Ursa Major

Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant

Ursa Major

Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant

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Size: 1.7 fl. oz

  • Instant and long-lasting odor protection in a convenient spray formula
  • Refreshing sage scent with notes of geranium, lemon myrtle, and sandalwood
  • Aluminum-free and vegan formula
Pit-perfect protection powered by plants

Searching for a clean deodorant that won’t disappear on you? Take our sage advice: Ursa Major has you covered with a lightweight spray formulated to last all day. Soothing and instantly refreshing, this essential oil-filled spritz combats current and future funkiness by inhibiting odor-causing underarm bacteria. And it gets the job done without using aluminum, artificial fragrances, or animal-derived ingredients.

Spray on clean, dry underarms once per day or as needed.

Ursa Major

About The Brand

Ursa Major’s advanced formulations provide an antidote to the bland, toxic-laden offerings that pervade the marketplace. Comprised of nature’s most effective “super natural” ingredients, their products deliver skincare solutions that are a pleasure to employ.

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Customer Reviews

  • Wow pleasantly surprised!

    Angela H. January 08, 2020

    Granted I’m using this in the middle of winter in Idaho so I guess I’m not sweating profusely throughout the day. But a couple spritz in each pit and I’ve been set all day. I usually break up the work day with a small hike with my dog where I get a little bit heated and still this worked wonderfully. I’ve survived intense HIIT workouts without causing a stink. Super impressed. I’ll be interested in trying it out over the summer when it’s hot outside. I don’t mind the scent. Although if there was a lavender or even unscented version I’d hop on that train. Great product!

  • Quick and easy

    The N. July 09, 2020

    Great coverage, easy to use during the day and keep in your purse. Strong and long lasting scent.

  • awesome scent and format

    Elizabeth S. July 08, 2020

    awesome scent and format

  • A spray that works

    Carol M. July 05, 2020

    This light Spray really works. I loved their roll on but wanted something lighter. I just love it

  • Fresh and works!

    Robert D. July 04, 2020

    Fresh and works!

  • Would get again

    Andrea Y. June 29, 2020

    scent is so great & hangs around! one of the best non-toxic deodorants. Also, the amazing packaging was a plus!

  • Finally a natural deodorant that works!

    Shawn H. June 22, 2020

    I have tried various aluminum and chemical free deodorants and not had a lot of success. Some have burned my under arm, while others simply didn’t work.
    This product consistently works and leaves me odor free by the end of the day. I can’t say enough great things about it. Wonderful product.

  • I doubted it would work

    Daniel M. May 30, 2020

    I really thought that this deodorant was going to be a bad experience and I was going to regret spending $18 for it, but it is really worth it; works great through the day and I may come back for more.

  • Great way to administer a

    Tracy H. May 20, 2020

    Great way to administer a deodorant that’s environmentally friendly! Love the outdoorsy sent.

  • best, coolest, deodorant ever - never going back

    Katherine S. March 31, 2020

    I will only use this for the rest of time. I did an experiment where I didn’t shower for three days, worked out all three days, and I STILL didn’t smell at all. It’s the best product out there, hands down. Coming from someone who is always searching for the smartest, most scientifically sound, and eco-friendly products, this one has made my 10/10 list! Now to get all my friends on it!!! Thank you, Ursa Major! Much love!

  • Finally found the perfect DEO

    Kira R. March 04, 2020

    I have tried every natural brand sold online and stores over the past 5 years. This is the best coverage, texture and smell by far. So thankful

  • Great product! Even works for

    Brittney B. January 10, 2021

    Great product! Even works for men.

  • Takes care of odor on the go!

    Kathleen A. August 12, 2020

    It works great! It doesn’t stop the wetness, but definitely neutralizes odor. I live in SC so the the heat down here makes me have to reapply sometimes and one time I did and I had to run the grocery store and someone loved what they thought was my perfume! I also love the size and how portable it is too!

  • Bright and fresh

    Raelyn S. August 23, 2020

    I like the scent and its strong and bright. By strong I mean effective. Easy to use and small for travel. I used about 2 sprays per arm and that seemed to be enough coverage. Its really cool to have a spray thats not aerosol.

  • Effective and Fragrant

    Chris K. October 06, 2020

    I love the scent. I really like the Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant, but the Sublime Sage Spray lasts even longer. Great product.

  • Good scent. I wonder if

    Richard A. December 17, 2020

    Good scent. I wonder if a stick would be more efficient.

  • Lovely spray deodorant!

    Maya L. December 19, 2020

    This is my 4th or 5th bottle of the sublime deodorant – it is AMAZING! A subtle scent and reacts well with my body chemistry. Will continue to repurchase!

  • No crusty stains!

    Steven S. December 30, 2020

    I’ve used many spray deodorants before. Ursa Major’s product not only gets the job done, but does it without unnecessary chemicals that irritate and stain. The sent is subtle and light and perfect… unless you need to make a statement with your pits – and who wants that?! Highly recommended for people looking for a natural deodorant alternative.

  • Best Natural Deodorant I have tried....

    Heidi E. February 10, 2021

    LOVE this. The smell is amazing. It lasts all day. Its everything I was looking for in a natural Deodorant.

  • Works but so so scent

    Jay H. February 21, 2021

    For a spray deodorant it seems to work quite well. For me the scent is not to die for, its just OK. I’d buy this product again but if there was a different scent i would try that.

  • Be lazy/still smell good

    Ashley Q. March 01, 2021

    I’m very lazy and will only use spray deodorant (which is why I originally tried this) and this stuff is great! I generally don’t like scented things, but this scent is light and really pleasant. I also like that since it’s a spray it doesn’t get residue in my pit hair.

  • Can't wait for my next order!

    Terri P. April 19, 2021

    I love it! It works great and leaves no residue on my shirts. The scent is fresh and clean. The coverage lasts all day!

  • This is the best deodorant

    Katie N. May 27, 2021

    This is the best deodorant I have ever used! It doesn’t have any chemical scent and doesn’t leave residue on clothes like other deodorants! I have used for over a year and I still have clothes that I wear where I can smell the previous product that I used (ew!). You have a lifetime customer!

  • My fave deodorant

    Odalis D. October 17, 2021

    This has become my go-to deodorant! I like that it’s a spray so it doesn’t leave marks on my clothes and it has been working well for me. I switched to clean deodorants about 2 or 3 years ago and this has been the most effective one I’ve tried. It’s a bit pricey but I feel that it lasts long enough and I feel good about it being a clean option.

  • Great product

    Laura E. October 29, 2021

    Great coverage and dries quick. Works all day and doesn’t irritate my skin like other deodorants do.

  • Works Great, all natural feeling without the chemical additives

    Eric L. October 25, 2021

    for an all natural deodorant, I had my doubts initially.
    After using this for several months now, I’m a real convert. This spray on deodorant works under pressure and even though I may sweat a bit more than with those other chemical laden anti-perspirants, I’m odor free for 24 hours.
    also, it has a nice, light natural scent.

  • Ideal for me

    Leila G. October 23, 2021

    This is the first/only deodorant I’ve found that actually keeps me stink-free all day. That it smells good and is non-irritating and invisible is a huge bonus. Love it.

  • It's a miracle that a

    Tracy H. August 17, 2021

    It’s a miracle that a natural deodorant works. It’s clean and free of residue

  • Lovely sage scent

    Caitlin M. August 05, 2021

    Smells great and is super refreshing!

  • Love the scent but sticky

    Jessica M. July 24, 2021

    Love the scent but sticky afterward

  • Didn't work for me

    Heather L. August 23, 2021

    I love the hoppin fresh solid and decided to try this. It did not keep me odor free AT ALL. Switched back to the hoppin fresh solid

  • Love it

    Rachel C. February 12, 2021

    I’ve been using this for close to a year and love it. I just need 2 sprays under each arm per day and it works perfectly.

  • easy application, but not long lasting

    Kelsey November 17, 2020

    I really wanted to like this deodorant – it’s so much easier to apply than lovefresh. But it just doesn’t keep me odor-free for very long. I can’t even make it through the full work day without getting stinky and having to reapply. It would work to keep in a purse for a quick refresher, but won’t be buying again myself.

  • great refresher and covers smell well

    Melissa August 21, 2020

    Not irritating at all, doesn’t sting or burn like other sprays, doesn’t rub off on clothes, doesn’t cause discoloration to skin, covers smell well and very refreshing to use. Love this product so much! Never going back to solid deodorants.

  • Love it

    Jessica S. July 23, 2020

    Thank you for making great products 🙂

  • My new favorite natural deo

    Sarah M. November 20, 2019

    Somehow the search for a natural deoderant never ends! The ones i favor in the summer often don’t work as easily in the winter because they take so long to warm up to my skin (cold apartment problems) so I was really excited about the application of this one. The spray function is amazing – never clogs and comes out easily. The smell is gender neutral and clean (the way i like it!) and it seems to last well all day – at least as any natural deodorant goes. I can’t speak yet to how long a bottle lasts, but I really love the unique application and feel like it’s my new go-to year round!

    Only con: I wish I knew how many sprays I should be using (i usually spray twice in each arm pit which seems to work fine!

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