Tammy Fender

Cleansing Milk

Tammy Fender

Cleansing Milk

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Skin Type Dry, and Normal
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Hydrating, and Sensitive-Safe
  • Gentle formulation ideal for dry/mature skin
  • Healing lavender soothes and cleanses
  • Leaves balancing outer layer of skin intact
Cold cream comes clean

Ideal for truly dry and mature skin types, it gently removes makeup, bacteria and grime–but leaves the skin’s protective moisture barrier intact. This creamy cleanser blends soothing Lavender with purifying Fo-Ti for a soft and radiant complexion.

Apply to face morning and evening, then remove with a warm, damp cloth.


If you’re removing makeup, be sure to use a cloth to get every last trace (you may want to repeat for good measure).

Tammy Fender

About The Brand

Tammy Fender’s formulas are designed to enrich, purify and protect with all-natural blends that work on the cellular level to bring skin into perfect balance.

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Customer Reviews

  • Gentle Cleanser

    Taryn H. April 09, 2021

    I have dry skin and this is a really nice, gentle cleanser. The smell is fine. I would definitely reccommend it.

  • Love the product, hate the bottle pump

    Susan November 15, 2020

    I like the product and the smell is awesome, but that pump bottle is terrible.

  • fantastic cleanser for dry skin

    Paula W. June 22, 2020

    excellent product. Use it twice a day huge difference in my dry skin. Wish the price was lower but love it

  • Smell

    Denise B. February 17, 2020

    I agree with another review that the scent just doesn’t smell good. The cleanser is otherwise great, but can’t get past the smell! I probably won’t purchase again.

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  • satisfied

    Nancu February 11, 2020

    thus far I am satisfied! time will tell!

  • Love but important malfunction

    Erin January 28, 2020

    I really enjoy this product. I have very dry skin, especially in the winter in New England with forced hot air heat in my apartment. This cleanser is so moisturizing; my skin doesn’t have any tightness when I use the product. My issue was that, given the cost of this product, I was surprised when during my third use the pump stopped working. It’s such a luxe product, but with the bottle malfunction, it just felt sort of clunky (having to open the top and glob product into my hands) and I definitely used more than I normally would.

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  • A Must-Refill

    Anna January 27, 2020

    This is my favorite cleanser. I use it every day and it still feels like a luxury.

  • awful smell

    Kellie T. December 19, 2019

    From the reviews I read this product should smell like lavender, however the smell is like strong cardboard. I’m not sure if I received an old bottle, but this is disappointing. Honestly it’s hard to use because of the smell.

  • Love

    Tina October 24, 2019

    Love this cleanser, feels like spa.

  • Love this cleanser

    Debra S. April 07, 2019

    This cleanser is so calming and is helping my skins redness and irritation. Am almost through my first bottle, online now to buy another!

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  • one of my favorite products

    Jaana S. March 05, 2019

    I was hoping I wouldn’t like this face wash because of the price tag, but I’m hooked and I’ve repurchased this product for the past year. It is perfect for my morning routine, super gentle, beautiful scent. It’s thicker in consistency than the OSEA cleansing milk, but I love how it feels on my skin and my skin has reacted well to this product.

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  • Love the Cleansing Milk!

    Kristin R. December 04, 2018

    I have sensitive, dry skin, and rosacea. This cleansing milk has been a game changer in calming my skin and eliminating that tight, dry, flaky skin feeling. I absolutely love Tammy Fender’s cleansing milk!

  • Sarah C. October 01, 2018
  • smells amazing

    Emily M. August 28, 2018

    this is a nice refreshing morning cleanser – fresh scent & not harsh – a good way to prep for your day

  • What You've Been Looking For

    Mallory N. July 15, 2018

    Everyone is looking for a light cleanser that will remove all of your makeup. Here it is. The lavender is the icing on the cake and the formula removes absolutely everything. To top it off, very gentle and light. Perfect for sensitive skin!

  • So gentle

    Elizabeth W. June 12, 2018

    My skin has always been sensitive and as I get older has been losing moisture/elasticity. This cleansing milk not only does a great job with removing makeup and grit from the day, but is so gentle and soothing. It doesn’t strip your skin and really moisturizes. The smell isn’t too strong, but is definitely a lavender smell. If you don’t like lavender it may not be for you, though the smell goes away quickly!

  • nice gentle cleanser

    Lauren M. March 29, 2018

    cleansing milk is an appropriate name for this cleanser. it doesn’t tingle or feel like it’s super penetrating. it kind of glazes over your skin like a moisturizer until you rinse. typically i prefer a super fresh tingle after a clean, so it wasn’t until i noticed my skin looking much glowier that i fell deeper in love with the product. i would definitely recommend, especially if you have dry skin.

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  • Love!

    Kimberly H. March 19, 2018

    I received this as a sample and decided to purchase a smaller size to continue trying it out. So far so good! My skin is sensitive and acneic, reacting to everything. I use this cleanser on dry skin and remove it with a warm washcloth. My face feels fresh, clean, and moisturized. I am planning on purchasing a full size.

  • Love this!

    Chelsea G. March 09, 2018

    This cleanser is so soft and smells amazing. I got the smaller size and still have so much left.

  • Favorite Winter Cleanser

    Reagan H. February 20, 2018

    This cleanser is so gentle and seriously works! It has saved my usually dry winter skin and has calmed my rosacea tremendously. I wish is wasn’t so expensive, but the smaller size lasts at least 2 months, which is pretty good for $12.

  • Favorite Winter Cleanser

    Reagan H. February 20, 2018

    This cleanser is so gentle and seriously works! It has saved my usually dry winter skin and has calmed my rosacea tremendously. I wish is wasn’t so expensive, but the smaller size lasts at least 2 months, which is pretty good for $12.

  • Nice Smell

    Lauren B. February 13, 2018

    Not the most outstanding product I’ve ever used, but solid. Nice smell, takes off makeup but doesn’t leave film or residue behind.

  • soothing and light

    Erin U. February 06, 2018

    This is a classic creamy cleanser – my skin feels nourished but still clean which is a major win in Chicago winters.

  • Use without water!

    Rebecca L. January 17, 2018

    I was using this product with water, until a woman in the store suggested using it dry, and it made all the difference. It’s gentle, effective, and smells great. Works well for my sensitive skin

  • Gentle and hydrating

    Alison S. October 06, 2017

    I’ve been using this cleanser for several weeks in the evening. I use just a small pump and it takes all my make up off. It’s a really lovely creamy, non-sudsy and gentle cleanser. It leaves your face feeling soft and doesn’t dry out. Love the lavender scent too!

  • I love it!

    Lauren Y. September 28, 2017

    I find I only need to use this cleanser at night and not in the morning because my skin is still feeling smooth throughout the day from the night before. In the morning, I simply rinse with hot water. I love that this cleanser is gentle on my sensitive skin and milky to give the skin more moisture.

  • I like it ok

    Charmaine H. September 28, 2017

    This product feels soothing and gentle on my skin, but I don’t feel like I really get anything out of it. I’m mostly reaching for it because it’s there and not because it’s my favorite cleanser. I also don’t personally care for the smell (a ton of people love it), which I realize does not really matter it’s just another thing that’s so-so for me. I like the product well enough to finish it but not enough to repurchase.

  • Luxurious

    Emily B. September 28, 2017

    I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a cleanser but I love Tammy Fender’s Antioxidant Creme so much that I decided to splurge. I’m so glad I did because this product is wonderful! I only need a little bit – which means that the product has lasted me a long time – and after cleansing with this my skin feels hydrated, fresh and dewy. I don’t wear heavy makeup but it does a good job of taking off what makeup I do wear – like liquid liner and blush. I find that this product works best if you “steam” it off with a warm wash cloth. Simply luxurious and well worth the price.

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  • Lovely face wash

    Annie February 24, 2016

    Feels so clean and light. I have very sensitive skin and have been using this for a couple months. It cleans while moisturizing, I’ve seen great results in my skin.

  • My skin looks fantastic

    Am October 28, 2015

    I have dry flaky skin that breaks out a lot. This cleanser is luxurious, smelling lightly of lavender and leaving my skin glowing. No more large flakes of skin rest in my eyebrows. My skin feels overall less sensitive and looks brighter and smoother. I use this with the heart shaped sponge Follain sells and warm water. Washes off well with no residue. If you wear heavy makeup you make have to scrub a little more but I find it takes my every day makeup without much effort.

  • Works well, nondrying

    Julia September 15, 2015

    This cleaned well but doesn’t get sudsy so it is very soothing and nondrying. All Tammy Fender products are beautiful and add some luxury to your routine.

  • beautiful, relaxing cleanser

    Alyse S. August 11, 2015

    Having drier skin I have tried so many creamy cleansers over the years. Most leave me feeling like I need to wash my face a second time just to get the residue off and feel properly clean. This cleansing milk from Tammy Fender hits the right balance between cleaning effectively and leaving my skin feeling nourished and not dry. I find that I still need to use a little oil to remove mascara but otherwise this does a great job removing makeup and sunscreen. I also love the cooling sensation from the lavender, fo-ti, and rosemary; using this at the end of the day is like receiving a soothing facial.

  • restorative

    Janb February 20, 2015

    I was hesitant to upgrade to this cleanser from my cheapo CVS brand, but heard the Follain recommendation for natural products for my skin so splurged and am very glad I did. This gentle, soothing cream cleanser does wonders for my face. It goes on very easily, a little goes a long way, and it really seems to brighten my skin. It certainly brightens my mood, especially this winter. Recommend it highly.