchasing this again in the future.

  • Donna G. June 21, 2018

    Love this eye and lip cream. It is great for my sensitive skin and very hydrating.

  • Great stuff, moisturizing

    Suzy Z. May 21, 2019

    Very nice. Gentle on my skin.

  • Pj

    Patricia J. December 24, 2018

    Product is nice & creamy & seems to leave my skin soft & not as dry.

  • My favorite eye cream!

    Melinda H. December 31, 2018

    I work in the spa industry and can get many products at a reduced cost. However, I decided to come back to Osea and pay full price for this eye cream. It’s all-natural and feels great. I love the effect that algae has on my skin.

  • So soft and smooth

    Rachel C. January 14, 2019

    This is a very nice product. At first I was a little put off because it’s unscented, and I’ve been so trained to thinking that everything I put on my face and body needs to smell “good,” but this stuff is great. A little bit goes a long way, and I can immediately feel it making a difference.

  • This works!

    Karen L. January 24, 2019

    I started using Ósea products a few weeks ago: cleanser, body lotion, eye serum and eye and lip cream and face polish . All of them are wonderful

  • Outstanding

    Donna A. May 04, 2019

    I love the silk feeling of the cream. Your skin around the eyes and lips stay so hydraded. I love that it’s all organic and clean. I found my favorite cream.

  • So very hydrating!

    Kerri May 14, 2019

    I got a horrible weeks-long case of severely chapped lips (something I don’t remember having in adult life), and had gone weeks trying everything possible from pure oils to balms to moisturizers, then I happened upon a tiny sample packet of this stuff in my medicine cabinet, tried a dab of it, and my lips started making a turnaround immediately, healing them fully within a couple of days — with just that tiny sample packet. Needless to say, I just placed an order for the full-sized product — I don’t want to be without the moisturizing power of this stuff.

  • Miracle for my skin!

    Heidi May 30, 2019

    I had a red, flakey spot right above my top lip. After using this cream for a couple days I noticed the redness and flakiness has disappeared. I have tried many other creams to try and help this area and nothing worked except for this. I am extremely happy with the results and have recently noticed the fine lines around my lip disappearing as well.

  • Didn’t work for me

    Brenna H. June 08, 2019

    I have pretty normal skin and for .7 Oz for $60 this was a larger spend for myself. I had been sent a sample of this in a past order and actually loved the sample. However, the full container of this doesn’t seem to agree with my under eyes and they get red 🙁 full disclosure though I have not used this on my lips or around them so I’m not sure how it works there.

  • Nice moisturizer

    Jeanine June 15, 2019

    First time using this protective cream. It’s nice and light and doesn’t feel greasy. It almost feels like it’s firming my face. I would buy again.

  • The best eye cream I've ever used

    Lauren June 27, 2019

    I basically cannot live without this eye cream. I’ve been using it for over 20 years and guess what? I’m in my mid forties and have ZERO lines, sagging, or other signs of aging around my eyes!
    I love how it not only does an incredible job of hydrating, but it also firms without any pulling or tightness. I now use it just like lip balm, especially if I am at the office, which sucks the moisture out of your lips and skin. I pat it on midday, and it keeps my delicate skin from drying out and also keeps it super healthy and beautiful. I attribute my glowing, lineless, alive looking skin to many years of using Osea products!

  • My OSEA obsesssion continues.....

    Caroline August 18, 2019

    I consider myself to be a pretty skeptical user of new products. But once I try something that works, I am committed. And I am 1000% committed to many OSEA products! When I found myself in the market for an eye cream, I naturally decided to try to OSEA’s Eye & Lip Firming Cream. Like all OSEA products, this is dense but light, emollient but ultra-absorbing and has the freshest smell. I apply this cream at night around my eyes and around my mouth. yep, I am hooked.

  • Feels great

    Suzanne L. August 25, 2019

    Have just started using this product. I appreciate the fact that it’s all natural. Seems to be quite hydrating. I especially like to use it on my lips. Not just around. ON them. I’m 65 and have noticed my lips looking thinner and dry. Not a great look. Works well.

  • Damn Impressed

    Leesa K. August 29, 2019

    Since I was 50 I’ve tried every skincare line — Elemis, SkinCeuticals, etc. I’m not going to say they don’t work but they are certainly not a wow. I recently had a facial with OSEA products while on vacation in Maine. The day after facials things always seem to go back to the same old same old. But I noticed even 5 days later my face was still glowing. So when I got home I ordered a variety of OSEA products. Honestly, I’m pretty blown away. Imagine — a skincare line that actually DOES what it SAYS? This morning I woke up and my puffy eyes weren’t puffy and my lips were actually plumped up. SHOCKER!! I AM NOT A REP. I AM NOT INVOLVED WITH THIS LINE OF PRODUCTS IN ANY WAy — Just an average 60-year-old and I’m damn impressed. Keep up the good work OSEA.

  • Soft and Powerful

    Emily March 18, 2020

    I spend most of my days in the sun, and with dry skin, that is asking for harsh lines and wrinkles I had started to see. I noticed a visible difference in just 2 uses, and I’ve been using it continuously for a month and love it. It’s really soft with ingredients I can trust.

  • New Favorite!

    Addie March 18, 2020

    I first received a sample packet and then fell in love with this product! I noticed an immediate improvement around my eyes, my skin loves it, and for the first time this season, my lips are not chapped!

  • Eye and lip cream

    Lisa March 20, 2020

    I love it!!

  • Review on eye & lip firming cream

    Patricia L. April 02, 2020

    Very good

  • Superb!

    Diane July 07, 2020

    This is definitely the best eye cream I have ever used!

  • Great product

    Charmaine September 05, 2020

    I love this product. It makes my lips plump and the dark spots under my eyes are gone. Totally recommend this.

  • Love this

    Terri D. September 03, 2020

    I love this cream so much. I use it with the hyaluronic serum and it really makes a difference on my skin. No one thinks I look my age and I tell them I use OSEA products.
    Thank you for great and safe products to use on my skin

  • Fabulous

    Cheryl July 26, 2020

    I just purchased & am loving this eye cream. Super hydrating & love that it’s fragrance free! Does not irritate at all. Will be purchasing again in the future.

  • Smooth Texture, Helps with Puffy Eyes

    Taylor July 08, 2020

    I’m young and therefore can’t speak too much about the anti-aging benefits of this cream yet, but I do have to say it’s helped with my puffy, sleep-deprived eyes. It feels super smooth and moisturizing. I often get dry skin around my eyes (especially if I try and use a new skincare product that dries out my skin, like I did recently) and this cream really helps rebuild that moisture barrier and soften up my skin again.

  • Love!

    Kimberly June 26, 2020

    This stuff has been so good for my tired, just had baby #5, eyes. The longer I’m using it the brighter my eyes are looking.

  • Little Jar Worth the Money!

    Kris R. June 13, 2020

    I’m 52 and I’ve been using this product for a year now. I dab it on using my ring finger and only use it under my eyes. My $60 jar has lasted a year! I’m here to reorder. When people ask me where my wrinkles are for my age….I tell them, “No see wrinkles with Osea!” LOVE this product and company. Every product is pure and lovely.

  • Pleasant surprise

    Tarafina May 22, 2020

    I’ve been using this for a month, and have enjoyed going to sleep with it every night. Very soothing, no burning eyes.

  • I cannot live without this cream

    Megan May 19, 2020

    I wasn’t able to purchase this cream for about 6 mo when it was out of stock and I felt how big of a difference this cream made in my life. It keeps my eyes and lips hydrated and healthy. I use it day and night. This product is an irreplaceable in my beauty routine!

  • Flight attendant must!!

    Christina April 02, 2020

    This is the only eye cream I buy now. And I love that it is recommended for lips as well. It keeps me from looking like a prune after a flight or in dry climates. So moisturizing and balmy!!! But blends in and absorbs so well. I can feel and see the difference. Please never go out of stock or change formula!

  • The Best There Is!

    Cindy December 09, 2020

    This is the one cream I will not be without. My under eye area is my Achille’s heel. I am 50%2B and am always searching for a treatment that will work to reduce puffiness and lines/bags. No matter how much money I spend, I have been disappointed. Until I found Osea! I layer the serum and then the cream on top and it is divine. I’ve noticed a real difference over the year I have been using. I can feel it myself, see it in pictures and people have commented to me. A small amount goes a long way, and both the cream and serum last a long enough time that I feel the money is worth it. Simply, the best on the market!

  • Best Eye Cream!

    Maegan March 18, 2021

    I switched to Osea’s Eye Cream about 3 weeks ago and already notice a reduction in fine lines!

  • Amazing

    Juliana February 17, 2021

    Really moisturizing and diminish my eye liners, also I used on my lips before bed and it was amazing!

  • Eye love you

    Anna December 29, 2020

    Good! I am careful about any facial skin care products because I react to so many! OSEA has made products I can actually use without fear of major adverse reactions because their ingredients are so clear and purity is a priority. Eye care products particularly scare me because I’m even more sensitive there and have trouble finding products that really work. This product causes no problems and is delivering on the promises it makes. I hope to pair it with the Eye Brighting Serum to see even more amazing results!

  • LOVE

    Courtney December 22, 2020

    This is the best eye cream I have ever used. Leaves my dry dark circles and fine lines looking more full, brighter, and moisturized. Will buy this again and again.

  • Great for dry skin

    Elaine December 08, 2020

    I am 57 with very dry skin. This is the best eye cream I have ever used. I little goes a long way and worth every penny. I first put on the Essential Hydrating Oil and then the eye cream (very dry skin), when I wake up my skin looks great. I highly recommend this product.

  • Feels great on lips

    Amanda October 18, 2020

    I received this as a sample with the products I ordered. I need to use it more regularly under eyes to see if I see a difference, but it does feel great/light going on. I also just put this on my lips for the first time and it feels amazing! I’m pretty serious about chapstick, and this was instantly smoothing and hydrating.

  • Firming Eye Cream

    Becky March 28, 2021

    This was the first Osea Malibu product I ever tried. I was getting itchy eyelids with other eye creams and an organic skin care store suggested that I try the Osea line. From that point on I was hooked and have since used all of their other products. The thing I really like about this eye cream is that it is calming to delicate skin. And since I use eye makeup every day I need a natural product to make sure I don’t get flareups on my eyelids.

  • Best Eye Cream Ever

    Julie April 16, 2021

    I love this eye cream! It smells clean, is very hydrating, and the ingredients are top of the line and natural. I definitely see improvement in fine lines since I started using it.

  • One of my must have

    Mirella April 30, 2021

    I love that this cream can be used for both my under-eyes and lip. I have been using it for about half a year and I am still satisfied with it. It has not gotten rid of lines (as far as I have noticed), but it fills them in. This makes my skin and lips look brighter and firmer.

  • Great for an under-eye wake up!

    Annie November 23, 2020

    I turned 26 this summer, and I’m not sure if it is age or sun exposure but I noticed fine lines around my eyes, it happened over night! Fine lines are beautiful and must be a sign of wisdom, but I wanted to have my brightness back. Aftering reading the reviews, I took the plunge on this product and so far I’ve enjoyed it. It hasn’t dimmed my lines but has made my under eyes look more hydrated and bright. Would recomend if you need an under eye wake-up! I have sensitive skin, fair with freckles and it hasn’t irratated my skin at all. I hope this helps!

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  • Perfect

    Lorraine W. June 21, 2020

    I’m a 72 year young woman and have tried many eye cream and this one is perfect. I have dry eyes and constantly use eye drops and this cream is the best. When I put on concealer it goes on smooth and doesn’t flake like most do and stays in place. I love it.

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  • Love

    At September 10, 2019

    I’ve tried a couple different eye creams and didn’t like them. When this was recommended to me I was hesitant to try yet another eye cream but I was very pleasantly surprised by how amazing it is. I love the texture and though it’s creamy it goes on light and a little goes a long way. Also the results are fantastic.

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