Ursa Major

Fantastic Face Wash

Ursa Major

Fantastic Face Wash

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Skin Type Combination, Normal, and Oily
Skin Goals Brightening, and Calming
  • Ideal everyday face wash
  • Cleans and clarifies and brightens
  • Safely cleansing and balancing
Squeaky clean. No stripping.

Found: a foaming, grime-eliminating cleanser that doesn’t leave that “I-can’t-move-my-face” tightness behind. The perfect everyday face wash for your arsenal, it combines a spirited fusion of whole essential oils–lemon, lime, spearmint, vetiver and lavender to name a few–to safely clean, brighten and clarify your complexion.

Morning, noon or night, wet face with warm water, and rub a quarter-size dose between hands to activate. Massage and leave on for 30-60 seconds for extra exfoliation, then rinse.


Beloved by guys and girls alike, this bright herbal-scented wash bring to mind a gin and tonic (sans the unhealthy hangover).

Ursa Major

About The Brand

Ursa Major’s advanced formulations provide an antidote to the bland, toxic-laden offerings that pervade the marketplace. Comprised of nature’s most effective “super natural” ingredients, their products deliver skincare solutions that are a pleasure to employ.

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Customer Reviews


    Eva October 17, 2018

    This is by far the best face wash I have ever used. I have tried so many different face washes and was never able to stick with one because I didn’t notice any difference. I have been using the fantastic wash for about a year now and it’s absolutely incredible!! It does a great job cleansing the skin, yet it’s not rough, it doesn’t irritate and it really just helps your skin. I hope Ursa Major doesn’t decide to change the formulation or the packaging or anything on this face wash because it’s perfect!

  • The Best

    Lili October 05, 2018

    This is the best face wash I’ve ever had. I have sensitive skin, and this stuff works so well without drying out or irritating my skin. I only have to use a pea size amount, and it washes off my daily makeup and cleanses my skin well. My skin looks and feels better than it ever has, and the bottle lasts forever! I’ve been using it for two years now and am still obsessed. Love this stuff.

  • Brilliant

    Earl J. March 17, 2020


  • Love this stuff

    Clara B. February 05, 2020

    This face wash is so gentle and yet my face feels so soft and clean!

  • Feels great! Works even better!

    Adam B. February 05, 2020

    Feels great! Works even better!

  • Simply the best

    Marc C. November 27, 2019

    Simply the best

  • Refreshing

    Katelyn M. November 13, 2019

    Family of 5, and we all love it. Leaves you with clean, fresh skin. It’s perfect for my active teenagers confused skin, but still gentle for my aging skin. Love this product.

  • best facewash

    Carrie K. November 04, 2019

    I have used this facewash daily for over a year– I love it! smells great, works great, feels great that I know there isn’t any extra junk in it. I have combo skin and live in Utah with 0% humidity and it doesn’t dry me out terribly. The auto-ship is convenient and I love the sample size for travel as well.

  • Best Ever

    Joan S. October 31, 2019

    I’ve tried many, many moisturizers over the years and Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm beats them all, hands down. It’s not greasy, keeps my skin moisturized, and a little goes a long way. Best of all, it’s cruelty-free!

  • Excellent

    Derik B. October 30, 2019

    I have been using several Ursa Major products for over a year, but the cornerstones are certainly the Fantastic Face Wash and Fortifying Face Balm. I transitioned from using Jack Black products because UM uses more naturally derived ingredients and excludes certain chemicals. I have not been disappointed. The face wash is awesome, as this is probably the clearest my skin has ever been. It leaves my face with a clean and fresh feeling without any oily residue. Further, it does not dry my skin out, which has been an issue with other products in the past. Paired with the balm I always feel ready to go for the day. Great product and highly recommended.

  • Love this face wash

    Audrey Z. October 30, 2019

    Switched to this face wash about a year ago and I’m obsessed! Love the smell and the feel of it. I use it every morning and evening and my face looks great!

  • Amazing!

    Ali C. October 30, 2019

    Best face wash ever. It gets off dirt and makeup like no other. I’ll always recommend it to people.

  • Great clean facewash

    Lauren H. October 30, 2019

    Great facewash that foams and lathers well and is clean.

  • This product makes me want to wash my face

    Abbey December 31, 2018

    I’ve never used face wash in my 40+ years of being on the planet – until now. This product makes me want to wash my face first thing in the morning to get my day started the right way! I love the feel of this face wash, the smell, and how much fresher my skin feels after using it. Great product, highly recommended.

  • Awesome Face Wash

    Kerri November 05, 2018

    This stuff is fantastic-it’s pricey, but you really only need to use a dime full. The scent is fantastic, results are fantastic. I can now cancel my monthly birchbox subscription bc my search for my fav. skincare brand is over! Now time to decide between the face balm or recovery cream which I received samples of to help choose a daily moisturizer.

  • Makeup remover extraordinaire

    Ann B. November 04, 2018

    I have dry, aging and somewhat sensitive skin. My skin does not like oil cleansers or double cleansing. I have been struggling since changing over to cleaner /cruelty-free beauty to find cleansers that will get my makeup & tinted spf off without aggravating my skin. This Turned out to be the best cleanser I have ever used. It is gentle but effective at same time. No more double cleansing and removes all my mascara and eye makeup without irritating & gunking up my eyes like oil cleansers. Don’t shy away if you have skin like mine. I have clean, smooth and hydrated skin. Never thought I would be using the same cleanser as my teenage son and but love how it works magic on both of us.

  • Great face wash. Easy to

    Taha June 16, 2020

    Great face wash. Easy to administer and I can’t live without it. Usually use it twice daily. Not drying and all-natural.

  • Fresh and Clean. I'll buy again.

    Jason S. June 10, 2020

    Smells great and makes my face feel fresh and clean. No oil after using this. I would buy it again.

  • Smells good works great.

    Marie K. June 05, 2020

    Smells good works great.

  • It's gentle on skin yet

    Phyllis M. June 03, 2020

    It’s gentle on skin yet it cleans any dirt or make up off. I have sensitive skin & I love it. I highly recommend it.

  • It really is Fantastic

    Kelly S. May 29, 2020

    This face wash makes my skin feel better than it’s felt in years. My face feels clean and fresh with absoluely no drying or uncomfortable tightness. I really noticed a difference in the clarity and smoothness of my skin after 2 weeks. I find I only need to use a tiny amount so a bottle lasts a long time, making this cleanser very cost effective. The scent is lovely and subtle and natural.

  • Clean without harsh chemicals

    Kristy W. May 25, 2020

    I love this face soap. Got it as a sample and was hooked right away.

  • Miracle Face Wash

    Rachael S. May 22, 2020

    In the past many of the face washes I used had harsh chemicals and caused my skin to have bad reactions. Ursa Major face wash turned this around. This face wash is not only refreshing it makes my face glow after use.

  • One of the best parts

    Jesse S. May 20, 2020

    One of the best parts of my day!

  • Best face wash ever

    Kyle D. May 19, 2020

    Love this stuff been using it for years!

  • Amazing!

    Matt C. May 11, 2020


  • Excellent product. Leaves face feeling

    Shawn N. May 04, 2020

    Excellent product. Leaves face feeling clean and soft.

  • Love This Face Wash

    Lisa D. April 28, 2020

    I love this face wash. You just need a little bit to give your face a nice smooth clean. It’s not harsh or drying at all. We stayed at a hotel last June that had Ursa Major products in our room and I enjoyed using them. I liked the face wash so much I purchased the product after coming home and still love it.

  • Love my face wash too.

    Jonathan R. April 13, 2020

    Love my face wash too. My kids steal it from me so I got them a bottle.

  • Have tried many face washes

    Ananth C. August 23, 2020

    Have tried many face washes but this is the best and serves both requirements of refreshing wash and exfoliate the skin.

  • Recommend

    Raelyn S. August 23, 2020

    My favorite product so far. It cleans well, and is earthy and gentle. I also really like that its in a pump bottle.

  • Just the right amount of

    Chad T. August 19, 2020

    Just the right amount of astringent from ingredients I feel great about for my face. Washes away clean leaving my skin feeling tighter. I feel clean and refreshed.

  • Love the ingredients, them amount

    Jennifer K. August 17, 2020

    Love the ingredients, them amount is generous and I love the tingle from the mask!

  • Love the smell and the

    Bethany P. August 10, 2020

    Love the smell and the way it leaves my face glowing. Cleans without leaving my face feeling dryer out.

  • Great for everyday use

    Brad B. August 06, 2020

    Little goes a long way. Leaves face feeling clean and conditioned. Simple formula. I use everyday and doesn’t dry out by skin.

  • It is the best face

    Kevin S. August 05, 2020

    It is the best face wash

  • Effective for the skin in

    Pamela P. August 05, 2020

    Effective for the skin in summer
    Cleanse and refresh
    Easy to use
    Just great.
    Smells lovely

  • Wonderful!!!

    Joanne C. July 22, 2020


  • After every use skin feels

    David T. July 19, 2020

    After every use skin feels rejuvenated and fresh.

  • Perfect face wash for all skin!

    Stacymsaathoff July 15, 2020

    This is the perfect gentle face wash for everyone. My husband has never used face wash in his life and I got him hooked on this about a year and a half ago and you would think the sky is falling when he is getting low on it. We always have a backup now. Just a really great product, but all of the Ursa Major products are fantastic!

  • Amazing Face Wash!

    Monica K. June 30, 2020

    I was skeptical before switching to Ursa Major products- I had been a Cetaphil girl FOREVER. But woah! Using the Fantastic Face Wash, Face Tonic, and Fortifying Balm- my skin is calmer, less red and irritated, and so much clearer. It really works!! I will be a continual Ursa Major customer for the foreseeable future 🙂

  • great product

    Jeffrey R. June 21, 2020

    I’m loving how my face is responding to fantastic face wash. great product.

  • Fabulous!

    Lisa B. December 29, 2020


  • Forest Clean

    Nora A. December 24, 2020

    The smell is transporting, and it’s the first cleanser that feels like it really cleans my skin thoroughly without any harsh dryness afterwards. Thank you!

  • Cleans your face without drying

    Johanna R. December 19, 2020

    Cleans your face without drying it out. love it.

  • Yes, I like this face wash

    Mhdk December 19, 2020

    Fresh clean smell, cleanses without drying. Works great for me.

  • This really is FANTASTIC! This

    Amber B. December 16, 2020

    This really is FANTASTIC! This has helped tremendously with my maskne and keeping my skin smooth and hydrated

  • A Gift to my Skin

    Jane H. December 07, 2020

    I am in my mid-50s and Ursa Major Face Wash is perfect for my combination skin. Ever since I started using this Face Wash over a year ago, my skin has improved in cleanliness, balance, and appearance.

  • Want a bit more?

    Tiare M. November 23, 2020

    My face feels not only clean but rejuvenated!

  • Perfect

    Mark M. November 11, 2020

    I love this stuff! It smells amazing and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.

    The spring on the pump I received wasn’t strong enough to raise itself back up, so I have to manually pull it up every time, but it’s not a big deal.

    Highly recommended!

  • Feels great, smells even better

    Jimmy C. November 04, 2020

    Feels great, smells even better and is good in my beard.

  • Best face cleaner!!!

    Valerie M. October 28, 2020

    My face has never felt so clean.. truly.. grant it, I am not a gimmicks girl, but I received a sample and was sold during the first cleansing! AWESOME!!! I am now on my 2nd bottle and am not even close to looking back to store shelf, readily available cleaners.. this is legit!

  • Drying but cleans well

    Deborah H. October 26, 2020

    Drying but cleans well

  • Love This

    Wendy S. September 24, 2020

    Great product, gentle on my skin. Love the smell

  • I have noticed my face

    Denise P. September 22, 2020

    I have noticed my face seems cleaner using the fantastic face wash as compared with the wash I used prior. The ingredients in the wash are so much better then the chemical filled stuff they push on you. I feel much better using this product. It has taken my skin care to a whole new level.

  • Delish smell !!

    Anne F. August 27, 2020

    Delish smell !!

  • My new favorite face wash

    Rachel L. February 18, 2021

    Very effective wash with a little bit of scent to wake up skin. It is my new every day face wash after years of other products, this is my new favorite go to!

  • Deep clean without drying

    Marlee R. February 15, 2021

    My face feels so clean and soft after using. This is my new go-to cleanser for washing the day off.

  • Liked this product

    Anne M. January 27, 2021

    Liked this product

  • in just a couple of

    Lia F. January 26, 2021

    in just a couple of weeks this face wash has absolutely changed my skin for the better. only sad i didn’t try it sooner! so lovely

  • Love it! Gel texture, affordable,

    Susan Y. January 25, 2021

    Love it! Gel texture, affordable, great for my acne-prone/oily-combo skin, cleans without stripping, affordable, and very clean formula. Thanks, Ursa Major!

  • great products, great smell

    Asher M. January 25, 2021

    I love them! the shampoo and face wash got rid of dry flaky skin patches that I’ve struggled
    with for years

  • Excellent Natural Face Wash

    Andrew M. January 24, 2021

    From VT, started using this stuff a couple years ago and love it. Face feels clean without being too dry and it smells great.

  • Love it! Great for my

    Gretchen F. January 17, 2021

    Love it! Great for my sensitive skin.

  • I crave this scent every

    Courtney S. January 10, 2021

    I crave this scent every morning. Clean without drying is such a good thing. A little goes a long way. It’s on my forever list now.

  • my go to facewash

    Brenna H. January 05, 2021

    it’s my absolute favorite!

  • Fantastic face wash

    Heather A. January 04, 2021

    This wash smells fantastic and has such a luxurious lather! Our eleven year old twins are using it as well and have really noticed how clean and fresh their faces feel after cleansing with it. The bottle is the perfect size!

  • It's fantastic.

    Clara R. January 03, 2021

    This face wash is truly fantastic! I don’t have much to compare it to because I’ve been using a wet towel to wash my face the last 12+ years but my skin is looking more how I want it to now. and it’s nice knowing I take care of my skin now

  • More than a cleanser

    Patty January 02, 2021

    I really like this product. It’s not drying, doesn’t leave a film, and smells fresh. I feel like this is a skin support system, not just a cleanser.

  • Looking forward to using it.

    Maureen S. December 30, 2020

    Looking forward to using it.

  • I'm on my third bottle,

    Sara C. July 04, 2021

    I’m on my third bottle, still love it!

  • Nothing special. But washes your

    Sabine W. June 29, 2021

    Nothing special. But washes your face.

  • Love this face wash!

    Rosemary W. June 28, 2021

    Such a clean and simple feeling after using this face wash. No residue yet it’s moisturizing. You only need a little squirt to do the job so it lasts . . . I’m all in!

  • Clean face!

    Elizabeth G. June 22, 2021


  • Awesome

    Apollo A. May 30, 2021

    Love the smell and my face loves the clean feeling. It’s been keeping me looking great for over a year. My friends have all tried and started using it too.

  • Fresh and Clean

    Deborah R. May 02, 2021

    I like the fresh smell of the face wash and how my skin feels soft and clean.

  • You gotta try this face wash!

    William B. April 23, 2021

    I absolutely love this face wash! It’s gentle on my skin, but deeply cleanses. The scent is wonderful and energizing, perfect for waking me up in the morning. If you’ve ever been curious about trying any product from Ursa Major, you should give the face wash a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Amazing!

    Kat F. April 11, 2021

    This truly is fantastic face wash! Thoroughly cleans my face without drying out my skin. My completion is clearer and has less breakouts.

  • Excellent!

    Phillip L. April 11, 2021

    product does not irritate my skin which has a variety of oily and dry. Works consistently – skin looks better. I am male.


    Elizabeth G. April 01, 2021

    Best face wash I’ve ever used and I’ve tried SO many! Very hydrating and doesn’t strip your skin at all like most face washes do. I’m hooked! Smells really refreshing too.

  • Freaking great!

    Caryn E. March 07, 2021

    Freaking love this stuff! Both my husband and I use it now.

  • This is the most refreshing

    Martha S. February 23, 2021

    This is the most refreshing cleanser. I love the way it smells and helps me greet the day with a smile.

  • Great Cleanser

    Amber S. February 22, 2021

    Cleanses without drying out your skin. Smells fantastic and a little goes a long way.

  • Amazing product

    Laura L. August 30, 2021

    Love the exfoliation and how the scent makes you feel more alive in the morning.

  • Really good products and appreciate

    Leeann P. August 29, 2021

    Really good products and appreciate that it has natural ingredients!

  • Exceptional face wash

    Maureen H. August 16, 2021

    I love how clean but moist my face feels after using this face wash. The scent is earthy and uplifting. After using, my face has never felt stripped or tight. And it cleans exceptionally well. I’ve never used a product that cleans my skin this deeply and gently.

  • Great face wash.

    Seth D. August 16, 2021

    Great face wash.

  • Perfect

    Amy B. August 14, 2021

    The amount of suds and the smell is perfect. My face feels CLEAN

  • Love this face wash. Bought

    Julie P. August 10, 2021

    Love this face wash. Bought the full size and travel. Perfect balance of clean and nourish. Love it.

  • Love this face wash!

    Priscilla C. August 07, 2021

    Great portion for the price ! Really leaves my face feeling clean and soft !

  • Excellent cleanser- I am an

    The K. August 06, 2021

    Excellent cleanser- I am an avowed evening double cleanser and this has been a refreshing yet soothing addition. Also lovely on its own in the for a cleansing that truly cleans without stripping. I’m in.

  • Ooooh, really liking this

    Christina August 01, 2021

    I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and the AHA does help gently exfoliate. The scent is lovely. My skin does not feel tight or dry after using. (I do use a serum and moisturizer afterwards regardless but I thought it was worth noting that it’s not a drying face wash.)

  • Our favorite face wash!

    Nicole D. July 20, 2021

    It works great and has the best, gender less scent that reminds me of being in a forest and washing my face in fresh water. The best!

  • My favorite!

    Zim B. July 19, 2021

    My favorite!

  • Excellent

    Kristofer R. July 16, 2021


  • Love the face wash even

    Lisa C. July 05, 2021

    Love the face wash even gets my thick sunscreen off after surfing

  • Love it. Leaves no sticky

    Susan P. September 15, 2021

    Love it. Leaves no sticky feeling; no residue. Leaves face refreshed and ready.

  • Love it

    Mary G. September 14, 2021

    Love it

  • there's a reason I have a subscription

    Jenna E. September 10, 2021

    it’s just great. it smells SO GOOD, it works great, a little really goes a long way so it’s a good value. I will just keep buying it over and over. my husband started stealing mine so I got him his own 😀

  • Clear Skin!

    Blayr G. September 07, 2021

    My skin has never been clearer!

  • This is a great daily

    Robert B. September 06, 2021

    This is a great daily wash that doesn’t over dry my skin and cause more oily appearance

  • Love the smell!

    Leo S. September 05, 2021

    Love the smell!

  • The Best

    Ross C. September 03, 2021

    Love everything about it. Especially the smell!! Absolutely the best!

  • Finally a product that is

    Judith D. September 01, 2021

    Finally a product that is true

  • Great. Only need a small

    Lynn E. August 30, 2021

    Great. Only need a small amount.

  • Love this

    Elizabeth G. August 30, 2021

    This cleanser is great for everyday use. I love the way it smells and cleanses without drying my skin.

  • Facewash

    Susan P. August 30, 2021

    I really like your facewash.

  • So fresh and clean but

    Angeline C. August 30, 2021

    So fresh and clean but not drying. Love it!

  • Crowd Pleaser

    Margaret M. October 11, 2021

    I love this face wash so much. I use it everyday either at the sink or in the shower. My boyfriend and I both use it and love it!

  • My favorite face wash I've

    Katlynn W. October 11, 2021

    My favorite face wash I’ve tried :raised_hands::skin-tone-3: I have normal / combo skin and it doesn’t dry me out or make me too oily. Perfection

  • Definitely buying again

    Lara W. October 09, 2021

    Nice lather, appealing scent. Removes makeup and daily grime very well. I feel cleansed but not dried out.

  • Excellent

    Evelyn R. October 08, 2021

    Perfect facial cleanser. Love it!

  • Fantastic skin routine

    Dorothy R. October 08, 2021

    This face wash is so easy on my temperamental skin. Added that a little goes a long way, and it smells so great makes it hard to beat. I like that when I leave it on for a minute before rinsing off, I get a mild exfoliating bonus. I use this as part of my 3 step skin routine. The best part is it’s plant based formula.

  • Cleans VERY well. Doesn't foam

    Laura M. October 04, 2021

    Cleans VERY well. Doesn’t foam up as much as I’d like it to, but has a clean, fresh scent. And does the job.

  • I freakin love this face

    Katie P. October 04, 2021

    I freakin love this face wash. It makes my face feel so good – the chemical exfoliation is perfect. Smells great, too!

  • Ahhhh breathe in a daily

    Gina G. October 03, 2021

    Ahhhh breathe in a daily dose of zen!
    and squeaky clean!

  • The best face wash! My

    Callie F. October 03, 2021

    The best face wash! My skin loves it and it smells so amazing

  • Face Wash Magic!

    Cindi F. October 03, 2021

    Face Wash Magic!
    Chemical free cleanser leaves skin clean without drying it out.

  • This product makes my face

    Debbie F. October 02, 2021

    This product makes my face feel clean after I use it.. Actually takes off make up!
    Not tight or dry smells natural.

  • My only complaint is it

    Hinton D. October 02, 2021

    My only complaint is it dries my skin out a little.

  • I love how fresh and

    Emily L. September 27, 2021

    I love how fresh and light this cleanser is. It lathers really well and feels good on my skin.

  • The screen smells fantastic and

    Janie K. September 18, 2021

    The screen smells fantastic and easily absorbed into the skin.

  • Awesome product

    Barbie C. November 01, 2021

    Awesome product

  • Urea Major's face wash is

    Valerie C. October 25, 2021

    Urea Major’s face wash is incredibly gentle on my skin. I only need a small amount of soap to wash my face and it not only smells good, it helps keep my skin clear. I definitely recommend trying it.

  • I really love the face

    Mary B. October 21, 2021

    I really love the face wash!

  • Fantastic Indeed

    Sheila L. October 18, 2021

    Fantastic Face Wash is great. Very smooth, smells great and rinses quickly.

  • Very happy fresh!

    Emily K. October 18, 2021

    I am loving everything about this just a small amount lathers up nicely with a great fresh aromatherapy treat. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, but not dried out. I am using this followed by the Golden Hour cream. Very happy with this duo!

  • I don't love the scent

    Mindy R. October 15, 2021

    I don’t love the scent but I am getting used to it. It feels lovely on the face.

  • Smells amazing, works great! So

    Melanie V. October 12, 2021

    Smells amazing, works great! So glad to have a nontoxic alternative for my other face washes!

  • Truly rejuvenating cleanser

    Darby February 11, 2021

    I have never been someone who has looked forward to, let alone remembered on a routine basis, to wash my face every night. For the first time in my life, I have been inspired to do so by this cleanser. I feel so refreshed, my skin sings with joy, every last bit of makeup comes off with ease. I have rosacea – which I believe this cleanser, in combination with the Pai Rosehip face oil, have totally eliminated any trace of the bumps, dry spots, and blotchiness that rosacea has caused me. On a recent road trip, the sample size of this cleanser was able to double as a body wash for my partner and I both due to how efficiently it is able to disperse and clean.

  • Nothing to See Here

    Fabiana September 06, 2020

    I have combination skin, prone to blemishes and I’ve been using this product consistently for almost three months, along with the Fortifying Face Balm, and if anything, my skin texture and blemishes worsened. I would say the smell and consistency of the actual product is good, and hopefully this works for someone, but I would not recommend this product.

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  • terrific cleanser

    Jen July 14, 2020

    I really like how well this product cleanse my face. it is a wonderful all-purpose cleanser. I like that if I feel I need a bit more exfoliating I just leave it on a few seconds longer. I love the smell and the feel of the spearmint on my face.

  • Exactly what I needed!

    Stacy R. May 18, 2020

    Recently battling first-time rosacea and the effects of aging skin that seems to be going through “I’m an oily teenager again” phase. Have been searching for a new cleanser to just allow my skin to feel clean without adding to all the current drama, I have with this! It’s light but interesting scent and balanced cleansing properties give me something to look forward to every day. I’m very happy.

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  • I enjoyed using this as an every day cleanser!

    Therese W. March 24, 2020

    I love how I can leave it on my face for a little bit longer when I want more exfoliantion. I purchased the small bottle and it lasted me a while.

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  • not a fan.

    Cela W. January 15, 2020

    I have sensitive combination skin and have struggled fininding a cleanser that works. I’ve been using this for a little under a week and every time I wash my face it feels so dry I don’t want to move my face. none of my moisturizers can keep up with the dryness this cleanser has inflicted and as a result my face has been bright red with irritation and dryness for the better part of a week. not a cute look.

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  • nice, light wash

    Melaine January 13, 2020

    I would say I have sensitive skin. most products cause me to break out. this was a nice light wash. it did not cause any breakouts but I would say it was slightly drying. I just make sure to moisturize right after.

  • Light daily exfoliation, my skin is glowing!

    Claire S. January 10, 2020

    I had been using Clinique facial cleanser for years as I have sensitive skin and use the gentlest products I can find. I decided to try this out after hearing about Follain on Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast, Getting Curious, and I can’t go back! I’m so happy with how soft it makes my skin without being too drying. Gentle exfoliation without feeling stripped. The smell is a little jarring at first, but I’ve gotten used to it and love it! Very earthy. Highly recommend!

  • Great cleanser - not for me

    Brittany C. December 20, 2019

    I have very sensitive and dry skin and this product didn’t provide a gentle enough clean. I did give it to a friend to use and she loved it. In terms of cleansing power, it worked very well in removing my make up with minimal effort.

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  • Working great for my partner

    Shauna K. November 16, 2019

    I purchased this for my partner as he wasn’t happy with the results he was seeing sharing my cleanser (super sad for him). We got this to try out and it has helped him out greatly. This product is great at getting through his beard and is helping to control inflammation and ingrowns he’s had for a while. I rated this product 4-stars only because he still struggles with the scent (I’m not complaining, though).

  • Review of Ursa Major Facewash

    Olivia H. October 30, 2019

    Big fan! Love the smell and feels really nice on my skin. Great size bottle for the price.

  • Love it!

    Angela September 26, 2019

    I’m loving how fresh and clean it makes my skin feel without stripping it. It’s been perfect for my combination skin.

  • Why did I wait so long?

    Tara P. July 27, 2019

    This face wash lives up to its name! I kept trying other, more expensive cleansers before I finally tried this one and I am sorry I waited so long. It smells fresh, cleanses without drying, removed my sticky zinc sunscreen, and a little goes a long way. I love it and would repurchase.

  • Very happy

    Leigh H. July 03, 2019

    I used to use a face wash with texture. I was a little sceptical of this since it did not have any, but I really love it. It leaves my skin feeling very clean and not dry. The best part is you hardly have to use any to cover your face so it will last a long time.

  • Best face wash ever

    Rachel H. July 01, 2019

    I’m obsessed w this product! Everything from the smell to finish, it’s the perfect solution to getting sweat, grime and makeup off without dehydrating my skin. I really love the consistency!

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  • Really like it!

    Sarah E. May 26, 2019

    This cleanser was my top match in the cleanser quiz I took and I really like it! I’ve been using it as part of my double cleansing routine for about two weeks. It’s foamy but doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. The scent is minty and very refreshing!

  • M April 25, 2019
  • Recommend for all skin types

    Jasmine T. April 09, 2019

    Love this cleanser. It removes makeup well and lathers nicely without drying out your skin.

  • Hydrating face wash

    Irene B. April 08, 2019

    I had been using a different face wash that left me feeling super dry and tight by mid day. This product came recommended to me and has changed my skin in just a few short days. I now have hydrated & glowing skin that lasts all day.

  • Favorite new face wash

    Irene B. April 08, 2019

    I had been using a different face wash that made my face feel super tight and dry by mid day. This face wash was recommended to me and has left me feeling hydrated and glowing. I have been getting compliments on my skin recently and I think its thanks to this product in combination with a rosehip oil. Definitely recommend giving this a try!

  • My new fave face wash!

    Audrey March 18, 2019

    Loooove this face wash! Smells so amazing, and my face feels clean and refreshed after using it. I use it in the morning and at night! This is a great brand.

  • Go to face wash, can't live without!!

    Lizette W. March 06, 2019

    No, but seriously! Such a versatile wash, you can use it at night to remove all the makeup and dirt from the day or in the morning to remove all the death cells and start your day fresh, why not both.? Not only me but also my husband loves it. It really gets the work done. Period 🙂

  • Did not love it

    Rebecca W. January 23, 2019

    This does not take my makeup off so I didn’t like it

  • My husband loves this!

    Caroline D. January 15, 2019

    I originally bought this cleanser for me but it was too harsh for my sensitive yet acne-prone skin (I’ve since moved to a botanical-free cleanser, as I’ve found that botanicals irritate my skin). But, my husband started using it and it’s done wonders for his skin! It’s really helped to heal and prevent his razor burn and clear up his clogged pores. Give it a try!

  • Perfect

    Molly H. December 24, 2018

    I thought this would be too drying for my normal skin but not at all. I had really liked the osea cleanser but I was still getting a little acne here and there and I wanted to provide for that somewhere in my routine, this cleanser doesn’t make my face feel tight or dry and it leaves me incredibly refreshed

  • Love love love!

    Leah K. December 21, 2018

    Love love love this face wash! Makes my face feel so clean afterwards and removes all my makeup. I was battling with constant forehead acne and since I’ve been using this it’s gone away! Also, the this product lasts a long time! I’ve been using it for over 3 months and still have some left. Definitely recommend. Also, I really love the fragrance! Only downside to it is that it’s a bit sudsy if you don’t like that. Just don’t breathe in through your nose while washing or you might get some bubbles in there.

  • Love! Super gentle

    Kate H. December 14, 2018

    I have sensitive combo skin and this face wash is great! Feel like it really cleans my skin without irritation or drynees.

  • Love

    Jessica B. November 27, 2018

    This stuff smells great and feels good on my skin.

  • Great and smells amazing

    Sam November 12, 2018

    I’ve been using this face wash for three months and I’ve been loving it. Definitely recommend to anyone with any type of skin.

  • Light but amazing!

    Alexandra November 09, 2018

    Super light and gentle cleanser but perfect for everyday use without drying out my skin. My skin feels super clean and gets off every last trace of makeup once I use this but doesn’t dry it out at all.

  • Just what I needed

    Jenny T. October 12, 2018

    This is a perfect everyday cleanser. Just what I have been wanting. Love that it foams up a bit and definitely does not dry out my skin. It has a great smell to. Thumbs up from me!

  • Not at all drying

    Lisa October 06, 2018

    I have dry skin with recent cystic acne break outs along my jawline. I have been using this cleanser for about a week and can’t say enough good things about it. It washes away make-up (including mascara) quickly and easily and doesn’t leave my skin dry at all. Too early to say for sure, but I think it may also be helping with my breakouts.

  • Perfect for Cleaning Oily Skin

    Kate September 23, 2018

    I love this cleaner. I have oily skin and it does a great job. I doesn’t cause me to break out and it smells lovely!

  • So far so good!

    Maddie B. September 10, 2018

    I love this face wash. I was using benzoyl peroxide products for a long time because I have pretty bad acne and my skin was dull and lifeless. So far I have only switched out my face wash (still using the proactiv treatment and moisturiser until they run out because face products are expensive) and even that has made a huge difference. I don’t think it would fight all my acne on its own, but once I can get a natural acne treatment going I think the difference is going to be even more noticeable. My skin is soft and glowy without being oily. It has life again! I will be buying another bottle.

  • Refreshing face wash

    Lauren W. September 03, 2018

    I have an oily t-zone and this wash leaves my face feeling squeaky clean but not over dried, love the smell too!

  • LOVE!

    Abbey P. August 14, 2018

    I honestly love this stuff. It smells amazing and is very exfoliating! You only need a tiny bit as well. Very much recommend.

  • Fantastic!

    Jenny August 06, 2018

    I love this simple facewash. It’s a great clean swap for my previous cleanser. It smells great and the 8 oz will last me a while!

  • Love

    Stephanie G. July 25, 2018

    One of my favorites! Love the smell, the clean factor, the amount of foam. Excellent product.

  • Love

    Stephanie G. July 25, 2018

    Love the smell, the clean factor, the amount of foam. One of my absolute favorites!

  • Effective cleanser for acne prone/sensitive skin

    Nina May 08, 2018

    I actually bought this just to reach the minimum for free shipping. I tried it a while ago when I received a free sample in my Follain order and remembered liking it. I’m so glad I decided to try it again. I definitely need to buy the full size next. My skin is reactive, combo and acne prone. A lot of “clean” cleansers don’t take off all my makeup or end up giving me breakouts. This does a great job of removing makeup and leaves my skin very clean and soft. It’s not too drying but it’s still exfoliating and helps keep my skin clear. A little goes a long way. The smell might be too much for some, but I personally like it. The ingredients are great, and now I’m curious about other Ursa Major products.

  • New staple face wash!

    Kalyn W. April 19, 2018

    This face wash is just great. I look forward to washing my face in the morning now and I’m craving the spearminty smell by the end of the day! My skin feels great every day, and it’s just an incredibly refreshing experience. Only downside is the plastic bottle and no larger/refill options.

  • Affordable Holy Grail

    Alex L. April 11, 2018

    After every single thing (acutane, every cream under the sun, monthly facials) possible for my adult acne… this has finally solved it! All I use now is THIS and a 3 ingredient oil… finally back to zit free!

  • My skin looks amazing

    Sophia B. April 04, 2018

    Great everyday cleanser for combo skin! This face-wash really works well for me. I’ve noticed a deep cleaning effect and far fewer clogged pores and blemishes. My only complaint is the smell – the cedar scent is strong, and it has a very masculine smell that took some time to get used to.

  • Excellent!

    Ashley S. March 06, 2018

    I absolutely love this face wash! I had been using the same product for a while and was getting bored with it, when this was recommended to me by my mom. I used it once and my face has never felt so clean and so soft!!! I now am obsessed and have bought multiple other products!

  • Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

    Jacqueline M. February 21, 2018

    I LOVE this face wash. It smells so clean and fresh and you can use very little of it to clean your face. I was having issues with breakouts after I switched from my old product to a new one, not from Follain. My sister turned me on to Ursa Major. The Ursa Major routine, face wash, tonic and face balm has corrected that. I am back to clear skin again. Thanks to Ursa Major.

  • Squeaky Clean

    Malin B. February 14, 2018

    Loved this so much I bought it for my brother, who has some skin issues but doesn’t want to be bothered with anything too fancy. A tiny amount lathers up so much, you really don’t need to use a lot to get that clean feeling. I like it as a second cleanse, after using an oil cleanser.

  • Great Basic Cleanser

    Alex C. January 24, 2018

    I like to keep this cleanser in my shower and I use it for a quick wash in the shower to help remove the remnants of a mask or treatment that I applied before entering the shower. This is also my go-to cleanser for throwing in my travel bag (probably because they make it in travel size). I follow with Ursa Major Skin Tonic.

  • The Best!

    Anna G. October 02, 2017

    Saw a huge improvement when I switched to Ursa Major products and this is my favorite face wash. A little goes a long way!

  • Fantastic indeed!

    Hilary S. September 29, 2017

    This face wash is great! It leaves my skin feeling nice and clean without feeling completely dried out, and the scent is a yummy earthy/spice fragrance. A little bit goes a long way since it lathers up so nicely. Definitely will order again!

  • definitely buying again

    Caroline R. September 29, 2017

    Actually removes ALL of my makeup, and smells wonderful!

  • First natural face wash-- sold!!!

    Samantha September 29, 2017

    After just one week of using this my skin is so happy. Smooth, radiant, calm and clean! It also smells amazing. I got the travel size in case it didn’t work for me and I still haven’t gotten half way through the bottle. Definitely a great value!!!

  • Favorite cleanser

    Tess August 22, 2017

    This is definitely my all-time favorite cleanser. It smells amazing, and I have seen a significant decrease in blemishes on my skin since I started using it. I love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without stripping it of its natural oils.

  • makes a nice shaving cream

    Gary L. August 14, 2017

    I use this product for shaving. The scent is refreshing and the lather works up fast using my brush. Just put a few drops in a shaving bowl and work it with the brush.

  • Used this cleanser on my combination skin with great success!

    Leslie C. August 01, 2017

    The cleanser left my face feeling clean and refreshed. I loved the scent too.

  • My all-time favorite cleanser!

    Kelsey B. July 28, 2017

    I have normal/combination skin and wanted a cleanser that felt like I was getting a good clean without stripping/overdrying my face. I tried the Fantastic Face Wash over a year ago and absolutely love it! One of my favorite aspects of the product is that it is exfoliating if you leave it on for 30-60 seconds (meaning one less step in my routine). I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a great cleanser!

  • Like a car wash for your face

    Tucker March 17, 2017

    I keep my car pretty clean normally, but occasionally need to get it really clean. Similarly with this face wash, I use this and it’s like my whole car is clean. I use after a long day, or every couple days to get my face clean down to the bottom of my pours. Works well with a face lotion.

  • fresh and clean

    Katie June 22, 2016

    I love how clean my skin feels after using this. I like to use it after workouts because it cleans all sweat and grime! My first time using it, I thought I needed a good amount of product to cleanse my skin because the consistency was so runny but only a nickel-size amount is needed to cleanse my face. I also got it for my friend (has oily skin) as an everyday cleanser and he loves it!

  • Ahhhh!

    Carolyn K. January 21, 2016

    Love everything about this. Smells fresh, feels clean, and is guilt free.

  • Squeaky Clean But Irritated My Skin

    Yana October 04, 2015

    This is a very effective cleanser, however it irritated my skin. I just think it wasn’t the best match for my skin. Love that a tiny amount is able to clean my whole face (due to it’s foaming action!).