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The Visionary

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Size: 2.82 oz

  • Clean crisp scent
  • Sweat-activated formula
  • Time release effect provides lasting protection
Scent from heaven

That’s exactly what you’ll think when you try this deodorant for the first time. It glides on like a stick antiperspirant, but without all the nasty chemicals. It’s made with a sweat-activated formula with a time release effect for long lasting protection against odor and wetness with a clean, crisp scent. Natural active ingredients, including a small, non-irritating dose of baking soda, absorb instantly and condition skin at the same time.

Squeeze enough for 3 small dollops to appear. Swipe on just like a stick deodorant.


A little goes a long way. Squeeze the tube very slowly, just until three small dollops appear, so you don’t risk wasting product.

Customer Reviews

  • Stay home mom

    Tisha September 27, 2019

    This is the first natural deodorant that I have found that works on me. Very happy with it

  • Works well but beware if sensitive to baking soda

    Tara P. July 27, 2019

    I liked the smell and consistency, didn’t stain my shirts, and seemed effective. But, I did break out in a rash after using daily for 1 week. My skin is sensitive to baking soda and I can only use 1-2 days before rotating out to a (less effective) baking soda free deodorant. Bummed because I really wanted this to be “the one”!

  • My new go-to deo

    Jana July 07, 2019

    This is the only aluminum-free deodorant that has ever worked for me! The scent is so refreshing and clean. The smell actually reminds me of my high school boyfriend’s Adidas sport cologne. So fresh!

  • Works well, but made me break out.

    Sarah E. July 01, 2019

    This deodorant works really well! At the end of the day I have very little to no B.O., which is a significant improvement from other natural deodorants I have tried! Sadly, I started to get a rash about two days after starting to use it, which has never happened even with others that have baking soda. I would definitely recommend trying it!

  • It’s ok

    Jennifer H. June 25, 2019

    It worked about like all the other natural deodorants have for me. I was expecting something from the sweet technology they advertise but noticed nothing. However, the applicator is a great idea for a cream and it doesn’t seem to leave stains on your clothes like some natural deodorants do.

  • Love the application

    Angelina May 10, 2019

    I love the application of this deo and it’s super fast drying with no residue. I find I still have to reapply some days when I’ve been sweating and it doesn’t prevent wetness for me. I love the scent!

  • Almost Perfect

    Mandie H. April 17, 2019

    I really like the application method, formulation, and scent of this deodorant! It really does keep me dry during the business day when I would normally stress sweat. Despite the fact that it has baking soda, I gave it a try based on some other reviews – I have had zero issue with the baking soda in this deo, unlike other brands I’ve tried (Schmidt’s – horrible burn reaction). I do have to reapply sometimes midday because the only thing that could be a little better is its ability to keep odor under control for a full day. It’s not like I smell terrible at the end of the day, it’s just that it’s not odor free if I don’t reapply. Anyway, definitely worth a try for anyone who needs sweat protection, including those with sensitive skin!

  • One of the better Natural Deodorants, but still just OK

    Hannah P. April 04, 2019

    I have tried a few different natural deodorants, and comparatively, this one is pretty effective at preventing odors. However, it is not always effective at preventing sweat. So better than most, but next time I may look for a different deodorant that better prevents sweat.

  • Interesting

    Stephanie B. March 21, 2019

    I’ve only been using this deodorant for a few weeks, and I need a little more time deciding what I think. I love the delivery method, and I highly respect the company for emphasizing in the instructions to not squeeze too much so as not to waste. I did find though that my first use of this deodorant resulted in a disaster because I clearly didn’t use enough. It’s been better since I have started using a little more product, but I wouldn’t say it lasts all day.

  • Still deciding

    Kayce March 10, 2019

    I have been on the search for a natural deodorant that works for me for over a year now. Schmidt’s worked the best for me but I had a terrible skin reaction. I’ve only been using this deodorant for about a month now. Some days it works great and some days it just can’t keep up with my busy 12 hour shifts. I surprisingly love the delivery method ( I was a little skeptical at first). And the smell is pleasant and not overpowering.

  • Love

    Mary February 27, 2019

    I love this! I’ve had trouble finding the right deodorant that consistently works and is affordable. I used Schmidts on and off but end up having a reaction – I love Vapour but the price point was high for my budget – and then I found type A. I love the delivery method, and I’m so happy it comes in a mini size that’s smaller for travel without compromising the delivery. This stuff actually works ALL 👏🏻DAY 👏🏻

  • Natural and awesome

    Calivibes February 23, 2019

    This stuff works better than any natural deoderant I’ve tried and it’s great at wetness protection! I’m on the smelly side and I do have to reapply once a day – but totally worth it! And fairly priced – can’t ask for much more

  • Fav deodorant!

    Christina M. January 28, 2019

    I travel a lot for work and workout a lot. I’m not particularly malodorous but when I sweat I feel stinky and gross. This helps with that so much! I am obsessed with the smell of this product as well as the application and delivery method. The cream formula is genius. I goes on smooth, there is no dry time and it does not leave much if any residue on clothes. I will buy again!

  • Love!

    Kim B. January 26, 2019

    Great smell, great protection, no icky ingredients.

  • Erin H. December 11, 2018
  • Great

    Taryn H. December 11, 2018

    I really like this deodorant. Still trying to find the perfect one with a nice scent that covers up odors and helps with wetness…. I exercise a lot so it’s tough to find… But this one works well and I like it.

  • Works great

    Lauren K. November 28, 2018

    I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now. I LOVE it. It is in lotion form so it rubs in easily and doesn’t irritate my underarms. It doesn’t cake up or rub off on my clothes. There is a light citrus scent. I sweat like a man. Since using this, I have have felt dry and fresh. No funk or BO.