Ursa Major

Essential Face Wipes – Bag of 20

Ursa Major

Essential Face Wipes – Bag of 20

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Size: 20 Wipes

Skin Type Combination, Dry, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Acne-Clearing, and Detoxifying
  • 4-in-1 Face Tonic benefits in compact wipes
  • Cleanses, exfoliates, soothes and moisturizes
  • One-step skin care
Clean on the go

We didn’t think skin care could get easier than the 4-in-1 Face Tonic – until we met these face wipes. Like the tonic, they safely cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and moisturize, in a compact wipe you can toss in your pocket or bag. If you like your skin care routine simple, this refreshing formula scented with orange, fir and lavender will get you on-the-go in no time (with no toxins).

Wipe across forehead, face, neck and ear area (or, in a pinch, anywhere else you need a refresh).


Keep these in a bowl by your bed side for nights you fall into bed without getting your makeup off, and in your desk in case you want to freshen up.

Ursa Major

About The Brand

Ursa Major’s advanced formulations provide an antidote to the bland, toxic-laden offerings that pervade the marketplace. Comprised of nature’s most effective “super natural” ingredients, their products deliver skincare solutions that are a pleasure to employ.

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Customer Reviews

  • So convenient!

    April F. August 12, 2021

    I always wash my face before bed, but sometimes I’m tired, and I don’t want to wait for the water to get hot or I don’t want to put on a shower cap to protect my hair from getting wet, and this is the solution! Just open a package and clean your face. It feels wonderful on your skin. It is mild…NOT harsh and drying. I love it! And it’s convenient for travel too!

  • great for post gym

    Alex February 10, 2020

    these wipes smell and feel amazing. while they aren’t great for makeup removal, they are great for a quick cleanse after the gym or on a clean face in the am. I haven’t noticed that they are particularly moisturizing. but they are refreshing for sure.

  • Best wipes out there

    Mary S. February 09, 2020

    I first started using these wipes while backpacking, because of the individual packaging they don’t dry out and I could bring the exact amount I needed. The smell is amazing and they really do a great job of refreshing your skin. I’ve been using these regularly for a few years now while camping, after hot yoga, when I’m too lazy for a full skincare routine, and will never use another face wipe.

  • perfect for travel!

    Caroline D. January 15, 2020

    my husband and I both love these towelettes for on-the-go travel and outdoor activities. perfect for refreshing on the plane, after a workout, or at the beach (especially after slathering on sunscreen all day long!). they not only refresh and hydrate skin, but help prevent clogged pores. I like that they have more nutrients than your standard face towelette.

  • Awesome Product!

    Stacia October 27, 2019

    I love these facial wipes! I travel a lot between DC and NYC and I am always in need of a great wipe that is individually wrapped ! I learned about these from June Ambrose! They are a win Win!😍

  • So refreshing!

    Maria H. August 09, 2019

    I tried these wipes with the sample kit, and immediately loved them! I love the smell and these actually deliver the 4-in-1 qualities that they say! I usually stay away from face wipes since my dry skin gets easily irritated and I often have moisturize a ton after. These left my skin smooth, clear and soft – and they’re great for anytime your face needs a pick me up!

  • smells amazing

    Dg May 01, 2019

    i bought a pack of these just for the smell. it’s AMAZING.

  • Great for travel/camping

    Kelsey April 22, 2019

    I bought these wipes specifically to bring along on a vacation that included a three day backpacking trip in Utah. They were great for cleansing my face in that setting. Though, I would not say they are moisturizing, as they claim to be.

  • Great Face Refresher!

    Becky M. April 02, 2019

    I love these wipes they are perfect for cleansing in the morning after just waking up, after working out, before bed etc. I find that they are not good at taking makeup off so i always use these after my makeup is off and I need to give my skin a good wipe down. I can carry these in my backpack, purse, and while traveling, 10/10!

  • Best wipes post workout!

    Courtney M. March 09, 2019

    Love these for throwing in my bag for flights or after yoga! They are so convient and I don’t have to think about any harsh chemicals going on my face! Love them!

  • Great for travel!

    Blair G. February 18, 2019

    I love that this is a multi-tasking product. It is perfect for travel or lazy nights. The smell is a little strong, but smells really natural and good. Doesn’t feel too harsh or drying as many cleansing wipes do. Doesn’t get 100% of my eye makeup off, but overall does a really great job.

  • Great for my teenage son!

    Christine P. January 25, 2019

    I leave these for an easy facial cleaner for my teenage son.

  • Loved the sample!

    Sarah E. January 10, 2019

    I tried these through the clean makeup starter kit and loved it! A lot of cleansing wipes seem dry to me and this one had so much tonic. The scent was delightful and it even took off most of my waterproof mascara. No burning or stinging like I have experienced with some other wipes. The price is a little high for daily use (for me at least) but these would be perfect for travel or even for new parents who don’t have time for a long cleansing routine.

  • Perfect

    Erin M. January 09, 2019

    These are perfect for traveling; these are a great alternative to when you can’t (or are just too lazy 🙂 to wash your face.

  • the best face wipes

    Emma O. December 26, 2018

    These are amazing! On days I go to the gym and don’t have time to shower before work, these save my face. With other wipes my face often dries out, but with these my skin feels clean and moistuized. I don’t need to carry around other products. They have helped minimize my sweat induced breakouts. I keep them in all of my bags!

  • Life changing

    Molly H. December 24, 2018

    I don’t like the filmy feeling most face wipes leave and they usually feel very dry afterwards. This one however doesn’t make me want to wash my face a second time and leaves it feeling fresh and a little moisturized. The pad is mildly exfoliating which makes my skin glow. I will be buying these again when I’m out to keep in my purse

  • Life Saver

    Darcie P. December 10, 2018

    I had been wanting something that I could use to clean my face after a late night or when I’m feeling lazy and this done a great job! Gets both my facial makeup and eye makeup. No water needed and I love that they are individually wrapped and I can throw them in a bag.

  • In love

    Elisabeth A. November 29, 2018

    These face wipes are the best I’ve ever used. Not only do they remove my make up without any irritation to my skin and eyes (I used to use the Kroger brand before this) but it also has helped my complexion so much. My skin has been looking so bright after just a week of using these. These face wipes are worth the $ full throttle. I love Ursa Major and will continue to add to cart!

  • One-time luxury item

    Aspirational V. November 09, 2018

    Received one of these in a starter kit. This is definitely a luxury item based on price, but I really appreciate the clean, ethical ingredients and the lack of animal testing. After purchase, a customer service representative followed up with me to make sure my order was working out, which I appreciated. Additionally, it’s really easy to make returns and their policies are pretty generous toward the customer. I probably won’t purchase the full size cause I’m cheap like that, but I’ll definitely be a return Follain customer. Happy to sing their praises.

  • Awesome Ingredients

    Letitia N. November 03, 2018

    Bought this based on a sample . Takes off makeup and leaves skin balanced.

  • Love!

    Kiara H. October 17, 2018

    I absolutely love the way that these wipes make my face feel after I use them! The wipes smell amazing while I use them and clean my face without causing any breakouts!

  • Best face wipes.

    Nicole F. October 06, 2018

    These smell great and are easy to use. No film or ‘after’ feel afterwards.

  • Great for on the go

    Lily S. September 28, 2018

    These are so handy when I’m on the go/post-gym/post-flight/camping. Nice to not have to bring a whole bottle of face wash. They leave my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

  • Quick and Easy

    7204483165 B. September 27, 2018

    This is great to use when you’re in a rush! They make my face feel so clean and fresh

  • Refreshing!

    Alexa T. September 06, 2018

    I used my sample wipe in the car one day after a long day out; it just felt so good to be able to wipe my face on a whim without my eyes stinging or face burning. My husband said it smelled really good (he has a lot of allergies to skin and nose irritants) and he was happy it didn’t make him sneeze. I don’t think I would purchase because of the packaging, but it was nice to try.

  • The best travel wipes!

    Chelsea K. September 04, 2018

    It’s no wonder these sell out frequently…they are the best! They are tough on makeup and oil and leave my skin feeling dewy fresh before bed. I love that they’re individually packaged so that I can travel with the exact amount I need. A must-have for your toiletries bag!

  • Great on the go

    Casey C. August 29, 2018

    These wipes are so perfect for travel or even an afternoon freshen up. I love the way they make my skin feel nourished, clean and moisturized all the same time.

  • Great for after workouts!

    Olivia B. August 28, 2018

    I love to keep these in my bag for after I workout when I don’t have time to wash my face. My face feels clean but not taut or dry after. I also love how they are individually wrapped so I can keep these stashed everywhere.

  • Great for on-the-go!

    Veronica F. August 28, 2018

    I bought these wipes to keep in my locker at work to refresh my face during a long 12-hr night shift. Not only do they keep my skin looking and feeling healthy, but they help wake me up for the last stretch before I go home! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a quick and easy way to keep their skin happy.

  • Essential

    Misty August 21, 2018

    This wipe is called Essential. It without a doubt is. This beauty saved me after an ugly crying episode before facing others in public and regrouping myself. It was divine and as stingy as i can be i like that it was so refreshing and slightly exfoliating…all in this tiny pouch that I accidentally left in my car. thankful.

  • I’m in love Vermont based Ursa Major

    Amber L. August 15, 2018

    Thank you, Ursa Major! I’ve tried 3 of your products so far and can’t to try more! They are all fantastic. I bought these wipes to switch from the nutrgena makeup remover wipes I was using. After all your skin absorbers 60% of what you put on it! These clean beautiful, even that stubborn waterproof mascara. Smell great & come individually packaged, so no drying out! Only reason for 4 Stars was because of the environment, I wish they came slightly more moistened and in a pop up pack, less packaging = a healthy planet 🌎

  • Best face wipes EVER!!!

    Katie C. August 08, 2018

    I have super sensitive skin. There’s very little I can use on my face. I tried these wipes and I’m sold and will FOREVER be buying them. They are worth every dollar. These wipes make my face feel refreshed, clean and smooth and there’s NO burning at all not even if your close to the eyes while cleaning. I’ve tried I swear every face wipe and they all burned my skin so badly it looked like I had a chemical burn and this is stuff that was vegan, or specifically for sensitive skin or stuff from my dermatologist none of it worked and it either burned my skin or I broke out badly. Give these try I promise you won’t regret them! I thank God I found these!

  • Favorite Face Wipes!

    Morgan G. July 05, 2018

    These are my absolute favorite skin wipes – they do a great job removing makeup, grime and everything else that comes into contact with my skin during the day. Perfect for pre- and post-workout, and any other time! They smell super fresh and leave me looking clean and fresh.

  • Best product ever!

    Kimberly G. June 12, 2018

    These are my favorite product ever! I play polo and they are superior for getting the dirt and grime off my face after playing without stripping my skin.

  • 🙏🙏🙏

    Corey W. May 10, 2018

    AMAZING. I use these when I’m too lazy to do my whole routine. They smell great and I wake up with clear skin.

  • Perfect for travel & on-the-go!

    Morgan G. April 29, 2018

    I’ve been wanting to try these for ages, and I finally got around to ordering. They smell phenomenal, and do a fantastic job cleaning my face after a long day of travel or tough workout. I won’t be going back to the previous face wipes I was using – I’m hooked!

  • the best

    Adina S. April 27, 2018

    I’ve been using these for about 6 months now and can’t stop! They smell light and fresh and are perfect for on the go. They don’t dry up quickly and you can use them beyond your face–I like to use mine on my neck, hands and arms as well. This bag lasts awhile too!


    Chelsea G. March 09, 2018

    THESE ARE AMAZING. I love the smell and use them just because or after the gym. I put them in the fridge too for just an extra woo hoo!

  • Joann S. February 13, 2018
  • Believe the hype

    Amber A. February 06, 2018

    If you’re like me and you’re (occasionally) too tired to commit to “the nightly routine,” I recommend keeping these near your nightstand.

    As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “…One hundred years ago, my mother said to me: From now on, it is downhill. So you better wash your face every night before you go to bed. Never. Go. To. Bed. Without. Washing. Your. Face [Slaps table after each word].”

  • Can't live without these!

    Courtney H. January 29, 2018

    I keep these by my bed to remind myself to get makeup off my face even if I crawl into bed at 2am. They certainly don’t replace washing your face, but these are so great to carry with you when you travel, to the gym or just when you need something quick.

  • love these

    Hannah V. January 06, 2018

    very gentle but gets my tough to remove makeup off too. smells amazing!

  • Great for post-workout

    Mary O. January 04, 2018

    I love using these after yoga or the gym – they don’t dry out your skin like some face wipes.

  • Easy and feels so good!

    Sarah L. October 10, 2017

    I’ve tried lots of face wipes and these are the first that actually leave my skin feeling like I had been at the sink for 10 min! My hockey playing daughter has stolen them from me for her post practice refreshers. I’ll be stocking up on these for sure.

  • A Must!

    Anna G. October 02, 2017

    I bring these everywhere with me- to the gym, work, when traveling. They are a life savor.

  • get these

    Jacqueline A. October 01, 2017

    i have them in my diaper bag and purse at all times. they are like a shower on the go. they smell like a spa and get rid of sweat, dirt, grime or whatever else you want to wipe off when you don’t have access to a sink or time for a shower.

  • PERFECT in my gym bag

    Arianna F. September 28, 2017

    I keep one of these with me at all times. Love the light smell and doesnt leave a film on my face. Feels just like I washed it with soap and water.

  • Great for Travel

    Kaitlin B. September 28, 2017

    I hate bringing all my bottles for a two-day weekend trip so I love these to throw in my bag with my face lotion. They take off dirt and make-up so easily, and are fairly moisturizing considering they are a wipe.

  • Huge wipe

    Lilia P. August 28, 2017

    The texture is great and the size is very convenient. I really recommend this product if you go to the beach or gym because it will really hydrate your face and leave it clean and toned. I live in Miami so I will be using this product a lot. Great smell too.

  • Soo convenient and useful

    Rosy August 16, 2017

    Sometimes I’m traveling and can’t bring all my clean goodies with me, sometimes I’m just lazy. When I am, I use one of these packets. Leaves my skin super fresh and clean,

  • Like a facial in a packet!

    Jennifer L. June 01, 2016

    I received one of these wipes as a free sample and loved it! These are the best cleansing wipes I’ve used! Not only to they take off oil, make up, and dirt, but they also exfoliate and smell fantastic! They are the perfect water-free way to cleanse your skin at night.

  • perfect treat for the athlete in your life!

    Alyse S. February 02, 2016

    My husband is a runner and often, after his long runs on the weekend, he ends up running a few errands before heading home to jump in the shower. I bought him these wipes and he loves them. He tosses one in a pocket and, after his run, it helps get the sweat, salt, and oil off of his face. Thumbs up!

  • Great Item to Put In Your Purse!

    Nck September 02, 2015

    Awesome for on-the-go!