Saltwater Soap Bar


Saltwater Soap Bar

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Size: 6 oz

  • Shea butter moisturizes
  • Antioxidants target damaging free radicals
  • Highly concentrated olive oil hydrates
Endless summer

A punchy combination of salt and nori brings the fresh, curative powers of the sea to your skin care ritual.

Use as a sink-side hand soap or a body soap in the bath and shower.


Store this dreamy soap in a drawer before using to infuse clothes with the relaxing, non-toxic scent. Makes a great guest gift if you’re visiting a seaside summer house.

About The Brand

This family-run operation makes soaps that are anything but average. Ingredients such as coffee grounds, nori and French green clay mix with olive oil for bars so hydrating, they can be used for hand or body. Scents like vetiver and saltwater add aromatic bliss.

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Customer Reviews

  • Random T. October 08, 2019
  • Warning: You will be ruined for soap! Do you really want to be that person that buys $18 soap?

    Stephanie May 28, 2019

    Love this soap. LOVE IT! It smells wonderful and doesn’t dry out your skin. I have sensitive skin and have never had a rash with this bar. This started out as a treat but has turned into my daily soap. I’ve been trying to save money and switch between other slightly cheaper soaps, but I keep coming back to this one. My advice to the budget conscious? Don’t buy this soap. Just stay with your budget friendly soap and you will never know what you are missing. It’s for the best. Already nailed your retirement savings, paid for your aging parents medical bills, and paid off all your kids college? Great! You deserve this. Spend away and you will never by Off-White Soap (TM) again.

  • Ooo weee

    Tada May 09, 2019

    What a dream! I love this soap and hope they never stop making it! Word to the wise- it’s so moisturizing that you don’t want to leave it under a stream of water or else it will run out faster. Lather then put back on a soap dish.

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  • YES!

    Jessie B. February 16, 2018

    Smells delicious but not too strong. Reminiscent of fresh air and the sea. Exfoliates enough but doesn’t hurt your skin. I highly recommend!

  • Transport to summer

    Delfina S. February 06, 2018

    The perfect way to cleanse after spending some time in the sun.


    Ellen B. September 28, 2017

    I can’t say enough great things about this soap! Every time my husband and I go to Boston, we buy all of the Saltwater soap bars (no joke)! The smell is refreshing and great for both men and women. This soap does not dry your skin out and leaves your feeling very clean. I highly recommend this for yourself and as a gift. I have received positive compliments every time I have gifted this soap to friends . co-workers.