Ocean Cleansing Milk


Ocean Cleansing Milk

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Size: 5 oz


Skin Type Dry
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Calming, Hydrating, and Sensitive-Safe
  • Nourishing, fragrance-free cleanser
  • pH balanced formula
  • Packed with Gigartina Seaweed for hydration
Nourishment in a bottle

This cleansing milk melts away everything from environmental pollutants to makeup. Gigartina seaweed restores natural hydration to your skin. This gentle cleanser works to create the appearance of even skin tone and soothes sensitive skin.

Apply face cleanser to damp skin and rinse with warm water. For optimal hydration, follow with preferred serum and finish with preferred facial oil and moisturizer. Use morning and night.


About The Brand

OSEA Skincare was inspired off the coast of Malibu uniting the elements—Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere—to deliver safe, effective wellness solutions for all. A potent blend of seaweed combined with active botanicals and essential oils deliver nutrients to the skin. OSEA is clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in California.

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Customer Reviews

  • restorative!

    Lauren S. January 30, 2019

    I use a lot of harsh acne treatments/topicals, making my skin painfully dry and sensitive. Incorporating this product into my skin care routine was an amazing decision, for using it to wash my face has helped to condition my skin and reverse with the dryness i experience form harsher products I use.

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  • Gentle, but not for me

    Kathryn C. January 30, 2019

    This is a lovely, creamy, gentle cleanser.
    There is no suds. it feels like a runny lotion.
    Unfortunately it made me break out. There was no initial irritation. It is scent free.
    Something just did not work with my skin in this.
    Osea let me return. Love this company. Their products and packaging are lovely.
    I already had their Sea Mineral Mist and love that stuff. I appreciate they have products that are unscented. Even natural scents can irritate me.

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  • Great for sensitive skin

    Carlyn C. January 28, 2019

    Most cleansers dry out my face. This one cleanses super gently, and my skin doesn’t feel tight after washing!

  • Never disappoints

    Nicole C. January 12, 2019

    I’m obsessed with your products and the cleansing milk is my absolute fav!

  • abolsultey love!

    Christie T. January 10, 2019

    Love this little gem! It’s gentle, not soapy (so not over drying), and just what my blemished skin needs! I don’t really fit a skin type because my skin is borderline dry, blemished, and yet pretty “normal” and this stuff has been lovely to help me clear it up! x

  • Broken despencer

    Danielle D. January 08, 2019

    Hello I received my face wash so excited to try it but the despencer was broken it me 50 try’s before I finally gave up and just twisted it off. I really love the face wash itself but was upset paying 50 dollars for a broken bottle. Thank you for your time xx

  • Awesome!

    Alex September 27, 2019

    Love this face cleanser. It hasn’t made me break out and makes my skin soft looking.

  • Love the feel of this cleanser

    Amy July 22, 2019

    This cleanser feels more like moisturizer than cleanser! It is great in contrast to soap, for example, that gives you that terrible, squeaky-clean feeling and leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. This cleanser goes on so smoothly and is very gentle, which is especially great for sensitive or blemish-prone skin. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it does not take off mascara (even non-waterproof) super well because it is so gentle. It seems to get off the rest of my makeup, for the most part. I might try the ocean cleanser next.

  • Organic

    Sarah June 17, 2019

    i blend the ocean cleansing milk with the probiotic scrub and it’s the perfect combo for exfoliating. Leaves my skin clean, refreshed , but not irritated. The cleansing milk so gentle by itself, perfect for very sensitive skin

  • Obsessed!

    Christina May 14, 2019

    I’m obsessed with this cleanser. This is by far the best cleanser I’ve ever used. All the other cleansers I’ve tried have stripped my face of its natural oils leaving it dry and craving moisture. This cleanser keeps the oil on my face while cleansing. It’s amazing. I will say it does not get all of my makeup off with washing by hand so you may need a makeup wipe, oil based cleanser, or scrub brush (which I’m trying next) to get all of it off. Overall, amazing product and you truly get a lot of product for the price.

  • Love!!!

    Kelsey F. April 14, 2019

    Absolutely love this cleanser it’s so gentle! I tried so many different cleansers and this is the only cleanser I have found that doesn’t strip my skins natural oils it’s so amazing! Thank you osea for making such a wonderful product!

  • LOVE!

    Heather April 05, 2019

    I’m so happy with my purchase of Ocean Cleansing Milk. It has helped greatly with the redness in my face, as well as just leaving my face feeling soft and refreshed. Highly recommend the products.

  • Not My Favorite Product I ordered

    Elliot G. March 22, 2019

    The cleanser was a bit watery & I don’t really feel like it cleaned to well.

  • cleansing milk

    Diana C. February 25, 2019

    i love it, but it makes me break out if i use it twice a day


    Emily February 24, 2019

    This is such a peaceful face wash! I deal with redness, dryness, weird texture, uneven tone, and occasional blemishes on my chin … my skin is all over the place. I have never left a review on products ever in my life – but OSEA products have inspired me to do so. This is light, “miky”, gentle, and refreshing. After I wash my face, it feels so soft and hydrated! It’s my most favorite go-to thing OSEA has … its so calming and dependable. It soothes and reduces my redness and improves that un-even oddness happening on my face! It’s goes on smoothly and washes off beautifully … thank you OSEA for being sooo nice, sooo friendly, and putting out products that are truly divine. I cannot remember the last time I felt so comfortable in my own skin!!

  • Amazing

    Shelly O. February 13, 2019

    I love the product! I use it day and night and it makes my skin feel milky soft and clean. I also follow up with the cream. Thank you!

  • Cleansing Milk

    Renay F. February 13, 2019

    So far so good I love the products so far!

  • Gentle & Effective

    Monica K. February 12, 2019

    I use this product religiously along with other OSEA products to support clear and moistened skin.

  • best cleaner ever!

    Mary O. January 31, 2019

    I have had problems with dry sensitive skin.
    Most cleansers (even milk cleansers) leave my skin dry.
    This is the first cleanser I have ever used that cleans my skin without any irritation or dryness. My skin is smooth and soft after use.
    Highly recommend

  • Great cleanser for sensitive skin

    Keicha April 19, 2020

    I have rosescea and oily skin. The rosescea causes dryness in spots. This cleanser is gentle, provides the right amount of moisture, and the perfect water based cleanser if you double cleanse (which I do). Also perfect, gentle eye makeup remover. A little goes a long way! Definitely a must to your daily routine.

  • Amazing!!!

    Alli H. April 17, 2020

    I love this cleanser. I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin but some products can burn my skin a little. So this cleanser is great for me. I love how it is sent less and provide such a good clean so little effort. It is worth the money and I definitely will purchase this again

  • A Little Goes A Long Way

    Jess April 13, 2020

    I love the consistency and smell of this product. It’s creamy and has a mild scent that I enjoy. I feel like I’m getting a spa facial when I use this. My skin can be dry at times and this has helped keep some moisture. It is kind of expensive, but a little goes a long way. The product will last for a while if used properly. The quality of it is wonderful as well.

  • The Best

    Gabriela April 08, 2020

    I feel like I might have the most sensitive skin in the world. It is super reactive to everything, skin care, hair care, laundry detergent, fragrance, the air. If you are anything like me I highly recommend you give this cleanser a try. It has changed my life. Zero irritation from this cleanser means my skin is calm and that’s all I ask. When my skin is calm it looks it’s best. Less redness and almost no breakouts. The Best!

  • Perfect

    Madie M. April 02, 2020

    I was looking for a cleanser for post-workout and/or taking off makeup at bedtime. I have really sensitive skin, so I couldn’t find anything that was gentle, but also tough enough to get the sweat, dirt, and stress off my face at the end of the day. I LOVE this cleanser so much as it does all those things- it’s gentle and it works! Highly recommend! Thank you Osea.

  • Love!

    Brittany March 19, 2020

    I have been wanting to purchase from OSEA for a very long time, and just recently took the plunge. I purchased this item among 5 others and have a few more items in my cart. I have never really used skincare products as I used to breakout when I was younger. I absolutely love every single one of the items I have used so far. I have been using this product for the past week and my skin feels refreshed and my overall energy/attitude seems to be lifted! I have sensitive and dry skin, especially between my eyebrows and my chin, and this cleanser has removed any trace of dead skin and dryness!


    Jessica B. March 01, 2020

    This cleanser is amazing! It’s so gentle on the skin for all of us ladies with sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this product. Definitely 5 stars from me!

  • A MUST!

    Alli M. February 26, 2020

    Love love love this! I use an oil every morning while using my gua sha and I’ve found most cleansers can’t seem to get the oil completely off of my face, but this one does! You only have to use a small amount and plus, it smell amazing and leaves your skin feeling really smooth 🙂 No idea what I did before I had this product!

  • Amazing for all!

    Mikala January 16, 2020

    This cleanser is great! You need less than a pump to remove make up and cleanse your face. I have dry skin and this does a great job to wash without drying me out or leaving my face feeling slimy. Highly recommend it to all!

  • Very gentle, non drying

    Maggie December 26, 2019

    This is a very gentle cleanser…wonderful for sensitive skin, dry skin, and mature dry skin. It leaves my skin soft, supple, & so hydrated. Will not remove waterproof mascara; but it’s great as the second cleanse. Love the way it smells, clean ingredients. It’s a great cleanser.

  • Love Love Love

    Ali December 26, 2019

    I am so in love with this cleanser! My face has never felt more clean and soft. I love that it is not sudsy or foamy. It feels very clean on my face. I also love that it doesn’t leave my face dry or “squeaky” clean ( like how some products that have a lot of chemicals can make your face feel.) My face feels so refreshed, soft and clean after every use. I can’t say enough good things about this product! Love Love Love

  • Lovely gentle cleanser

    Em October 22, 2019

    I love how gentle this cleanser is. It doesn’t sting at all if it gets close to my eyes, and it leaves a soft bounce to my super dry skin, instead the tightness I feel from a lot of cleansers. I do use an eye makeup remover first, in case someone is looking for a one and done solution, but aside from that I highly recommend this cleanser – especially to people with dry skin.

  • Perfect for sensitive skin

    Hillary June 23, 2020

    I am loving this cleanser. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of things dry it out and make it itch. Not this cleanser though. The ocean milk cleanser is very gentle and leaves my skin clean and fresh feeling without any tightness. I love the delicate scent (almost scentless) and the luxury of the glass bottle design. It feels very high end. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend taking the skin quiz. My recommended products make my skin feel amazing, whereas some of the samples (not intended for sensitive skin) are not my favorite but probably work wonders for other skin types.

  • Great for sensitive skin

    Leslie June 21, 2020

    I have sensitive skin and have battled contact dermatitis numerous times after using products with retinol or other chemicals. And that is combined with aging skin that gets drier each year. The OSEA cleansing milk is perfect–my skin feels great afterward, just as it should–clean and not tight at all.

  • Exactly what I’ve needed!

    Sarah May 28, 2020

    I have combination skin that gets irritated easily. It seemed no matter what I tried it either dried my skin out or caused my skin to overproduce oil. This cleanser is exactly what I have needed! It’s so gentle, but so effective in removing makeup. So often, gentle cleansers that I tried before never fully cleaned my face. I don’t get redness and irritation either. I love these products so much that I immediately bought my mother a few things to get her started, as we both have similar skin issues. So happy to have found a skincare line that I can finally settle on.

  • very gentle

    Denise May 19, 2020

    i’ve used this once so far so i’m not sure if it’s too early to say but my skin has been so irritated and dry these past few weeks especially with my period flare ups. i decided to try this milk cleanser out last night and i could tell afterwards my skin was pleased and hydrated, there wasn’t any uncomfortable tightness or itchiness. there isn’t much of a lather, which kind of surprised me but didn’t put me off from the product at all. i was honestly so relieved i got a little emotional haha. it’s a very gentle, moisturizing cleanser though ! it doesn’t feel stripping at all, very grateful to have tried it

  • creamy

    Mariela May 08, 2020

    I have sensitive skin and some slight Rosacea. I ordered this item after my facialist told me I was using products too aggressive for my skin. And I used this 2 weeks before my next facial, along with the blemish cream, and she definitely noticed an improvement!
    The only complaint is its really thin and runny, so sometimes I have to use a couple of pumps and really look and make sure I’m getting it where it needs to go. But other than that, I’m down with the presentation, the fact that its made in the USA and the product itself is on point

  • Spa in my home

    Bobbie G. May 08, 2020

    Honestly I love OSEA. One day I was on line looking at it and thought.I will try it. Well, I have never stopped! The cleanser is so light not heavy. Feels great on my skin. My lskin has never looked better. The products smell amazing.

  • Not bad

    Chelsea May 06, 2020

    Good Product, Love the Packaging, Love the all natural ingredients and really wanted to make this MY PRODUCT. After a few cleanses, I felt my skin was clean, but dull. I didn’t feel as though it really lived up to my expectations Or the 5 star reviews especially for the price. I wish it did more for my face and smelled a little better. Will probably finish the bottle and carry on to another brand.

  • Love it!

    Denise May 01, 2020

    I’m really enjoying the Ocean Cleansing Milk face wash. It goes on so nicely and makes my skin feel great. I also use it to wash off my eye makeup, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. I bought this product for my sensitive, dry skin and I couldn’t be happier.

  • #1 Choice

    Taylor April 30, 2020

    This cleanser is so gentle. It doesn’t leave my skin dry and doesn’t cause any redness. I use twice a day and I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the overall health of my skin.

  • This is it

    Ione April 28, 2020

    I am a medical provider and have strong thoughts about the daily over-cleaning of the entire body that is peddled to us in our culture. But this cleanser is so gentle. When it’s time to use a cleanser, this one is it for me. I never feel over-stripped by this product. Since it’s so gentle I feel like I can give myself a good long, relaxing facial massage as part of my cleansing ritual without worrying about being over exposed to something that might irritate, burn, or strip my skin. About once a week I’ll use it with a pump of the Osean Cleansing Mudd and a touch of a scrub paste for a bit more exfoliation. I have been a long time fan of Cetaphil products because they tend to be very gentle, but wanted something that was made of natural sources and not so many mystery chemicals. This is it!

  • So rejuvenating!

    Genea April 21, 2020

    I love how this cleanser cleanses without leaving that stripped feeling. It takes off all my makeup when used with a cleansing brush and leaves a nice soft feeling behind. Love love love!

  • Cleansing Milk A%2B for Winter Dryness

    Jeanne W. December 01, 2020

    This is a great face wash for transitioning into winter, it leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and takes off my mascara effortlessly.

  • Osea products

    Janet L. October 19, 2020

    Love these products! I enjoy each and every one I have purchased! My skin is basically wrinkle free so I like oil to go under my makeup. My skin absorbs it by the end of the day! I am a forever customer!

  • Ocean Cleansing Milk

    Elizabeth October 17, 2020

    I am on my second bottle of this. A little goes a long way. Two small pumps and my face is clean and not stripped feeling. I have transitioned my product use over to this line from Caudalie. I really wanted vegan, cruelty free, organic and glass bottles to be able to recycle, USA based company. I am really pleased with this skin care line and have recommended it to friends who are passionate about their skin!

  • Ocean Cleansing Milk

    Christina L. October 17, 2020

    Out of all of the OSEA Malibu products that I tried, the ocean cleansing milk was my favorite. I loved the light creamy texture that easily glides onto the skin. It was able to thoroughly cleanse my skin without stripping it of natural oils. I actually found that this product was the most hydrating out of the four. This cleanser would be great for the dry winter months when my skin needs extra hydration and moisture. I have to be honest though, it does not remove makeup. I had to cleanse three times with this product to remove my eyeshadow and non-waterproof mascara. But to its defense, I always double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser for makeup removal, followed by another gentle cleanser. This formulation is perfect for sensitive skin that needs a basic everyday cleanse.

  • Great for sensitive skin!

    Diana A. October 15, 2020

    I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! It’s so smooth and gentle on my highly sensitive skin. It has amazing ingredients that cleanses very efficiently yet doesn’t irritate your skin like what more can you ask for? 1000% recommend!

  • LOVE IT 😍

    Clarisse H. October 06, 2020

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cleanser. It feels so smooth going on and then some how makes my skin feel smoother when taken off. It has really helped with my redness and irritation. I would highly recommend!

  • Perfect for winter months

    Sam October 01, 2020

    I switch between this & the regular ocean cleanser. My skin is sensitive, combo in the summer & dry in the winter (wi winter) this stuff is amazing. I’ve never had a facial cleanser that didn’t dry my skin out during the winter months….my skin is soft right after washing – no tightness. And it’s not too heavy & causes breakouts….. is this real? I couldn’t believe it!!

    I use this with the vitamin boost, hyaluronic acid & atmosphere protection. With this combo, it’s game over. My skin has never looked this good. I’m so happy I finally found something that jives with my skin :’)

  • Good for sensitive skin

    Edyta October 01, 2020

    This cleanser was nice but it didn’t remove my mascara.I am not a fan of milk cleansers so that might be a preference issue.Overall it didn’t irritate my extremely sensitive skin so that was a plus.

  • Gentle and effective

    Terri September 03, 2020

    This is my favorite cleanser and now my 20 year old granddaughter is using it too. We both love the way it cleans and leaves our faces feeling soft.

  • Love this cleanser

    Avery July 26, 2020

    Love this cleanser. It is very gentle and moisturizing for dry skin. The only downside is the cost.

  • Gentle and hydrating

    Anjum Y. July 26, 2020

    I tried the sample and then ordered the bottle. It’s gentle frangrance free. My skin doesn’t feel dry.
    The only downside is that it’s expensive.

  • Gentle Cleanser

    L July 09, 2020

    This is a wonderful cleanser! It removes all of what little make up I wear (now that I started these products mascara, under eye concealer, and sunscreen are all that I need) and it doesn’t make my skin dry. It is gentle enough to remove my mascara too! A little goes a long way.

  • Great product!

    Kathleen O. June 17, 2021

    I’m absolutely hooked on this entire line! I’ve have trouble with 2 of the pumps, but received excellent customer service in replacing them. Just be aware… if you do not like a product you are responsible for the return shipping cost.

  • I’m a convert

    Kstraut June 10, 2021

    I have very sensitive skin, especially with essential oils. It’s been a journey trying to find skin products that don’t make my face itch all day. I finally found the perfect cleanser. It’s gentle, creamy, doesn’t dry out my face. I’m in love with all of osea’s products that I’ve tried. Finally found a brand that works with my picky skin.

  • Really wonderful

    Js June 06, 2021

    I love this cleanser. I alternate between this and the ocean cleanser, depending on how my skin feels. It removes makeup very easily and is so comforting after a long day.

  • Amazing

    Lulu May 29, 2021

    I like how it removes the makeup, so quickly and leaves my face very soft

  • Ummmm I can’t live without it!

    Turquoise May 14, 2021

    I got this in a gift basket I won in Boss Lady’s Brunch and I absolutely love it! I had to get used to it not lathering but I will say it’s great. Gonna order a bottle!

  • Skin softening

    Susan M. May 03, 2021

    I absolutely love this cleansing milk. My skin is so soft after I use it and I’m 53 years old. I use it every day

  • Amazing

    Megan April 08, 2021

    I lhave never been one to pay a lot on skin care products but once trying Osea, I could never go back. I have very dry sensitive skin, and most cleansers and moisturizers sting and only dry my skin out more. Osea products not only feel better on my skin but they give my skin the much needed moisture it needs.

  • Love!

    Shawnah March 30, 2021

    This is such a nice gentle cleanser. It works so well to remove my makeup. It doesn’t irritate my skin and hasn’t caused me to breakout. I have complicated midlife sensitive combo skin. I’m glad customer service led me to this one!

  • Amazing

    Lori March 29, 2021

    This cleanser is amazing , really feel and see a difference in my skin , I’m 64 and my skin is better now than it was when I was younger !! Love all these products …

  • Gentle cleanser

    Stephanie January 28, 2021

    This is a great gentle cleanser for my combination and sensitive skin. I love that there are no fragrances and it’s so gentle and light.

  • Love it but.....

    Diane T. January 13, 2021

    I truly love this cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling very clean without drying. I wish however that it was in an unbreakable container. Glass is not good to have in the shower.

  • So nourishing & gentle!

    Haley S. December 19, 2020

    I love this cleanser. I used it a long time ago and regretted ever since to not make it my go-to cleanser. It hydrates, soothes & removes makeup easily! I also love the ingredients as well as the glass packaging. Perfect for dry & sensitive skin! 🙂

  • Who knew?!

    Theresa R. July 23, 2021

    Having oily skin, but using tretinoin, I find this milk cleanser works perfectly for my needs! I’ve never liked products geared towards oily skin, I find them much too stripping. Using tretinoin makes me dry, however, there’s still a lot of oil production happening. I’m also not a fan of silicones on my face, so I really appreciate that there’s none in osea’s products. My only wish, is that they’d bring back the longer spout/pump. At first I wouldn’t use this glass jar in the shower. Would it drop on my foot? My toes? Break the jar? I decided I was really tired of cleansing at the sink before I hopped in the shower, so I put it in there. Ours currently is a big whirlpool fiberglass tub shower, soon to be replaced with a tile walk-in shower. Anyway, my husband knocked it off the ledge with his towel, 1st day in there, breaking the pump, not completely destroying it. I’m back to cleansing at the sink prior to taking a shower. Please bring back what I know as the original longer pump! Then it will truly be perfect!

    My skin type isn’t mentioned below, however, it will not let me continue without entering the wrong one. It’s oily and I suppose mature, given my age…hahaa

  • Best Cleanser Ever!

    Brenda July 15, 2021

    As a person with very sensitive & dry skin, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect cleanser that wouldn’t irritate my skin upon use but would also get the job done. I started off with the trial/travel size first and fell completely in love! It’s very gentle on my skin, doesn’t cause any irritation/itching/burning, etc.

  • Worth It

    Kathleen P. July 14, 2021

    I love this excellent cleanser. It’s perfect for my combination skin, softens and hydrates while leaving my face really clean. I apply it with warm water and rinse it with cool. I use eye makeup remover first.
    The pump on my last bottle stopped working, but customer service sent a new (different style) one right away.

  • I, MEAN!

    Jess June 29, 2021

    Couldn’t be happier with a face wash. I often pair this with a face mask and follow up with some body oil for that extra moisture. Love everything I buy from you guys!

  • amazing

    Eliza October 04, 2021

    I have always struggled with rosacea, acne and sensitive skin. I started using this after using harsh face washes for years. My skin is the best it has ever been. I have little to no acne and a super even skin tone- something I’ve really never had before. I’ve been using it for about 9 months now and I feel like it has worked since day 1.

  • Odd scent for being unscented

    Katrina May 09, 2020

    Trying this as the regular Ocean Cleansing seemed too drying after washing. Has definitely cutdown on the dryness and tight feeling after a shower. I find the scent a little off even though it says unscented.

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  • very gentle!

    Ellen P. September 15, 2019

    I have super sensitive skin (rosacea, eczema, dry) and this has been just the ticket for me lately. Just reordered the bigger bottle!

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  • Awesome product to keep your skin hydrated.

    Haley K. September 08, 2019

    I have been searching to find the perfect cleanser and for me, this one is it. I usually use a makeup remover first, and then use this product. It is one of the only cleansers that makes my skin feel immediately hydrated after use. My skin has looked brighter and my blemishes have cleared up. Also, a little goes a long way! So this bottle will last you for a while! So worth it!

  • So soothing!

    Joanna E. August 30, 2019

    I think this is my favorite cleanser. I have normal to dry skin that is ultra sensitive and will react to almost anything. Before I started trying to use clean products I only used Cetaphil because it was the only thing that didn’t break me out or cause irritation. This product is a little weird to use at first because it’s very thin and doesn’t lather the way most cleansers do, but after using it my skin was so soft and felt clean without feeling dry. I do also use an oil cleanser beforehand to remove all my makeup, and then go in with this. It’s a little expensive but it lasts a long time and it’s worth it for the results!

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  • Lovely, ultra light, delicate

    Mary C. July 12, 2019

    Quality, unscented, gentle, in fact – super gentle. Perfect for a simple morning wash.

  • Secondary Cleanser

    Danelle Q. April 11, 2019

    This cleanser did not remove make-up well. I wear a cc cream and powder and had to use a lot of this product to remove my make-up. It might work well for those who do not need make-up or as a secondary cleanser. Unfortunately my skin is too sensitive for extra scrubbing.

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  • Great face wash for winter skin

    Kristin C. March 06, 2019

    I’ve only been using this creamy cleanser for about week, but so far so good! I love that it’s calming and feels very moisturizing in this dry, winter weather. I haven’t had any breakouts and my skin doesn’t feel tight after washing. I’m really happy with it!


    Amber M. February 16, 2019

    This is the most amazing product I’ve ever tried for my skin, hands down. This was recommended to me on a whim by someone in a skincare group I’m in. I asked for recommendations for a DAILY facial cleanser that I could use. Even the most “sensitive skin friendly “ cleansers stripped my skin and made my dermatitis patches on my face super red and dry and itchy. My skin is so so sensitive that this is the only thing I can use on it daily that doesn’t make it flare up, irritate it, or even dry it out. It’s super thin, which worried me. But it doesn’t lather or strip at all. It’s like plain watery lotion. It has no fragrance at all. It’s seriously so amazing , if you want to just try it out but the smallest size ! Despite its thin consistency , it lasts a good while.

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  • Love this!

    Stacey L. January 11, 2019

    I love this cleansing milk! My skin feels both clean and moisturized.

  • Soothing while cleansing

    Alicia C. December 11, 2018

    Love it! I use Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk generally in colder months when my sensitive skin dries out more due to indoor heating/less ambient moisture. The non-foaming formula takes a little getting used to, but it works to my satisfaction removing non-waterproof mascara, eyeliner, BB cream, and doesn’t leave my face feeling overly dry and taut.

  • Very Gentle

    Caitlin V. December 02, 2018

    This cleanser is perfect for someone with very sensitive skin like myself. If you don’t, I would recommend using OSEA’s ocean cleanser instead if you want a deeper cleaner feeling. This product doesn’t give you that deep fresh feeling you get with stronger face washes, but it works for a gentle clean if you don’t use a lot of makeup because it took some work for me to get my mascara off with this product.

  • not a fan

    Jennifer M. October 08, 2018

    Purchased this because of the wonderful reviews and my desire for a gentle cleanser. This doesn’t leave my face feeling clean at all and doesn’t help any of the issues I was hoping to address – it didn’t calm redness, it left the oily areas of my face feeling dirty, and did nothing to help with dry patches. Won’t be purchasing again.

  • Very Calming

    Amanda C. October 08, 2018

    I have very dry, sensitive skin and this cleanser has been so great calming redness without being overly drying. Looking forward to trying more Osea products.

  • will never stop using!

    Mollie M. September 26, 2018

    I am 67 with sensitive skin. after lots of research and using many top end brands, found this is the only one without any irritating ingredients. have been using for about a year and skin never better.

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  • Perfect Rosacea cleanser

    Carolina W. September 13, 2018

    This takes off all my makeup including long wear mascara and eyeliner. I wet my face, put the cleanser on with my fingers and take it all off with wet cotton pads. Leaves my skin calm and clean. No flare ups or sensitivity. Love it!!

  • gentle but effective.

    Pnwonderland September 02, 2018

    before i started switching to clean skincare products, i always used a foaming cleanser so i was skeptical that a milky cleanser would work for me. i use this in the morning when i don’t need to wash away a lot and love it. it’s gentle with a creamy jelly texture that i’ve found myself really enjoying, and it leaves my skin fresh and hydrated.

  • Got my dry skin through a New England winter!

    Lauren B. August 29, 2018

    I love this cleanser! I have dry skin and the winter in Boston was not doing my skin any favors. This cleanser was a game changer! After cleansing, my skin did not feel dry or tight but instead felt clean and nourished. I would definitely recommend to anyone with dry skin!

  • Amazing Cleanser!

    Brenna R. June 05, 2018

    I started using this cleanser about a year ago and it has done wonders for my skin. I have mild Rosacea around my nose and a few weeks into using this cleanser it all but disappeared. It’s also a great value product – you only need a few small squirts a day and one 5 oz bottle lasts me about 8 months. Highly recommend for anyone with sensitive skin that’s prone to redness!

  • Light

    Jenna M. June 01, 2018

    This is a nice light cleanser that cleans great but also moisturizes at the same time. I use it on my days my face is feeling most dry. I also use it in combination with the probiotic polish to exfoliate cleanse and moisturize, works awesome. Also a mini to try small before buying big

  • Great cleanser!

    Catherine B. May 05, 2018

    I love everything about the Ocean Cleansing Milk. Cleans well, does not cause my sensitive skin to break out, and no perfume smell!

  • Love!

    Ariana M. March 14, 2018

    Currently bought a few products by osea and I’ve loved all of them.

    I have naturally oily skin, which evens out in the winter time so I will have to see how it works once summer hits but it’s amazing so far.

    I use this at night, and it makes my skin feels so soft after and feels calmer over all. Very relaxing.

    Yes, I recommend fbis product.

  • Watery and didn’t clear my skin

    Rovanna G. March 09, 2018

    This cleanser unfortunately left me disappointed. I used it for about 2.5 weeks before I decided that it was not don’t anything for my skin. I didn’t feel like it was clearing my acne like I envisioned, nor did it feel like I was putting anything on my face besides watery lotion. I really love your green beauty on this site, but I had way higher hopes for this cleanser, especially with it being so expensive.

    • From Follain:

      Hi Rovanna, this cleanser is really great for dry, sensitive skin types! We have other cleansers that are better suited for clearing up acne. Please email us at help@follain.com and we can help you find another option!

  • Gentle Cleanser

    Ulrike S. February 21, 2018

    I have dry and sensitive skin. I had the Osea ocean cleanser before and loved it and wanted to try the cleansing milk as well. This product is great too and my skin feel fresh and not too tight after washing.

  • A Wonderful, Gentle Cleanser

    Avery J. February 11, 2018

    I bought this for my dry skin so that my cheeks won’t be so irritated after cleansing. Well, this is amazing. It is very gentle, and it surprisingly cleanses thoroughly in that it removes makeup on its own. I do recommend a double cleanse if you are wearing a heavy makeup. I have oily t-zone, so I wash my entire face with this, and then go over my nose area with the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser (also a fabulous choice). If you have dry, sensitive, or even combination skin, this might be the best cleanser for you.

  • Great for rosacea

    Pat W. January 30, 2018

    This has been wonderful for my flushed skin. Looks great

  • Perfect cleanser!

    Jessica B. January 29, 2018

    I have super sensitive skin (eczema flares from time to time). This cleanser does a great job of taking off any extra makeup, yet feels moisturizing and nourishing at the same time! I’ve been using it for about two weeks and have no regrets! I even bought it in the travel size so I can take it everywhere with me.

  • Clean without the squeak!

    Tara F. January 24, 2018

    This cleanser is insanely hydrating without stripping my skin moisture or, on the other side of the spectrum, feeling like I have a filmy residue on my skin. A happy medium to make me feel fresh AND hydrated. A little goes a long way, I really like the way this product makes my skin feel after cleansing.

  • The best

    Justine P. December 26, 2017

    This is the only cleanser I’ve used that is gentle & moisturizing enough for my rosacea and actually reduces the redness while making the rest of my skin feel clean too.

  • Great gentle cleanser

    Maggie S. September 28, 2017

    This cleanser is very gentle and is pleasant to use. I do need to use a lot to cover my whole face, but it is not drying — my face feels clean but not stripped away of oils. I am still not sure how effective it is, but so far my face has not broken out while using it!

  • Great cleanser for dry skin

    Lj September 08, 2017

    I love this cleanser! I have such a hard time finding something gentle enough for my dry skin, but this is perfect. I use this every night before bed and it makes my skin feel clean, without leaving it tight and dry. Highly recommend!

  • Gentle & Effective

    Sophia July 31, 2017

    I highly recommend this magical mermaid milk to anyone who wants something extremely gentle for dry or sensitive skin. The mineral packed creamy formula leaves the skin feeling baby soft and the chamomile extract immediately reduces redness.

  • love - super gentle

    Sue June 22, 2016

    I go between this cleanser and OSEA’s regular Ocean Cleaner (the blue one). I love this one when my skin is feeling extra dry or sensitive. It doesn’t get makeup off AS well as the regular Ocean in my opinion, but it is perfect for low or no makeup days, especially in winter. I gave it to my mother who is in her mid 60s with rosacea and she loves it also.

  • Bye Bye Mascara

    Angelica A. June 21, 2016

    This is such a great gentle cleanser especially at night when I want something soothing. It’s also great for removing makeup as well. I pump a little on a damp cotton round and it takes off all of my mascara (of which I use a lot) without leaving my eyes either irritated or oily.