Ten Over Ten

The Rose Oil – Nourishing Cuticle Oil

Ten Over Ten

The Rose Oil – Nourishing Cuticle Oil

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Gently press rollerball over fingertips to dispense oil. Massage oil into cuticles and nails.


Use before bedtime to allow oil to work its magic all night long.

Customer Reviews

  • Great product!

    Margaret W. July 07, 2019

    Love this cuticle oil. Easy and no mess. My cuticles feel better after only a few uses.

  • Nailed it for happy cuticles.

    Robyn M. February 19, 2019

    Clean and sleek design. The mini roller ball style application is the ideal size. I often just keep in my bag to use on the go. Subtle rose scent and mess free. I never thought i needed this type of product until i started using it and noticed how much healthier my nails look now.

  • Applicator is everything!

    Caroline D. January 15, 2019

    I’m a nail fanatic and wanted something to nourish my cuticles and brittle nails. Yes, this is expensive for what it is and the size, but the ease of this heinous applicator is worth every penny. I actually use it, because it’s so easy and mess-free. I have it on my nightstand and apply every night. It smells so good, and is super hydrating and moisturizing. It has also lasted much longer than I anticipated-I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s still going strong!


    Arianna F. September 28, 2017

    I have a bad habit of picking my cuticles when they dry out. This has helped amazingly and my nails have been stronger than ever.

  • Treat yo' self

    Ivona August 08, 2017

    This cuticle oil is a treat for my hands. I love the luxe roller ball application. It makes this product one of my favorites to use.

  • Easy application, great product

    Brooke M. July 31, 2017

    Love this! I’ve been looking for a cuticle oil that isn’t a pain to apply – this is it! I actually enjoy applying it because of the little roller ball. It dispenses the perfect amount, too, so I don’t feel like I have to wait for my hands to dry before doing anything.