RMS Beauty

Tinted “Un” Powder

RMS Beauty

Tinted “Un” Powder

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Size: 0.32 oz

  • Safely seals in makeup
  • Absorbs oil, reflects light
  • Gives skin a hint of healthy color
Just a flush

Health-ify your complexion with the same skin-smoothing benefits of RMS’ beloved “Un” Powder, with just a flush of glowing color. The ultra-fine formulation sets “Un” Cover Up, prevents oil-based makeup from sliding and creates that fresh-from-vacation veil.

Brush or dab on, concentrating on the T-zone area for added anti-oil protection.


Some prefer the included puff for better product control.

RMS Beauty

About The Brand

Created by a makeup artist, RMS Beauty offers nourishing makeup and skincare that lets beautiful skin shine through. Made with raw and living ingredients, the interchangeable, multipurpose products bring skin to life with vibrant, pure mineral color.

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Customer Reviews

  • lovely color overall

    Griselda December 10, 2021

    The color of the powder looks great and looks lovely . it’s easy to use. I’ve had mine for a while now. I highly recommend this to people with oily skin. I unfortunately have dry skin and it only dries out my skin even more .I’ll use it 1 -2 times a week when I really needed . I’ll still rate it at 5 because it does the job but for dry skin i would consider trying other products since my skin seems to be getting dry a bit more with the product .

  • Perfect Coverage

    Ashley Z. October 18, 2019

    Covering my hormonal acne after the birth of my son was a quick need! This product makes me feel flawless and confident to go out and about (which is much needed when dealing with all the postpardum changes)

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  • Great coverage, but can use a packaging redesign

    Suzanne T. September 30, 2019

    I really enjoy this powder‘s coverage. It’s lightweight and very effective throughout the day. The only improvement I’d recommend is redesigning the packaging for ease of use. I appreciate the powder’s packed in, but the container leaves little room for the powder to get out. I feel like I’m shaking and tapping the container forever. Or, a pressed powder would be fantastic. I’m just not sure if there are natural options for pressed powders…

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  • great finish

    Sara J. August 29, 2019

    I like this powder a lot. My face stays matte all day and I like that it has a little color, but you don’t notice it on. I just use a tinted moisturizer and stick blush, then finish with this powder and think it helps all that stay in place as well!

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  • Great powder!

    Courtney H. June 21, 2019

    I put this on as a finishing powder and cover up. It goes on very nicely, stays all day, and looks great!

  • Perfect finishing powder!

    Laura H. December 29, 2018

    This powder works great as a finishing powder to even the skin and reduce shine. It has become part of my daily routine. Would definitely recommend!

  • Good but flakey

    Leah K. December 21, 2018

    I typically like to just use a light powder on my face without foundation but with this product I have to use a foundation/concealer as well just so my face doesn’t look flakey even right after putting on lotion. If you have oily skin it might work better on you, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this exact one again.

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  • Fantastic!

    Margaret K. November 28, 2018

    I love this powder! It goes on evenly and blends seamlessly so that it looks like I have flawless skin, not skin covered by makeup. Vanished oily spots without looking chalky. Lasts all day and works great with their “un-coverup”

  • Great finisher

    Melissa S. November 06, 2018

    I never would have grabbed this product without their help at the Follain store. So glad it was shown to me. After using a creamy multi stick and coconut oil based highlighter palette, I felt like the product was going to just wipe off the first time I accidentally touched my face. That’s where this comes in! This light, almost translucent powder totally sets everything in place. I don’t wear foundation, so this also brings a bit of smoothing color in a natural way. Only 4/5 starts because the cotton pad provided with the product isn’t a good delivery system of the powder. I had to buy a kabuki-type brush to make this go on evenly.

  • A favorite

    Ariel S. June 17, 2018

    My favorite new power. Great color, feel, lasts all day. Will definitely get again.

  • Good lightweight powder

    Sarah A. February 07, 2018

    Provides pretty even coverage.

  • Good lightweight powder

    Sarah A. February 07, 2018

    Provides pretty even coverage.

  • Great powder/bad packaging

    Katherine W. February 06, 2018

    This powder combats shine beautifully and doesn’t make you look cakey. The packaging, however, isn’t great, and the holes often get clogged.

  • My skin loves it

    Judith C. January 30, 2018

    The perfect light powder to finish setting my makeup. I love this product because it is so light that I barely feel like I have anything on. It gives me an extra glow without the shimmer. Powders typically cause me to have more break outs, but this product is clean and my skin loves it!

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  • Does exactly what it says it does

    Catherine B. January 24, 2018

    Great quality and a lot of powder, will last a while.

  • First powder I LOVE

    Sarah L. October 10, 2017

    I’ve tried lots of finishing powders for my oily t-zone (Nars/Chanel/Laura Mercier/Bobbi Brown) and they all caused irritation and didn’t last.

    This is so easy to apply with the puff and I have had NO breakthrough shine on my t-zone. Love this.

  • Light + effective

    Lk July 29, 2017

    I was loyal to Chanel powder for years, but wanted to change it out for a non-toxic product. This powder is super light and sets perfectly over my foundation. Would prefer it be in a larger vessel, but still fits my large brush.

  • Very finely milled and gentle on the skin

    Am June 21, 2016

    I’m not a big fan of powder, my skin is dry and power just makes it flakier. This is the best I’ve found natural or not. This could easily be a dupe for Make Up Forever’s HD powder. The super finely milled particles don’t clump and provide a nice light finish. I prefer tinted to untinted as it matched my skin perfectly and gave just a dash of extra coverage.