Taos AER

Next-Level Clean Deodorant – Ginger Grapefruit

Taos AER

Next-Level Clean Deodorant – Ginger Grapefruit

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  • Warm, invigorating citrus scent
  • Neutralizes odor for all-day freshness
  • Non-toxic and cruelty-free
Level up your underarms

Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, this deodorant is nothing short of revolutionary. Taos AER put years of research and development into creating an advanced formula that could glide on smoothly, dry down quickly without sticky residue, and protect against odor by neutralizing it at the source. You’re looking at proof that they finally nailed it. Plus, the energizing Ginger Grapefruit scent just might have you sneaking a whiff throughout the day.

Turn the disc at the base of the deodorant counter-clockwise until a small amount of product dispenses. Apply to clean, dry skin (a little goes a long way!) and allow to dry before dressing. Avoid contact with broken skin.


Since this deodorant contains a small amount of baking soda, it’s smart to patch test first if you’re concerned about sensitivity. Apply a small amount to your inner arm, then wait 24 hours and observe.

Taos AER

About The Brand

Taos AER fearlessly pushes the standards of personal care. Unconventionally clean formulations sourced from naturally-derived ingredients deliver uncompromising performance while honoring the body and earth. Inspired by the natural beauty, wild spirit, and health-conscious lifestyle of Taos, New Mexico, Taos AER pioneers clean living for those who live boldly.

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Customer Reviews

  • good product when applicator works

    Trisha July 15, 2021

    I had a similar experience as the other reviewers where the applicator stopped working. I can barely turn the applicator dial and only a little of the deodorant comes out of three tiny points. I wish I could pull the plastic cover off the applicator part and use the rest of the product. I’d buy this again if the container is different, but wouldn’t buy it again as it is now.

  • Love this product.... when it actually comes out of the applicator

    Simone December 10, 2020

    Similar to another reviewer below, the product worked for a time (approximately a week) and then suddenly the applicator stopped working. At first, I couldn’t turn the dial at the bottom to get the product out at all–even with pliers I couldn’t turn it. Eventually the dial started moving, but nothing seems to come out of the applicator.

    I would avoid this product. Even though I like it, none of it matters if I can’t get it out of the applicator to actually use it.

  • Love this BUT.....

    Stacey K. August 27, 2020

    Love this deodorant BUT the packaging is defective. I’ve ordered two and both stopped working after about 20 uses. Follain was kind enough to refund me but why continue to offer a product with defective packaging?

  • Best Clean Deodorant Ever!!

    Lauren F. August 13, 2020

    I have tried no less than 6 other clean deodorant brands before finally trying Aer. All the others left me with moderate to terrible BO. This one keeps me smelling fresh without even having to reapply throughout the day. I love the light grapefruit scent also. So happy to have found this product.

  • Best Clean Deodorant I've tried!

    Jessica K. April 15, 2020

    OBSESSED to say the least! Finally found a clean deodorant that works for me.

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  • Favorite deodorant

    Becky April 02, 2020

    Absolute favorite deodorant. I’ve tried several clean deodorants, and they haven’t worked well for me. I like how the product dispenses out of the container, and also the smell is amazing! Will definitely repurchase.

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