Tammy Fender

Quintessential Serum

Tammy Fender

Quintessential Serum

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Size: 1 oz

Skin Type Dry
Skin Goals Anti-Aging, Hydrating, and Sensitive-Safe
  • Potent anti-aging serum
  • Strengthens, repairs, restores
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin
Anti-aging magic

This potent serum delivers pure cellular nutrition and skin protection while tackling key signs of aging. The concentrated formula penetrates deep beneath skin’s surface to strengthen collagen, repair scar tissue, reduce wrinkles and restore skin’s youthful glow. It’s an all-in-one age defyer (we think it’s also a little bit of magic).

Press the serum into face and neck (listen for the "pop" as it seeps into pores), with special attention to fine lines.


Avocado oil adds ultraviolet ray protection (you’ll still want to layer on safe sunscreen).

Tammy Fender

About The Brand

Tammy Fender’s formulas are designed to enrich, purify and protect with all-natural blends that work on the cellular level to bring skin into perfect balance.

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Customer Reviews

  • Why haven't I bought before!

    Laura C. December 06, 2020

    First time buying it and absolutely love it. I have previously purchased the Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm, which works wonders. I think this serum migth be even better! Absolutely worth the price as it is very hydrating. I have very sensitive dry, skin and spend a lot of times in the outdoors. Tammy Fender products work well with my dry skin.

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  • Amazing

    Ana June 06, 2020

    I’m on my second bottle and this is by far my favourite skin care product ever. I use it throughout all seasons, but is the only product that managed to keep my skin properly hydrated in harsh winter weather. My skin looks and feels incredibly supple and nourished after using it. This will continue to be a staple in my skincare regimen.

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  • This serum rocks!

    Cynthia C. November 29, 2019

    I’ve used many high-end serums and creams, both green and not. I loved the scent of this serum when I tried it in the store, and after reading the many positive reviews decided to take the plunge. Wow. I much prefer it to the reigning cult facial oil, my skin soaks up this serum and the increased level of hydration is very evident. My skin is so happy — glowing, plump, healthy. Really kicked things up a notch. I don’t always stay loyal to skin care products, with some exceptions, but I think this one is going to be in permanent rotation!

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  • Best. Serum. Ever.

    Lexi February 23, 2019

    I am on my 4th bottle of this serum but in between bottles I have tried many other oils and serums. Many of them start with beautiful and promising and glowing results such as Active Botanical Serum, The Youth Dew, Pure Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil, The Blue Cocoon, Retonic Nutrient Face Oil, and more. However, The Quintessential Serum is the only serum/oil that did not cause my skin to break out in tiny melia bumps. It leaves my skin soft, smooth, reduced pores, moisturized and glowing and NO Breakouts of acne or melia. I have allowed the melia to clear up only to try a different product and have the melia reappear (usually on my chin and jaw line but sometimes also on my cheek bones) in days and then it’s weeks to get rid of. I am now a Tammy Fender Convert, I use her Epi Peel 2-3x a week (if you haven’t tried this product, you absolutely must; it is divine and your skin will be so smooth and fresh), Bulgarian Rose Water, The Quintessential Serum, and Spontaneous Recovery Cream. Her products are game changing and face changing!

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  • If you're a skincare queen...

    Lynne January 12, 2019

    …this is the serum for you. Honestly, I’ve tried them all. And I use several (for different issues and at various time of year). However, and unreservedly, I would say Tammy Fender’s Quintessential Serum is the best. My skin not only looks hydrated and fresh immediately upon application, it stays fresh and promotes an even skin tone too. I use Tammy Fender Spontaneous Recovery Cream on top of this serum, every day in fall/winter, and then use it on its own at night only on top of retinol products, in warmer weather. With daily usage, the bottle last about 3-4 months. It is worth every dollar and then some.

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  • Desert Island Product

    Morgan September 13, 2018

    The quintessential serum is both incredibly nurturing and hydrating. My skin drinks this in very quickly. I was skeptical at first because it definitely has a thicker consistency but it absorbs perfectly. My skin is bright and hydrated and happy.

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  • Miracle Serum

    Stephanie B. February 08, 2018

    I have been using the quintessential serum for a couple of weeks now. My skin has gone through a transformation. It is really remarkable. The tone is even, any enlarged pores have completely diminished, any splotchiness has disappeared, and my skin looks smooth, even and bright. Love it!

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  • Excellent product

    Stephanie B. January 25, 2018

    I love how my skin is responding to this serum. My pores are clear and reduced. My skin has a rosy glow. It reduces wrinkles.

  • wake up flawless

    Laura October 14, 2017

    I never believed in serums until I tried this. I put it on at night and my skin is perfect in the morning. It’s magic.

  • Now a staple in my skincare routine

    Amanda S. September 28, 2017

    I’ve used several tammy fender products and have loved them all – but this stands far above. I have had dry flaky skin on my nose for months (probably due to past sun damage) and nothing, not even straight coconut or shea would smooth out the skin. Now after 2 months of using this my skin looks vastly improved and not more dryness. Applies a little tacky but to me that’s what makes it more moisturizing than a water based serum. In love.

  • Life Changing for Dry Skin

    Grace A. August 09, 2017

    For dry skin, this stuff is a game changer. I apply it at night and wake up with a soft, glowy, hydrated face in the AM. It’s really worth the price point. I have tried TONS of serums and never seen results as good as the ones from this product.

  • Life Changing Serum

    Klo36 February 18, 2016

    I went into Follain on Dartmouth asking for help finding the thickest most nourishing oil/serum they had to offer. I was told this serum was life changing, and decided I would try a sample despite the frightening price tag. I loved it so much I purchased the Tammy Fender Anti-Aging sample kit to make sure after weeks of use, I would still love it. I started using it while on a 2-week ski trip in Canada and I couldn’t believe how well it helped protect my skin from the wind and cold day after day. I now don’t think I could live without this serum. I use anywhere from 2-4 pumps morning and night and it has really made a huge difference in my skin. I layer it under the Intensive Repair Balm and the duo work wonders for my life long battle with dry skin. I really can’t recommend this enough!

  • Rich moisturizing serum likely to leave you glowing

    Am January 03, 2016

    When I first tried this serum I felt that it was too thick and heavy but once I saw the effects of it I changed my mind. Flakes gone, glowy skin, layers well under the other Tammy fender creams as well as make up. Could be used for morning or night

  • pure, nourishing serum for glowing skin

    Alyse S. August 23, 2015

    Like most things from Tammy Fender, this serum is an absolute knockout. First of all, the consistency is unlike most oil serums. This is a thick, rich serum and I was a little worried that it would be too thick and greasy but it absorbs so beautifully. After cleansing and toning, I lightly spritz with a hydrosol and then dispense one pump of this serum onto my finger tips and press it into my damp skin. It leaves a smooth, velvet finish and could be enough on its own for someone with oiler skin. I usually put a cream on top (loving the way this layers with the TF Antioxidant Crème) and wake up with brighter, luminous skin. The scent of this is also heavenly and one sniff reveals just how much pure rose oil is in this formula. It’s not an inexpensive product but you really just need one pump at a time so it will last quite a while.

  • Pure Magic

    Janeen M. April 09, 2015

    Along with Blue Cocoon this is also a must have for everyone. This magic serum is a great addition to any day and night regimen. I use two drops at night for extra moisture. Be prepared for soft amazingly supple skin.