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Eye Polish

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  • Unique, light-reflective finish
  • Smooth lids without drying
  • Subtle, glossy, youthful pigments
Sheer shades

Subtle. Glossy. Light reflective. Everything eye shadow should be, with all the benefits of raw mineral pigments. Flattering and youthful, the colors are vibrant–and work equally well on dry or aging eyes.

For best results, do not use moisturizer or oil beneath cream shadows on eyelids. Apply sparingly and blend with fingers. Blend even more if you notice creasing.


This Eye Polish also doubles as an effective brow filler. Raven-haired beauties love Karma, while brunettes love Seduce and blondes and redheads find Solar uber flattering.

RMS Beauty

About The Brand

Created by a makeup artist, RMS Beauty offers nourishing makeup and skincare that lets beautiful skin shine through. Made with raw and living ingredients, the interchangeable, multipurpose products bring skin to life with vibrant, pure mineral color.

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Customer Reviews

  • Good - not great

    Brittany C. December 20, 2019

    You can tell this is a high quality item. Love the packaging and applies easily. However, I found this product does crease and is easily smudged and wiped away. It’s a good product for weekends, or casual days but I would not recommend for anything that requires a long lasting day.

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  • Solar is my favorite Shadow

    Elyce S. December 17, 2019

    I love this eyeshadow . The color is a pretty bronze great from day to evening . It doesn’t crease and looks stunning .

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  • It's okay

    Iryna O. November 19, 2019

    After all the great reviews I was not really impressed with this product. Although I knew the revewiews said it creases, however, this product creases A LOT and very very quickly. I am talking within a few minutes of application. I don’t have greasy eye lids and have tried it over bare lids, over primer, and over pressed shadow and the result it always the same…creasing within minutes. Also, the color if VERY VERY sheer (I got Myth) to the point that it really does not show up. For me, Myth just shows up like very light translucent shimmer, just like if I would have put a hiligher on my lids. I would not repurchase this product. Its disappointing because I was looking so simplify my make up routine with an easy natural looking cream shadow but this just does not work.

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  • Lovely product

    Brianne August 19, 2019

    This product sparks joy in my life. I once used three eye shadows a day for my everyday look and now I use one. I use a primer before applying and it doesn’t crease and lasts all day. I will definitely purchase more!

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  • Eyeshadow

    🔆randi W. June 26, 2019

    Lovely product! Goes on smoothly and has a very nice creamy texture. The color is natural looking with just a tad of shimmer.

  • RMS shadow review

    Claire M. May 28, 2019

    I was surprised at how easy it is to built up this eyeshadow. I bought solar and am pleasantly surprised at the wearability of this product. I tend to have oily eyelids at times but have not seen significant creasing with a 12 hour wear. Overall great product!! I just blend it in with my finger as well… no brush is needed.

  • Solar is Super!

    Barbara H. January 04, 2019

    I thought I’d like one of the other colors, but Solar is the one! It imparts a nice, subtle golden highlight to my eye bone area. I naturally am very light in that area, and the other color–sorry, I forget which one it was now, maybe the champagne-y color?–just didn’t do much on my skin over what I already am. Solar, however, is nice for a change, and I like to use it for a golden glow-y look. It goes on beautifully and smoothly, and it’s easy to control just the amount I want. Thanks, and beaucoup love, Follain!

  • Great quality

    Shannon F. October 19, 2018

    This isn’t my favorite RMS color, but it is the same great quality as all of their items.

  • In love with Myth!

    Kait October 14, 2018

    I use Myth as my everyday eye shadow. The color is beautiful and goes on super easily. The color will fade throughout the day but still looks lovely as the day goes on.

  • Great Eye Shadow

    Kate September 23, 2018

    I love these eye shadows. They stay on all day and don’t smear or smudge. Solar is really good for people with blue eyes!

  • Solar for blue eyes is amazing!

    Morgan September 04, 2018

    Solar is amazing! The perfect shade for Blue eyes, easy to apply and stays all day. Creases a teeny bit by mid day but a quick swipe of the lids fixes it right up!

  • Nice to try, but probably won't repurchase

    Bridget M. June 14, 2018

    Lovely, subtle color. But it does crease easily as an eyeshadow- and also tends to fade a lot after a couple of hours. Have definitely been needing to re-apply. Will continue to use for now, but will likely try something else next time.

  • Really like this cream shadow - long lasting and applies smoothly

    Rachel B. May 06, 2018

    I really like this cream eye shadow. I bought the magnetic color, which goes well with my green eyes. You can put a small amount on for a more subtle/daily look and apply more for an evening look. This goes on smoothly and lasts all day, even with eyeliner!

  • Really nice texture

    Emily R. March 15, 2018

    I’m not big on eyeshadow but RMS everything is amazing. Nice to give a more dramatic look – lovely that it can be built up

  • Favorite Cream Shadow

    Emily M. November 10, 2017

    Love the dimension of the color and the ease of application! I find it stays on pretty well all day.

  • I prefer this as a brow gel

    Am May 18, 2016

    Sarah at Follain showed the RMS shadow in Seduce as a brow gel (using a small brush) and it looks amazing. People always give me compliments and it gives you a subtle glossy look on the brow. I had less luck with this as an eyeshadow as it creased on me a little but I recommend it highly even if you find other uses for it like contour or brow.

  • Great as a liner

    Susan February 28, 2015

    These didn’t work very well for me as eyeshadows. I tried a variety of application methods but they kept creasing. I have deep set eyes so I suspect that is the issue. However, I find that Karma makes a great liner. I apply Karma and then use a little Vapour liner over it. It creates a “dewy” smokey eye.

  • Love these eye shadows!

    Greta February 26, 2015

    These are the most wonderful, natural-looking eye-shadows – especially for mature skin! I apply Lunar under my eyebrow as a subtle highlighter and Seduce on my eye lid and crease. These two colors complement each other beautifully, and the look is both natural and subtly dramatic. I also use Seduce to fill in my eyebrows. Altogether, my eyes pop! I like to use brushes for more precise application.

  • gorgeous color

    Sb February 22, 2015

    I’ve been using Seduce as an eyeshadow and as a contour color, as suggested by Rose-Marie Swift and the Follain girls. I love it as a contour; it’s the perfect shade, can be built up darker or sheered out for lighter skin, and is easy to fingerpaint on. I also love the color on the lids; a light wash is perfect for day and can be built up for night. I do find that it creases a bit, but I hear that can be fixed with a light dusting of powder or a primer underneath.

  • Love this.

    Sd February 21, 2015

    Love these. Very easy to apply. Stays put even though its very creamy. Has a lovely sheen. Buildable color so good for every day or special occasion.

  • Great Product!

    Becky February 21, 2015

    This feels gentle and not oily on the skin. The color stays on throughout the day without noticeable fading. It’s also surprising easy to remove when you’re cleaning. I bought it for my mom for Christmas and it has become her favorite shadow “ever”.