Ocean Cleanser


Ocean Cleanser

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Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Acne-Clearing, Anti-Aging, Brightening, and Calming
  • Daily cleanser gently exfoliates
  • Removes surface impurities and excess oils
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
Wake up your skin and your senses.

This daily cleanser is packed with power ingredients like Seaweed, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Sesame Seed Oil to provide mineral rich hydration for the appearance of a clear, radiant complexion. The pH balanced formula is gentle enough for daily use but strong enough to remove dirt and oil, making this cleanser is one of a kind.

Apply face cleanser to damp skin and rinse with warm water. Use morning and night.


This cleanser doubles as a shaving gel for face or body. Seaweed softens skin for a close, clean shave.


About The Brand

OSEA Skincare was inspired off the coast of Malibu uniting the elements—Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere—to deliver safe, effective wellness solutions for all. A potent blend of seaweed combined with active botanicals and essential oils deliver nutrients to the skin. OSEA is clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in California.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best Face Cleanser & Makeup Remover!

    Jackie K. May 09, 2022

    I have very sensistive skin and this cleanser is amazing! It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and also I use it to remove makeup. Cannot recommend it enough!

  • I finally found THEE ONE

    Carmen March 15, 2021

    Last year I turned my lifestyle around to use more organic/natural products in both cooking as well as skin/hair care. I did my research and found the OSEA cleanser. I’ve tried it for over a year now and am absolutely in love with it! Not only does it smell great, but it’s super soft on my skin and has helped clear it up. I pair this with the Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner and Major Ursa Vitamin C moisturizer – by far my favorite skin care routine!

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  • Burned my skin!!!

    Michelle December 31, 2020

    I bought this because of the fantastic reviews. I have normal skin, a bit dry in the winter. I used it as recommended and within about 15 seconds I could feel my skin tingling. I figured it was just “working” and left it on but after about a minute my skin was literally burning!!! I’ve tried using it so many times but the same thing just happens. So disappointing.

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  • Love but is it really working ?

    Jill B. August 26, 2020

    Smells fantastic and I do love how it feels going on my skin. I’m not sure how much it really helps my skin because I’ve been using it for more than half a year but it more makes it feel clean, which is nice. I think using a seperate product for acne spot treatment is the way to go. The Indie Lee Blemish Lotion is what I use for spot treatment and so far it’s been working great!!

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  • Good, but not great.

    Maddie R. July 13, 2020

    I liked this cleanser (it smells so good, kind of like sour lime candy, yet natural). I used up my sample size pretty quickly. It’s not my most favorite cleanser, but a solid 4/5.

  • Not Tough on Acne

    Kate July 11, 2020

    I think this product would be much better suited for those that don’t suffer very much from acne. I can get cystic acne on my cheeks and this product did not help keep that at bay. Also, I started to get whiteheads on my cheeks when using this product. If you have oily and acne prone skin I would recommend something different! Smells so good though.

  • Great product

    Riza J. July 11, 2020

    Overall I like this cleanser. It smells and feels great but I haven’t noticed any significant changes. I’m reshifting my focus to my diet and nutrition before I decide to switch cleansers.

  • did not work for me, too harsh for my skin

    Molly May 19, 2020

    I really wanted to love this product but for some reason, it was too harsh for my skin! I have combination, acne-prone skin that is usually not sensitive but had a bad reaction to this. I’m sure it’s a great cleanser for some; my biggest recommendation is to buy the sample size because it is so expensive!

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  • love!

    Mary C. May 17, 2020

    I’m on my third bottle. This face was gets off makeup and sunscreen but never leaves my face feeling dry or tight. It’s magic!

  • Lives up to the hype

    Jasmine T. April 28, 2020

    This is one of my favorite cleansers. I love how gentle and creamy it is. This does not foam up or strip my skin. It doesn’t leave behind a film or residue unlike other creamy cleansers. This is a perfect second cleanse. This has helped me with my acne as well as evening out my complexion. My skin always looks great after use. I highly recommend this product and will definitely repurchase!

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  • Go ahead and buy the big one

    Caitlin April 09, 2020

    This is my favorite face wash I’ve ever used. It has the most amazing refreshing smell, and leaves my skin feeling cleaner than any other wash I’ve used before, but at the same time not stripping it dry. I have combination skin, and it works perfectly for me!

  • Just Good

    Courtney P. April 08, 2020

    I bought this product having pretty bad acne, and hoping to turn to this as a natural solution. I never expect a cleanser or even a moisturizer alone to treat major skin problems. I really do like the smell of it and the very light exfoliating feel. It definitely didn’t break me out more, but I did not see any great improvements. My skin did feel refreshed and clean after using, but like I keep reiterating there is just no longterm skin benefit that I am seeing.

    If you are debating on trying this product, I’d say it is worth a shot if you can afford the high price point! It did not add to my hormonal/cystic acne so I do think it personally gave me any more acne. Just a good product but I didn’t see enough results to rate it higher.

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  • Amazing Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

    Fatima M. April 04, 2020

    I think this is the perfect cleanser for sensitive skin. Leaves the skin nice and smooth without any irritation.

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  • Best Facewash!

    Shayda March 29, 2020

    This is the best cleanser I have ever tried and this is my second time buying it. It gently cleanses your face without leaving it dry like other cleansers. Bonus, it also smells lovely and the color is so pretty!

  • Expensive but works

    Katrina March 02, 2020

    I use it in a night time routine and it takes off all my make up (granted most of it is non “conventional” makeup). Hasn’t dried out my skin, and has a pleasant smell. Glass bottle is nice but price will definitely give sticker shock. Will keep using until I can find a cheaper similar alternative.

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  • As Good As Reported

    Tamara F. February 10, 2020

    I’d been wanting to try this cleanser after hearing so many good things. It is just as I’d hoped, and more. My skin feels so clean with this, but also firmer and really healthy. Really, really pleased!

  • Game changer!

    Alice R. January 27, 2020

    Never thought a cleanser could have such a significant impact on my skin. I wasn’t even necessarily in the market for a new cleanser but after hearing reviews, I had to splurge. It smells great, feels nice on, and leaves my skin clean but not stripped. I also think it has minimized the look of my pores and left my skin glowing. highly recommend!!!!

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  • great cleanser

    Maggie H. January 16, 2020

    I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks and I’ve loved the results so far! It’s very mild and a little goes a long way. My skin feels refreshed but not stripped after use and I’ve seen a decrease in my acne.

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  • Great cleanser!

    Spencer C. January 09, 2020

    Before this product I was using the oil cleansing method with just some Jojoba Oil but I started noticing that it wasn’t doing quite enough for my skin, especially since I wear makeup about 5 days a week. I use this cleanser each night to remove makeup and impurties and still oil cleanse in the mornings.
    I loved the smell of this product instantly, very bright and refreshing, while washing you can definitely get a hint of algea but I don’t mind. I have very acne prone/combination skin and am always terrified to try something new. This didn’t break me out at all and seems to be helping soothe areas of irritation as well as improve the texture of my skin. I’ve used it for a little over a month and am very happy with my purchase.

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  • love this cleanser

    Ally T. December 18, 2019

    this cleanser is glorious. It smells incredible. it leaves my skin clean but not squeaky and stripped. it removes my makeup well but I should clarify that I don’t wear a ton of makeup and the mascara I use isn’t waterproof or “hard” to remove. I use it with my Clarisonic and it works great for me!

  • This is everything for cystic acne

    Jennifer December 12, 2019

    I’ve battled cystic acne (anywhere from dime to nickle size, painful breakouts) for years. This is truly the first cleanser that has calmed my skin and actually made it look healthy. I still battle with my hormonal acne, but that is much less worriesome (and painful) than cystic. It’s got a great sent, never burns, and actually improves the vibrancy of my skin. I’ve gone through three bottles now and am 100% sold.

  • Great quality for an affordable price

    Meghan T. December 11, 2019

    I was looking to switch my nightly cleanser, but I really couldn’t spend more than $50. I was worried I would sacrifice a lot of quality with this constraint, but this cleanser exceeded expectations. After using it every night for a few weeks now my skin is better than its ever been. Plus, as someone who hates powerful scents, I appreciate the subtle fresh smell this cleanser leaves behind. I’m a total OSEA convert now.

  • perfection. Calming. The works. The fresh scent is exhilarating.

    Maryjayne M. December 02, 2019


  • Refreshing and clean!

    Stephanie L. November 13, 2019

    I recently switched over all of the products in my face routine to be clean and I have been loving this cleanser. I love the smell and feel like my face is getting truely clean. It’s very refreshing and I plan on reordering!

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  • Love this cleanser

    Connie S. October 26, 2019

    This cleanser helps to keep my face from breakouts. It is moisturizing and continues to keep my skin clear and vibrant. Cleans my skin and is refreshing. One of the best I have used.

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  • Love this cleanser!

    Lauren D. October 04, 2019

    Was recommended to me at an event in-store, and I’ve loved it. It’s a little slippery when you wash your face with it, but smells lovely and leave your face hydrated.

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  • Love this cleanser

    Lauren October 04, 2019

    It smells really refreshing. When I switched from my old neutrogena face wash, my skin felt softer and I noticed the amount & size of my below the skin bumps / irritation really decreased. ONLY downside is the travel size is almost as expensive as the big size (!) so traveling with it can be a pain, but I love it so much it’s actually worth it.

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  • Great cleanser

    Jennifer H. September 29, 2019

    Love the way this cleanser makes my skin feel. It isn’t oily but yet it also doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out.

  • Great for acne prone skin

    Danica B. September 26, 2019

    Previous to this, I was using the Josh Rosebrook cleanser. While I did love this product and the hydration it gave my skin, it did nothing for acne flare ups. This product tho….oh boy it does wonders for my acne. No it doesn’t clear it up completely but I have seen a significant change in how long my acne lasts, as well as the smoothness of my skin. Just bought the big bottle and I can’t wait for it to get here.

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    Paige September 24, 2019

    I never really write reviews but this cleanser has literally changed my skin. I tried a sample of it and after about a week I fell in love. It’s kind of expensive so I was hesitant at first, but after trying the sample I realized it’s definitely worth it! I’ve been struggling with breakouts for a while now and the moment I started using this cleanser my face has been SO CLEAR. I’ve never experienced such obvious results from a skin care product before. I’m in loveeee!!

  • Great for non oily acne prone skin

    Arielle September 17, 2019

    As someone with acne prone skin that DOES NOT have oily skin, I’m always looking for a good cleanser the feels like it’s actually cleansing my skin without drying it out. This cleanser does exactly that. It feels refreshing, gentle, and cleansing without making my skin feel stripped or dried out. And the lime scent is delightful.

  • Luxury Cleanser

    Ashley T. September 14, 2019

    I’ve tried this before in a sample size & fell in love, but just couldn’t see myself paying $50, BUT I’m learning that sometimes its worth it to invest in skincare that actually works. Esp when most of the ingredients are derived from the ocean. This cleanser feels & looks luxe. The packaging is a gorgeous glass bottle with minimal branding which I love. It looks lovely on my bathroom counter. The cleanser makes me feel like I’m getting a spa facial each time I use it. It’s lightly fragrant, gel like consistency, and I notice a difference in my blemishes & less oily t-zone. Please, if you wanna try a more green non-toxic cleanser, the money is worth it & they have a great back story. I truly love Osea products.

  • big yes!

    Courtney R. September 12, 2019

    this cleanser makes washing your face an absolute delight. my face feels super clean after, but not tight or dry. plus it smells amazing. i still get a blemish or two from time to time, but for the most part it keeps my skin looking really good and even. love it love it love it!

  • I love it!!!

    Karla N. September 10, 2019

    I have very oily skin. I’ve tried many, many, many products and I’m so happy I’ve found something that work so amazing for my skin. Other products I’ve tried they dry my skin so bad or sometimes make it even more oily. I also love the fact that it is so natural and VEGAN! I love Follan skincare products!


    Lauren T. September 07, 2019

    I. LOVE. THIS. PRODUCT. I received it for the first time in Follain’s sample pack. I purchased a full size bottle immediately after my sample size was gone. Unlike a lot of face washes that I’ve tried (natural and clean, and unnatural and full of chemicals), Osea’s Ocean Cleanser leaves my face feeling light, clean, and SMOOTH. Not a lot of face washes leave my face actually feeling smooth. I have sensitive skin (not necessarily breakout sensitive, more so, skin turns into fire, sensitive), and this face wash is gentle enough to use on a baby’s face. I’ve even converted my boyfriend (who is very very picky on what he puts on his face) to using this!! Can’t preach this stuff enough.

  • Love!

    Sean August 02, 2019

    Love the smell and feel of this cleanser. It definitely leaves your face feeling super clean afterwards. It’s lightweight and leaves your face feeling fresh. Would recommend.

  • Wonderful

    Allison M. July 28, 2019

    I am in love with this Cleanser. I love how it lightly exfoliates my skin. I tend to have dry skin and this helps a lot. Very clean and refreshing feel. My face doesn’t feel dried out after using either. I use this in combination with the squaline oil and it’s great.

  • Creamy yet light

    Katie H. July 26, 2019

    This cleanser is what I have always been looking for. Creamy, yet light, does not dry out my skin. I am in love with the smell. Even the bottle is nice!

  • TRY IT NOW. best cleanser ever

    Brooke July 22, 2019

    This natural exfoliates and all my acne is GONE. This product is magic. I only use a pea size amount and massage it into my face for a minute and works so well. So worth the money which I can’t believe I’m saying because I am in college with a low budget. This is worth it. Will repurchase over and over!

  • Transformational!

    Blake July 15, 2019

    Osea’s ocean cleanser has completely transformed my skin!

  • great summer cleanser

    Mary T. July 13, 2019

    Wonderful smell, gentle but really cleans. My skin feels refreshed.

  • Smoothed out my skin

    Lauren K. June 29, 2019

    This product did wonders for my face! The gentle cleansing left my skin smoother and more matte throughout the day. I use it with the Osea Blemish Balm for the perfect power team on my skin. I would recommend this product to anyone searching for a non-toxic facial cleanser – plus it smells amazing!

  • Loved it but expensive

    Jennifer H. June 25, 2019

    Loved this cleanser! It was gentle yet didn’t leave an oily residue like some milky cleanser.

  • My holy grail cleanser

    Meredith June 24, 2019

    I don’t know how I lived before I started using this cleanser. It’s the best I’ve ever tried and I even have my husband using it.


    Kaitlin D. June 24, 2019

    I didn’t think there was s product out there that could exfoliate while being so soft on my skin. This stuff is like finding gold and I’m hooked. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin and it exfoliates. Plus when I’m done my face feels refreshed and moisturized instead of dry like so many other products I’ve tried. I highly suggest trying it!

  • I like it

    Rynique L. June 18, 2019

    After the first wash my skin felt very soft and smooth. I love the light scent of the product as stronger cleansers (peppermint) have been too strong and drying in the past. I will be ordering the larger sized bottle soon. *Such a cute glass bottle

  • Wonderful cleanser

    Nicole B. June 10, 2019

    I love this cleanser! It smells so citrusy and refreshing. It leaves my skin looking fresh and does a great job removing makeup.

  • Oh My Gosh...The Smell!

    Ava B. June 10, 2019

    It smells absolutely wonderful!!! It makes your shower experience so pleasant and does a good job getting off all of your sunblock. It does not lather if that is what you enjoy…but I love it because it doesn’t strip my skin of its natural oils. I rotate between this and Osea’s Ocean Cleansing Mudd.

  • Deep clean

    Natalie D. May 27, 2019

    Very thorough clean without stripping your skin. Great for cleaning larger pores and detoxifying the skin during the summer months!

  • Drying

    Ekaterina L. May 23, 2019

    I really wanted to like it. But unfortunately it dried my skin, dehydrated it completely. I looked 10 years older after I used it. I don’t think it cleans well an also left my pores open.

  • Did Not really like this cleanser

    Kelly G. May 22, 2019

    Every time I used this product, my face broke out. When I stopped using this cleanser, my face cleared up. I’m glad i only purchased the smaller size.

  • The best cleanser I've ever owned

    Jennifer M. May 13, 2019

    My skin is so temperamental. It’s dry one day, oily the next, always breaking out… this is the first cleanser I’ve ever owned that has actually helped my skin clear up!! I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Awesome

    Vanessa M. May 05, 2019

    I am so pleased with this cleanser! Leaves your face clean and fresh.

  • Treat yourself!!

    Cara C. April 29, 2019

    My new favorite cleanser!!!! This truly leaves my skin feeling so refreshed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a skincare routine without this product. Great for morning and nighttime routine.

  • Favorite Cleanser

    Colleen D. April 28, 2019

    I absolutely love this cleanser! The smell is amazing and it’s gentle yet removes makeup. I couldn’t recommend this product enough and look forward to using it every morning and night.

  • Game changer

    Katie P. April 27, 2019

    I haven’t found a good cleaner I loved for several years and this has changed the complexion of my skin. I very rarely break out anymore and it feels so much smoother now. Love the smell and everything about this product! Highly recommend.

  • Mrs.

    Joy C. April 24, 2019

    This cleanser really balanced my hormonal/ combination skin. I have tried so many different products and this is the only thing that worked to clear my skin. I don’t ever want to run out of it!

  • 4.5 stars

    Erin J. April 18, 2019

    Love. love. love. Smells amazing and i love the gel like texture. Cleans ALL my make up off in one wash. My one and only con is i have to immediately hydrate after if i wait too long my skin starts to get tight. Definitely will be reordering!!!

  • Love it!!

    Tania April 17, 2019

    I absolutely love this cleanser. I love how it feels on my skin, I love the smell, and the glass bottles it comes in. I’m on my second bottle. I’m prone to dry skin and I don’t find it moisturizes but it doesn’t dry me out either. I love it.

  • Great product!

    Kaitlin B. April 15, 2019

    I originally tried the sample size of this product and ended up buying the full-size one right away. I love the smell, and it seems to have a light exfoliating effect for my skin. The bottle is beautiful and looks great in the bathroom!

  • Pretty good

    At April 14, 2019

    I didn’t like it at first, felt like my skin was burning. But after a week I love it. It feels fresh and cleanses very well.

  • Favorite Cleanser

    Kristen W. April 11, 2019

    This cleanser is my favorite cleanser. It leaves my sensitive & combo skin feeling fresh and clean and leaves me free from breakouts. It also very so gently exfoliates, which leaves me with glowing skin. This is by far my favorite cleanser.

  • The only facial cleanser I'll use now!

    Jill C. April 11, 2019

    I love this cleanser, it is gentle but still leaves my skin feeling really clean. This cleanser also smells amazing, gets all the makeup off and soothes my sensitive skin.

  • LOVE!

    Sarah E. April 04, 2019

    I have been oil cleansing for a while and didn’t feel the need to change, but when I tried this cleanser through the Follain starter kit, I fell in love! The scent is so refreshing and I feel like it cleanses really well without leaving my skin stripped. I’m planning to buy a full size bottle when my sample runs out!

  • Love it

    Sarah March 30, 2019

    Great cleanser

  • Excellent Scent and Excellent Product

    Noah M. March 20, 2019

    This ocean cleanser smells like flowers and the beach or something like cucumber. I’m not sure how to describe the scent, but I love it. I’ve been using this for the past 2 months and I love how it tightens my skin but doesn’t make it dry. The formula is very light to the touch but doesn’t just vanish once its on the skin like other cleansers; I can still feel the product as I work it into my skin. A little goes a long way with this product and I’m thankful for that because I was worried about how long it would last when I initially bought it. I definitely recommend this product to someone who wants a high-quality, vegan, ethical, and effective cleanser!

  • Love the product

    Amber March 13, 2019

    I love this product I got the 1 oz one and I am planing on buying the bigger one once I run out. I really love the smell as well. It kinda reminds me of a skittle and starburst mix.

  • love OSEA

    Jaana S. March 05, 2019

    I love this as a second cleanser at night. it’s very gentle and not over drying. two pumps is usually enough and it lasts me several months. the scent is lovely if you don’t mind lime. if i get it too close to my eyes it seems to make my eyes water, otherwise i really enjoy this product and have repurchased it a few times.

  • Unexpextedly loving it

    Julie S. February 26, 2019

    First of all, the bottle is so luxe. It’s frosted glass with a pump. Keep that in mind if you’re going to keep it in the shower on a shelf. The smell is an intense citrus lime…think lemonhead candies. It has really grown on me. It has a soft exfoliating grit to it and definitely tingles but my dry and sensitive skin has never been irritated by it.

  • my skin when applying/. Would not recommend for dry sensitive skin

    Andrea O. February 18, 2019

    I think the sea salt is too harsh for Dry sensitive skin. Every time I would apply this cleanser it would have a stinging sensation. It was Not pleasant. The smell was amazing though!

  • A great product but....

    Linda February 18, 2019

    I think this cleanser is great however they have to find a better system for the pump because I had 3 of these and each time the pump stops working after just a few days and gets clogged from the small cleansing particles. Then I have to “dig” out the cleanser … super frustrating

  • Amazing

    Krystyna G. February 16, 2019

    This is so gentle on my skin. I always thought that a cleanser needed to dry out my skin or foam to think it was working andbthis does neither. I love it. It leaves my face hydrated and soft.

  • Great face wash

    Emily February 04, 2019

    Got the sampler of this and ended up buying the full size. It has been great.

  • LOVE

    Amy Y. January 30, 2019

    I really love this cleanser. I’ve noticed significant improvement in the clarity of my skin. The smell is INCREDIBLE. It’s the kind of smell you can only get from essential oils, not artificial fragrance. I do get a slight burning sensation on my cheekbone area, but for some reason I am super sensitive right there. It’s definitely tolerable and I will continue using and will repurchase this cleanser for sure. I am slightly on the oilier side of combination and it really makes my skin feel clean but not stripped. In fact it really cleans amazingly well.

  • Super soothing but still slightly dry after the shower

    Leah R. January 24, 2019

    I love the way my skin is clear and my pores are clean and small, but I still feel a bit dry getting out of the shower after using this. (But that is where the amazing toner and recovery cream comes in) Plus how gorgeous is the bottle in your shower!

  • No more flaky skin1

    Laura W. January 24, 2019

    The inevitable aging skin changes are all happening to me! I recently started having very dry, flaking skin on my nose and around my mouth. I tried using more moisturizer and a chemical exfoliator but it just got worse. My daughters gave me a Follain Clean Essentials Kit with Osea Cleanser and an exfoliating washcloth for Christmas and I am delighted with them! I also use Josh Rosebrook Hyration Accelerator spray before my nighttime moisturizer and the difference is amazing.The flaking skin is gone! The cleanser is very mild and doesn’t feel irritating. I think the cleansing cloth is a much better way to exfoliate. If a mechanical method can do the same or better than a product I’m all for it!!

  • Skin saver love love love

    Jessica G. January 18, 2019

    I love this cleanser! Smells so good, cleans well and doesn’t irritate my skin; which is an issue I’ve experienced upon my search for a good cleanser! I follow up with some cerava nighttime lotion and a few drops of the Indie Lee squalane oil and i wake up with perfectly hydrated, but not oily, skin. I’ve gotten so many compliments that I’m “glowing” !!! Not a word often heard in reference to my skin haha.

  • Wanted to love it but...

    Katie B. January 13, 2019

    Wanted to love this product because I love the smell and I’ve heard so many good things but I found it to be very drying on my combination skin. Maybe it would be better for me to use in the summer months. I’ll hold onto the product and try it again in the summer!

  • Love this cleanser!!!

    Megan R. January 07, 2019

    My skin started clearing up as soon as I started using this stuff! Smells really nice and makes my skin feel clean and removes makeup well without my skin feeling dry and stripped of its natural oils. This is my new holy grail product!

  • Hooked!

    Emily O. January 06, 2019

    I have tried countless brands and products – this is the best face wash I have ever used! After only 10 days and my skin looks better than it has in years.

  • I love OSEA

    Amy D. January 05, 2019

    This is just one more of this companies products that I love. I love the ingredients and how good it makes my skin look and feel

  • My skin says thank you

    Kortney P. January 04, 2019

    This cleanser is gentle, but still takes off all my makeup. I have a really oily t zone, but it doesn’t strip my skin. Love this and will probably buy a full version of it once I run out.

  • Amazing scent, texture, and results

    Julie V. January 03, 2019

    This cleanser smells amazing. I’ve never been one to was my face multiple times a day, but look forward to it with this product. It gently removes makeup and is not greasy. It leaves my skin feeling pillow soft. This magical product creates a refreshing experience every time.

  • pretty good!

    Cameron J. December 30, 2018

    This cleanser smells nice and overall makes your skin feel pretty smooth after using it just once. It doesn’t lather but I’m sure that’s because it’s all natural ingredients. I recommend that you don’t use this with a spin brush because it can feel a bit too harsh.

  • My go to cleanser

    Jennie R. December 30, 2018

    I have been using this product from Osea for 5+ years. A makeup artist introduced me to the brand years ago, and when I tried out their items, my skin completely changed for the better. If you are nervous about trying this one out, I would recommend getting this smaller container of it to see if you like it. This cleanser is awesome with removing makeup especially in the shower as well. I fully trust the ingredients in this, and know that I am not putting terrible chemicals into my skin that will either make my skin breakout, irritate my eyes, or just harm my body in general. There are so many cleansers on the market that are literal poison for your body, and if you are looking to start switching over to organic skincare, try this one out first. It also smells like you are at a spa!

  • My new fave cleanser!

    Alicia C. December 29, 2018

    So thankful that follain does the clean essentials kit other wise I might never have tried this! I got this in the kit and instantly fell in love with it. It melts away all my makeup including stubborn eye makeup and feels so refreshing! I also bought my teenage daughter her own because she kept stealing mine:)

  • Good cleanser

    Sheri M. December 29, 2018

    Liked that this product didn’t contain harsh chemicals. Scent was subtle.

  • Brightening, Amazing Smell

    Sophia R. December 28, 2018

    I got this in the Follain starter-kit and fell totally in love. It smells bright and delicious, the texture is great. Doesn’t strip my combination skin of hydration but also helped with breakouts. It’s a little pricier, but worthwhile if you can afford it.

  • True To Its Word ...

    Kaitlyn K. December 24, 2018

    Follain markets this cleanser as one that will clear up acne in seven days, and that is exactly what it did. I have struggled with stubborn acne since high school and at this point have tried every wash, serum, and prescription medication imaginable. I have combination type skin, which is also fairly sensitive and I constantly struggle with acheiving balance. Adding to this, I often work 24-26 hour call shifts away from home, which wreaks havoc on my skin about once per week. I tried Follain’s (Osea cleanser, IL CoQ toner, Golden Hour moisturizer) combination kit about a month ago and I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skins clarity and oil balance. I’m still getting some minor breakouts, but most of my acne is now very superficial and clears in a day of two. I attribute this primarily to the cleanser. It keeps my skin fresh and balanced for twelve hours or more during my call shifts. All three products are great, and I’ll be a returning customer no question!

  • No allergies!

    Kolina G. December 22, 2018

    I usually have bad allergies when it comes to skin care products so I only bought the travel kit just to try it. But I didn’t have a reaction at all! It also has this amazing citrus smell. And my skin felt so soft after using Osea. I know as soon as I start to get low I’m going to buy some more!

  • So light and citrusy!

    Rita W. December 20, 2018

    I’m in search of a new clean cleanser – so I had heard good things about OSEA and wanted to try. Its been about 2 weeks and so far my skin is loving it. Its super light, leaves my skin feeling clean and bright, and the smell is amazing.

  • A Must Buy!!

    Jessica M. December 20, 2018

    This is one of the first cleansers I’ve used that I’ve truly noticed a difference in my skin. I first tried it in the essentials travel kit and immediately purchased the full size. It’s incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin. 11/10 recommend!

  • Yes for big bottle sizes!

    Yana Y. December 20, 2018

    I tried this in the sample and knew right away I’d need a bigger bottle size of this. Let your skin feel the clean and tingle and then give a glow that is so lovely

  • Thanks!

    Ellie V. December 15, 2018

    I’ve always had acne and this gentle face wash allowed me to go without make up for the first time in many years. While quite a bit more expensive than anything I’ve bought before, it is clearing my skin and allowing me to not buy other products because I don’t need them! Thanks!

  • Couldn’t Be Happier

    Danielle B. December 15, 2018

    Prior to this I was using the Tata Harper wash, but decided to try this when I ran out. I live in CO and have trouble keeping my skin hydrated enough-especially in winter which tends to result in flaky and acne prone skin. I’m so glad I tried this! My face isn’t as dry and my skin has cleared up in the couple of weeks that I’ve used it. Plus, the smell is calming and pleasant, and as side bonus- it’s half the price of the Tata Harper. I’ll definitely be looking at some of OSEA’s other products.

  • Couldn’t Be Happier

    Danielle B. December 15, 2018

    Prior to this I was using the Tata Harper wash, but decided to try this when I ran out. I live in CO and have trouble keeping my skin hydrated enough-especially in winter which tends to result in flaky and acne prone skin. I’m so glad I tried this! My face isn’t as dry and my skin has cleared up in the couple of weeks that I’ve used it. Plus, the smell is calming and pleasant, and as side bonus- it’s half the price of the Tata Harper. I’ll definitely be looking at some of OSEA’s other products.

  • Love this cleanser!

    Anna P. December 14, 2018

    I have combination skin but still get dry. This cleanser smells so good and works well. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it is a pleasure to use. I highly recommend it!


    Zia W. December 13, 2018

    I love this cleanser! I’ve been looking for a quality all natural cleanser and this is it. It’s so refreshing and smells really good. After use my face feels so soft and smooth. I usually have monthly breakouts and with this my face has been clear. I highly recommend!


    Zia W. December 13, 2018

    I love this cleanser! I’ve been looking for a quality all natural cleanser and this is it. It’s so refreshing and smells really good. After use my face feels so soft and smooth. I usually have monthly breakouts and with this my face has been clear. I highly recommend!

  • Hands down favorite cleanser ever

    Kristin E. December 13, 2018

    This is hands down my favorite cleanser I’ve ever used. Not just because it’s clean, I’ve tried them all. 1. Holy value – a lot of product for price 2. Gentle everyday exfoliation 3. It smells SO good. It’s light and refreshing and the absolute perfect way to start your morning. 4. Packaging is beautiful (bonus points) You will not be disappointed

  • Amazing Cleanser!

    Joann S. December 12, 2018

    Love love love!

  • A Truly Valued Product

    Erika O. December 12, 2018

    The Osea Ocean Cleanser, which I first sampled in the Clean Beauty Essentials Kit, has proven to be a true gem in my skincare routine. I love the soft and refreshing texture, and I would describe it as a light gel with a soft, herby scent. My only gripe with this product is that it does not completely remove my eye-makeup, but this can be easily solved through double cleansing. I would highly recommend this cleanser to anyone who would like their face to feel soft, fresh, and hydrated after cleansing.

  • Perfect winter cleanser

    Avneet S. December 11, 2018

    I’ve been looking for a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin but still degunks and removes make-up reasonably well. I was going through a bunch of recommendations when I remembered getting the travel size ocean cleanser in my follain clean beauty starter bag last year. I had used it while visiting New Delhi, or, pollution and grime central, and still having none of my usual winter drying and peeling. So, I decided to purchase it again, full size. I’ve been using it for a week and love how soft and hydrated my skin feels after I use the cleanser…especially since it doesn’t leave a trace of my tinted sunscreen behind!

  • My Go-To and Only Cleanser

    Aiko L. December 11, 2018

    This cleanser is the only cleanser I’ve ever used that has left my skin feeling like my own (not too dry, not too tight) but also very clean. I look forward to the end of the day when I can wash my face with it!

  • Refreshing

    Alicia C. December 11, 2018

    Love it! I use Osea Ocean Cleanser generally in warmer months when the Osea Milk Cleanser isn’t enough to get the sunscreen + sweat + make-up off my skin. The fresh scent is pleasant and not at all overwhelming; smells like ingredients rather than additional fragrance.

  • Beautiful Clean Cleanser

    Sarah A. December 11, 2018

    Love this cleanser! Does a lovely job of removing makeup and gently cleansing the skin without any yucky ingredients. Leaves my oily/acne prone skin balanced and fresh.

  • refreshing soothing wash

    Jessica Z. December 11, 2018

    This is my first time using this face wash and I love it. It is refreshing and not drying at all. Perfect for all seasons.

  • Kalyn J. December 11, 2018
  • Great exfoliating cleanser

    Alexis M. December 11, 2018

    I love this cleanser! It exfoliates without being too harsh. My skin gets pretty dry in the winter but this doesn’t dry it out. It smells good and has a nice texture. I’ve been looking for a good cleanser for a while and I will buy this again!

  • Smells great

    Anne C. December 11, 2018

    I enjoy this face wash. I will say it’s best when your hands and face are dry- which can be a challenge if you wash your face in the shower. The only problem I have is that the pump is inefficient at getting all of the product out of the bottle, and for such a pricey cleanser I want to make sure to use it all!

  • Soothing cleanser

    Julia Z. December 10, 2018

    This is my first time using this product and it makes my skin feel clean and soft. Great face wash!

  • Best cleanser I’ve ever used!

    Krissy L. December 09, 2018

    This is the best cleanser I have ever used! It leaves my skin so soft and feels so clean. I have acne prone skin, so I am always skeptical on trying new products. I’m so glad I gave it a try. This one has not disappointed!

  • Great face wash

    Nicole W. December 05, 2018

    I use this face wash every day and really like it.

  • Fresh and clean

    Emma G. December 04, 2018

    Skin feels fresh and clean after using, without drying out my face. Also love the smell!

  • An absolute god damm delight

    Emily N. December 04, 2018

    I am in love with this product. It smells amazing and refreshing and it feels so nice on my skin. After only using it for a week I can already see a huge difference. My face should be breaking out right now like it usually does around this time in my monthly cycle, but it’s not! I can’t believe it! After dealing with acne for so many years it’s like a miracle to find something that actually works for once! And I’m even happier that it’s vegan! Using this cleanser is an absolute god damn delight.

  • amazing

    Keeley A. December 04, 2018

    smells fresh and clean, feels like exfoliating when you use it, its just amazing!

  • Saved my oily face

    Stephanie C. December 01, 2018

    I’ve had some really crazy skin issues the past 6 months, mainly of the hormonal kind. I always had combination oily skin, but lately I felt like a grease ball all of the time. This cleanser really helped me get the oil under control. It helped my skin regulate the oil production to more of a regular amount. My skin can be somewhat sensitive and using this wash twice a day was too much for me. My skin really dried out too much using it twice daily, but it works perfectly taking my makeup off at night! This is why I gave it 4 stars.

  • Feels great

    Beth J. December 01, 2018

    I like the way it tingles and feels along with the toner and moisturizer.

  • Amazing!

    Heather S. December 01, 2018

    Its always been hard to find a good cleanser for combo skin. This. Is. It. Your skin will love you for this!

  • Tingly must have!

    Samantha F. November 27, 2018

    I have always had the toughest time finding a cleanser for my face since I was a young teen. This has been one of the best products I have ever found and will continue to use. I use it twice daily and it leaves my skin feeling the cleanest without feeling dried out. It tingles as I use it, which is a great indicator of how it’s working. Love it! Smells wondeful and the texture is silky.

  • Helped my acne prone skin!

    Allison K. November 25, 2018

    I stick to what I know because my skin is very sensitive. After years of acne struggles and using harsh products, I researched clean products and came across Follain who directed me in the right direction. This product is gentle on my skin, brightening, and moisturizing. After 2 weeks I have seen a difference. Forever my dash wash!

  • Helped my acne prone skin!

    Allison K. November 25, 2018

    I stick to what I know because my skin is very sensitive. After years of acne struggles and using harsh products, I researched clean products and came across Follain who directed me in the right direction. This product is gentle on my skin, brightening, and moisturizing. After 2 weeks I have seen a difference. Forever my dash wash!

  • Gentle and effective cleanser

    Jaqueline November 19, 2018

    I really love this cleanser. It is mild and does not dry out my skin while being effective in taking off makeup and cleansing the skin. It has a nice mild and fresh scent too.

  • Absolutely fabulous!

    Stefanie H. November 19, 2018

    I ABSOLUTELY love this product! I do crossfit 4 times a week and my face is usually sweaty and grimy after a workout. The Ocean Cleaner cuts through it all and leaves my skin clean, soft and smooth. I love the smell and how my face feels after showering!

  • Good Cleanser

    Sidney P. November 16, 2018

    I like how this smells and it takes make up off without dryness, which is nice. I have sensitive skin so it feels a little tingly sometimes, but nothing too intense and it doesn’t make me break out.

  • So Happy

    Jackie Y. November 16, 2018

    Beautiful product that smells amazing and leaves my face feeling so smooth and my skin nourished. It has helped clear my acne too!

  • Delightful

    Kristen L. November 16, 2018

    The cleanser was a wonderful addition to my morning routine. It’s not overly sudsy or heavy and it smells delightful. It left my face feeling clean and moisturized.

  • Amazing

    Noelle November 15, 2018

    So far my favorite cleanser I’ve ever used. Feels like I’m getting the same results as what I get from the actual ocean! I love how the ocean heals my skin naturally. And that’s how I feel like osea works for my skin too.

  • Amazing !!!

    Emily D. November 14, 2018

    Love this cleanser so much. Makes my skin bright and glowy. Very fresh feeling and scent, and has helped my acne !

  • Great and smells like the ocean!

    Christina C. November 13, 2018

    I tried so many face cleansers and they all made my face irritated or red. This cleanser is so smooth and my face looks completely clear after using it. I only use Follian now because my skin has drastically improved.

  • Detox for my skin!

    Ellyana M. November 09, 2018

    I love using the ocean cleaser after my oil cleanser as my second step in the double clease! This cleanser has a slight grit to it so I feel like my face gets a gentle exfoliation. The lime in the product is so soothing and also hydrating for my face. I will contine to use this every morning! Makes me foundation apply flawlessly.

  • wonderful gentle cleanser

    Jenna S. November 09, 2018

    This is my second time purchasing this cleanser, and at this point I’m not sure I could switch to using anything else. It is very gentle on my super sensitive skin, but still cleanses effectively and doesn’t leave me feeling overly dry or as if I haven’t even washed my face. Love it.

  • Beyond

    Kate R. November 09, 2018

    I never want this magic potion to end. It’s the most delish, luxury spa smell ever to go up my nose (mysteriously reminiscent of the ocean!) + it gets the makeup off without drying out my already parched face. I’d give it 6 stars if the bottle were bottomless.

  • Best cleanser :)

    Kelly H. November 08, 2018

    Cleans your face, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated. Cleared my acne prone skin. Love this stuff. It also smells delicious.

  • Fresh and smooth

    Molly H. October 28, 2018

    Love, leaves my skin even toned and not too dry. I rub this in a bit longer than other cleaners because I feel like it’s really doing something

  • Glowyglowyglowy!

    Cadence W. October 22, 2018

    I love this cleanser so much. It is so soft and smooth and I feel like I can seriously see a difference immediately. For some reason the smell kind of reminds me of a jawbreaker…? I don’t know, but I like it.

  • Wow!

    Alison W. October 18, 2018

    In love with OSEA products. Ever since I started using them I haven’t broken out in 3 months! Must have!

  • Love this face wash

    Kiara H. October 17, 2018

    I have struggled with my skin for years now and I have had a hard time finding a face wash that makes my face feels clean but doesn’t cause me to break out and this is the first one that I have found that I absolutely love!

  • Brighter skin!

    Elisabeth A. October 17, 2018

    I got this in the Follain kit and fell in love immediately. I use this at night after taking my make up off. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It has a tiny bit of exfoliation in it which I love and I noticed after one use how much brighter my skin looks the next day. Will buy again!

  • Love this!!!

    Taylor M. October 14, 2018

    This cleanser is great!! Cleans my face while gently exfoliating and feels so fresh and clean after!!!

  • Wonderful

    Bianca T. October 12, 2018

    Great cleanser. My skin feels clean and soft without feeling stripped !

  • So gentle.

    Lisa C. October 11, 2018

    I love this face wash. It’s so gentle and cleans well without drying out my skin. It’s divine, especially for the upcoming dry winter months.

  • More power needed

    Sara S. October 10, 2018

    I love this cleanser! My skin feels very healthy, clean and refreshed after I wash in the morning. After a long day I find I need a bit more out of my cleanser. I use this in the morning and a cleanser/exfoliator I made at night, together they are the perfect pair of gentle and powerful. I will continue buying this cleanser because my skin feels so amazing and rejuvenated after I use it. I highly recommend for a gentle cleanser!

  • Smooth, silky, clean

    Deedee M. October 09, 2018

    I love this cleanser. It’s like giving my face a drink of water it’s so hydrating and refreshing. The price is a little high for me and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to purchase this regularly, but when I can I will. Wonderful product.

  • Works really well

    Maya B. October 08, 2018

    My skin is sentstive and loves this product . Within a week I got compliments and noticed that my skin was brighter . this product is very gentle , definitely would recommend

  • Love love love

    Cassidy October 07, 2018

    This cleanser is so gentle yet takes off all of my makeup and leaves my skin feeling so soft and fresh. I also love the subtle scent it has. Great cruelty free all natural cleanser for people looking to make the switch! Best one I’ve found so far for a decent price 🙂

  • Very gentle

    Maranda O. October 04, 2018

    Leaves skin feeling fresh but doesn’t really help my blemishes

  • Smells Great, Deep Cleanse, Careful with Sensitive Skin

    Alyssa M. October 04, 2018

    I’ve been using this product for a few months now. At first I used it once daily in the evening, but it felt a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin. I now use it a few times a week for a deeper clean and it hopes of experiencing some brigtening effects … time will tell. Using this product more sparingly and following with a good moisturizer has met my skin needs. I usually let it sit on my face for about a minute before I rinse it off and I can feel a satisfying tingly sensation. The cleanser smells great and has a nice texture- substantial but not too thick or watery. My only qualm really is that the pump on my bottle broke after a few days. Now I have to scoop the product out of the bottle. Otherwise, I think it’s a great product – just caution for those with sensitive skin – might be too harsh as a daily cleanser.

  • LOVE.

    Carley S. October 01, 2018

    I first got this cleanser in a small size in the travel bag. I absolutely love the smell and was so impressed by how long even the small bottle lasted. I ordered the full size now and will continue to use this product. The packaging looks lovely on my counter as well. Worth the price.

  • Love!

    Julie B. September 30, 2018

    What can I say? As a middle aged woman this is a game changer! My skin is radiant! I am so glad I found Follain, it is so great to just pull up the website and know that all the products have already been analyzed and are safe for use! Thank you Follain!

  • Light but effective!

    Kelly J. September 28, 2018

    This cleanser is the lightest and smoothest cleanser I’ve ever used. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling refreshed! I’ve used it for a few days now, and have noticed my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. With it being an all-natural product, I will definitely purchase again!

  • Love This Cleanser!

    Sarah M. September 25, 2018

    This is a fantastic cleanser – the ingredients are amazing, the smell is light and refreshing, the texture is silky, and it leaves my skin feeling clean (removes makeup, dirt, and oil), hydrated, and nourished…and, unlike other cleansers, my skin isn’t tight or dry. Love this stuff!


    Vanessa L. September 24, 2018

    this ocean cleanser leaves my face so clean and smells so wonderful I seriously love washing my face now knowing that I’m putting nontoxic products on my face makes me so happy I love love love my new face wash and I will be buying many products from this site thank you so much Follain I love you

  • IN LOVE!

    Alexandra O. September 23, 2018

    So I originally bought the clean essentials kit and I absolutely loved everything in there. THIS product however, is my FAVORITE! I use it every morning & night and I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin. My face looks brighter and I haven’t had any breakouts in the past 3 weeks since I’ve started using this. Not that I had a major issue before, but usually around a certain time of the month I struggle to keep the problem skin away. This product has been so good to me though! It’s funny because I actually look forward to cleansing my skin now. I almost never miss my routine because I feel so much better when I have a fresh clean face. With this, it’s just so light and there’s no harsh chemicals so your skin appreciates it that much more. I had to order a regular size because I’m in love! Seriously so glad I discovered it (:

  • My skin has never looked better!

    Catherine V. September 23, 2018

    My skin is super sensitive, and I’ve spent years trying to find a cleanser that works for it. This cleanser made my skin so soft, smooth, and bright – something I’ve never had before! It’s completely worth the price, and I will continue to purchase it over and over.

  • Makes my skin so soft!

    Miriam September 19, 2018

    I purchased a few samples from follain, and I loved this cleanser! It is so light and smooth. It also smells great! A little bit goes a long way, and so it is worth the price!!

  • Light and smooth

    Tessa M. September 16, 2018

    This cleanser feels hydrating, doesn’t dry my skin like many cleansers. It’s difficult to find products that truly work with combination skin, and this cleanser really does – I enjoy using it. I also appreciate the mostly-non-plastic packaging.

  • Loved it!

    Alexa T. September 06, 2018

    Gentle cleanser. Kinda smells like Fruity Pebbles. Can’t vouch for waterproof mascara removal, but I have a separate eye cleanser for that.

  • Love this

    Jennifer O. September 05, 2018

    I love the smell of this! It works very well.

  • Love this!

    Hallie H. September 04, 2018

    I love this cleanser because it never leaves my face feeling dry or oily. My skin usually gets really oily in the t-zone but the rest of my face is dry, but when I use this cleanser it helps tremendously! What helps even more is the Ursa Major Face Balm. Together, the Osea Cleanser and the Ursa Major face balm are the best products I have ever purchased here! I hope this helps!!

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  • So far I love it

    Lexus September 04, 2018

    I’ve been using this for a while after seeing Ellen Fisher’s video and I really like it a lot. I’ve recently started to consider what I eat and now what I clean my face with! Other products I’ve used always left my skin feeling dry and I didn’t feel like I was getting the desired results but this works pretty well for me. The price is worth it

  • Favorite Cleanser Ever!

    Veronica F. August 28, 2018

    I have been wanting to try Osea’s products for a long time and I have to say that I was not disappointed! This cleanser is gentle but thorough. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. It smells amazing too! I would definitely recommend this cleanser!

  • Michelle K. August 24, 2018

    Mackenzie C. August 24, 2018

    This cleanser doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or sticky. It smells amazing and I don’t need to use a lot of it like I would with a drug store product! It’s perfect for sensitive skin because it doesn’t irritate or create more redness. I also know that it has amazing ingredients in it for me and has no animal testing which I love!! 10/10 would recommend this product!

  • Love it!

    Joanne E. August 21, 2018

    This smells nice, feels silky, and leaves no dry feeling afterwards. Just need to use a little bit.

  • Social Media Worthy

    Misty August 21, 2018

    I have seen this cleanser posted about on Facebook. After seeing a 2nd YouTube channel I follow your of its excellence I had to try. I like that it cleanses and is silky. It doesnt geel like i have to scrub but seems to take the day off my face quite well.

  • Obsessed

    Cara S. August 20, 2018

    Been in love with this cleanser since day one. I use it every night and my skin really seems to like it! 10/10 would recommend!

  • Awesome!

    Anne R. August 18, 2018

    I’ve only been using this product for a few weeks but I really love it! The scent is really nice and it has not irritated my skin at all (I have very sensitive skin). I can tell that my skin appears more glowy and healthy.


    Erin I. August 16, 2018

    I truly can’t say enough good things about this cleanser. It cleared up my skin within a week of using it (I’ve struggled with acne since my teens) to the point where I’m not even using face makeup anymore. Truly a fantastic cleanser that helps fight acne, improve skin texture, an take makeup off. OSEA, sponsor me please!

  • Great cleaner

    Vanessa B. August 16, 2018

    This cleaner has landed a permanent spot in my skincare regime. I love the way it smells and it cleans without being drying. I don’t get a tingly sensation, but I can feel that it’s working. Love this product!

  • great product needs new packaging!

    Natalie P. August 15, 2018

    i just ordered this and a toner. so far, I like the feeling of the products and nothing is wrong with them. my only problem is the packaging. I don’t want to pay a lot for a product to have bad packagaing. my cleanser doesn’t pump out, It may seem like such a small problem but it is a huge inconvenience to have to open the bottle every time, risking getting bacteria or water in the bottle. my toner also doesn’t spray. other than that, the actually products have been amazing so far!

  • Smells like skittles!

    Madison B. August 15, 2018

    This cleanser smells amazing and really keeps my skin from getting too dry, whilst also keeping the oily t-zone in check! It seems like a product I will continue to use for a long time!

  • Truly clean skin!

    Sydney C. August 14, 2018

    If you are looking for a cleanser that truly cleans your skin, removes all make-up and leaves your skin feeling fresh, look no further. This is a quality product that lives up to it’s claims.

  • Love this product!!

    Abbey P. August 14, 2018

    Honestly the best cleanser I’ve ever used! I purchased a mini of this and o was obsessed. Doesn’t make your skin dry afterwards and clears makeup as well!

  • This is the only thing that has worked

    Alex August 14, 2018

    I got this in a clean essentials kit and at the time, my skin was going through a terrible dry spell and was painful and flaky. After I started using this twice a day, my skin was becoming less and less dry and so soft and smooth and soon enough it felt refreshed and hydrated again. I’m going to be buying a full size of this!

  • Love it!

    Virginia S. August 14, 2018

    Been always looking for the right product though this is my first time to try non-toxic and high end product, I just always go for drugstore skincare. I tried the travel size first because I am not sure how my skin will react and I am happy that my skin is loving it.

  • Fantastic

    Kate August 10, 2018

    I’ve only been using this cleanser for a few weeks, but I’ve already noticed a huge difference. My skin is soft and smooth all day, and I haven’t had a single breakout since I started using it. One pump is plenty, so the bottle will definitely last for a while. Plus, it smells amazing.

  • Love!

    Lisa C. August 09, 2018

    Love this product. Got it in the starter kit and ended up getting the full size. Definitely getting compliments on my skin lately. Between the Recovery Cream and this, I can notice a difference!

  • Love!

    Lisa C. August 09, 2018

    Love this product. Got it in the starter kit and ended up getting the full size. Definitely getting compliments on my skin lately. Between the Osea cleanser and this, I can notice a difference!

  • Best cleanser!

    Jenny R. August 06, 2018

    I have loved this cleanser since I got a travel size in the trail pack offered through follain a couple months ago. I ordered one of the starter kits from Osea directly using a first time order discount code and got the one for acne with the mud cleanser. I liked it ok but was a bit too drying for me. The ocean cleanser is just right. I also like the corrective oil that came in the osea kit I’d like to get a larger size of that. I’m so glad to have the 5oz size of this cleanser as it only takes 3-5 pumps to do my face, neck and décolletage so I think it should last at least 6 months or so. A great price for the amount and I love the smell and that tingle of clean but still moisture rich skin. Highly recommend this product

  • Obsessed

    Emelie C. August 03, 2018

    This is my all time favorite cleanser!! It feels like butter and makes my skin feel so rejuvenated. Definietly will be purchasing again.

  • Love this cleanser!

    Adriana E. August 02, 2018

    I love the way this cleanser feels and smells. It has helped my skin and i love knowing that I am putting organic ingredients on my skin. I recommend!

  • LOVE!!!!

    Tina C. August 02, 2018

    Love this cleanser and it smells wonderful.

  • great cleanser

    Mandy D. August 01, 2018

    I love this cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. And a little goes a long way!

  • Amazing

    Pariss July 24, 2018

    Love this product. One of my faves.

  • Gentle and effective cleanse

    Terry H. July 24, 2018

    This smells and works so well as a cleanser. Also it did not dry out my skin. I used a sample size and now will buy a regular size. One of the best cleansers I’ve ever used.

  • Amazing

    Kaelie M. July 24, 2018

    This cleanser makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized! Doesn’t dry my skin like the past face washes I’ve had. The scent also smells awesome

  • Finally

    Kimberly H. July 19, 2018

    Finally a cleaner that works without drying or irritating my sensitive skin. I love the cool clean scent.

  • Love this cleanser!

    Hannah H. July 13, 2018

    I got this cleanser for the first time as part of the clean essentials kit in the travel size and fell so in love with it that I had to order the full size before I ran out! You don’t need to use a ton of the product to thoroughly wash your face which allows it to go a long way, it smells amazing, and leaves my face feeling refreshed and looking brighter!

  • excellent cleanser!

    Jenna S. July 12, 2018

    This cleanser is perfect for my combination skin- it cleanses without stripping, leaves my skin feeling smooth, and has a nice creamy consistency so you don’t waste product. Love it!

  • Amazing cleanser!

    Nicole M. July 12, 2018

    I LOVE this cleanser! I have sensitive skin and this cleanser is extremely gentle and it smells great. Definitely recommend!

  • Good cleanser, like travel size

    Sarah A. July 11, 2018

    This is a good, basic cleanser that I use in the morning. I use something else at night that is better for taking off makeup. It’s leaves your skin feeling refreshed. I also appreciate the travel size since I travel quite a bit for work!

  • Great Cleanser

    Cassy J. July 10, 2018

    After a few weeks, I am still loving this cleanser. I have very sensitive combination skin and my breakouts are at a minimum and my skin feels great.

  • Love this product!

    Darya July 10, 2018

    This product makes my skin feel extremely clean. It also smells amazing – makes you want to clean your face .

  • Awesome

    Natalya Y. July 07, 2018

    I don’t like this product. I love this product. Smells amazing. And very gentle and nourishing. But def feels clean. Early loving it.


    Haili N. July 06, 2018

    I got this cleanser initially as a sample from Follain and I fell in love with it! I use it every day and it leaves my skin feeling soft and glowy. My skin is incredibly acne prone and it cleared up my existing breakouts while lightening my acne scars. I could not be happier with this product. While it is somewhat expensive it is definitely worth it. I use a little less than a full pump and it’s more than enough for my face and below my chin. Follain recommended the cleanser for me and I am so happy I discovered the cleanser.

  • Amazing!

    Jessica W. July 03, 2018

    Favorite cleanser by far! It smells like the part of a car wash when all the colors fall on your car. It’s fruity and very pleasant smelling. It feels amazing on the skin. It’s not suddey like most cleansers, but it works even better. Love that it’s vegan and cruelty free. Since I started using it by skin feels fresh, balanced, smooth, and amazing! 10/10

  • Amazing

    Samantha M. July 03, 2018

    I love this cleanser so much! I’ve used it for about a month now, and I can already tell a difference in my skin. The texture of my skin is so soft, and this cleanser really only takes 1-2 pumps with some water and it completely gets all my makeup off. I’ve already been telling friends and family about how well it works for my skin!!

  • My new favorite cleanser.

    Lisa P. July 02, 2018

    I tried a sample of this cleanser and had to buy it before I ran out! It cleans well and smells fantastic. It makes my skin feel so soft and clean without drying it out.

  • Great product

    Brigit R. June 27, 2018

    This product is great and is gentle It has a pleasant smell and works well.

  • Amazing

    Molly K. June 21, 2018

    Love it it makes my skin glow and is so clean and fresh smelling and feeling.

  • Cleanses effectively, but not great for sensitive skin

    Sherry Y. June 21, 2018

    I got this as a sample and have been using it every night for the past two weeks. It doesn’t have much lather, which I prefer, and does cleanse well. However, I don’t think this is a great option if you have sensitive skin. I notice some burning on my cheeks and around my lips which becomes uncomfortable enough that I usually rinse before I normally would, but the burning not last beyond rinsing. Overall, I would not purchase this for myself again and would caution anyone else with sensitive skin.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Sherry- so sorry for any sensitivities here! If you tend to be sensitive, I would suggest trying the Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk.

  • Just what I needed!

    Jody S. June 20, 2018

    Love this! I tried it in the sampler pack and ordered a full-size one. It removes my makeup and sunscreen without leaving my skin feeling dry and tight. The consistency is lovely and it feels refreshing going on.

  • OBSESSED with this cleanser

    Stephanie C. June 18, 2018

    It’s so light, smooth and leaves my skin feeling fresh. Never loved a cleanser this much.

  • I love this cleanser!

    Jamie C. June 13, 2018

    This is an all around, best in class cleanser! I am always nervous about citrus on my sensitive skin, but this gem is gentle yet effective at removing makeup (like, all of it, including my beloved W3ll People mascara). My face does not feel tight or dry after cleansing with this. Bonus: it’s a wonderful sensory experience— the key lime pie scent is lovely, and the texture is soft and cushy. This is my new go-to!

  • Great cleanser for different skin types

    Maddy M. June 06, 2018

    I had a trial size version and then bought the large size because this cleanser is so good. Works on both dry/sensitive skin and also combination oily skin, and removes makeup & dirt without irritating or overly drying. It has a nice clean smell too. This is a terrific cleanser.

  • The feel of clean

    Rahni R. June 04, 2018

    This is a great cleanser! I do feel like it thoroughly cleanses my face, however the price point is quite steep. Nevertheless I would highly recommend!

  • Favorite

    Jenna M. June 01, 2018

    This one still holds as my favorite osea cleanser. Cleans great without overdrying and smells great too! Comes in a mini size as well to try before buying the bigger one.

  • Gentle astringent cleanser for summer

    Emily S. May 30, 2018

    Madden the switch from their cleansing milk to the ocean cleanser a month ago, as the weather has warmed up and my skin has broken out a bit. Great results – back to clear, soft skin. No flaking, not too harsh, but gets the job done!

  • New Fave Cleanser!

    Ashley T. May 30, 2018

    I received a small sample of this & will be ordering a full size. I love the smooth texture of it, the way it takes off my makeup effortlessly! Annd the ability of clearing up my hyperpigmentation. Definitely a green beauty staple in my bathroom.

  • Lovely cleanser!

    Caroline F. May 22, 2018

    This is by far my favorite everyday cleanser- it’s creamy and gentle and gets makeup off easily. I have extremely reactive skin and this line does wonders for me! It’s balanced a lot of issues I was having and helped restore some vibrancy back. Love!

  • Unbelievable healthy glow

    Ellis C. May 16, 2018

    Okay… honestly thought the whole “clean” and “nontoxic” thing was just another thing to get people to spend more money on things but I was so wrong! Omg! After my first use with this cleanser my skin already felt so much softer and cleaner then it had with any other product I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried SO many things). I used this face wash in combo with toning spray and mosturizer and honestly… healthiest looking glow I’ve ever had. I have problems with acne and even though this isn’t made to help with acne, my face has started to clear up a little. Honestly so happy with this.

  • My knew favorite face soap!!

    Moira T. May 15, 2018

    I love this this product! My skin feels fresh and clean. I’ve been getting compliments on my skin since starting to use this product and it’s wonderful knowing I’m not putting harmful chemicals onto my skin!

  • Very pleased

    Michelle P. May 14, 2018

    I’ve always struggled with the right cleanser. My skin is normal to oily and this has been perfect. My skin is brighter each time I use it.

  • Clean and fresh

    Pamela B. May 08, 2018

    It feels healthy and it’s easy to use.
    I love this product, it makes my skin feel clean and refreshed.
    And you only need a small amount to get great results.
    I love the fragrance because it smells fresh to me.

  • Not my favorite Osea cleanser.

    Catherine B. May 05, 2018

    I much prefer Osea’s cleansing milk. This cleanser dries my skin and is a bit irritating.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Catherine, this definitely suits normal/combination skin types. Glad to hear you found a favorite in the Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk, that one is great if you tend to be sensitive!

  • worth it

    Erin T. April 29, 2018

    I am not one to spend a lot on skincare. I know skincare is important, but I’m more of drug-store natural brands person. I bought a sample kit that had this as a 1 oz sample. I’ve been using that sample every day for a month and have barely gone through half the 1 oz sample. I have combo, acne prone, sensitive skin and fell in love with this gentle yet effective cleanser. This bottle will last me forever, so I don’t even mind the price point. I think it’s absolutely worth it!

  • So far so good

    Elissa F. April 28, 2018

    I have only used it for a month or so, but I have been enjoying it. I find it works well as a light, hydrating cleanser, but typically need to use another cleanser first if I am trying to remove my makeup from the day.

  • Mariko S. April 26, 2018
  • Wish it smelled less like floor cleaner

    Meghan B. April 24, 2018

    I was excited to get this product in my skincare set bag. The texture of the Cleanser is great. However, the orange smell intensifies with each use and I doubt I will be able to use it much longer. It is not a pleasant orange smell, but a chemical one, it smells like Citra Solve or something similar. I want to wash my face with this, not my floor.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Meghan! There are citrus oils in the formula which give the product a slight citrus smell. I’m so sorry this wasn’t for you! Please feel free to reach out to us at help@follain.com and we can suggest another cleanser.

  • Very pleased

    Iuliia Z. April 19, 2018

    I received this cleanser in a trial kit, and fell in love with it. I have a sensitive skin and this cleanser is very gentle to it.

  • Love love love!

    Ellen B. April 16, 2018

    This is one of my favorite cleansers. I have been using it for over a year now. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and clean. I have very sensitive skin and I am very happy that one of the Follain staffers introduced me to it!

  • the best!

    Sophie H. April 13, 2018

    I will never use another face cleanser again. Absolutely love this.

  • Love it.

    Leslie F. April 11, 2018

    Works great, gentle, removes makeup and a little goes a long way.

  • nice and simple cleanser

    Sherry C. April 09, 2018

    This smells very good, is calming, and has a lovely texture. Three pumps is all you need. My skin isn’t stripped of moisture, which is perfect for the harsh cold weather. This also doesn’t break me out.

  • Love this cleanser!

    Mackinley M. April 08, 2018

    I love this cleanser! It’s lightweight, but does a great job of cleansing my skin. I also love the scent! I was very excited to try follain products. I have tried a number of different skincare products and never seem to find one I like. Loving all my follain products!

  • Great for fresh and clean but not tight skin!

    Lori T. April 04, 2018

    Love love love this cleanser. Smells so fresh. It does a great job cleaning off makeup and oil residue without leaving my skin feeling too taut and dehydrated. It doesn’t foam – which sometimes can feel “gooky” after rinsing but this rinses clean and leaves my skin soft. Great for my combination skin (oily t-zone, dry cheeks, blemish prone and sensitive).

  • I like it, but need something different for my acne.

    Tiera L. April 03, 2018

    I bought the starter kit that included this cleanser. I’ve been using the product for about a week I have no real complaints the smell is great and is soothing to the skin. I also love the bottle, very appealing to look at. I do have mild acne though and this particular product does nothing to help clear my skin up. The goal of this product is brightening though, so I’m not upset about it not clearing my skin up. All in all if you’re someone with a nicer completion looking for a good gentle cleanser, this stuff is for you.

  • You win some, you lose some

    Christy O. April 03, 2018

    It took me an entire year to finish this bottle. I wanted to love it, really! The ingredients are amazing, and both the smell and feel of the formula were lovely, but it just wasn’t an effective cleanser. I found it burned my skin (and not just a botanical tingle) and left my usually oily face looking and feeling dry. It also did not remove make-up well.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Christy- I’m so sorry to hear you did not love this item! Please always feel free to reach out to us at help@follain.com if you are not happy with an item. We can set up returns within 30 days of your order and are here to help you find the right product for you!

  • Wonderful cleanser

    Gina N. March 29, 2018

    I love this cleanser! I was hooked after trying it in the Follain sample kit. Feels like a deep cleansing but it doesn’t leave the skin tight or dry. Skin is soft and super clean.

  • Perfect

    Sharina M. March 29, 2018

    This is my go to cleanser for day and night. I have gone through several bottles at this point (which says a lot because they last forever!) It is very gentle, yet effective. When you use it it doesn’t feel like you have to run to the moisturizer after drying your face. Highly recommend!

  • Love this cleanser!

    Christina March 17, 2018

    I received this in a sample kit and fell in love. Will be purchasing a full size. Smells amazing, feels amazing, and a little goes a long way so I can see this lasting a long time. Perfect for my oily acne prone skin.

  • I'll buy the full size

    Lauren March 17, 2018

    I received this in a sample kit, and I love it. It makes my skin feel smooth, firm, and clean without overdrying it. I’m buying the full size. It doesnt remove my eyemakeup well, but seems to remove the mineral powder makeup I wear without issue.

  • Great Cleanser

    Michael-lyn M. March 16, 2018

    Love this stuff! Got a sample in the sample kit and thought it was fabulous, so I bought the full size. It has a very slippery consistency which makes it easy to work onto your skin, and it’s actually great at taking off makeup too (I hate having to use a makeup remover and separate cleanser). Love this and will definitely buy again

  • Amazing

    Cathrine J. March 09, 2018

    I first purchased the sample bag and fell in love so I purchased the full size bottle! I have crazy sensitive skin and this cleanser is amazing. The fragrance is light and delicious. It tingles a bit when I first put it on, which makes me feel like it is working, leaving my skin feeling so fresh and dewy. It doesn’t strip it of natural moisture but yet cleanses it. It doesn’t break my skin out either. I highly recommend.

  • Love My OSEA Cleanser!

    Kimberly L. March 07, 2018

    I started using the OSEA Ocean Cleanser last year and I keep repurchasing because I really love it. It cleans well without leaving your skin over dry and has a nice scent to it. Very refreshing and I feel like I’m in a spa when I use it!

  • Feels so good!

    Preetha N. March 06, 2018

    This is the cleanser I’ve been looking for. A little on the pricy side, but lasts a long time. I only need one pump in the morning and one pump at night. It smells clean and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out

  • OBSESSED!i love this cleanser so cmj

    Teresa M. March 05, 2018

    I absolutely love this cleanser! I started with a travel size to test it out I haven’t looked back since! My skin feels and looks amazing and I love knowing what I’m putting on my skin is healthy!

  • Great for sensitive skin

    Dani S. March 05, 2018

    I love this cleanser! I use it morning and night. It’s creamy texture feels smooth on my skin and it doesn’t dry it out. I have sensitive, acne prone, combination skin and it is very difficult to find the right cleanser…this is a winner!

  • Refreshing cleanser

    Veronica C. February 27, 2018

    Very refreshing cleanser, skin feels good; may replace my previous product.

  • Great for combination skin

    Annie M. February 20, 2018

    I use this in combination with Osea’s Blemish Balm, and it’s the best natural / nontoxic skincare regimen that I’ve tried! Not too drying, smells AMAZING, and the big bottle is HUGE. I first tried the smaller sample size to see if I would like it, and I bought the bigger bottle once I started seeing my skin love it.


    Courtney M. February 14, 2018

    I’ve been a fan of OSEA for a while now and I tried this cleanser for the colder months when my combo skin is a little less oily and more dry. This cleanser is AMAZING! It smells amazing but also feels amazing. It removes makeup really well, leaves your skin feeling really refreshed and bright, but not dry or tight. It’s lovely and really appreciate the large bottle! It’s lasted me for quite a while already and I use it daily. Purchasing this again for sure!

  • Looking for a great natural cleanser!

    Sari P. February 13, 2018

    I love this cleanser a lot! The smell is just ok in my opinion, it doesn’t smell bad but I think I was expecting something different. I love the way it feels on my face and definitely makes my skin feel smooth and clean which is very important to me!

  • Solid cleanser

    Lauren B. February 13, 2018

    I like this cleanser, but have super sensitive skin. Had to decrease to 1-2 times each week during winter. Will probably use regularly come Spring/Summer.

  • Joann S. February 13, 2018
  • Awesome Product!

    Saruti S. February 07, 2018

    I think this product is great. My skin feels great and fresh. It is a bit harsh on the skin for sure but every since I started using it, I can see the changes!

  • Great Cleanser! Love it

    Justine T. February 07, 2018

    This is a great cleanser – I have been using it everyday and love it. My skin looks and feels clean. The product is NOT harsh at all, which I love.

  • Love this

    Erin U. February 06, 2018

    Great cleanser for when I need a little bit more than the typical cream cleanser. It’s slightly more stripping than the Tammy Fender creamy one but still light/not too harsh. It moves makeup well (though I don’t wear much eye makeup so can’t comment on that)

  • Love this

    Erin U. February 06, 2018

    Great cleanser for when I need a little bit more than the typical cream cleanser. It’s slightly more stripping than the Tammy Fender creamy one but still light/not too harsh. It moves makeup well (though I don’t wear much eye makeup so can’t comment on that)

  • Great cleanser

    Claire I. February 06, 2018

    Leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth


    Katherine W. February 06, 2018

    My pores have seriously shrunk using this product within about 3 months. It’s not too drying either. My only issue is it does make me look a little flushed right after applying, but it mellows out within an hour.

  • Finally found a clean cleanser my daughters love!

    Amy H. February 06, 2018

    I purchase this for my daughters and niece as part of a holiday gift package. They all loved it so much I had to reorder it for everyone.

  • Favorite Cleanser!

    Mckenna Y. February 02, 2018

    This OSEA cleanser is amazing: it cleanses my combination skin thoroughly without stripping moisture and it smells very fresh and clean – like a spa experience, but not overpowering. As someone who has newly discovered the OSEA brand, this cleanser makes me want to try all of their products!

  • soothing effective face wash

    J February 01, 2018

    This product left my skin feeling clean and balanced; not too dry. My skin feels softer and less irritated.

  • Best Cleanser Yet

    Amy W. January 31, 2018

    I love this product and it works so well with my troubled skin. I’ve seen such an improvement in my complexion since I started using this product.

  • Best Cleanser Yet

    Amy W. January 31, 2018

    I love this product and it works so well with my troubled skin. I’ve seen such an improvement in my complexion since I started using this product.

  • Light Cleanser, Great for Summer

    Courtney H. January 29, 2018

    I used this cleanser not daily, but if I need something light to wash off my face. Sometimes you just need to wash your face after a mid day run, and that’s what I used this cleanser for. It might be great for you to use daily, but I usually need something with more moisture.

  • Great Cleanser!

    Emily D. January 24, 2018

    So far I have been loving the Osea Ocean Cleanser. It smells great and feels good too!

  • gentle clean

    Haley N. January 22, 2018

    I tried this cleanser in the skincare starter kit and I love how gentle and milky the texture is. You don’t need much to get a good clean and it doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s a great everyday cleanser.

  • Great cleanser

    Alex C. January 19, 2018

    I really love this cleanser, especially for its amazing smell. It’s light yet moisturizing at the same time. I do use an oil based makeup remover/cleanser first and follow with a toner if I use at night. It’s a great cleanser to use in the shower in the morning as the scent is such a great wake-me-Up and it reminds me of the beach.

  • Just what I needed

    Kathryn C. January 17, 2018

    I love this cleanser! I originally got it in the ‘Best Sellers Kit’ but I liked it so much I bought a full bottle! It is smooth on my skin, but still feels like it is cleansing and washing away all impurities. I LOVE the smell, very refreshing! It always calms my skin especially in times of need like after a breakout.

  • Going on year 8

    Leah M. January 12, 2018

    I’ve used this cleanser for eight years, first without a toner and now with. It’s gentle for combination skin. Works winter through summer. If spicy were a feeling, that is how it would feel on the skin – a little like a grown up, organic Noxzema. A wonderful product.

  • Loving this product

    Carol V. January 12, 2018

    I love this cleanser. My skin feels very soft and smooth after use.

  • Refreshing cleanser

    Monica December 30, 2017

    This is one of my favorite cleansers! It’s so light and refreshing – the scent is wonderful, but fades quickly. It’s a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. This brand works wonders – similar ingredients to La Mer, but with the price tag of clinque.

  • Everyday Cleanser

    Anna K. October 24, 2017

    Fall, winter, and spring – this is my cleanser. Great for when my skin is combination or on the dryer side.

    The only reason this is not a 5 star review is because I wish it would remove my eye makeup and had a better pump. Osea if you’re reading this 🙂

  • Love this cleanser!

    Jennifer M. October 04, 2017

    This is a great cleanser for everyday. Gentle but effective and smells great!

  • Easy.

    Indu S. October 01, 2017

    This cleanser never leaves skin feeling dry but takes off makeup. Passed the white towel check consistently!

  • Big fan of Osea

    Hannah C. September 30, 2017

    I use the mud cleanser in the summer, but in the fall my skin gets dry. I picked up one of the small size of this cleanser to test it out and I’m glad I did. Skin feels clean, not dry and no adverse reactions for my sometimes sensitive skin. Also, a little goes a very long way!

  • Wonderful!!

    Vickie L. September 29, 2017

    This cleanser meets all my needs: it is gentle, but washes off everything; it smells amazing and refreshing; my face is left feeling very clean but not tight or dry. I have sensitive skin and I’ve had no problems with this. My everyday go to cleanser. And, as an added bonus, I LOVE that it uses a pump! so easy.

  • Perfect for dry, sensitive skin

    Brittney E. September 29, 2017

    I use this cleanser during drier months and whenever my skin is unhappy. It’s very gentle and doesn’t dry my skin out. It’s also good at removing makeup.

  • Non stripping skin, soothing makeup cleanser

    Hanna S. September 29, 2017

    I really enjoyed using this cleanser as I have bought many different products that tend to strip your skin because I am oily. This soothing cleanser removed all of my makeup (bb cream or foundation) and kept my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

  • I like this cleanser but not for sensitive skin

    Maggie S. September 28, 2017

    My mom loves this but it is too drying for my sensitive skin. It smells heavenly though!

  • Love this stuff!

    Sarah L. September 28, 2017

    Am in love with this cleanser. It has totally changed my skin! I definitely have sensitive skin where any cleanser I tried left my skin bright red and stinging. This was my first clean-cleanser and I was a little nervous the first time I tried it but it was so amazing. It’s gentle on my sensitive skin but it’s strong enough that it completely revamped my skin to be clear and clean. Will absolutely be reordering once I’m out. Also- there is a ton of product packed into one bottle. Well worth the price!

  • My First Clean Cleanser!!

    Megan C. September 28, 2017

    I spent a couple of weeks in Malibu last summer and every time I wash my face this brings me back! This was my first venture into clean skin care and I am extremely satisfied. It keeps my face exfoliated without over drying my sensitive aging skin. Side Note: I sold R+F for years, I never imagined that I would be able to get incredible skin without the chemicals!

  • Disappointing...

    Kathleen Z. September 07, 2017

    I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase an all natural cleanser for my combination skin. Despite positive reviews I was disappointed with the Ocean Cleanser. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the free returns and missed the 30 day grace period. But I found that the Ocean Cleanser is more of a cream that just sits on top of my skin rather than removes impurities, excess oil, dead skin cells etc. I had to use 2 cleansers to achieve the level of cleanliness I desired. With combination skin yes I have dry skin, but with the oily component it’s important that a cleanser not only hydrate, as this one does, but exfoliate as well to leave skin soft and smooth. As previous reviewers said the cleanser is not foamy when washing your face but rather a creamy gel. I would not recommend this product to someone with acne prone/combination skin because it lacks an exfoliating and decongesting component for clogged pores.

  • I like the cleanser, but that packaging SUCKS

    Ming August 27, 2017

    It’s a great cleanser – gentle, clean-smelling, and non-drying for my acne-prone skin. HOWEVER, the packaging is terrible. The pump stops getting product about 9/10 of the way through, and in order to get the last 1/10 I had to turn the bottle upside down and try to wiggle the cleanser out. Today, I was doing that to my 2nd bottle of this stuff when I dropped the bottle on my sink. It shattered into a million sharp pieces. I’m changing cleansers because I don’t want to waste 1/10 of my bottle every time I get to the end.

  • Nice Cleanser

    Grace A. August 09, 2017

    This product is nice but didn’t change my life. It is very mild and would be great for any skin types. I enjoyed trying it but didnt see any huge results.

  • So effective I stopped using eye makeup remover!

    Sarah P. July 31, 2017

    This is my fave cleanser. It gets off even my waterproof mascara with no extra effort on my part. I used to always use a separate eye makeup remover but no longer need to with this cleanser! Extra plus is my husband also loves using it!

  • Fave fave fave.

    Lindsay K. July 29, 2017

    This cleanser is my favorite product in my routine. I had unbalanced, breakout-prone skin before using it, and was delighted to find a cleanser that finally helped. It’s rich in texture, smells amazing, and still gives me that “burn” feel as I cleanse, which I wasn’t sure I’d get from a natural product. I recommend this to everyone who wants to know my go-tos!

  • Refreshing and Gentle

    Katie G. July 27, 2017

    I am in love with this cleanser. It feels so light and silky when using it but it really gets the job done. My face feels clean and refreshed after like all of my makeup and any dirt is gone but with no lingering dryness. And of course you can’t beat the fresh ocean and lime scent of it!

  • Refreshing and Gentle

    Katie G. July 27, 2017

    I am in love with this cleanser. It feels so light and silky when using it but it really gets the job done. My face feels clean and refreshed after like all of my makeup and any dirt is gone but with no lingering dryness. And of course you can’t beat the fresh ocean and lime scent of it!

  • Pretty awesom

    Hca June 21, 2016

    I bought the Osea ocean cleanser in a fit of desperation. I was suffering from a decent break out and felt like nothing I used was working. So far, I have been really impressed with this cleanser. My face feels nice and clean after using it. I think I might buy the mud cleanser Osea makes as well, so that I can have both to use, as I have read that the mud one may be even better for break out prone skin. I have been using the Ocean cleanser in tandem with the blemish balm and have been very happy with how much my break out areas have improved.

  • great for dry, breakout-prone skin

    Alyse S. March 23, 2016

    I have tried a number of the gentle cleansers available from Follain and many seem to do a great job keeping my skin breakout free OR a great job keeping my skin hydrating but finding one cleanser to do both has been hard. I think I may have found the right fit! I love how the Ocean Cleanser isn’t stripping at all but it still feels a bit tingly and active — in a good way. Hormonal breakouts seem to heal faster when I use this regularly and it also helps prevent the occasional breakouts I would get on my cheeks from congested pores. The fresh lime scent is also a treat at the end of a long day!

  • Best cleanser I've used to date

    Gs March 19, 2016

    I’m finally off my salicylic acid cleaners thanks to Osea’s ocean cleanser. A pea sized amount removes dirt, foundation, oil and leaves my face feeling super clean without over drying. I have oily, acne prone skin, and I honestly don’t see myself ever returning to salicylic acid cleansers ever again.

    Also, it smells amazing! I honestly can’t wait to wash my face at the end of the day.

  • WOW!

    Sue March 09, 2016

    Wow. I seriously am a little obsessed with this cleanser. Cleanser has proven the hardest thing for me to “get clean” in my routine in my journey to switching to safer products. I find that this cleanser from Osea not only feels and smells amazing, it works really well at getting all of my makeup off (which is why I was hanging on to my old cleanser). It makes me happy each time I use it! Can’t wait to try more from this line.