Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Moisturizer


Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Moisturizer

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Size: 2.50 fl. oz

Skin Type Dry
Skin Goals Calming, and Hydrating
  • Cult-favorite, multi-purpose moisturizer for body & face
  • Smooths and hydrates rough, dry skin
  • Rich plant blend formula
Who’s hungry for hydration?

Feed your skin with intense nourishment from this iconic, do-it-all moisturizing cream (a makeup artist favorite, no less!). Its ultra-rich formula features a full serving of skin-loving ingredients, including essential fatty acids, vitamin E, organic calendula extract, and more plant-based nutrients. It’s no wonder people have been coming back for more since 1926!

Apply a small amount of Skin Food to dry or rough skin as needed. Massage until absorbed.

About The Brand

Since 1921, Weleda has been dedicated to connecting the mind, body and spirit with the natural world. Each product is crafted with plant and flower-sourced ingredients orchestrated to realize nature’s restorative effects. Because when you’re in harmony with nature your beauty shines.

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Customer Reviews

  • holy grail for me

    Sarah M. June 06, 2022

    Yes, she’s thick. You might not be into that… but it’s perfect for my dry cambridge winters. I’ve come to use this all year round at night.

  • Staple Product for Me

    S.c. June 01, 2022

    I attribute this product to the recovery of my moisture/skin barrier. I’d say to wear it at night, because it is quite heavy, or spot treatment on dry areas.
    I can understand why some people might find it too greasy, but if you’re #1 issue is dry skin, this might be something to consider.

  • The best for post radiation skin

    Kayla A. November 19, 2021

    I was gifted this during my cancer treatment to use on my post radiated skin. I wish I had a picture – after about 10m of first putting it on, my skin felt soooo much better. It was hydrated and relaxing, less burning and redness. Skin food = skin saver!

  • Not what I thought

    Ashley S. November 09, 2021

    I bought this moisturizer thinking it was for the face, but it was way too thick for me. Even on my hands and other parts of the body it just feels too thick and a little sticky for me personally. I can see it being good for super dry knuckles or elbows or feet in the winter, but for all over the body it’s just really thick.

  • My favorite moisterizer!

    Katie H. November 06, 2020

    I have very dry skin in the winter and this product works wonders. It’s very thick and you have to really work it into your skin, but it is not greasy and keeps my face feeling comfortable all day. A testament to its versatility, I use it on my face, my cracked winter knuckles, elbows – you name it! It has a subtle citrus scent that is very pleasant, as well. Highly recommend if you struggle with dry skin.

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  • amazing

    Katherine March 20, 2020

    this stuff is outstanding! I have adult acne but also terribly dry skin which makes it extremely difficult for me to find a thick moisturizer that doesn’t cause breakouts. I found my holy grail product! the relief my skin gets with this moisturizer is incredible. Even with the thickness, I wear is morning and night and it looks great under makeup. it’s a must buy for the price.

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  • This is the good stuff!!

    Katherine W. December 19, 2019

    Really love this lotion, super moisturizing. A little goes a long way!

  • Wonderful!

    Jules December 08, 2019

    I was needed something a little more hydrating for my dry winter skin and decided to try this out. It’s wonderful! It’s pretty thick but it absorbs into the skin quickly. I have used it before bed and woke up with hydrated skin. I’ve also used it under the Ere Perez Oat Milk foundation and my skin didn’t look or feel dry (I would recommend waiting for it to sink into your skin before applying makeup)! So if you’re looking for a great face moisturizer for the winter, this is a great choice!

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  • amazing

    Dona E. November 16, 2019

    i tried it kinda skepitcal because i have a hard time finding lotions that actually make my skin feel better longer than 5 mins. This product soaks in and hold on for dear life. I could moisture in my all day and the next day. I reapplied once every day for three days and was very impressed. It didnt sit on top of skin and wait to scrapped off hours later. its soaked in and hyfrated my skin that i have not felt in a long time. The only time my skin feels that good is on a humid day. Im very happy with thr product and would recommend it. Now I only wish I had a bucket of it so I get great skin every where at once!

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